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My story since school days Chapter 63


Raghav uncle dropped my pallu and Sreshtha and Naren uncle held my boobs from over the blouse itself.They were pressing and rubbing them hard and I was moaning
as I could feel Raghav uncle's dick pushing my big round plump gaand from down as I was sitting on his lap.He was also kissing my bare back.I was moaning,"Uncle
koi aa jayega, mmmmmmmmmmm uffffffffffffff chhod do naa mujheee aaahhhhhhhhh..." Naren uncle inserted one finger inside my mouth and holding my hand
he kept my hand on his crotch and asked me to open his zip...I said,"Uncle yeh aap sab milkar kya kar rahe ho mere saaath, mmmmmmmm main main tumhari
bahu jaisi hu naaaaaunnngggghhhhhhhhhh.."

Someone knocked the door and everyone got alerted and went back to their seats.I quickly adjusted my pallu and got up to open the door.It was my father in law.
He said that the aunties have left as it was 9.00.They had food and they left.He asked the 3 uncles why don't they stay here and go tomorrow morning.They
reluctantly agreed to his idea and father in law said that you can have dinner after the drinks.And that food was in the dining area and can feel free and comfortable to
serve themselves.They said ok and asked me if I want to spend some time with the uncles.By then mother in law also came and asked me to go and sleep.Father in
law looked at mother in law and she took me to my room.The uncles said that not to disturb them during the night as they will finish the booze and go to sleep.They
said they'll lock the door so please don't disturb.Father in law also said good night and we three left to our rooms.First came their bedroom and after passing theirs was
my bedroom.They closed their door and went inside.I went back to their door and heard my mother in law saying,"Why were you asking bahu to sit with them when
they were having booze.They are all drunkards." Father in law said,"I thought she can have a chat with them for sometime, that's why.It's ok now she has gone back
to her room.Chalo let's sleep am very tired today."

I went back to my room half horny and little sad.I entered my room and closed the door.After 5 minutes when I was planning to change to my nighty, I got a call from
Naren uncle.He asked if I had slept off.I said no, I was about to.He asked me if I can come to my room.I just blushed and he knew that I wanted him to come.He asked,"
Hum teeno saath mein aaye?" I again remained silent and he knew that I wanted all three of them together.He hung the phone and I got up and put some more red
bright lipstick on my lips.I applied more lip gloss as they had smudged off most of my gloss when they seduced me first.

After sometime someone slowly knocked my door.I slowly opened my door without making any sound.It was Naren uncle alone.He came inside and I was going to
close the door but Naren uncle stopped me.He said the other 2 are also coming.I just blushed and then Sreshtha uncle also came in.Last to come was Raghav uncle.
One by one they all sat on the sofa and I closed and locked the door.

Naren uncle said,"Ufffff hamari bahu ekdum mast maal lag rahi hai naa aaj ?"Raghav uncle had a box in his hands when he came inside.The 3 of them stood up and
asked me to come to them.Raghav uncle kept the box on the table and opened it.It was a cake that they had bought for me.They took out the cake and it was a
chocolate cake.The cake made me horny.It had 3 standing dick shaped chocolate in the centre.And then it was just plain round shaped cake.It read "Happy Birthday
Sexy". I was excited and thought my birthday is going to be really sexy.They stuck candles to it and lit them.I blew the candle bending in a very sexy way showing off
my big round plumpy bum curve and my deep cleavage.It was a cold cake.I blew and they asked me to lick the 3 dicks and melt them down.I put my wet tongue out
and licked the tip of all the 3 dick chocolates and my long silky brown colored hair was falling over the cake.So Naren uncle held my hair and pulled it up.He was standing
and holding my long hair at it's tip.I was kneeling on the floor and licking and sucking those chocolate dicks.After some seconds the chocolate melted and white molten
chocolate started flowing out and it was all around my lips and mouth.Naren uncle made me stand up holding my long silky hair and he said,"Let us also have a piece
of cake." I took a knife and was about to cut when Raghav uncle said not that piece.A piece from your mouth.Sreshtha uncle held me from behind around my waist
and gave a peck on my cheek and said,"Happy Birthday our sexy doll."

