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My story since school days Chapter 55


We got down of the bus and came out taking our bags.It was a small junction in middle of the village with little number of shops all around the
junction.There were around only 10 to 15 shops.Tailor shops, barber shops, general grocery shop and small mess type hotels.Uncle walked
towards a 2 storey building and we both followed him with our bags in our hand.There were men at the junction who were staring at us.Some
men were stripping us both nude in their minds.They were looking at us so hungrily that we felt as we were walking nude in that junction.We
held hands and walked behind uncle.Suja's long hair which was tied to a pony tail and left open after the hair band was behind.So her back wasn't
properly visible.So I brought her hair to her front so that the men can enjoy more of her back.I had tied my long silky hair to a bun so my back
was already naked and visible till the end of my waist.Our big round plump ass swayed as we walked and we reached the building.It had 2 shops
on the ground floor and on top of those shops was a local lodge.Very dirty place it was.It wasn't posh.The shops were of a tailor and a
barber.The men inside the barber shop and tailor shop were staring at us and the barber himself smiled looking at Suja.Suja also gave a smile
back and he looked at me and smiled as well.To which I gave a smile back.I asked Suja who he was.Suja said he is also one of the men who
fucks her when uncle brings her here to this lodge.I gave a naughty smile back and we climbed the stairs.While climbing the stairs the pallu
behind me which was tucked inside the kamarband was hitting my bum.The tailor followed us and was just behind me.Suja was to my front
and uncle to the her front.It was a narrow stair and I knew the tailor was just behind me watching my big round ass climbing up and swaying
let and right.There were only 2 rooms in that lodge and later I knew the tailor was the owner of the lodge.So he followed us to give the keys of
the room.He welcomed uncle and uncle introduced us both.

Uncle : Shankar tum meri bahu Suja ko toh jaante hi hoge na. ( He also fucks Suja when uncle and Suja stays in the lodge.) Yeh hai meri
doosri bahu Chaitrali.Raat ka tayari ho gayi hai na Shankar?

Shankar : Ha Rajan saab ho gayi hai.

Shankar the tailor looked at me and said,"Tum bhi bohot khoobsurat ho Chaitrali.Ekdum Suja jaise hi madak ho."While having the conversation
the barber also climbed up and greeted uncle.Uncle again introduced us both to the barber Paresh.Paresh held Suja's hands and said,"Suja tumse
milkar bohot time hua.Kaisi ho tum?" Suja just blushed and said,"Achchi hu." Paresh turned towards me and said,"Toh tum ho woh madak
Chaitrali." looking at me from tip to toe. "Suja ne phone par bataya tha ke uske saath ek aur item aa rahi hai is baar.Par yeh toh ekdum
mast chamiya item hai." I just blushed on his remark and Uncle unlocked the room and we all went inside the room.

We went inside and it was a small room which had a living and a bedroom.It was pretty small but it had a small bed and a window in the

Suja : Chaitrali yeh jagah ekdum low class hai.Yaha log prostitutes ko lekar aate hai.Hum dono ko bhi is gandi jagah par rundiyon jaise chode
jayenge.Main toh yeh sochkar hi kamuk ho gayi hu ke kitne mard aakar hume yaha chodenge.

Me : Suja hum dono ko yaha rundi bankar rehna hai do din na.Ufffff bohot mazaa ayega.

We both came out of the bedroom and came to the living.Uncle said that he will be going to his friend's place tonight.So Paresh and Shankar
will take care of you both tonight.I was excited to hear that now a barber and a tailor from a village are going to fuck Suja and me.It was
around 4 in the evening and uncle said that he is leaving now and will come the next morning.He took his bag and left the place.He said
he will come back with 2 of his freinds.Suja blushed and uncle winked looking at me.I also knew they were the men who will fuck us the
next night.I also blushed to his wink.Uncle left and Shankar closed the door.Paresh kept his hands around Suja's waist and I could see that
his hands were on her big round gaand.Shankar came to me and made me sit on the sofa which was very old and torn one.Paresh took
Suja inside the bedroom and his hands were on her big gaand and was massaging them as they went inside the room and locked it.Shankar
looked at me and asked if I was married.Yes he did notice my long mangalsutra and sindoor on my forehead but he wanted to confirm.
I said,"Ha main shadi shuda hu."

Shankar : Tere pati tujhe khood thokte honge na?

Me : [Blushing] Ha khoob thokte hai...

