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My story since school days Chapter 57


I was in my third year in college and as usual I used to dress provocatively.Maintaining my figure and my long silky hair was something I really took care of.I had
many boys from senior classes and also from junior classes behind me to make friendship with me.I used to wear tight denim stretchable jeans and tight Tshirts
from which my ripe big mangoes stood out and made men crazy as they bounced up and down while I walk.Like in my school, I was a known and famous item
in my college as well.Many men and boys in my college knew me.I used to go out with them on their bikes and they also used to take me to picnics and all.

Whenever I walked to my college all the people, specially men kept staring at me which I liked a lot.I felt I was walking nude without clothes past them.Shaking
my big round ass and my bouncing boobs used to tempt a lot of men.Also I used to get jerks from behind in crowded busses which I used to enjoy.

One day after college when I came back home, my sister Sarita told me that parents have found a marriage proposal for me and the boy is coming to see me in
the evening with his parents.I was excited as it was the first time a boy was coming to see me for marriage.Parents asked me to get ready by evening 6.00.
Sarita knew about my relation with Suresh and our love.She asked me just have a look, there is no harm in just having a look at the boy.

They were supposed to come by evening 6.00.I went to take a shower.I had a long steamy shower.Came out of the bathroom and sat in front of the mirror.This
time I was getting ready to impress the boy coming with a marriage proposal.I had sat in front of the same mirror for many men.And also to make up like a slut.
Today I thought of having a hot desi look.So I did little make up on my face.I did mascara for my eye lashes and kajal on my big round eyes.I took my red lipstick and
applied it on my lips.As it rubbed over my lips I was feeling as if I am getting ready for sex.I then stuck a small round red bindi.I opened my hair bun and blow dried it.I
combed my long silky hair and braided it till my big round ass.Then I clipped the end of my hair.I untied my towel and took my red thong and wore it.I pulled it up
and the string went and rested inside my big round bum cheeks.I didn't wear my red bra as I thought of wearing a tight cupped punjabi suit.It was tight around my waist
and my bums and also around my big ripe boobs.It was a short kurti and my pants were also skin tight.I wore my kurti and pulled up my tight pants. Sarita looked
at me and said,"Aaj toh woh ladka tujhpe fida ho jayega."She slapped my big round ass and said,"Woh isiko dekhte rahega. Mast badi aur tight hai teri gaand
Chaitrali.." My kurti was deep back and from the front also my cleavage and chest was very much visible.I wore my red bangles as my short tight kurti and pant
was red in color.I looked into my mirror and I was all ready to be showcased for the boy coming to see me.I felt something incomplete on my neck so I opened
my wardrobe and took out a red choker neck piece.I wore it around my neck and it also had a small hanging pendant at the centre of the neck piece on the front side.

I looked at myself from head to toe.I had worn and I saw my sexy desi face with a red round bindi and red lipstick.Kajal and masacara on my big round eyes.Light
make up on my face with red earrings.A little down I go towards my neck I see my red choker neck piece.I go down to my deep cut short tight red kurti.My cleavage
can be seen nicely and my two big ripe mounds making my cleavage deeper.I held them and pressed them towards each other creating my cleavage more tempting.
It's a sleeveless kurti so my arms are also naked.I have shaved my armpit clean and smooth.Applied a nice feminine perfume.I have worn red glass bangles matching
my tight red kurti. Applied red nail polish to my long nails again matching my dress.I go further down to see my tight red pants which is visible right from under my
crotch area as my kurti is short.So my thigh shape is properly visible as the pants are tight.I go further down I see my red payal.I have applied nail polish to my toe
and also have worn toe ring on 3 of my toe fingers.

I turn around and I see my long black silky hair braided till my big round plump gaand with a red clip to it's end.I bring my long hair to my front and I see my deep cut
kurti.My back is 50% naked as the cut is like a big deep circle with a golden piping.It has got a zip which goes till the crack of my big round plump gaand.I have
not worn a bra coz the kurti is cupped.Behind only a small portion of cloth is covering my big round gaand as it's a short kurti.After the deep round cut behind, till
the short low till my upper thighs.That was also tight showing the entire curvature of my gaand.The crack line of my gaand was visible from my kurti as it was tight
and I had worn a red thong inside.

