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My story since school days Chapter 59


I had got married to Suresh and he had left for a better job abroad.And before joining him I had spent around 2 years alone, during which I had all my sexcapades. I
had made a lot of male friends, some of whom used to flirt with me,some who used to use me for their personal gains, some who used to have sex for pleasure
and some who used me and also gave me some earning opportunities by introducing me to some more new friends.But basically from all these men I used to enjoy
sex and I liked being used by them.I had done couple of modelling projects for some friends who owned jewelry line and clothing line.Those were for print media which
was locally circulated within the area where I lived.So many people knew me and some of them really knew what kind of a married whore I was.Like I said I used to
get introduced to new friends by the existing ones, I once happened to go out with Rahul (Jewelry shop owner) and his friends, Vipin Vimal and all.It was a party as
usual and they had planned to fuck me later at Rahul's place.We were a pub and Rahul introduced me to a person called Anup.Rahul said Anup was a local small film
director.Anup and I shook hands and Rahul introduced me as Chaitrali bhabhi.Anup stared at me from tip to toe.

By the way I was wearing a tight red short dress.As I used to work out daily I had a flat but plump tummy with little flesh on the sides of my waist and my big round
curvy plump bums stood out of my tight red dress.The dress was only till a little below my crotch area and behind it Just covered my big round heavy bums.It was a
deep neck dress with open back and full sleeve.My cleavage was entirely visible.I had combed and left my long silky hair open and tied it like a ponytail with a red hair
band on top of my head.So I had kept my open hair to my front so my back would be fully visible to the men around.The zip of my dress was from behind which
started from the lower back of my dress till the end of my dress, going all over my big round plump gaand and till the end just under my bums.I had applied red lipstick
on my pouting meaty lips and had worn just one nose ring, my sindoor and bindi with the sindoor powder.I had worn long hanging earings and had worn a thin
kamarband kind of a waist belt around my waist on top of my dress.I had worn red high heels and applied red nail polish on my long nails.I had worn a red thong inside
to avoid the panty line and nothing above as my dress had it's own cups.I had also worn a red net stocking and clipped it to my red garter belt worn around my waist
inside the dress.

My silky long hair was shining in the dim color lights inside the pub.It was quite dark but my red dress and my curves were prominently seen.Many men came up asking
me to dance with them on the floor.But I didn't go.Many men were looking at me with lust from different corners and even some were smiling looking at me.I used to
give them a smile back.

So Anup sat with us and started having his drink.He was sitting next to me.He was not leaving any chance to touch my body.I also didn't mind him touching me.After
a while Rahul and his friends all got up and went to the dance floor to dance.They invited me also, but I didn't go.So only Anup and I was left behind and we were
sitting on the couch.It was quite dark there and nobody could notice that corner where we both were sitting.

Anup : Chaitrali bhabhi aap bohot khoobsurat ho.

I just blushed on his remark and thanked him for the same.

Anup : Aapke pati nahi aaye party mein?

Me : Nahi.Woh abroad kaam karte hai.

Anup : Toh tum yaha akeli rehti ho kya?

Me : Ha akeli rehti hu...

Anup : Kahi job karti ho?

Me : Nahi...Main tuitions leti hu.

Anup : Tum Rahul ko kaise jaanti ho?

Me : Maine uske jewelry aur garment store ke liye modeling ki thi.

Anup : Tum ho hi ek perfect model.Lambe ghane baal, hot chehra yeh perfect figure.Tumhe bura toh lag raha hai na?

I just blushed and said,"Nahi , bura nahi lag raha.."

Anup : Rahul ke garments shop ke liye kaun kaun se garments ki modeling ki tumne?

Me : Designer sarees aur blouse,Punjabi suit, kurti, jeans tops aur formal official wear, jaise mini skirts, shirts aur dresses.

Anup : Bas?Rahul undergarments bhi bechta hai na? Uska kuch modeling nahi kiya? (with a naughty smile)

I blushed and patted his thighs.

Me : Nahi, undergarments ki nahi ki maine.Main shaadi shuda hu.Kaise karu undergarments ki modeling?

Anup : Par tumhe dekhkar koi nahi bolega ki tum shadi shuda ho.Kitne achche se tumne apne aap ko maintain kiya hai bhabhi.

I just blushed and said,"Bas bhi karo na Anup."

Anup : Aap sharmati ho toh aur khoobsurat lagti ho bhabhi.

Me : Tum meri kitni tareef karoge Anup.Thank you. Tum kaunsi movies direct karte ho Anup?

