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My story since school days Chapter 62


I always had very fun filled birthdays since school days.During the school days I was taken out by my boyfriends to their houses or to some resorts for my birthday
celebrations.During college days also I was enjoyed thoroughly by my boyfriends on my birthdays.

This time it was my first birthday after my marriage with Suresh. During those days Suresh was searching for a job abroad and giving interviews everywhere.He used to
travel sometimes and my birthday fell exactly on the day when he had an interview and was out of town.I was sad and thought to celebrate my birthday when he comes
back.I had to go to my in-laws place as they had called me to wish me.At my in-laws place also some men knew me very well inside out.So in the morning I got up and
had my shower.I took a long hot shower.

I came out wearing my towel as usual and thought of what to wear.I had no other choice than a saree and blouse as I had to go to my in-laws.So I took out my silver
silky saree and a silky white blouse which had a deep neck and was bare back with just a silky thread to tie a knot.I took out my red floral thong from the wardrobe
and my floral silky silver underskirt for the saree.I sat in front of my mirror and removed the towel from my hair which I had tied to my hair after shower.I then blow
dried my long silky brownish colored hair.I had colored my hair brown just a week before my birthday for Suresh, but sadly he wasn't there.I combed my long silky brown
hair till the end and tied it to a bun.I stuck a hair stick to my silky hair bun and dropped my towel down and sat nude in front of the mirror.It was long since I had tasted
and felt a dick since Suresh left a week back.I wanted to get fucked badly on my birthday.

I took my make up box and applied light foundation on my face.I applied kajal on my big round eyes and and dark grey eye shadow to match my saree and blouse.Then
I did mascara for my eye lashes and did my eye brow.I took a bright red lipstick and rubbed it on my meaty juciy lips which were dry since a week and half, it was
waiting for a dick to taste.I spat on the mirror and licked my saliva on the mirror with my wet tongue.My wet tongue was horny and waiting to taste some hot sticky
cum. Then I took my bindi and stuck it in between my eye brows and put my red sindoor on my forehead.Then I took my septum and nose ring and wore both.My septum
ring hung over my upper lip.I wore my hanging earrings and then my long hanging mangalsutra which was long till my navel.I wore my choker pearl neck piece around my
neck.Then I wore my white shiny bangles and my toe rings.

I wore my back open deep neck silky white blouse and tied the string behind which barely held my big round firm boobs.My deep cleavage was visible.I pulled up my red
floral thong and then my floral white silky underskirt.I tied the knot around my waist tight.Well below my navel.Then I wound my silver colored silky transparent saree
tightly around my curves and wore my ornamental kamarband around my waist over the pallu of my saree.I looked into the mirror and I wasn't very happy with my
hair bun.Because my hair color wasn't seen in the bun.So I removed my hair stick and my long silky brown hair fell loose and I took a hair band and tied my long hair
to a pony tail leaving the rest of my hair open.I brought my long open hair to my front so that I can even flaunt my bare back blouse.My entire back was just covered with
a thin silver colored string.Then was my kamar and then my big round fleshy curvy gaand. I wore my high heel and was ready to leave.

I had planned to take a rickshaw to my in law's but when I stepped out I saw my neighbor uncle who was also going out somewhere.We exhanged good mornings and
he asked where I was going.He said that I looked very sexy and gave a peck on my cheek to which I just blushed.I used to get a lot of pecks on my cheek from many
men in our building when they meet me at the stairs or the lift.We were in a lift this time and he asked me if he can drop me somewhere.He has a car so I thought of
going with him.I said I am going to my in laws and if he could drop me there.He happily agreed and asked me the purpose of my visit.I said it was my birthday and
I was going to be with my in laws for the day.He hugged me holding me by my waist and kissed my lips.One hand was around my waist and other holding my long
open silky hair and we smooched for sometime in the lift.He licked and sucked my lips and my lipstick was all gone.We reached the parking floor and we sat inside his
car and started driving to my in laws.On the way he asked if I was coming back the same day so that he can take me out for dinner.I said I will be there for 2 days and
then come back.He said his wife is going out for a week and asked me if I could spend sometime as Suresh was also out of town.I said I'll think about it and let him know.
He dropped me at my in laws and before getting out of the car he smooched me again and wished me birthday.I thought my birthday has started not really bad.I left him
and reached my in law's apartment.They had made lunch for me and we 3 had lunch together.They said they had called all their friends in the evening for a cake cutting
party.Their friends meant some uncles and some aunties.Anyway I was excited and Suresh called and asked how is it going.I said it's going good and that I got a drop
from uncle in the morning.And I said also a birthday kiss. Suresh said," Uff kya rundi hai tu meri jaan Chaitrali.Tujhe main aakar majboot chodunga.I will fuck you like a
whore my Chaitrali slut." I just blushed and hung the phone.