Sarita came to me and said,"Ekdum mast item lag rahi hai tu aaj.Tu toh us ladke ko pata hi legi lagta hai."I just blushed.Sarita took a nose ring and wore it on
my nose.She made a black dot just above my upper lips saying that I look perfect now.

I was all ready for display now for the boy and his family.

At 6.00 pm they arrived and there was the boy,his parents and his cousin brother.I would call them as boy and cousin.They came in and sat on the sofa in the
living room.I was inside with my sister Sarita. She made the tea and my parents called me to the living room.I took the tray with the tea cups and walked to
the living room slowly. Sarita told me,be shy and said,"Sharma sharmakar jaana."While I walked I could feel my big round bums bouncing up and down and
also my big ripe boobs.The end of my long silky braided hair was hitting my big round gaand as I walked.I reached the living room and I walked towards the
boy first with my eyes looking down with shy.I kept the tray on the table and took a cup of tea and slowly gave it to the boy.He brushed my hands while
taking the cup in his hands, and my parents asked me to look at the boy and don't be shy.I looked at him and he winked looking at me.I just blushed and
I knew he could see my cleavage as I bent to offer the tea.He stared at my big boobs and my cleavage and looked at me.I gave him a shy look and turned
around to pick up the next tea cup.When I turned around I gave him a good view of my big round plump gaand and my long silky braided hair and my deep
open back.I picked up the next cup and gave it to his cousin.He also brushed his hands on mine while taking the cup from my hand.He looked at my cleavage
and big boobs and looking at me he bit his lower lip.His eyes were full of lust for me.I gave him a naughty look and turned around and ran inside.Inside Sarita
asked me how is the boy.I said boy and his cousin both are hot and they are lusting for me. Sarita was excited to hear that.She asked me if I liked them.I said
yes.She asked me so what are you planning for them? I said let me see if they want to meet me.

After sometime my parents called me to the living room.I went and they asked me to take the boy to my room to have some chat.I took him to my room.
He was walking behind me and I gave a little more matkaas and thumkaas to my big round plump bouncing gaand. I could feel that his hands wanted to hold
my plump ass.We entered the room and got inside.I locked the door from inside.He sat down on the bed and I also sat next to him.He was staring at me from
head to toe and I just blushed when he was checking my body and structure.

Boy : Tum bohot khoobsurat lagti ho Chaitrali.

I just blushed and said Thank you.

He was looking at my deep cleavage and I just looked down with shy.

Boy : Chaitrali tumhari structure ekdum maintained hai.Mujhe tumhare lambe silky baal bohot pasand aaye.Par mujhe tumse ek baat kehna hai.

Me : Kya hai?

Boy : I already have a girlfriend.

Me : (Looked a little shocked) oh is it.

Boy : I hope you understand my problem.

I said it's ok I can understand.

Boy : But I am so unlucky that I didn't meet you first.

I just blushed on his remark.I asked what would you do if you had met me earlier?He said that he would have made me his girlfriend.I just blushed on that.
He slowly moved his hands to my hands.I felt a shiver going through my body.I said what are you doing.You were supposed to come and see me.He said,
then show me yourself to me.I asked him what he meant.He said he wanted to see what all he sees from outside.He said he wanted to see the shape of my
curves and what you have hidden inside the tight suit.I just blushed and said,"Tum bohot naughty ho."He said,"Kya tumhe pasand nahi naughtiness?"
His hands were still holding my hands and he was massaging them.I blushed and said,"Ha mujhe bhi pasand hai."

Boy : Chaitrali tum is laal tight suit mein ekdum mast lag rahi ho.

Me : Aap meri kuch jyada tareef kar rahe ho.