Naren : Did you feel bad when we wrote sexy and called you sexy?

Me : No uncle I am so happy that you all gave me a cake.

Raghav : We are going to give you more gifts tonight.

Sreshtha uncle still holding me by my waist said : Yes our sexy darling we have got something more to give you tonight. Saying that he kissed my neck from behind
and tightened his hold around my waist.

Naren uncle came near me and keeping his hand on my cheek he asked," Can we lick your lips clean?There's too much of chocolate on your lips and in your mouth."
I just blushed and he slowly held me around my waist and Sreshtha uncle left me.Naren uncle held me tight and my big firm boobs crushed against his chest.He slowly
kissed me and he slowly put his tongue out and my lips opened and allowed him to enter.He smooched me for some time and then Raghav uncle came and he also
licked my lips and cleaned the chocolate and then gave me a hot smooch.Then Sreshtha uncle came from behind, he was more interested in my back and big round
plump gaand.He pushed my gaand with his dick and held me tight from behind.His hands went slowly to my boobs and from over my pallu itself he gave me a good
seducing press.And he smooched me from behind.Kissed and licked and sucked my lips.After the smooch he left my lips but was still holding me by my boobs.

Sreshtha : Darling Chaitrali we gave you so much.Are there no return gifts on your birthday?

Naren : Yes what are you going to give us Chaitrali.

Me : What do you want uncle?

Raghav : We want to kiss lick suck and dig one more lip.Will you give it to us tonight?

I just blushed and looked down and Sreshtha uncle hearing that he pressed my boobs little more harder and left a moan.When I moaned Sreshtha uncle gave me a hard
bang from behind on my plump gaand.

Sreshtha : Apni neeche waali hothon ko humse kiss karwalo Chaitrali darling. Apni Chaitrali ekdum bhari hui gaandwaali maal hai yaaro.Ise ab nangi karte hai.

Naren : Kya tum nangi hona chahti ho hamare saamne Chaitrali?

I just blushed and they knew I wanted to be nude with them.Sreshtha uncle from behind who was still holding me, dropped my pallu from my shoulder.My pallu slid
down and went and stuck at my waist level coz I had worn my kamarband over my pallu.So Naren came to me and from the side of my waist unhooked the kamarband
and removed the pallu and it dropped down.He then again hooked my kamarband and my kamarband was back on my waist.Sreshtha uncle left me and Raghav uncle
went behind me.He could see my naked back with just a string tied of my blouse which had a long hanging latkan.The latkan hung over my big round ass and rested on it.
And he could see my half unwound saree with the pallu fallen on the floor.He could see my kamarband around my low waist.He also could see my long brown colored
silky hair tied to a ponytail with a red hair band and kept to my front.He slowly came behind me and held my latkan and slowly opened the knot of my blouse from behind.
The knot opened and from the front Naren uncle could see my cleavage getting relaxed and my boobs getting freed.Naren uncle from the front slowly held the sleeves of
my blouse and slowly slid it through my shoulder then my elbow and took it off from my body leaving my boobs naked.As he removed my blouse I embraced my boobs
hiding them from Naren uncle.Naren uncle held the end of my pallu and gave it to Sreshtha uncle who was sitting on the bed now.He started pulling my pallu slowly
and I was turning round as he unwound my red chiffon transparent saree.He unwound my saree completely and I was only wearing my floral semi transparent underskirt.
They could see my big round ass slightly through the heart shaped net behind which was exactly on my big round plump ass.Underskirt was tight and they could see the
shape of my legs with the curve of my big round gaand.My hands were on my boobs hiding them from the uncles.Raghav uncle from behind opened the knot of my
semi transparent, figure hugging tight underskirt and pulled it down and it fell on the floor.Holding my boobs covering from them I got out of the underskirt on the floor.

I was wearing only my thong now and my jewellery.My long, brown colored, silky hair tied to a ponytail with a red hair band.My choker neck piece, long hanging ornated
mangalsutra hanging till my navel line and resting over my firm big round boobs.My long hanging red earrings, my nose ring and septum ring hanging over my upper lip.
Bright red colored lipstick with lip gloss on my meaty juicy lips.My red bindi and red sindoor on the forehead.My big round eyes with kajal and mascara on its eye lashes.
Going down I had worn red bangles on my hands and and red nail polish on my long nails.Further down was my kamarband which had an ornamental hanging over
my navel.Further down I was wearing my red floral thong like I said earlier.Then my long clean shaved legs and an ornamental anklet.Then I had wore toe ring on all
my toe fingers and had the same bright red nail polish on all my toe nails.