Shankar : Kya structure hai tera Chaitrali.Wah mazaa aa gaya tujhe dekhkar hi.Mast badi gol tight gaand aur tere mumme bhi mast bade
hai aam jaise.Aur tera chehra bhi ekdum chudakkad aur madak hai.Rundi jaisa chehra hai tera.

His hands slowly went behind and held me around my waist tightly.I left a moan and he kissed my cheek.His other hand he kept on my face
and his fingers traveled from my forehead to my nose touching my septum ring and then on to my juicy thick lips.He rubbed my lips taking
them in between his fingers and slowly pushed his finger inside my mouth.I sucked on his finger like a popsickle and his hands went from my
waist to my big round ass.He took his finger out of my mouth and made me stand.He was sitting on the sofa.He turned me around and
he could see my big round gaand in front of his face.He slapped my gand from over the saree itself.I just left a moan,"UUiiiiiiiiiiimaaaaaaaaaa."

Shankar : Kya badi gaand hai teri Chaitrali.Saali badi gaandwaali raand.Shaadi shuda veshiya saali,ek paraye mard se chudvane aayi hai ek
tharki lodge mein.Besharam biwi raand saali.

He untied the knot behind my blouse and slid it down from my shoulders.He removed the pallu tucked inside my kamarband from behind.He
dropped my pallu down easily as it wasn't pinned to my string blouse.He unwound the saree which made me turn around in circles.The moment
my saree was opened he saw my silky shiny underskirt.He turned me around and he saw the big round opening right over my big round gaand.
And he also saw the string of my thong which had gone inside my gaand cheeks.He slapped that part of the opening.He said,"Kya skirt pehna
hai rundi tune andar.Ekdum chudakkad hai tu saali veshiya.Teri badi moti gaand bahar aa rahi hai is opening se." Saying that he slapped the
plump part of my ass which was jutting out of my underskirt.He bit my plump gaand cheeks coming out of that opening.I moaned in pain and
pleasure.He licked the middle of my ass cheeks and pulled out the string of my thong.I was wearing only my back open peticoat which had a
thong inside,the string blouse which was untied from behind,my kamarband,long hanging mangalsutra,nose ring,septum ring,my sindoor,my bindi
made of sindoor,bangles and my payal.He stripped my blouse and the strings came off my shoulder and my blouse fell down.My big round
firm mangoes sprung out and became naked as the blouse slid down my boobs.I was standing topless in front of a person who was a stranger
and just a local barber.I thought I had become such a slut,such a rundi who is ready to get fucked by any random man.I had become a cock
hungry raand.He said,"Rundi Chaitrali saali,tere yeh bade bade aamo ko main masalkar daba daalu."He got up and held me from behind and his
semi erect dick was exactly on the opening of my peticoat,so I could feel it properly on my plump gaand coming out from that opening.He was
wearing a lungi.Just a lungi so I could clearly feel that he was going hard on my ass.

He held both my boobs in his hands from behind and was pushing his dick against my big round gaand."Kyaa badi tight gol gaand hai teri Chaitrali.
Teri gaand toh Suja se bhi badi aur gol hai.Tere in bade bade mammo ko dabau main aahhhhhhhh.." He pressed my boobs hard and pinched my
nipples.I left a moan ahhhhhhhhhhh and threw my head back on his shoulder.He kissed and licked my neck and slowly went to my naked back.
He was still playing with my boobs with both hands.He was pressing them hard and kissing my naked back.He licked and slowly went down till the
line of my peticoat.He turned me around and looked at me from down.He said,"Tujhe ab poori nangi kar du main?" I said," Ahhhhhh nangi kar do na
mujhe.Kapde utarkar mujhe ek nangi rundi bana do naaaa unnnggghhhhhhhh."His hands went behind and the knot of my underskirt was exactly
at the middle on top of my big round ass.He untied it and my peticoat slid down over the curvature of my big round gaand and then over my knee
and finally dropped down."Saali tu ekdum raand lagti hai jab nangi ho jaati ho, meri raand.Chudakkad veshiya saali, kya rundi hai tu meri jaan."I came
out of the peticoat on the floor and stood aside.He got up and looked into my eyes.I felt shy and closed my face with my hands."Mujhe aise mat
ghooro na,mujhe sharam aa rahi naa." He said,"Sharma mat meri jaan.Ab toh tu nangi ho gayi hai na.Ab kya sharmana."He removed my hands
from my face and looked at me in my eyes.I looked down and he held my chin and made me look at him.I blushed and he gave a peck on my
cheek and kissed my lips.He kissed my plump thick lips and slowly inserted his tongue inside.His hands went behind and massaged my big round ass
and slapped them hard."Meri badi gaand ko aise mat maro naaaa..." I said in between freeing myself from the smooch.He said,"Chaitrali teri is
badi moti gaand ka main deewana ho gaya hu.Tu meri badi gaandwaali nautanki raand hai na Chaitrali." looking at me said. I just blushed giving
him an erotic look.I closed my eyes and put my tongue out and licked my septum nose ring which hung over my plump upper lip.He held my hair bun
and kissed my neck slowly coming down to my big round boobs.I was only wearing my red thong with my kamarband, nose rings, long hanging earing,
mangalsutra, and payal on my ankle.I said in my mind,"Chaitrali tu is se ekdum sharmili rundi dulhan jaise pesh aa.Ufff kya rundi hai tu Chaitrali,gaav
mein kisi gair mard se chudva rahi hai."His hands were on my big round moti gaand and massaging them.