Boy : Mujhe sirf Ajay bulao...Tumhara nose ring bhi bohot mast hai aur tumhare khoobsurat chehre par jach raha hai.

I just blushed on his comments and looked down.

He got up and came and stood near me.He kept his hands on my shoulder and made me stand up holding my shoulder.He looked right into my eyes and
I thought of acting like a very shy girl who is been touched by a boy for the first time.I looked down with shy and he held my chin and made me look to

Ajay : Kya hua ? Sharam aa rahi hai ?

Me : Ha.Aap mujhe aise mat dekho.Mujhe sharam aa rahi hai.

Ajay : Kya main tumhe ek baar gale se laga lu? Can I hug you just once?

I juts blushed on his question.

Ajay : Kya tumhe kisi ladke ne aaj tak nahi chua hai ?

Me : Nahi.Mujhe kisine aaj tak nahi chua hai.

Ajay : Main ek baar tumhare gaalo par choomu ?

I just blushed and covered my face with my hands.He removed my hands from my face and slowly gave a kiss on my cheeks.I left a moan and he
wrapped his hands around my waist and my big round boobs got crushed by his chest.

Me : Nahi Ajay koi aa jayega.

Ajay : Theek hai. Abhi nahi.Kya tum mujhe kal milne aaogi?

Me : Kyu ?

Ajay : Kuch nahi.Thoda time spend karne aaogi?

Me : Par kisine dekh liya toh?

Ajay : Koi nahi dekhega.

Me : Par kaha milenge?

Ajay : Mere cousin ke ghar ?

I just blushed and asked ,"Cousin ne kuch problem create kiya toh?"

Ajay : Nahi mera cousin kuch nahi karega.

Me : Aur tumhara girlfriend ?

Ajay : Nahi use bhi nahi pata chalega...

Me : [Blushing] Par ...

Ajay : Koi par war nahi...Kal aa jao mere cousin ke ghar.Mujhe dekhna hai tum kya dikhana chahti ho.

I just blushed and patted his chest with my hands.His hands went behind and was carressing my naked back and slowly went down to my big round ass.

Ajay : Chaitrali tumhara peeche ka curve bohot jabardast hai.

Saying that he slowly cupped my bums and gave a slight press.He by now knew that I loved all the touching and fondling he was doing to me.He again
gave a kiss on my cheek.

By then someone knocked the door and we broke free from each other.

It was Sarita.She had come to call us.It was 15 minutes that we were inside the room.He just winked looking at me in front of Sarita and I just blushed. Sarita
notice that and gave me a pinch on my side belly.

Sarita : Toh tune usko pata liya huh?

I just blushed and went away.My parents spoke to his parents and they left.While leaving he again turned back and looked at me.He again winked.I blushed
and then his cousin left.He also looked at me and winked without anyone noticing.I blushed looking at him and bit my lower lip.

They left and I was all ready to meet them next day at Ajay's cousin's place.

The boy and his cousin and his parents left our place and I didn't tell Sarita that I am going to meet the boy at his cousin's place.Next day luckily Sarita and my
parents had a wedding to attend and they were supposed to return the next day.I was not considered for the trip as I had college.The n ext day by morning 10
they left for the wedding.I went for a shower and massaged my body with the soap and rubbed the soap on my pussy.I had a long steamy shower.I washed
my long hair nicely.I came out and sat in front of the mirror.I blow dried my hair and dropped the towel.My big round ripe boobs and my nipples were hard
thinking of getting fucked by the boy whom I met just yesterday.I had called Suresh and he asked me to go ahead.He was very supportive.

I thought of getting ready like a bride.I was scared if someone would see me in that attire.So I called the boy and he said he will come to pick me up in his
car.So there was no need to be scared as no one would notice me in the bridal attire.