Anup : Main normally choti moti B-grade movies direct karta hu bhabhi.

Me : B-grade movies ? Toh thoda sex bhi hoga na usme? (with a naughty look)

Anup : Ha sex scenes hota hai par poora nude nahi.Thoda sa...

Me : Achcha...

Anup : Main ab ek nayi movie kar raha hu.Usme bas ek actress ke role ke liye ek aurat chahiye.Bilkul aapki jaisi hi ek bhabhi ka role hai.

Me : Achha?

Anup : Ha...aur ekdum achcha role hai us character ka..

All the 4 men came back from dance floor in between our conversation.They came for a break and to have a drink.Rahul came and made me stand.He kissed my
lips and said,"Chalo na bhabhi,thoda naachte hai." I whispered in his ears that Anup is upto something so you people go and enjoy the dance.Vimal and Vikas also
came and they also kissed me as Rahul passed me to them after his kissing.They then passed me to Prem who also kissed my lips.I knew Anup was watching all
this and must be wondering what a whore bhabhi I am.After all the men kissed and kneaded me and had their drink, they went back to the dance floor.

When they left Anup looked at me stunned.I knew for what reason.

Anup : Rahul aur uske dost aapse bohot pyaar karte hai na bhabhi?

I just blushed and said,"Ha woh chaaro mujhse bohot pyaar karte hai.

Anup : Aur kya aap unse pyaar karti ho bhabhi?

Me : Ha main bhi pyaar karti hu..(blushingly)

Anup kept his hands on my wrist and slowly took my hand towards his lips and kissed my hands.I closed my eyes and left a moan.He then sat close to me and
slowly kissed my cheeks.I blushed and stood up and tried to get away from him feeling shy.But he held my hands from behind and pulled me towards him.I landed
on his lap with my big round plump gaand bouncing on his laps.My big round boobs were right in front of his face.His hands slowly travelled behind me over my big
round plump bums and he gave my gaand a slight press.

Me : Mmmmmm unnngghhh Anup tum kya kar rahe ho? mmmmm

Anup : Kyu bhabhi tumhe pasand nahi aaya?

I just blushed on his question and he knew I liked it very much.

Anup : Aapki kaafi badi aur tight aur gol hai bhabhi.

Me : [ blushing and looking down and not to his face ] Kya badi, tight aur gol hai Anup?

Anup again slowly pressed my big round gaand and said, " Yeh bhabhi, tumhari yeh gaand badi gol aur tight hai bhabhi." He moved away the fallen hair over
my ears and whispered in my ear,"Bhabhi kya main aapki yeh badi moti gol gaand dekh sakta hu?" I just blushed and said,"Haa dekh sakte ho.Par yaha?Yaha
hume koi dekh lega."

With my answer he knew that I was a married whore and didn't mind a stranger man handling me in a dirty way with dirty talks.He kept kneading my gaand
and kissed my boobs and my nipple from over my dress itself.

Anup : Bhabhi main tumhe nangi dekhna chahta hu.

Me : Tumne apni bhabhi ko garam kar diya hai Anup.

Anup whispered in my ears about the movie.

Anup : Bhabhi main aap meri movie mein act karogi? Ek short film hai.

Me : Kya movie hai? Maine ab tak acting nahi ki hai.Sirf modeling ki hai

Anup : Acting ki itni zaroorat nahi hai.

Me : Matlab?

Anup : Matlab is character ko acting ki jyada zaroorat nahi hai.Just thoda soft sex ka scenes hai.

Me : Kya character hai?

Anup : Ek bhaajiwaali ka role hai.

Me : Bhaajiwaali?

Anup : Ha ek shaadi shuda bhajiwali bhabhi ka role.Woh ghar ghar jaakar bhaji bechti hai.Aur uske koi customer use kuch jyada paise dete hai.Thodi der
tumhare saath bitane ke liye.

Me : Toh yeh bhaajiwaali actually kaam vasnawaali hai..

Anup : Ha meri bhabhi...(giving me a naughty smile) tum samajh gayi na meri bhabhi.Basically yeh role ke liye mujhe ek aisi item aurat chahiye jiska chehra ekdum
madak ho, lambe baal ho, patli kamar ho aur badi moti gaand aur bade gol ball ho.Aapke paas yeh sab hai.Aap ekdum sexy cheez ho aur is role ke liye fit ho.

Me : Nahi Anup main yeh role nahi kar sakti.Yeh movie sab log dekhenge na?

