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My story since school days Chapter 60


Anup and I got up in the morning and I got ready wearing a short skirt and a tight top.I tied my hair to a bun.I packed all my ornaments and Anup's costume.We both
left in his car and reached Rahul's place.We went to his apartment and only Rahul and Vimal were there.Rest had some work so they had not come.Anup walked in
and I also walked inside and Rahul looked and winked at me.I just blushed and held my big round ass and kissed my lips."Bhabhi tumhe kal club mein hi mujhe chodne
ka mann kar raha tha.Meri raand bhabhi kya chudakkad hai tu meri bhabhiraand." I just blushed and we had a brief smooch.We went inside and all 4 of us sat on the

Anup : Dekh Rahul main ek naya film shoot karne wala hu.Aur mujhe tumhari yeh bhabhi bohot pasand hai.Kal raat ko maine bhabhi ka poora audition le liya hai.Ask
her to act in my movie.It's the role of a vegetable seller bhabhi.Chota sa role hai.

Rahul said that it is bhabhi's right to decide whether or not to work for the movie.I said I don't have any problem but Anup says there will be some soft sex scenes.
And he will be releasing it in public.I cannot work for the movie.

Rahul : Bhabhi agar yeh movie sirf private ho toh aap karogi?

Me : Private matlab ?

Rahul : Private matlab sirf hamare circulation ke liye.Sirf hum paancho ke liye ?

Me : Tumhe video ki kya zaroorat hai? Main hu na tumhare saamne?

Rahul told Anup what I said was right.If she wants to act she will, otherwise she won't. Anup was little sad but he was happy that he got an actualy whore slutty
bhabhi. Anup said,"It's ok but am sad. But I am happy that I got a sexy slutty dirty whore bhabhi like you." Saying that he held my boobs and gave a slight press.
He kissed me.Meanwhile Vimal took out the costume and jewelry from my bag and asked Anup if that was the character's costume.It was a sleeveless green
blouse with a knot behind to be tied.Front was deep U neck.The strap was like a bra strap on it's shoulder as it was sleeveless.Then there was a yellow silk saree.
And there was a golden high heel. Vimal said,"Apni bhabhi isme ekdum patakha aur rundi lagegi na.Rahul let her wear all this and come.Let's see how our dirty
whore bhabhi looks in this costume." Anup released me from the smooch and I got up.Rahul said,"Jao bhabhi tayar hokar ekdum rundi bankar aao.Bhabhi
tumhari yeh matke (pot) jaisi gol aur moti gaand humko chodna hai.Jaldi jakar change karke aao meri raand bhabhiiiiiii."

I went inside the bedroom while the 3 men waited for me.I went and first undressed myself.I untied my long silky hair and sat nude in front of the mirror.I opened
my bag and took out the blouse and saree.Took out the jewelry to be worn with the saree.There was a nathani (nose ring), earings, pearl choker neck piece,
my long hanging mangalsutra, a kamarband and green bangles to match the green blouse.Also I had a payal (desi ankle wear) and a golden high heel.I took my
comb and combed my long silky hair till it's end and tied it back to a bun and stuck my hair stick to hold my bun.Hair stick also had an ornamental hanging to one
end of it.Then I wore my mangalsutra, choker neck piece around my neck and then my kamarband around my waist.I wore the nose ring and also my septum nose
ring which hung over my upper lip.Oh I love it so much and also the men love it when they fuck my mouth and when it moves with every stroke of their dick in my
mouth."What a whore I am" I thought in my mind.I wore my earrings after that and took out my make up box.I did little make up and applied lip stick on my meaty lips.
Dark red lipstick which would make me look like a dirty married whore ( gandi shadi shuda RUNDI - Hindi ).Then I applied mascara to my eye lashes and applied eye
shadow.I applied kajal on my eyes and I stood up to look into the mirror.

My silky long hair combed nicely and tied to a bun with a hair stick having an ornamental hanging to it's end.Light make up on my face with mascara,kajal and eye shadow.
Hanging earring with nose ring and septum ring on my nose.Dark red glossy lipstick and pearl choker neck piece around my neck.My long mangalsutra hanging over my
big round firm mangoes, and length till my navel.Then my ornamental kamarband around my waist.I looked further down and it was my payal around my ankle.I was
standing stark naked wearing only my jewelry and my make up.One thing missing was my sindoor. I took my sindoor dibbi and applied sindoor on my forehead and
also made a round bindi as usual.