We finished lunch and evening 8 they all were supposed to come for the cake cutting.So by 6 I went for a shower and got ready wearing a red chiffon transparent saree
and a deep cut neck and bare back blouse.I did my mascara, kajal and red bright lipstick with a lip gloss.Wore my nose rings and long hanging earrings and combed my
long brown silky hair.I tied it to a ponytail with a red hair band and left the rest of my silky hair open till my big round plump gaand.I took my ornamental kamarband
and wore it around my waist over the saree pallu itself.I made a long bindi with my sindoor and also put sindoor on my forehead in the parting of my hair.I made a
black dot just above my upper red lips and I looked into the mirror.I wore my long hanging mangalsutra and a pearl neckpiece.I looked like a perfect married birthday
whore lady ready to showcase her assets through her transparent tightly worn saree.My back was completely naked with just a string tied and then my kamarband
below the string and then my big round plump gaand tightly wrapped around by my transparent chiffon red saree.I drew my long open ponytailed silky brown hair to
my front so that my back will be visible properly.

By evening 7.30 one uncle came and his name was Naren uncle.He was around 45 age.Then came 2 aunties and 2 uncles.So now there were total 5 guests in total.
Everyone had brought me gifts and I was happy.I stood behind the cake as everybody got ready for the cake cutting.Behind me stood Naren uncle and the rest were
around me.While greeting everyone I chose to keep my hair behind to cover my half nude back with my long open hair.Now that I saw Naren uncle behind me I brought
my silky brown hair to my front.Naren uncle had the knife so I turned around to him for the knife.While handing over the knife he held my hand tight and gave a very
lusty press.It was dark as the lights were switched off in the room and only the candle light was on.As everyone were behind me and only Naren uncle was to my front
I blushed looking at him.He knew that I liked the press he gave me and that I was comfortable with his touch.I turned back around taking the knife from Naren uncle
and purposely bent nicely down pointing my big round ass against his crotch to blow the candles.The other 2 uncles also watched me the way I blew the candles and
the way I was bending.They were Raghav uncle and Sreshtha uncle.The moment I blew the candles it was all dark and Naren uncle held my waist from behind and
rubbed his dick against my big round plump gaand.My father in law switched on the light and I bent again to cut the cake and this time Raghav and Sreshtha uncle
both got a good view of my deep cleavage also.Raghav uncle was standing behind the people so he looked at me and winked.I just blushed at his wink.Then one by
one everyone cut small pieces of cake and came and gave me.Sreshtha uncle first came after my in laws with a small piece of cream filled cake.I opened my mouth
wide, parting my lips with bright red glossy lipstick and Sreshtha uncle purposely smeared some cream around my lower lip.He said sorry and I ate the piece which
went inside my mouth.He smudged and took the cream around my lips, rubbing my lips with his thumb from right end to left end of my lower lip, he took the cream on
his index finger.He asked me to take it in my mouth.I again opened my mouth and put my wet tongue out and he placed his index finger on my tongue and I sucked
his finger in an erotic manner and then he took his finger out of my mouth.He took a tissue and cleaned my chin which also had little cream and while he was rubbing
my chin and lips he was staring at me and I also stared at him.He slowly gave me a flying kiss and I blushed and looked down.Next in line was Raghav uncle who
again took some cream on his finger and I sucked his finger as well.The 2 aunties, their wives also gave me a small piece and then Naren uncle came from behind.

Naren : Chaitrali you want small or a big one? (and winked at me.)

Everyone else had settled down and started chit chatting.

Me :I love big size but small is also ok.

Naren : Then I'll put a big size in your mouth.

He cut a small piece and put it inside my mouth rubbing all the cream around my lips and over my lips.I was puzzled when he cut a small size.

Me : Uncle you said you'll give a big size in my mouth.This was a small one?

Naren : Yes it is a different thing that I will give to you. Not a cake. Will you love the big size in your mouth?

Me : It depends on what thing are you going to put in my mouth.

Uncle said I will tell you later and we both sat and joined the chit chat.After sometime my father in law took the 3 uncles inside because he had arranged some booze
for the party.The 2 aunties, my mother in law and I were sitting in the front room.Father in law came back and sat with us and continued the chit chat.

