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My story since school days Chapter 61


Anup fucked me for a month when I was his rakheyl and also did Rahul and his friends. Back to my present days where I was working as my boss' secretary I
had an opportunity to fulfill my dream.I always had a dream during my college days to wear a tight jeans which had a big opening behind and which would make my
big round heavy bums naked.And to wear that jean and go out in public.But I knew it was next to impossible.I also used to get wet dreams thinking of getting raped by
college peons and local street jobless gundas because I had provoked them wearing that jeans and going out in public.

Finally after a really long time, there was this office party where we all had to wear some fancy clothes.It was planned on a weekend by all the office members.Mr.Sharma
my boss was not going to attend the party as he had a tour during the weekend, with his family.Kumar had arranged everything and the theme of the party was his.

I went home the day this party was decided and told Suresh about my old fantasy where I wanted to wear a back open jeans and show my big round plump bum cheeks.
Suresh and I went out for shopping and got a elastic tight jeans.We went home and I wore the jeans.I went to Suresh and stood in front of him facing my bums to his
face.He took a pen and marked the entire circle of my bum which was to be cut.Once he did the marking I removed the jeans and we cut it using the marking reference.
It was light blue jeans and I had bought a red thong to wear with the back open jeans.After cutting the back, I wore the jeans and it fit just perfect.I was excited for the
weekend.That day Suresh fucked me 4 times in my wet slutty cunt and he said he wants to hear what happens in the office party.

The weekend came and Suresh said he is going to our friend Akash's place because Akash had brought his married secretary home to fuck.Aparna was going to accompany
me for the party.Aparna was going to wear a mini skirt and a T-shirt with openings around the nipple aerola.

I got up in the morning.I combed my long silky red hair after shower.Suresh had already left.I did little make-up.Wore my earrings and nose rings.Put a dark red lipstick on
my juicy lips and put sindoor on my forehead and made a bindi also, as usual, with it.I did my mascara, put my kajal, wore my choker pearl necklace.I didn't wear my
mangalsutra.I pulled up my jeans which was tight and the cut opening that I had made behind went and fell exactly above my big round plump gaand.My ass cheeks
were protruding out of that hole on the jeans.I turned around and I could see the red thong string which had gone inside my plump ass cheeks.I threw my long silky
hair back and the opening and my naked gaand was covered by my thick silky hair.I took a red hair band and tied my long hair to a ponytail and left the rest of my hair
open and flowing till my big round plump protruding gaand.I took a white tight T-Shirt and it was quite tight enough coz I could see my big mangoes standing firm proud
and protruding from my tight T-Shirt.After wearing my shirt I wore my kamarband around my waist over the jeans.I had tucked in the t-shirt.I wore my red high heels.

I stood in front of the mirror and I saw my long silky red colored hair tied to a ponytail tied with a red hair band and left open flowing till the level of my big round plump ass.
Red long sindoor on my forehead, eye lashes with mascara, red bindi made with my red sindoor, nose ring, septum nose ring, hanging red earrings, I looked down I had worn a
red bra inside my tight white t-shirt, further down I had my kamarband over my jeans around my waist.I turned around I saw my naked big round plump gaand open through
the hole in my jeans.I saw my red thong string gone deep inside my gaand cheeks.I had worn my red bangles as well.And my red high heel.I looked like an absolute married

I got a call from Aparna asking when I will be reaching office.I said in an hour and hung the phone.I opened my wardrobe and took our a red long skirt to wear above my
back open jeans.I had planned to reach office and then give everyone the sexy surprise.

I got ready took my bag and left.Once I reached down I hired a taxi and left for office. I reached office and everyone were waiting for me.Aparna had already arrived and I
asked about her.Kumar and my other 4 officemates said she is inside her boss' cabin with 3 of her colleagues.Kumar said,"Bhabhi aap ekdum madak lag rahi ho aaj.Yeh
tight t-shirt aur yeh lamba laal skirt." ( Bhabhi you look like a very sexy whore.Your tight t-shirt and your long red skirt is looking very sexy.)

I just blushed on his remark and said that I have a surprise for you.Kumar kept asking what the surprise is and so did the other 3 men.I will not disclose the name of the
other 3 men.Will just refer them as 1 2 and 3.