I took my make up kit.Did little make up on my face.I did my mascara and kajal on my big eyes.I knew any man would cum on my face right away looking
at my sexy big eyes with kajal and mascara.I took my red lipstick and applied it on my meaty pouting lips and also my lip gloss.I applied a dark red line around
the edge of my lips so that it show how big my lips are and how good it would feel while taking a dick inside through those lips.I put a black dot just above my
lips, to give my lips a more sexy look.Then I combed my hair and braided it till the end and clipped it with a red clip.I thought of going again with the red color.
It had made Ajay wild yesterday.So I wore my nose ring,red earings and a red choker neck piece.I got up and wore my red payal on my ankle.I wore my
toe ring on all my toe fingers, except the first one.It also had a small hanging ornament on it.I made delicate sounds like the payal.I looked at myself.I took
my red bangles and wore it on both my hands.I was standing in front of the mirror without wearing anything.I took my red transparent saree and a matching
red deep neck blouse with a string behind to tie.The blouse had it's own cup.I also took my red silky floral underskirt from the wardrobe and my red color
thong as well.I took all these near the mirror and kept it on the table.First I took my thong and pulled it up and it went and rested on my waist.I turned around
and the string of the thong behind had gone well inside my bum cheeks.I slapped my gaand and it moved up and down and I slowly pinched my fleshy round
tight gaand.Then I took my underskirt which was red silky floral one.It was quite tight around my bum. My bums stood out in pride when I tied the knot
around my waist.Then I took my red deep neck blouse and put my hands inside and it rested on my big round ripe boobs, though it was hard for the blouse
to hold them.My big boobs also stood tight and firm after I tied the knot behind.Back was totally naked with only one thin string of my blouse.I took my
red transparent saree and started winding it tightly around my curvy ripe body.The front of my blouse was very deep and my deep cleavage was totally
visible.I wound my saree well under my navel and just wore the pallu single layered.I then took my kamarband and tied it around my waist over my
red transparent saree.So it held my pallu at my waist level.I then took my bridal forehead jewellery and wore it on my forehead.I took a nose chain and
connected it to the right side of my nose and the other end to my second earing on my second ear piercing.I made a round bindi with sindoor.

Then I took the jasmine mala which I had brought the day before.I took it out from the fridge and went towards the mirror.I took the gajra and wore it
on my hair on the top and then braided it with my long silky braided hair till the end.

I looked at the mirror.I was standing wearing a red transparent saree wrapped tightly around my curvy ripe body.Deep neck, cleavage exposing blouse
with a back open string tied red blouse.Kamarband around my waist hanging and holding the pallu at the waist level.High red heel sandal.Red bangles
on both hands.Red nail polish on my toe and fingers.Toe ring on all my toe except the first one.The hanging on the toe ring made me look more
feminine.I look up to my face and I see a nose ring and a nose chain attached to my earing.The earing on my second piercing.Long hanging red earings.
Then my red lipstick with gloss on them.The black dot above my lips, big eyes with mascara and kajal.Red round bindi made of sindoor.Forehead jewelry
and red choker neck piece around my neck.I turned around and I could see my long silky hair braided till the end reaching my big round gaand.CLipped
with a red clip to it's end.The end of my hair and the red clip resting on my protruding big round meaty gaand.Jasmine gajra turning and twisting around
my silky long hair braid.I thought in my mind,"Chaitrali tu aaj ekdum shadi ke liye tayar ek jawaan raand jaisi lag rahi hai.You look like a young ready to be
fucked bride.Rundi lag rahi hai Chaitrali tu."Uffff I took my mobile and called Ajay.He said he will reach in sometime and to come down in 15 minutes.

I walked around for 15 minutes.Sitting on smaller surfaces where my big round gaand wouldn't fit.I took a big round long marker pen and put it inside my
mouth licking it,spitting on it.Making it wet and sucking it.I was so horny thinking that I have got ready for 2 boys who are ready to fuck me.

Ajay came and he called on our landline.He asked me to come down.I wore my red high heel sandal.It was almost 1 in the noon so everyone in our
society would be busy having lunch.He brought his car right till the entrance of our building.I locked the door and walked downstairs.I got into the car
and Ajay was shocked,surprised and filled with lust looking at me.

Chapter 57