My long brown color silky hair was behind and it was almost covering 3/4th of my big round ass cheeks.I was standing almost nude in front of them.My hands were on
my big round boobs hiding them from the uncles.

Raghav : Peeche se apni bahu ka view ekdum mast madak hai dosto.

Naren : Aage se bhi apni Bahuraani ekdum madak lag rahi hai.Uske yeh sharmeeli aankhen, pyaasi laal honth, uski patli kamar aur uspar yeh kamarband.

Sreshtha : Ha yaaro apni bahuraani ekdum madak maal hai.Iske badan ka inch inch madak hai aur chaatne jaisi hai. Madak hai tu Chaitrali ekdum..

I thought of acting innocent and asked,

Me : Madak matlab kya hai Uncle. [ Still hiding my boobs with my hands. ]

Naren : Bahu, "madak" matlab ek sexy maal item jo koi bhi mard ka lund khada kar sakti hai.

I was still looking down with shy and covering my boobs with my hands.I just blushed on his answer and Raghav uncle came from behind and held my waist and
pushed his semi erect thing from behind.Naren came from my front and held both my hands and removed them from my big round boobs and it bounced up and
down when my hands were released from them.My nipples had become erect and hard.I left a moan when he held both my nipples with his fingers and pinched them.

Naren : Dekh apni bahu ke dono aam kitne bade aur mulayam hai.Iske nipples bhi khade aur tight hai.Apni nangi bahu ekdum rundi hai na?

When he called me a rundi in front of all I was shy and horny.I left a moan when Sreshtha uncle also got up and put his lips on my nipple and started sucking them hard.
Now Naren uncle held my other boob and started sucking that nipple.I was moaning and slowly Naren uncle's fingers went to my wet chut and started rubbing it from
over my thong itself.Behind Raghav uncle shifted my long brown silky hair to the side and started slapping and licking and kissing my big round plump gaand.

Raghav : Apni bahu sach mein ek chudakkad veshiya hai.Iski badi moti matke jaise gol gaand ko toh dekho.Ek thappad se hi upar neeche uchchal rahi hai iski moti rundi

Naren uncle slapped my cheek and started kissing and licking my lips.He pushed his strong tongue into my mouth and started rolling with mine.Raghav uncle dropped my
thong down.Sreshtha uncle had knelt down and had inserted his strong thick finger inside my wet chut and had started fingering me.And from behind, Raghav uncle was
kneading and pressing my plump meaty gaand cheeks.Naren uncle was smooching my very badly and also kneading and pinching my nipples at the same time.My hands
were on Sreshtha uncle's head pulling his hair out of pleasure.He was fingering me and also licking and sucking my clit.

It was like 3 rough matured gardners destroying a delicate flower.

Naren uncle stopped smooching me and I was moaning heavily with the kneading, sucking and licking happening to all parts of my body.

Naren : Apni bahu ke shringaar ekdum chudakkad shringaar hai yaaro. Tujhe main ek thappad maaru meri rundi bahu ?

Me : [blushing and biting my lower lips I gave a lusty expression.] Maarooo naaaungggh uncle...Mujhe thappad maaro. Mujhe aaj tum teeno chod chodkar, thok thok kar
barbaad kar do.Phaad do meri rundi chut ko.Main gandi sadi hui rundi bahu hu tum sabki.
( Yes uncle slap me. Fuck me hard and deep and destroy me.Tear my slutty cunt. I am your dirty rotten whore daugther in law.Fuck me like a street whore. )

Slapppp !!! he slapped my cheek and then pinched both my nipples.My wet cunt was getting licked and my meaty big round heavy gaand was also getting kneaded and
slapped and bitten.When Naren uncle slapped I left a moan, unnnghhhhhhhhhh and my hanging spetum nose ring shook left to right.He again pinched and sucked my
nipples and I shouted out of pleasure and pain.