Shankar : Chaitrali tumhe pasand hai na jab main tujhe raand bulau toh?Suja ko bohot pasand hai agar use koi rundi bulaye toh.

Me : Ha mujhe bhi pasand hai.

Shankar : Uff meri jaan teri yeh madak badan ekdum kadak hai raand.

I just blushed.

Shankar : Main tere yeh lambe baalon ko khol du meri chamiya rundi ?

Me : Khol do na Shankar, waise bhi tumne mujhe nangi kar di hai.

He removed my hairstick and my hair fell open,cascading down till my big round gaand.

Shankar : Kitne lambe baal hai tere Chaitrali.Teri badi moti gaand tak lambi hai.Tumne baalo ko laal rang di hai kya?(I had colored my hair red)

Me : Ha laal rang di hai baalo ko.

Shankar : Ufffffffff sab laal hai, tere honth,tera sindoor,tera tikka,teri chaddi (thong) aur tere yeh lambe baal bhi.Ekdum LAAL RAAND hai tu.

I just blushed and he kept sucking my nipples one by one,giving me immense pleasure and also pressing and fondling my big round mangoes.
He had held my long hair to it's end and was treating my boobs,kissing and licking and sucking.

Shankar : Rundi,mera lungi khol neeche baithkar.

Me : Mujhe sharam aa rahi hai tumhara lungi kholne mein.

Shankar : Sharma mat meri LAAL RAAND.Khol lungi aur nikal mera lund bahar.

I sat down and untied his lungi from his waist and his dick sprung out.

Shankar : Ab le mera lund teri mu mein meri LAAL RAAND.

My mouth slowly opened looking at his size.He was big and round and straight.I put my tongue out and took it slowly on my tongue and slid
it inside my mouth.I started sucking it slowly and took it out again and licked it's head.

Shankar : Meri LAAL RAAND teri laal hontho se choos mera lund ko.Aur apne laal jeebh (tongue) se chaat meri lund ko meri ghodi chudakkad raand.

He was treating and abusing me like I was a third class prostitute.I was feeling as if I was a dirty street slut.While he fucked me he could see
my septum nose ring hitting his dick every time it came out and went in.He was looking at my red sindoor,red round bindi,my nose rings, and my
slutty round eyes and fucking my mouth deep inside.He held my red colored silky long hair in his hand and increased the force of fucking my mouth.

Shankar : Ahhhhhh meri raand, chudakkad ghodi,Lund ki bhooki chamiyaaaaa ahhhh aur choos aur choos.

His hold on my hair tightened and he slowly stopped and took out his dick out of my mouth.He pulled me up and made me stand holding my long
silky red hair.He made me walk towards the sofa holding my hair.

Shankar : Kutiya jaise khadi ho ja meri LAAL RAAND Chaitrali.

I stood on my knees like a dog and holding my long red hair he also got over the sofa and slowly directed his dick towards my wet slutty cunt.
He slowly slid it inside.With another hand he parted my gaand cheeks and pushed his dick further inside and pulled my hair.He pulled my hair
and with a force he pushed his dick to the depths of my rundi chut.He started moving back and forth slowly.