Only the 3 men were sitting inside having booze.I was horny thinking what will happen if I go inside alone with the 3 men.Just when I was thinking of some excuse to
go inside.Naren uncle called my father in law. I asked my father in law to continue with the guests and that I will go and check what they want.I walked towards the
room and I could hear them talking.I always liked to overhear men talking.And if it was about me I loved to hear them talk dirty about me.I went near the door and
heard them talking.It was about me.They were saying,"Kya mast item hai na apni Suresh ki biwi." They were saying that I looked like a patakha and that I loved
them touching here and there and I didn't mind when Naren uncle touched me.They said if they get Chaitrali tonight they will have a great sex.I was horny listening to
their conversation and the thought that they were planning to lay me and fuck me together.I knocked the door and they stopped their conversation.They opened the
door and Naren uncle was delighted to see me expecting my father in law instead.

Me : Aapne bulaya ?

Naren : Ha Chaitrali hamein thodi ice chahiye thi.And also something spicy to eat.

Saying that he looked at me from tip to toe with lust and he rubbed his lips with his index finger.I just blushed as I knew what he meant by spicy.

Me : Theek hai main abhi laati hu.

I went to the kitchen for which I have to cross the living room where the others were sitting.While passing father in law asked what they wanted.I said they want
ice and some pickle.So I went to the kitchen and got ice and some pickle and while passing back by the living room I told father in law that I am going to sit with
them for some chit chat.Or else they will also get bored.Father in law was engrossed in conversation with them so he said ok and I walked back to the room where
the 3 men were sitting.I entered the room and Naren uncle closed the door from behind.I just blushed looking at Sreshtha and Raghav uncle.I bent and kept the tray
on the table and Raghav and Sreshtha uncle were sitting on either sides.They were looking at me continuously.Naren uncle came and sat on his chair from behind me.

Naren : Oh ho yaar yaha toh sirf teen hi chair hai.Apni Chaitrali bahu kaha baithegi? ( Where will our daugther in law sit now? )

Raghav : Haa yaar.

Naren : Chalo koi baat nahi.Chaitrali tum meri god mein baith jao. ( No problem Chaitrali, sit on my lap.)

He slapped his left thigh and signalled me to come and sit there.I blushed and said,"Agar koi aa gaya toh?"

Naren : Waise bhi knock karke hi aayenge.I have locked the door.Don't worry, aa jao baitho meri god mein.

I blushed and said ok.While sitting I bent in a curvy way so that Naren uncle could see my big round curvy gaand.He held me around my waist and made me sit
properly.My thigh was hitting his crotch area and there was a bulge already there.I brought my long silky brown hair to my front and my hair fell on Naren's face
while bringing it to my front.

Naren : Kya mast lambe ghane baal hai na apni Chaitrali ke?

Raghav : Baal hi nahi, Chaitrali tumhari structure bhi kaafi gol aur mast hai.

Sreshtha : Ha yaar...Zara Chaitrali khade hokar ghumogi taaki hum tumhare in curves ko theek se dekh sake? Ghoomogi ?

Me : (blushing) Ha ghoomoongi...

I got up from Naren uncle's lap and stood up.I turned around and showed my back to them.

Sreshtha : Uffff dekho iska pichwada... nangi badan, patli kamar, uspar yeh kamarband aur kitni badi matke jaisi gol moti gaand.

Naren : Suresh bhagyawaan hai jo use aise ek gol kadak maadak maal mila.

Raghav uncle held my hand and made me sit on his lap.I was horny listening to all their comments and was blushing.He held me by my waist and kissed my back.A
shiver went from every inch of my body to my wet chut. Naren uncle got up and came and stood in front of my face.He took my hand in his hands and placed it over
his crotch area and started rubbing my hand over his semi erect thing. Sreshtha uncle also came and knelt before me and kept his hands on my cheek.He rubbed my
cheek and I had closed my eyes.Slowly his hands went to my red glossy meaty lower lip and held it in between his thumb and index finger and pinched them twisting
and turning them.Holding my lower lip he parted it with the upper lip and opened my mouth.He came near me and put his tongue inside my mouth and started rolling
it with mine.He kept smooching and licking my lips for a long time, while Raghav uncle was busy kissing and licking back holding my long silky brown colored hair.
They were seducing me with their talks and rubbing my body with their hands.I was so hot that I just wanted to get nude and suck cocks and get the cocks inside my
wet clean shaved chut. Just when they dropped my pallu and the 2 men held my boobs, someone knocked the door.

Chapter 62