I walked to my cabin and leaving the men at their desks. I went inside kept aside my bag took out my lipstick.I went and stood in front of the mirror and applied little more
bright red lipstick so that I look more like a married red dirty rotten whore.I dropped my red long skirt and slowly my naked gaand was free from the skirt finally.I threw my
ponytailed red hair behind so that they would only get a slight glimpse of my naked gaand while I walk past them.And that would excite them as they would have never
thought that I would do something like that.Kumar and the 3 others have been regularly fucking me in the office, sometimes after office hours and sometimes late night
after meetings when boss is out of town.I got ready to go out and show the men what new costume I got.

I opened the door and I felt very horny as my gaand was feeling the cold air as it was completely naked.When I walked towards them Kumar said,"arrey bhabhi tum toh
woh laal skirt pehenkar aayi thi na? ab yeh jeans ? jo bhi ho aap ekdum madak raand lag rahi ho bhabhi isme.(arrey bhabhi you were wearing the red skirt no?
Now you changed to a jeans huh ? you look absolutely sexy my whore bhabhi."

1 2 and 3 were just looking and drooling at me."Ekdum laal raand lag rahi ho bhabhi tum aaj."( you look like a hot red whore bhabhi today. )

I just blushed and said I will go and get some water to drink.I purposely wanted to go to the pantry so when I turn around they would see my naked gaand from the
jeans.I turned around and the 4 men started chatting amongst themselves.

" uffff dekh bhabhi ki badi moti gaand khuli hai."

" haa yaar jeans mein ek badi moti hole hai."

" kya gaand hai bhabhi aapka."

I heard all that and went running to the pantry blushingly.My long open hair was bouncing sideways and up and down and my big round plump gaand was also bouncing up
and down as I ran to the pantry.They were looking at my hot properties from behind.I knew they must have got horny by looking at my back.

I came back after getting a bottle of water.This time while coming back I brought my long red silky hair to my front so that they can get a proper view of my big round
plump whore ass.I came back and asked all the men to follow me to my cabin.They all were following me watching my open back jeans from which my ass was bouncing
up and down while walking and my long red ponytailed hair to my front.We got into my cabin and Kumar locked the door from behind.

Kumar and the 3 men was starring at my open gaand and my long red silky hair.

Kumar : Chaitrali Bhabhi tum ekdum raand lag rahi ho is open gaand waali jeans mein.(Chaitrali bhabhi you look like a whore in this open ass jeans )

I just blushed.Kumar went behind me and held me by my waist and the other 3 men came and held my boobs from over my t-shirt itself.They started pressing them
hard and I was moaning. 1 knelt down and unbuttoned my jeans and pulled down the zip.Kumar's hands came to my front from behind and held the edge of my jeans
at the waist and slowly pulled it down. 3 men went behind to watch my big round plump ass coming out of the tight jeans and I bent over the table to give them a
proper round circular view of my round ass.

Kumar : Bhabhi ki gaand dekho matke jaisi gol aur madak hai... ( look at bhabhi's round ass, it's as round as an earthen pot and it's also very fuckable )

1 : Moti gol item raand hai hamari yeh veshiya bhabhi.. ( Fat round item whore is our bhabhi... Our whorish bhabhi )

I just blushed as my tight jeans slowly went down from my waist to my thighs revealing my red colored thong and my big round plump ass pounced out of my jeans
opening and it fell down on the floor.I came out of my jeans from the floor and I was standing half naked with only my t-shirt. 2 came to my front as Kumar and 1
and 3 were kissing and licking and slapping my ass. 2 removed my t-shirt as I raised my hands and it came off my body.I brought my long hair to my front and threw
my head back in pleasure as the 4 mens started treating my ass like a sexual toy.They were slapping biting kneading and pinching my plump ass.

I was only wearing my choker neck piece, nose ring, septum nose ring, red hanging earrings, kamarband with an ornamental hanging, red glass bangles,my red lace bra,
red thong, red high heels, and my long silky red ass length hair tied to a ponytail with a red hairband.