Anup : Ha...Koi problem hai aapko bhabhi?

Me : Main shaadi shuda hu aur log meri aisi movie dekhenge toh kya sochenge ? Nahi main yeh nahi kar sakti...

Anup was sad after listening to my reply.So I said,"Main chahiye toh tumhari personal BHAJIWAALI KAMUK BHABHI ban sakti hu...

Anup tried a lot to convince me to act in his film doing the role of a bhaajiwali bhabhi.I reluctanly refused for the role as I didn't wanted to go public.But in my mind
I wanted to do the movie because I knew the character matched that of mine.And I also knew what role he wanted me to do.But I didn't wanted to take too much
advantage of my freedom given by my husband Suresh.

I told Anup that I cannot do the movie but I can become his PERSONAL KAMUK BHAAJIWAALI BHABHI.

Anup : Bhabhi tum sach mein meri personal bhaajiwaali bhabhi banogi?

Anup saying that, slowly gave a press on both my bums and I just left a moan and said,"Ufffffffff Anup tum meri gaand ko dabakar mujhe aur kamuk kar rahe ho."
I threw my head back on his shoulder and brought my long silky ponytailed hair to the front.Anup looked at my hair and said,"Bhabhi aapke yeh lambe ghane baal
bhi kitni madak hai."He kept his hands on my thighs and started rubbing my inner thighs from over my red net stockings.He said,"Bhabhi aapke yeh mulayam lambe
komal se pair(legs) aur uspar yeh laal stockings kya mast lag rahi hai meri bhabhijaan...mmmmmm"My long silky hair were over his chest and he asked if he can
remove my red hair band and open my long hair.I said not now because everyone was there with me.He kissed my cheeks and I just blushed.

Me : Anup tum bhi naa.. control karo thoda apne aap ko.(I was still sitting on his lap and I could feel his thing getting hard)

Anup : Nahi control hota meri bhabhi jaan.Mujhe abhi aapke is raseele tan ko choosna hai.Aur aapke yeh lambe ghane madak baalo ko bhi kholna hai.

Me : Theek hai ...ek kaam karte hai.Tum in chaaro ko bolo ke tum mujhe apne film ke producer se milane le ja rahe ho because woh producer kal morning flight se
kahi jaa raha hai...Phir tumhari yeh bhabhi tumhare saath kahi bhi chalegi aur kuch bhi karegi.Tum bhi apne bhabhi ko kuch bhi kar sakte ho.

By then Rahul and the others came back from the dance floor.I suddenly got up from Anup's lap and sat on the couch.Rahul said,"Chalo na meri bhabhiraand, chalo
thoda naachte hai."When he called me bhabhiraand, Anup looked at me and I also looked at him and gave a slutty look biting my lower lip.He now knew that I was a
complete bhabhi whore material and that they all have fucked me several times before.Rahul came to me and made me stand up.He held me around my kamarband
and kissed my lips.His hands were on my big round ass and kneading them.After the smooch I told Rahul about Anup's producer's meeting.Rahul asked me have you
agreed for the movie?I said I'll see what the terms are and then will decide.Rahul said ok, but I knew he agreed to leave me with Anup because he had already got a
girl for the night.For all the four to enjoy.Rahul said,"Theek hai bhabhi par kal noon tak mere ghar aa jana,hum wait karenge aap ke liye."I said ok and Rahul and the
other 3 took me to the gents washroom and locked the door from inside.They kissed me wildly, groped me, pressed me here and there and after a quick blowjob to
everyone they all came and left the washroom.I looked into the mirror and my lipstick was all gone.I took out my lipstick from my long hanging bag and put my
lipstick and also did little make up.I opened my long silky hair removing my red hair band and combed my hair properly.The full length till my big round gaand.Again
I tied my hair to a ponytail with the red hair band and looked into the mirror.Red tight velvet mini dress,red net stockings stuck to a red garter belt and red thong inside
my dress.Long hair combed and tied to a ponytail with a red hair band, golden high heel, slim kamarband over my red velvet tight dress around my waist.My nose ring,
red lipstick,hanging earing, red bindi and red sindoor made me look like a RED WHORE RUNDI CHUDAKKAD VESHIYA BHABHI...I spat on the mirror and licked the mirror
with my tongue.I was so horny like a whore that I wanted many men to gang rape me and destroy me totally.