Raghav : Yeh rundi bohot chilla rahi hai.Ise hamare room mein lekar jaate hai.Woh wala room iski in-laws ke room se thodi door hai.Isko jam kar chodenge waha lekar

Naren also agreed to it as I was moaning heavily.

Sreshtha : Par ise aise hi nangi le jayenge.Mazaa aayega.

I was horny listening to the idea.As we have to cross my in-laws room to reach the other room.And crossing my in-laws' room completely naked made me horny.What
would happen if they caught me naked while going.All those scenarios made me horny.

Naren : Kutiya banogi meri bahuraani ? hum tujhe ek kutiya jaise chalakar le jayenge...Banogi kutiya meri rundi bahu?

Me : Main kutiya banungi.Jo chaho main woh ban jaaungi aaj raat tum teeno ke liye.Ghodi banao, rundi banao, rakheyl banao, main sab banungi tum teeno ke liye.

I got on the floor like a dog and Naren uncle held my long ponytailed brown colored silky hair in his hands and made me walk on the floor like a dog.My kamarband
hanging was on the side and it shook to and fro when I walked like a dog.My big round ass was swinging left and right with every step I took.

Sreshtha : Yeh rundi chudne ke liye hi bani hai saali kutiya raand.Dekho kaise machal machalkar chal rahi hai.Apni moti dholi gaand ko hila hilakar chal rahi hai saali kutiya

Raghav uncle slapped my big round bouncing gaand while I was walking like a dog.My hair was in Naren uncle's hand.

Sreshtha uncle opened the door and checked if my in-laws were awake, keeping his ears on the door.He signalled us and Naren walked me like a dog.Raghav uncle was
slapping my ass on the way. Sreshtha uncle took my hair from Naren uncle's hands and said,"De Naren iske baalo ko mere haatho mein,Is kutiya ko main le jaata hu
ab yaha se, apne kamre tak." When we reached the door of my in-laws, they made me stand and all the 3 smooched me one by one standing right in front of the door.
Then they again made me stand like a dog and this time Raghav uncle held my long silky hair like a leash of a dog and walked me to their room.

When we entered the room Sreshtha uncle closed the door from behind and they made me get up and Naren uncle took me in his arms and looked into my eyes with lust.
I looked and him and felt shy by his looks and I closed my face.He threw me on the bed.They all got over the bed and stood up.One by one they all dropped their pants.
And their dicks we facing me as they stood all around me on the bed.I was kneeling down after Naren uncle threw me on the bed.Raghav uncle held my hair and they all
brought their dicks near my face and started slapping my face and hair with their dicks.

Naren : Kya bada mu hai apni rundi bahu ka.Logi hamara lund apni mu mein,ghodi Chaitrali?

Me : Ha loongi naaa unggggghhhhhhhhhhhh (I moaned) Tum teeno ki rakheyl bahu hu naaaaa mainnnn...unggghhhhhhhhh

Sreshtha : Kitni besharam shadi shuda raand hai saali, yeh kutiya..De iske lambe baal mere haathon mein Raghav aur tum dono iski rundi mu ko chodo...

Raghav uncle gave my hair to Sreshtha uncle's hands and he held my hair to it's end and held it up straight in such a way that when the other two uncles fuck my mouth,
my hair won't come in between as an obstruction. Sreshtha uncle held it straight up as he was standing and I was kneeling on the bed. Raghav and Naren uncle came
towards my mouth and one by one slapped my lips in turns.When they slapped my lips with their dicks my septum hanging nose ring kept dangling to and fro.

Naren uncle and Raghav uncle after some slapping brought their dick towards my mouth and looking at them my red shiny bright wet lips parted and slowly my wet
tongue came out.They placed both their dicks on my tongue and started rubbing my tongue. Naren uncle slowly slid his dick inside and my lips started feeling his tip
then his dick head and slowly his complete cock.My head moved front and back as I blew his dick and I held Raghav uncle's cock and Sreshtha uncle's cock in both my
hands and was jerking them while sucking Naren uncle's cock.Naren uncle fucked my mouth for sometime till it was wet hard and erect.Then Raghav uncle came and
I licked his dick tip with the tip of my tongue and slowly started licking and sucking his dick.In 5 mintues his dick was also hard and erect.So Sreshtha uncle came
and holding my hair in his hands he fucked my mouth.The smell of manhood was turning me on.I had blowed all the three mandhood with my mouth and then they
made me lie down by the edge of the bed and held my legs wide open.Raghav and Sreshtha uncle held both my legs and spread them wide so that Naren uncle could
come and lick my wet cunt.