Such a naughty dirty rotten married ( bazaaru ) whore I had become. ( sadi hui, thuki hui, chudakkad, madak, shaadi shuda, bazaaru veshiya RAAND ho gayi thi main. )

Kumar held my long silky red colored hair to it's end and the others meanwhile dropped their pants.Kumar still holding my hair's end made me kneel down in between his
legs and I gave him a slutty whore expression. Kumar,"Kya raand ho tum bhabhi. (what a whore you are you dirty slut bhabhi )." I put my wet tongue out and licked his
crotch from over his pant itself.I gave long wet lick and his pant was wet in that area.I held his zip with my teeth and slid it down opening his chain. Then I unbuttoned
his pants and lowered his underwear.His dick sprung out of the underwear and I held it in my hand.The other 3 men also came and stood around me.I took Kumar's dick
in my mouth and started sucking it hard. I held 1's dick in my right hand and 2's in my left. 3 went behind and he held my kamarband and started licking my ass cheeks
and inside of my cheeks.He parted my plump gaand and was fingering my chut, pulling aside my thong string and licking my gaand at the same time.I was moaning with
pleasure with Kumar's dick in my mouth and the other two dicks in my hands stroking to and fro.My head was shaking front and back as Kumar fucked my mouth deep
and hard.And my long hair was in his hands held tight.

Kumar and the other 2 men sat on the couch and the 3 made me stand like a dog. 3 said,"Kutiya ban jaa rundi Chaitrali bhabhi. (stand like a dog you dirty whore)."
He held my hair tight from behind taking it over from Kumar and pushed his dick inside my chut from behind.He started stroking me hard and deep from behind.In one
hand my long hair and kamarband on his other hand.My ass cheeks were hitting his thighs with every stroke he pushed into my deep wet whore cunt.

Kumar fucked my mouth for sometime, then 1 came and sat to fuck my mouth.Kumar went behind to fuck my cunt and 3 came to get a handjob from me.They
fucked my cunt and mouth in turns.Finally Kumar sat on the couch and made me sit on his dick facing my back and rode me like a horse. "chudakkad ghodi Chaitrali
raand saali." I was bouncing up and down on his dick which went into the depths of my whore cunt.My big boobs were also bouncing up and down with every stroke
and jump I took. 1 and 2 held both my bouncing boobs and started sucking my nipples hard and biting them.I was shouting and moaning,"Aur chodo is rundi Chaitrali
bhabhi ko, tumhari madak rakheyl veshiya hu main...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh unnnnnnnnnnnnnghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh uuuufffffffffffff.Main tum sabki rundi ghodi hu."

Then Kumar got up and 1 sat on the couch to fuck me like a ghodi.My long hair was on 1's chest as I bounced on his dick up and down.Kumar and 2 sucked my
nipples while 3 stood on the couch and started fucking my mouth standing on the seat of the couch.

All the 4 men fucked me in turns in the same position and then they made me lay on the table with my legs wide open, held by 2 men.The other 2 men would come in
between my legs and fuck in turns. Then the 2 holding my leg left my legs and they started fucking in turns.They tied a dog leash around my neck and made me walk
nude all around the office like a dog.They fucked me on their respective desks and on the office floor.They took me to the pantry and fucked me on the pantry platform
in turns.

The 3 men left after fucking me for more than an hour.

Kumar said he had brought some jasmine gajra for me.He held my long hair and took me walking like a dog to his desk.He opened the desk and took out the packet
of jasmine gajra.He took out the gajra and removed my red ponytail hair band.He tightened my ponytail with the gajra by just tieing it around my hair.He was more horny
looking at me with the gajra tied around my red ponytailed long silky hair.He held my hair and took me back to my room.He placed me on the table and holding my
hair he fucked me deep in my chut.I was shouting,"Aur chodo apni rundi bhabhi ko Kumarrrrrrrr...aaahhhhhhhhh" he turned me around making me lean on the table
and fucked me from behind slapping my big round gaand and holding my kamarband.He pushed his dick deep inside my cave and finally when he was ready to cum
he pushed his dick inside my mouth and my nose ring and septum ring was covered with his sticky cum.He fucked me till evening changing positions.I had become
Kumar's whore.

Later in the evening he asked me come to his place.I agreed to it as Suresh and Akash were busy fucking the secretary.Kumar got into his dress and I also wore my
tight back open jeans.This time while leaving from office I wore my red long skirt over the back open jeans.But when we reached Kumar's place which was in the outskirts
of the city.Before getting out of the taxi I removed my long skirt and I came out showing my long red silky ass length hair and my big round plump naked gaand to the
taxi driver.He was shocked and horny, I turned back and gave him a naughty smile as well.

Kumar fucked me at his place the whole night and next day he brought 1 of his friends and they both fucked me the next whole day.They took me out in the open, nude
without wearing any clothes and leaving my long hair open.They fucked me bad that weekend.

Chapter 61