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My story since school days Chapter 64


I was in college and like I told you I was an item in the college for all the male friends and also for some peons who used to help me out from difficult situations.I was
enjoyed regularly by them and it was my 18th birthday coming.The boys in my group (3 boys) wanted to celebrate my birthday spending the day out and not in the college.
They came from rich families and they always used to take me out for shopping, parties and their farm houses to enjoy me.I also enjoyed all the 3 of them together and also
separately.Like I said earlier I used to wear tight elastic jeans and tight tops and leave my long silky hair open just tieing it to a ponytail.The end of my long hair always used to
rest on the big plumpy mound of my round ass.Some other college boys used to slap my ass sometimes in the classroom and also used to press them while standing behind me.
I just used to ignore and smile when they did that.

The 3 boys I used to go out with were, Abeer Rahul and Ranjit.They planned to take me to one of their farm houses to spend my birthday.Rahul was alone as his parents had
gone out to their native.I asked why don't we spend the day at Rahul's place.But they wanted to take me to their farm house.I was also excited about the farm house, so I
agreed to it.It was going to be Abeer's farm house.But sadly when he checked, that farm house wasn't available for that day as his company had already let it out to someone
else.So somehow he managed to get another farm house which wasn't his but from some friend's friend or someone.

A week before they took me out for shopping.They bought me a tight red dress which covered only the mid part of my body, which means it started from my cleavage line and
ended just below my plump ass cheek line.It was a figure hugging dress with cups in it.So I didn't had to wear a bra inside.They also bought me a red lingerie set.And also some
ornaments to wear with it.Fake ornaments.Finally on my birthday we decided to leave in the morning.I told my parents that I will not be coming that day and that I will be staying
at my friend's house after the dinner party.

Morning as usual I went to college wearing my tight jeans and tight top.In the college I spent an hour because everyone were wishing me birthday.Some boys in my class slapped
my big gaand and some even kissed me that day.After an hour Ranjit called me and I went to the front of my college from where they picked me up.My dress was in his car after
the shopping.Abeer guided us to the farm house which was on the outskirts of the city.When we reached there it was a big farm house.

It was around 10 in the morning when we reached.There was a gardner and a helper in the farm house.Abeer called them and they came and Abeer told them what all we wanted
for lunch and dinner.The gardner was called maali and the helper ladka, though they were elderly men.And we were college going students.Maali looked at me from head to toe
when I was standing alone and Abeer Rahul and Ranjit were taking our bags out of the car.He looked and stared at me as if he was seeing a girl after a long time.As I told you
I was wearing a tight jeans and a tight red top and my long silky hair tied to a ponytail which hung till the level of my big round plump ass. Maali was wearing a dhoti and a
baniyan.I thought of teasing him so asked him,"kya kya hai is farm house mein dekhne ko maali?" He said,"Dikhane ke liye toh bohot kuch hai, aap dekhna chahogi?" I just blushed
on his double meaning reply and said,"Agar tum dikhaoge toh dekhungi." He knew that I was a naughty girl.He said that behind the farm house there is a big plantation of grapes.
He asked if I wanted to see that.I said yes and told the boys that I will be back in sometime.They said ok and I left with maali.The way towards the vineyard wasn't very great so
maali asked me to hold his hand.Ladka saw us going to the vineyard and called up maali.Maali said that we are going to the vineyard to show me the plantations.Ladka also came
running towards us and joined us.Ladka was wearing an old shorts and a baniyan.