I had to rush before any man enters and sees me in the male washroom.So I picked up my bag and left the washroom.I met Anup outside and he took me out to
his car.He said that he'll take me to his house to which I agreed, but on the way he said he will pick up the bhaajiwaali costume for me to see and if it changes my
mind for acting in his movie.I just blushed and said ok.We drove to his studio and he picked up the costume and vegetable tokri (basket).I checked the dress and
there was one green color blouse and a yellow transparent plain color saree.The green plain blouse was sleeveless and had a string behind to be tied.It was padded
and then there were some jewelry.I thought of checking it once we reach his place.

We drove for half an hour and reached Anup's place.He said his family had gone to their native place so he was all alone and saying that he looked at me with lust
and gave a naughty smile.I just blushed and looked down.He held my hand and I picked up the costume bag and we walked to his apartment.We got inside and
he held me around my waist and hugged me.He strong chest was pushing against my big round firm boobs.He took me to his bedroom and made me stand in
front of the mirror.He looked my back and he saw my short mini dress which had hardly covered my bum cheeks and my bums were waiting to come out of the
tight red velvet dress.He could see my naked back and the zip which went right over the crack of my big round plump gaand till the end of the short red skirt.From
behind the dress had actually only covered my big curvacious ass with a zip in the middle to open the dress.He turned me around facing him.

Anup : Bhabhi aapko Rahul aur uske dost log, bhabhiraand kyu bulate hai?

I just blushed

Me: Woh sab mujhe pyaar se raand bulate hai.Aur main unki bhabhi hu, toh isliye bhabhiraand bulate hai.Kyu pooche?

Anup : Kya aap meri bhi bhabhiraand banogi?

Me : Tum mujhe apni bhabhi banana chahte ho kya ? (Blushing)

Anup : Ha bhabhi.. aur main aapko meri raand bhi banana chahta hu.Tum banogi na ?

Me : Tum bohot badmash ho.Apni bhabhi ko ko rundi bhi banana chahte ho?

Anup : Kya karu bhabhi, aap ho hi aisi ek madak maal.

I just blushed on his comment and his hands slowly moved down to my big round bums and he gave them a slight press with both his hands and I left a light
moan closing my eyes.He slowly pressing my bums gave a kiss on my lips and started smooching me.He was kneading my big round ass in his palmMy long silky
ponytailed hair was to my front.While smooching me my nose ring was also licked by him.He licked my cheeks giving long and lusty licks.He slowly kept his fingers
on my zip behind and slowly drew it down towards the end of my short red velvet skirt.He left my lips and stared at my eyes with lust.I blushed and looked down.
He turned me around and he could see my open naked back and the unzipped short dress through which now, my red thong and red garter belt was visible and
my bum cheeks stood proudly and then my red net stockings clipped to my red garter belt.I threw my long silky hair behind so that he can see my long silky hair
with my big round gaand and my red stockings.

Anup : Uffff meri bhabhi, tum kitni chudakkad lag rahi ho peeche se.Yeh lambe ghane kaale baal aur tumhari badi moti dholi gaand and yeh lambe legs woh bhi
laal stockings ke saath.Aap ek chudakkad laal bhabhi RAANDDD lag rahi ho abhi.

He slowly unzipped my dress and it dropped down exposing my big firm round boobs from the front and my big round ass which he was watching from behind.
The dress slid down in between me and the kamarband around my waist.Now I was wearing only the red net stocking, red garter belt, red thong which had gone
inside my plump round gaand from behind, golden high heel, kamarband, long hanging earing, nose ring with a hanging over my upper lips, sindoor and a bindi made
of sindoor powder.My long silky hair tied to a ponytail with a red hair band and left open.My big round firm mangoes were naked and I had kept my hands on my
boobs.He slowly pulled my thong from inside my bum cheeks and slid it down and I lifted my leg and came out of it.I was half naked but all the main assets were
open to Anup.He knelt down behind me and licked my bum cheeks.I threw my head back and also my long silky hair behind.The ends of my hair were on his face
and he was busy licking and pinching and sucking my big round plump gaand.

Anup : Kya badi moti dholi chudakkad gaand hai bhabhi aapka...

Me : ufffffff uuuyyyyiiimmaaaaaa Anup aur chaato na meri gaand ko.