I was standing nude and outside the men must also have been nude, these thoughts were driving me crazy and horny.A married dirty lady ready to be fucked by 3 men.
I was nude and thought of just wearing my golden high heel sandal and going out like a bhaajiwaali holding the vegetable basket on my head.I thought of giving a twist.
So I took the tokri ( vegetable basket ) and opened the door.Giving some matkas and jhatkas to my big round swaying ass I went and stood in front of the men.They
were all drooling looking at me.They all were sitting nude on the couches around me and I was standing nude with only my jewelry, make up, high heel, my long silky
hair tied to a bun with a hairstick and the vegetable tokri on my head.

Vimal : Uffff kya bhaajiwaali bhabhi hai saali yeh.Anup tune hamari bhabhi ko ekdum mast role diya hai.

Rahul : Ha ab hum teri is bhaajiwaali bhabhi ko chod chodkar kothewaali rundi bhabhi bana denge.

Anup : Mast lag rahi ho aap bhabhi bina kapdo ke aur is roop mein.

I kept the tokri down and sat on my knees.

Me : Kis kisko bhaaji chahiye ? main bhaaji bechne aayi hu...

Rahul : Mujhe chahiye aapki bhaaji...mujhe khaana hai aapke har ek bhaaji ko.

Vimal : Bhabhi aap sirf bhaaji hi bech rahi ho? ya phir aur kuch bhi bechna chahti ho ?

I blushed on his double meaning comment.Rahul was behind me so he could see my big round ass.

Rahul : Bhabhi mujhe aapki yeh matke jaisi gaand khareedna hai.Bechogi ?

I blushed and looked behind and said," ha sab bikau hai."

He held my big round ass from behind and started squeezing them hard.Anup said,"mujhe aapke aam khareedne hai."He held my boobs from the front and they made
me stand.Rahul was behind kneading my big round ass and Anup was sucking my left nipple and Vimal was squeezing and sucking my right nipple.I was so fucking horny.
3 men treating me at the same time and I was a married whore enjoying their company and the way they were making me hot.I started moaning,"aaahhhhhhh uffffffff
unnnghhhhhhhh ahhhhh" They kept kneading and pressing my plump body and sucking and licking every inch of my body.They took turns in treating my boobs nipples
and big round plump gaand.

Rahul : Uffff kya badi gaand hai tumhari.Meri ghodi raand, jitna bhi tujhe thooku kam hi hai meri bhabhiraaaanddddd.Kya tum Anup ki B-grade movie ki chudakkad
bhaajiwaali ka role karogi ?

Me : unnnggghhhhhhhhhhh ha karungiiiii ahhhhh main tum sab ki bhabhi raand hu na...Jo karna hai kar lo mere saath.Gaang rape kar do meri..Nangi ghumao apne
studio mein aur mujhe apne office ya showroom bhi nangi hi le jao.Jin jinko chodna hai sab aakar chod lo..Apne dosto ko, cousins ko sabko le aao.Tumhari bhabhi
ek gandi raand hai, tumhari veshiya aurat hai, tum sab ki personal rakheyl hai tumhari yeh RAAND BHABHI..uuuuunnnnghhhh chodo mujhe ek rundi jaise.

Vimal and Anup had their hands on my wet chut and rubbing it vigorously and Rahul put his hand inside my plump gaand cheeks and was kneading my gaand cheeks.

I was moaning,"Aur zor se ragado meri chut ko Anupppppp aahhhhhhhh Vimal ungli ghusedkar chodo mujheeee...unnnggghhhhhhhhh.Uffffff Rahulllll apni bhabhi ki
rundi gaand ko aur zor zor se masalo."

They made me kneel down and Anup placed his dick on my wet tongue as I put my tongue out like a dog.Anup said,"Saali kutiya item hai hamari yeh rundi bhabhi.
Is bhabhi ko mu mein lena bohot pasand hai saali veshiya aurat."

Vimal spat on my face on my cheeks and licked my cheeks with his tongue while Anup was fucking my mouth. Rahul's saliva was all around my gaand and then he
moved towards my boobs. Anup fucked my mouth for sometime and then Rahul came and pushed his dick inside my mouth.They were like standing in queue and
had decided to give 10 strokes at a time.So after Rahul finished his 10 Vimal came and pushed his dick in my mouth.My lipstick had spread all around my mouth
and it was all coated with pre cum.My lips were treated badly like I was a proper whore.They all spat on my face and my boobs and licked my face.I was totally
humiliated and treated as a sex toy. Rahul held my hair bun and made me get up.Holding my hair which was still intact but a little loose, he made me stand on
the couch like a whore bitch. Rahul slowly pulled the hair stick from my bun and my hair cascaded down.

Anup : Saali is bhabhi ke lambe ghane laal baal mujhe pagal kar deti hai har baar jab main ise kholta hu.Mujhe is ghodi bhabhi ke baalo ko bhi chodna hai.