We three walked towards the vineyard and it was all creeper inside a huge compound.Maali opened the gate and we went inside.Maali and ladka were walking on either sides and
I was in the center.Maali had held my hands.He plucked 2 grapes when he left my hand and gave my hand to ladka to hold.Ladka saw my long fingers with long red polished nails.
He said,"haath bohot khoobsurat hai." I just blushed and he saw me blushing and he knew that I liked being with men and their praises.After a little walk the way got narrow and
only one person could walk on the path, so we had to line one behind the other.Front was maali holding my left hand and behind was ladka who was watching my big round
bouncing ass and long silky hair as I walked in front of him.The ground was all wet and I was wearing a red high heel.On the way I slipped and maali held my hand tight from the
front and ladka held me by waist from behind.The moment he held me from behind his semi erect thing hit me from behind on my big round plump protruding gaand.I knew he
was watching my big ass and and long hair and was semi erect.He held me tight and brought me back on the narrow path where you could barely keep on foot at a time.All that
while I could feel his semi erect thing from his shorts rubbing my plump ass.My bottom of the jeans was all mud and wet.Maali held me tight and we walked further where there
was a small water body and we had to cross that.I couldnt pull up my jeans as it was very tight.So I walked through the water.In between I tripped and fell in the shallow water.
My top was wet and my jeans was all wet and covered with mud.They both helped me get up and with their small piece of cloth tried to clean off the mud from my top and jeans.
Maali started rubbing my shoulder and slowly he came over to my chest where some muddy water had splased.He rubbed my boobs with with cloth from over my red tight top
and was looking at me while doing it.I also looked at him and blushed at his stare and looked down feeling shy.I was thinking in my mind,what a horny slut I was, a servant rubbing
my big round ripe boobs in the open in a farm and I was enjoying and getting hot inside.Ladka looked at us and me enjoying what maali was doing to me.He took his cloth and
rubbed my big round bums where some mud was splashed.I got a shiver and my body trembled when he did that all of a sudden.He said,"Daro mat hum dono hi toh hai na, yaha
bhi thodi gandi ho gayi hai, main saaf kar deta hu." I just smiled and said,"shukriya". Maali rubbing my boobs and ladka rubbing my round bums.My bums were bouncing up and
down everytime he rubbed my gaand up and down with his cloth.He was purposely doing it in that direction because I knew he loved to see my bums bounce. I said,"Aap dono
kitne achche mard hai, meri kitni khayal kar rahe ho." Maali said that I should take a bath.But I said we have come so far from the house, will we have to go back? Ladka said
that there is a small pond near the store near the farm said you can get cleaned up there if you want.I agreed to it but said what about my clothes then? Maali said we have some
clothes in the store there.So they took me to the pond.

It was a small pond surrounded with dense trees and a small store room block by the pond. Maali went inside the store and brought a towel for me.There were some steps down
the pond.So I had to climb down the steps to the pond.He brought me a white towel and asked me to take a bath in the pond and to use the towel to dry up.The towel was a very
small one, if I wore it, the towel would just cover my boobs and my love hole. If I wore it it would start from just above my nipple line and end just below my ass cheek line.I knew
they gave me a small towel purposely.They said they will wait for me outside the pond area and to have my bath.They assured that no one will come here.I went inside the store
room and changed my jeans and top and wore the towel.It was very flimsy and I tied it tight around me.My hair was still tied to a ponytail.I slowly walked out of the room just
wearing the towel on my body and nothing inside.I slowly walked towards the steps and maali and ladka were sitting on a low wall next to the pond.

I asked them,"Aap dono yahi baithenge toh main kaise nahaungi?" They were staring at my naked legs and naked chest and my deep cleavage. Maali said,"Tum daro nahi, hum dono
hi toh hai yaha par.Tum neeche utarkar naha lo." Ladka said,"Tum is towel mein bohot khoobsurat lag rahi ho Chaitrali.Tum neeche pani chali jao, hum yahi wait kar rahe hai." I
just blushed and started walking down.I knew they were watching my big round ass from behind and they could also see my long silky hair hitting my big round gaand.I heard
them whispering,"kya maal hai yaar, kitni badi moti gaand hai saali ke.Iski gaand ko haath lagane mein bohot mazaa ayega na?" Other one said,"Ha yaar badi moti matke jaisi
gaand aur lambe ghane baal.Ise toh chodna chahiye, sulake,bithake,khade karke, har ek angle se." I overheard all that, I was horny and wanted both their dicks inside my mouth
and my whore chut.

I gave little matkas and jhatkas to my round heavy plump gaand so that it bounced up and down, to give maali and ladka a glance of my huge asset behind.

Maali : Saali, kya rundi jaisi gaand hila hilakar ja rahi hai.

Ladka : Saali ka badan ekdum bhari hui hai, rundi gaand bhi moti aur badi hai saali ke.

I heard their dirty chat while walking down the stairs.I was horny listening to all their conversation.I purposely looked behind to show them that I overheard them.I looked at them
and smiled.

Me : Tum dono mere baare mein baat kar rahe ho?