Shankar : Ohhhh Chaitrali raanddddd tere yeh lambe laal baal mujhe pagal kar rahe hai...uffffffff

Puch Puch Puch Puch he kept fucking me.I could now hear Suja moaning sound from other room.Paresh was riding Suja very badly.It sounded like
that from her moan and cries.Here Shankar was fucking me like an animal hard and deep.

Shankar : Ahhhh meri LAAL RAAND...

Me : Chodo Shankar mujhe.Ek gandi sadakwaali rundi ki tarha chodo mujhe...ahhhhhhhhhh Main rundi hu ... LAAL RAAAND hu tumhari...Apni
rakhayel banakar is gaavwaalo se chudai kara do meri.Mere lambe ghane baalo ko aur kheencho...Chod chodkar meri chut ko faad do naaaa...
unnngghhhhhhhhh aur thoko mujhe...

Shankar : Saali thuki hui raaand hai tu meri gandi rundi Chaitrali...

Me : Haaa mujhe thok thok kar barbaad kar do.Is gandi rundi rakhayel ko chod chodkar barbaaad kar do...

Shankar : tujhe toh aaj main chod chodkar barbaad kar doonga meri ghodi kutiya raaaand...

Me : Main ek gandi shadi shuda LAAAL RAAAAND hu...mujhe ek veshiya ki tarha chod daalooo unnghhhhhhh...

He turned me around after a while of doggy fucking and laid me on the sofa.He came from front spreading my legs and holding my big round boobs.
He fucked me hard and he was ready to cum.He held my red silky hair in his hands and pushed his dick inside my mouth passing my red lips and
red tongue.He fucked my mouth badly and finally came in my mouth.

The door of the bedroom opened as Suja's and Paresh's sounds had stopped like us.They came and ...

They came out and Suja was on her knees walking like a dog and her long curly hair was in Paresh's hand.I saw Suja's face was all covered with
thick sticky cum and Paresh said,"Shankar kaise hai apni nayi rundi?Chudakkad hai kya apni rundi kutiya Suja jaisi?" Shankar said,"Arrey kya
batau Paresh ek number ki raand hai yeh Chaitrali.Iski gaand Suja se bhi badi gol aur moti hai aur iske lambe ghane chikne laal rang ke baal dekh."
Holding my long hair to it's end he made me come down and made me walk like a dog towards Suja and Suja kissed me with her cum coated lips.
We were like their sex pet bitches.We both were fucked nicely and Paresh's dick started growing staring at my long silky red hair.Paresh handed over
Suja's long curly black shiny hair to Shankar and Shankar handed over my long silky red hair to Paresh.Paresh slapped my big round gaand and it swayed
up and down and left and right.Paresh said,"Dono saali kitni jawaan rundiyan hai.Shadi shuda rakhayel hai saali dono raand."Shankar said,"Suja ko
ab main chodunga aur tu is Chaitrali kutiya rundi ko thok daal.Saali raand,thuk thuk kar,chud chudkar barbaad hona chahti hai ye raand Chaitrali."
Suja and me were kissing each other with the cum in my mouth and on her face we licked each other's face and spat out the cum.We were 2 cum
coated married whores being fucked by low class barber and tailor.

Paresh pulled my hair and took me to the bedroom and Shankar pulled Suja's hair and pulled her to the living room sofa.Paresh locked the door of
the bedroom and he made me walk over the bed holding my long silky red hair.Paresh was a barber and he had a fetish for long hair women.He was
still holding my hair.He looked at the ends and said your ends are not straight.He said he will cut my hair and make the ends straight without reducing
the length of my hair.He said the red color is very nice and looking sexy on me.I was sitting on the bed and he was standing in front of me and he
pulled my head towards his dick holding my silky red hair with his hands.He left my hair and held my long mangalsutra.And he slapped his dick on my
face and rubbed it on my thick red lips.My septum nose ring was hitting the tip of his dick.My mouth slowly opened and my red lips parted each other.
It was sticky with cum and saliva mixed together.I had applied little more red lipstick after the blowjob and the cum facial Shankar gave me.My tongue
came out slowly and Paresh kept his dick on my tongue and I took it inside slowly.I started moving my head back and forth and giving him a nice
blow.Oh my slutty mouth was being first fucked by a tailor and now getting fucked by a local cheap barber.The thought of being such a dirty married
slut was sending waves of whoreness to my wet pussy.My boobs were bouncing up and down as I was giving Paresh a good blowjob.He left my
mangalsutra and held my boobs and was massaging them.My big eyes with kajal and mascara were looking like a whore,Paresh said.He said," Kya
mast rundi jaisa make up kiya hai meri madak Chaitrali.Tera mu toh do lundo se chodna chahiye.Shadi shuda raand saali."He rubbed my sindoor from
my forehead saying,"Is sindoor ka ab do din koi zaroorat nahi hai.Ab tu do din ke liye yaha ki rundi hai.Shadi shuda rundi." He increased his speed
and was fucking my mouth deep and hard.He held my hair and turned me around.