Raghav : Chaat Naren apni ghodi ki rundi gili chut.Ise poora gili karke thok daalte hai saali kutiya ko.

Naren brought his tongue to my clit and started licking them and pinching them with his lips.I was moaning loudly so Raghav uncle pushed his dick inside my mouth and
started fucking me, holding my leg.Naren uncle licked me for sometime and then Sreshtha uncle came and Naren uncle went to hold my leg wide open.Sreshtha uncle
fingered and licked me at the same time.He was very horny.Then he went to hold my leg and Raghav uncle came to lick me more.I was all wet hot and horny in my head.

I could get fucked with a dozen bulls that night.I was so horny.

All the 3 uncles licked pinched and fingered me for half an hour I was so exhausted and horny like a whore.Then they made me stand like a dog at the edge of the bed.
First Naren uncle came from behind. Sreshtha uncle and Raghav uncle parted my ass cheeks and Naren uncle spat on my chut. He slowly pushed his dick inside and
started moving front and back.He held my long brown colored silky hair.He could see my kamarband shaking sideways.He started banging me and Sreshtha uncle came
to the front and pushed his dick inside my mouth.He started fucking my mouth.Raghav uncle kept his head in between my hands and knee (as I was fucked in doggy
position) facing my hanging big round boobs.He started sucking my nipples lying under me.And I stood on one arm and with other hand I started jerking Raghav uncle's
dick.All the 3 dicks were getting serviced at the same time and also my 3 assets were being raided and fucked badly.My rundi mouth, my nipples and my wet rundi chut.
They came all over my face after fucking me hard. Everytime they came on my face I would go wash my face and then the make up again.They would get horny again
and then again destroy my face.

They took turns in raiding my assets and I got banged very badly and roughly by the 3 uncles.They made me walk like a dog and kept me like a dog the entire night
holding my long silky hair in their hands or tieing it to the table or chair where they sat and had drinks.

When it was 3 mid night they all fucked me again but this time they took me to the door of the room where my in-laws were sleeping.They made me give them a
blowjob in front of the door and they all came on the door.They sprayed their cum on the door and made me lick all their cum and make the door clean.I licked all the
cum on the door with my wet tongue putting it outside like a dog.They held my hair like a leash and slapped my big bouncing ass while I licked and cleaned the door.
They took me back to their room.After half an hour they fucked me again thinking of all the slutiness I did at my in-laws' door.

Naren uncle said that if you come back next time we will bring 3 more friends of ours and give you a good gang bang.

Naren : Agli baar tujhe aur teen dosto ko lekar gang rape karenge..Tu rape ho jana chahti hai na rundi Chaitrali ?

Sitting on the floor like a dog,

Me : Ha uncle main tumhare dosto se rape ho jana chahti hu aur mardo se khudko barbaad karwana chahti hu.Main ek bazaru veshiya ki tarha chudkar barbaad ho jaana
chahti hu...Kardo meri rape aur barbaad kardo apni rundi bahu ko apne dosto ke lundo se.

I went back to my room by 5 as my in-laws get up early in the morning.I took a nice hot bath to clean all the cum on my body.

Next day before leaving my in-laws in the evening, I went to Naren uncle's house and he again fucked me hard.I loved him because he treated me like an absolute road
side slut and like just a sex toy.He promised me that next time he will bring his other 3 friends and rape me.I just blushed and left his place.I left my in-laws place and
went back home.Next week when Suresh came I explained everything to him.He was so horny and said that the uncles and he used to enjoy many ladies and girls in
their area.And also their wives when they were young and sexy.He fucked me that night very badly and roughly.

My first birthday after my wedding was an absolute blast.

Chapter 63