I blushed and walked to the pond throwing my long black silky hair behind.Slowly I put my right leg in the water and the water was not cold.It was slightly warm.I sat on a stone
by the pond and took my jeans and top and washed it with the soap they gave me.I washed them and kept it aside. I looked behind and they were still staring at me.I got little
wet while washing the clothes and the towel I was wearing also got wet.My nipples got stuck to the flimsy towel as it was wet.They could see my erect nipple poking through
the wet towel.They got up from that wall and came and sat on the steps down.They said,"Chaitrali tum is geeli towel mein ekdum maal lag rahi ho." I just blushed and they knew
I liked all the dirty conversation they were having about me.I slowly, one foot at a time, got in the water.My naked legs were in the water and I tied my long silky hair to a ponytail
and went further in.Now water was at my neck level.

Maali : Hum bhi tumhare saath naha le Chaitrali?

Ladka : Ha hum bhi is kheechad mein gande ho gaye hai.

I just blushed and said nothing.They dropped their dhoti and shorts and got in the water.They were pretty muscular in shape as they worked hard in the farm.I could see their
semi erect thing from their underwear.They removed baniyan and got in the water.Maali came near me and asked me if I knew to swim.I said no.He said he'll help me learn
swimming and he held me by my waist and took me little deeper.Ladka also followed.Maali made me lay on the water and asked me to push the water behind with both my hands.
Ladka was just behind us.I tried doing that and somehow lost control and went into panic mode.Maali and ladka held me tight around my waist and brought me to the top of
the water.I tried to get back my breath.I was stable and I saw maali holding me from the front and ladka was just behind me stuck to my body from behind.When I gained sense
I felt maali's and ladka's thing hitting my front and back respectively.Later I realised that the knot of my towel got loose and it had opened when I struggled in the water to gain
control.And that towel had gone somewhere in the water.I asked maali where my towel is.He said the towel just went off from your body when you almost drowned.Maali looked
at me with a naughty look on his face.I turned around and ladka also was giving me a naughty look.I blushed, they both had held me from front and back.I could feel ladka's
dick against the centre of my bum cheeks.And maali's dick against my wet chut.

Me : Ab main bahar kaise jaungi.Main toh poori nangi ho gayi hu.

Maali : Koi baat nahi, yeh store paas mein hi hai.

Me : Agar kisine mujhe aisi nangi chalti hui dekh liya toh?

Maali : Yaha koi nahi aata, owner ke alawa.Sirf hum dono hi hote hai yaha.

Me : Tum dono meri bohot khayal rakh rahe hai.

Ladka : Woh hamara farz banta hai Chaitrali.

They started fondling my waist and ladka slowly moved his hands towards my boobs and delicately touched them.I thought I had become such a naughty whore that I was
enjoying with two servants working in a farm house.Stark naked in middle of the farm and was about to walk naked in the open air as well.I didn't react to ladka's touch as I was
already very horny.That gave me him courage to move further towards my nipples.Maali's hands were around my big round plump gaand.They started fondling me in the water
itself.My arms were on maali's shoulder.

Me : Koi hame yaha dekh le toh problem ho jayegi na?

Maali : Ha woh toh hai.Hum store room mein chalte hai.

Ladka was still fondling my boobs inside the water.Maali told ladka to walk out of the water.I kept my hands on my boobs and slowly walked out of the water.First my shoulders
came out then slowly upper part of my boobs and then my nipples which were covered with my hands.Then my flat belly and slowly my big round ass also was out of the water.
Maali held my big plump gaand from behind.They both walked on to my sides.One of my hands were on my boobs and other on my pussy.My hair was wet and the ponytail was
still tight.

Ladka also had his hand on my plump gaand cheek.They walked me to the store room and ladka kept my wet clothes to dry on a string tied inside the room.It was a small room
with the tools used for the farm and the vineyard.I looked around and there was a small mattress kept in one corner.While I looked at it Maali said,"Woh bistar par hum sote hai,
jab hum thak jaate hai kaam karke." There was a peculiar smell inside, I was sure it was theirs.They sweat and come here.I was horny with the smell also.My hand was still on
my boobs covering them and my other hand on my pussy.I was standing nude in front of both the men.They were also wearing only their undies.I was horny seeing the growth in
their underwear.Ladka started rubbing his dick from over his underwear.Maali asked,"Tum kitni umar ki ho Chaitrali?" I said,"Main 18 saal ki hu."

Ladka : Naazuk kali hai yaar yeh toh.Tumhe koi takleef toh nahi hai na bina kapdo ke hamare saath?

I just blushed and they knew I didn't had a problem.

Ladka : Is naazuk kali maal ko hum apne bistar par bitha dete hai.Tum bistar par baithogi na Chaitrali ?