He parted my big round ass and licked my chut from behind.I threw my hair back and he held them tight to it's end and pulled it towards him and
continuously licked me and I was moaning with pleasure.He kept licking me for sometime and spat on my chut.Holding my long red hair still in his
hands he pushed his dick inside me and started giving long and slow strokes.He had held my hair with right hand and with his left hand he was
kneading my plump gaand flesh.I was moaning and shouting,"Aur jor jor se chodo apni rundi maal ko.Is thuki hui shadi shuda raand ko aur chodo.
Chod chodkar meri chut ko barbaad kar do.Aur maaro meri rundi rakhayl chut ko...mmmm unggghhhhh"As he kept fucking me I was moving front
and back and so my big mangoes were also swaying front and back with every stroke.He held my kamarband from behind and left my hair.My silky
long red hair was to my front now and he could see my big round shaped ass and my kamarband.He said,"Baal de mere haatho mein raand."
I threw my head back and my hair flew behind and he held them tightly.He pulled my long silky hair and fucked me hard and deep inside my wet

"Tere lambe laal ghane chikne baal kitne chudakkad hai meri chhamiya raand...Mann karta hai tere baalo ko pakadkar kutiya jaise public road par
chalau..." ...I moaned,"Phir chalao na mujhe nangi karke aur baalo ko kholkar... khule raaste par,jaha public mujhe nangi dekhe aur chode...mmm

He was pounding my slutty cunt hard and deep inside during the conversation...

Paresh : Kal subah mere dukaan mein aaogi tum ?

Me : Dukan mein kyu ?

Paresh : Tere in lambe baalo ko end se straight karke deta hu... aur mere do dosto se bhi milwata hu...aogi tum ?

Me : Par subah agar Rajan uncle ne nahi chhoda toh ?

Paresh : Chachaji se main baat karta hu.. tum aaogi kya?

Me : Waisa hai toh main aati hu..Par baal kaatne ke baad kya karenge?

Paresh : Tu kya karna chahti hai meri rundi ?

Me : Tumhare dosto se baatein karungi...

Paresh : Mere dost tujhe chodne aa rahe hai...

Me : Kitne dost hai ?

Paresh : 2 dost hai

Me : Main akeli shadi shuda aurat aur 3 mard ???

Paresh : ha kya hua ?

Me : Mujhe sharam aayegi unke saamne...

Paresh : Ab sharmana kya meri rundi...tu mere dukan mein sirk yeh mangalsutra,yeh nose ring and kamarband pehenkar aaja...

Me : Matlab ?

Paresh : Matlab sirf wahi sab pehenna...Aur kuch bhi nahi...Nangi aa ja mere dukan mein...

Me : Par kisine dekh liya toh ?

Paresh : Idhar is floor ke neeche hi hai na dukaan...Bahar thodi na jaana hai...Aogi na nangi mere dukaan mein?

Me : Ha aaungi nangi hokar...(blushing and moaning)

The moment he heard that I agreed to walk nude and go to his barber shop he got horny and increased the speed of fucking.He pulled my
hair harder and was ready to cum...

He pulled out his dick and held my long silky red hair around his hard dick and started fucking my hair...He after a while came all over my
red silky hair and with my hair itself he cleaned his dick and all the cum was on my hair...

In the living room Suja was also properly fucked by Shankar...We opened the bedroom door and Shankar was spraying his cum on Suja's
face and she took all his cum inside her mouth.We hugged each other and kissed and licked each other.They exchanged us again and Shankar
went behind me and started fucking my pussy and Paresh started fucking Suja's pussy..He was horny looking at Suja's slutty face...He face
was covered with sindoor and cum all over.My hair was also covered with cum.They both fucked us hard and deep and by evening they both
had fucked us nicely and thoroughly...

Evening Uncle Rajan came with his 2 friends...

Chapter 55