Rahul went behind my and handed over my hair to Anup's hands and I knew Anup will fuck my hair and cum on my hair as well.It was a 3 seater couch.Rahul
was standing behind me ready to push his dick inside my wet chut from one end of the couch.Other end Anup had held my long hair straight in his hands ready
to wind it around his dick and fuck my hair.Vimal was standing next to my face ready to push his dick in my mouth.

Rahul pushed his dick and started slowly stroking me in and out.Then Anup also started stroking his dick holding it with my hair.Vimal started fucking my mouth.
I was getting fucked in whichever areas possible.Rahul pushed his index finger inside my ass and was fingering me.I was moaning, not loudly coz I had Vimal's
dick in my mouth. Mmmmmmm...unnnnnnnggggggghhhhhhh...

Rahul : Bhabhi tu kitni chudakkad madak raand hai.Saali kitni gandi kutiya hai na apni bhabhiraand?Saali bhaajiwaali rundi bhabhiiiii...mmmmm

Vimal : Ha Rahul, saali ekdum bazaaru raaand hai apni yeh bhabhi.( he slapped my cheeks and was fucking my mouth hard )

Anup : Main toh tumhare bhabhi ke lambe ghane laal baalo ka dewaana ho gaya hu.In baalo ko toh main poora din chod sakta hu.

My hair was getting pulled to and fro with Anup's jerking action.He had twisted my long silky hair around his dick and jerking it.Rahul stopped fucking me and Vimal
also stopped.Vimal went behind me and pushed his dick inside and Rahul started pounding my mouth with his dick.He smudged my sindoor and spat on my face.
He smudged his saliva with my sindoor and said,"Gandi rundi bhabhi, tere chehre ko thook (spit) aur veerye(cum) se facial karna chahiye."They fucked both my holes
for sometime and then stopped.

They made me stand and asked me to sit down on the couch.They also stood around.I took my vegetable tokri and asked them what they want to buy.Anup said
he wants the mango( I also had fruits). Rahul said,"Tum mera cucumber logi bhabhi? Apni chut mein?" I just blushed. Vimal took a carrot and put it inside my mouth.
He asked me to give it a blowjob.I gave the carrot a blowjob.Meanwhile Anup took the mango and cut it into 2 halves.He rubbed one half on my left boob and Rahul
rubbed the other half on my right boob.My boobs were covered with the mango juice now.They both started licking the juice from my boobs and sucking my nipples
hard together.Vimal had held the carrot in his hand and was fucking my mouth with it.Rahul and Anup slowly inserted their fingers inside my wet chut and started
fingering me while sucking my nipples.Vimal took out the carrot from my mouth and pushed his dick inside my mouth.He held my long silky red hair in his hands and
started fucking my mouth deep and hard.My nose ring was hitting his dick everytime it came in and went out of my mouth.My lipstick was all smudged around my
mouth.My sindoor was also smudged on my forehead.

Rahul got up and sat on the sofa and made me sit on his dick facing my back to him.He could see my long silky open hair,my kamarband and my big round ass
pounding on his dick up and down.Anup and Vimal came and stood in front of me.

Vimal : Anup tumhe pata hai ? Hamari pyaasi madak raand bhabhi do do lund ek saath mu mein le sakti hai.

Anup : Ufffffff Apni bhabhi sach mein badi madar raand hai yaar.

Vimal pushed his dick inside my mouth.Only the tip and Vimal put his finger to the side of my lips and stretched it and asked Anup to push his dick tip inside my mouth.
Anup held and stretched my mouth and pushed his dickhead inside my mouth.I had 2 dicks inside my mouth and one pounding my wet chut from beneath.

I was moaning mmmmmmm...

They were shouting bhaajiwali RAAANNDDD BHABHIIII...chudakkad kutiya, gandi madak veshiya...They fucked me in the same position in turns.

When they all were ready to cum, they sprayed their cum little on my face one by one and some on the carrot to which I had given a blowjob.After they unloaded
all their cum on my face and hair and my boobs, I cleaned their dicks off the cum and also licked the carrot coated with cum.

That day they fucked me everywhere in his apartment.They had spoiled my long hair fucking it and spraying cum all over my hair.I had become sticky and smelly by
evening.Late evening I had shower with the 3 men.They fucked in the shower in turns.

I had become their cum loving bhabhi, cum drinking bhabhi, kutiya rundi veshiya bhabhi.

Next day I went home and asked Suresh about acting in the B-Grade movie.But he said no to it.I called Anup and told him that I can't act.He asked me if I can become
his rakheyl (Keep) for a month.I agreed to that and also asked Suresh about it.He was ok with it.

Anup fucked me for that entire month with his crew members.I was also gang fucked in his studio.He paid me good money.

I used to call Suresh daily and update him on what all happened.

Chapter 60