Maali : Nahi. main bistar par baithunga aur yeh meri godi mein baithegi. Baithogi na Chaitrali ?

Me : (blushing and looking down) Ha baithungi. Main tum dono ki hi hu ab.Jo karna hai karlo.

Ladka : Ufff kya mast chhamiya hai yeh yaar.

Maali : [looking at me from head to toe.] Tum hamare saath is bistar par sona chahogi ?

I blushed and agreed to it.Maali got up and slowly took me towards the mattress and made me sit on his lap after he sat.Ladka came and stood in front of me and his crotch area
was right in front of my face.My big round ass was on Maali's semi erect dick and he was slowly rubbing it from down against my plump gaand.Ladka slowly removed my hands
which were covering my big round ripe boobs.My ripe mangoes were naked and ladka slowly kept both his hands on my boobs and gave it a slow press.I was horny as fuck and
kept my hands on ladka's and made him press them harder.Maali's hands were around my waist and he was kissing my naked back.He held my long silky hair tight from behind and
was pushing me up and down with his crotch.I was bouncing and so were my huge ripe boobs.Ladka was sucking my nipples hard and harder.I threw my head back on maali
and rested on his shoulder while he kissed my neck.I was moaning,"Aur choomo mujheee ahhhhh...Kuch ho raha hai mujhe.Main tum dono ki naazuk kali hu.Nangi kali hu.Dheere
se dabao naa apni kali ko."

Ladka told Maali,"Yaar yeh saali chhamiya kaisi rundi jaisi machal rahi hai dekh."

Maali said,"Saali ekdum madar raand hai rundi kutiya."

Maali made me lay on the mattress and ladka went and laid in between my legs, spreading them and keeping them on his shoulders.Maali sat to my head side and his dick was
right in front of my face.He kissed and licked and sucked my juicy lips holding my long silky hair.I was moaning as ladka was licking and sucking my clit.Maali after kissing and
smooching my lips, slapped his dick on my cheeks and on my tongue which I put out like a dog.Maali held my long silky hair and started fucking my mouth.

Maali : Saali kitni mast choosti hai yaar yeh rundi.Tujhe hum rundi bulaye toh theek hai na Chaitrali?

Me : [moaning as his dick was in my mouth] mmmmmmm

Ladka : Saali ki chut bhi mast hai madak raand saali.

Maali took out his dick and again slapped my face.

Me : Main ek naazuk rundi kali hu, dheere se meri mu ko chodo naaa...uunngghhhhhhhhhh I moaned giving a slutty expression...

Ladka got up and made me also get up.He made me stand like a dog.Held my hair from behind and and slowly pushed his dick inside my wet chut.

Ladka : Saali kya mast chudakkad chut hai iski. Kitni badi moti gol gaand hai raand ki.

Maali : Haa saali ki gaand ekdum matke jaisi hai. Thok saali ki chut ko.Gaand par thhappad mar markar chod rundi ko.

Maali was fucking my mouth hard and deep.He was also slapping my face with his hands.Ladka gave my hair in Maali's hands and then maali went behind me to fuck my wet
whore cunt.Ladka came to my front.

Ladka : Tujhe lund pasand hai na rundi Chaitrali? Le mu mein mera lund ko.Aur choos ek chhinaal kutiya rundi jaise.

He started fucking my mouth like he's fucking my slutty cunt.

I thought in my mind,"Chaitrali tu kitni badi gandi rundi ho gayi hai, ek maali aur helper se thukwa rahi hai.Saali kitni besharam raand ho gayi hai tu."

They fucked my mouth and chut for sometime in different positions.I rode on them sitting on top of them also.Finally they sprayed all their cum on my face and hair.

We went back to the pond and they washed me thoroughly in the water applying soap. Ranjit called me to ask about my whereabouts.I said I will be back in 15 minutes.We got
dressed and I dried my hair.I tied it back to a ponytail and we 3 walked towards the house from the farm.

Late in the evening the 3 boys took me to the same pond and fucked me in the same store room.It was night time and they enjoyed me for the whole night.They covered me
with my birthday cake first.They licked every bit of the cake from my voluptuous body, holding and pinching and kissing every curve of my body and fucking my 2 holes thoroughly.
My mouth and my cunt.I was like a whore they bought from the market.All the 3 boys fucked me and gave me a cum bath inside the store room.Next day morning we all got
ready and left the farm house.

Chapter 64