He opened my gaand cheeks and spat inside.My chut was already wet and he licked my chut from behind opening my bum cheeks.I was in heaven.He then got
up and came to the front.He removed my hands from my boobs and kissed my lips.He spat on my lips and then licked his saliva.He put his tongue out with saliva
and I also put my tongue out like a dog with saliva.We both licked each other's wet tongue and he licked all around my lips.And my mouth was wet with his
saliva.His hands were exploring my boobs and my erect and horny nipples.He kept pinching me and slowly went down and started licking and sucking my nipples.
Uffffff His hands were on my bum kneading me and sucking and licking my nipples at the same time.I was moaning,"Aur chooso naa mere aamo ko Anupp...
unnggghhhhhhh aur meri gaand ko aur zor zor se masalo naaaa...Main tumhari bhabhi hu, tumhari raand hu, tumhari rakheyl bana do naa mujhe.Main ek chudakkad
rundi ghodi hu.Mujhe chod daalo naaaaaa..."

He dropped his pants and made me kneel down.I took our his dick from his pants and held it in my hands.I was thick and large.My mouth automatically opened
looked at his monster.My mouth was wet and so were my red meaty lips.My nose ring was also ready for some hard banging during the blowjob.

Anup : Bhabhi aapke ball kitne bade aur gol hai, uffff meri rundi bhabhi, main toh in aamo ko dinbhar choos sakta hu, mmmm meri raand bhabhi.Mera lund apni
mu me lekar chooso na bhabhiraand.Main aapki yeh laal hothon ko apne lund se chodna chahta hu..

I put my wet tongue out and slowly licked the tip of his dick and licked the sides of it and then slowly slid it inside my mouth.I started stroking it and also blowing
it with my mouth at the same time.He was moaning,"Aur choos meri rundi, saali kaisi kutiya bhabhi hai tu meri kamuk raand...mmmm" I gave him blowjob and
his dick was hitting my septum nose ring to and fro.I was also moaning with him...Mmmmmmmm mmmm mmmmm ...After a while his dick got rock hard and
he then took me in his arms and threw me on the bed.He came and parted my legs which had red net stockings with a red garter belt and golden high heel.He
kept his face in between my thighs and started licking my cunt."Ufffff meri rundi bhabhi teri chut toh ekdum gili ho gayi hai..." I said,"Anupppppp aur chatooo na
meri chut ko..mmmmm...apni rundi bhabhi ko aur chatoooo...unnghghhhhhhgaahhhh." He kept licking me inside out for sometime and got up.He then made me
stand on my knees like him and held my long black silky hair.He said,"Bhabhi main tumhe ek rundi kutiya jaise chodna chahta hu.Ghoom jao aur kutiya ban jao na
meri maal bhabhi." I turned around on my knees showing him my big round ass.He slapped my ass as I turned around.My hair was in his left hand and he slapped
with his right hand.He then slowly parted my bum cheeks and placed his dick in front of my wet chut.

Anup : Thukai ke liye tayar ho na meri rundi Bhabhi..

Around my waist was my kamarband and my red garter belt and my legs covered with red net stockings.He saw that and said,"Ufffff tum kitni madak lag rahi ho
peeche se.Tumhari badi moti dholi gaand aur yeh laal stockings.Phir tumhare yeh lambe ghane silky mulayam baal."Saying this he slowly inserted his dick inside
my wet slutty chut and holding my hair he started giving slow jerks.Slowly he increased his speed and started pulling my long h air towards him.I was moaning
,"Mmmmmmm apni rundi bhabhi ko aur jor jor se thoko, apni is kutiya raand ko majboot chodo...mmmmm" He increased his speed listening to all my moaning
and words and was pulling my hair harder.

Anup : Meri raaaaand bhabhii...Tu kitni chudakkad rundi hai meri ghodi thuki hui bhabhi...

He fucked me for sometime in doggy style and then he lied down on the bed and asked me to come on top of him.I sat on my knees over him and slowly pushed
his erect dick inside my wet chut and I started jumping up and down.Every jump it went deeper and deeper.He then turned me around and asked me to jump the
same way.I threw my hair behind and he held my hair lying on the bed.He could see my back.My long hair tied to a ponytail with a red hair band and also he could
see my red garter belt.My boobs were bouncing heavily up and down.After a while of riding him he got ready to cum.I got up and sat on my knee.He stood up on
the bed and slapped my face with his dick.

He sprayed his cum all over my face and and he held my ponytail and made me lick his dick clean.I licked and sucked his dick.We both collapsed on the bed.After a
while he made me walk like a dog all around his house holding my ponytail and he fucked me in his bathroom and kitchen that entire night.

Next day he took my bhaajiwaali costume and took me to Rahul's place where they all had planned to fuck me again.

Chapter 59