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My story since school days Chapter 65


This happened when Suresh left for a better job abroad.I was taking tutions and I had many fans in the society.I was the maal bhabhi of our society.I was the sexy married
aunty, bhabhi, bahu, maal, didi of our building.I was playing a lot of roles for the men and college going boys around.As usual I always loved to flaunt my curves wearing a
saree wherever I go around my area.To the shops or anywhere out.

One day in between my tution class I got a call from a friend of mine.Her name was Shalini. Shalu wanted to talk to me something personal.I said I will call after my tutions
are over.I sent back the boys early that day.They were sad because they got less time to stare at my boobs and spend time with me.Then I called Shalu and she said that
she will come home to talk.She came home in an hour.I opened the door.She wasn't alone.She had a man with her.I asked them to come in.Shalu introduced the man as
Nagesh and said that he a good friend of hers.She introduced me also to Nagesh.

Later through the conversation I knew that Nagesh ran a high profile kotha.A kotha where rich people used to visit.Shalini said that Nagesh had a client request who wanted
a lady who is not a whore who works for money.But he wants a whore who sleeps only for pleasure.And it a group of 3 who wants 2 such ladies in total.Nagesh asked me if
I could come.I was horny by the idea.Then I thought asking you for the second lady.

Shalu : Tu mere saath aa sakti ho ?

Me : Main kabhi kothe par nahi gayi aaaj tak.Mujhe sochne ka time de.

Nagesh : Bhabhi tum bas aa jao.Waha aapko mazaa aayega.Paise wala client hai. Toh decent hoga.Truck driver ya chaprasi jaisa nahi hoga.

I said I want some time to think over it.They left and I called Suresh.Suresh asked to agree if it is located away from the city.I called Shalu and asked her about the whereabouts
of this kotha.She said it is away from the city.So I said, then I can join you for the party.Shalu was happy with my acceptance.We were both once enjoyed by Shalu's husband
at her place for a weekend. Shalu's husband likes me a lot.He regularly whenever possible calls me home and fucks me.His name is Prajesh.He fucks us both together.

Next day Shalu came home and said that the clients at Nagesh's kotha wants us to dress like married ladies in saree.Shalu has short shoulder length hair.Slightly below her shoulder
line actually.Straight hair with little curls.Height is ok, little shorter than me.Big round eyes like mine, meaty fleshy lips.Her boobs are quite big almost like mine.Ass is also filled with
sufficient meat for a good handful hold.She also likes wearing sarees like me.We both are almost similar taste-wise and feature-wise. That's why her husband likes to fuck us both
at a time.

My tutions were just over for the day and I was wearing a silk nighty. I was wearing nothing inside. Shalu could make it out with the nipples protruding through my silk nighty while I
was listening to her about the clients and how they want us to be for the night.I was horny listening to her and so were my nipples which were already rock hard by now.I had tied
my hair to a bun. Shalu slowly slid towards me and slowly kept her hands on my thighs and I kept my hands on hers.She kept her other hand slowly on my right boob and gave it
a slight press.I kept my hand on her boob and pressed her nipple.She was wearing a shirt and a jean.With both my hands I slowly unbuttoned her and she untied the knot around
my waist which was holding my night gown.She slowly slid my gown down the shoulders and it fell on my thighs.I slid her shirt and removed her hands out of it.She was wearing
a red bra.I took my hands behind her and unclasped her bra.And slid it down her shoulders and dropped it on the floor.She came near me and I could smell her perfume.She slowly
planted a kiss on my lips.Our mouths opened and we rolled our tongue together.While our boobs were crushing each other's our hands were exploring each other's bums. Shalu
stood up and I dropped her jeans and then her red thong.I rubbed her pussy with my fingers and she opened my hair bun.She held my hair and was pushing my head towards
her pussy.I kissed her navel and licked it.She made me stand and she started sucking my nipples.She sucked them hard and we both were moaning.I opened her hair and held
her hair tight while she sucked my nipples.After a while we went to the bedroom and crossed our legs with each other so that our pussy gets positioned touching each other's.
We started moving to and fro and our pussies rubbed against each other.We were moaning,"Shalu tu aur main ab kothewaali bananewali hai.Hame kothe ke clients chudakkad
rundi bhabhiyan jaise chodenge.mmmmmmmmm" We rubbed rigorously with each other and finally we both came on the bed.

Shalu asked me to get ready by tomorrow evening and that she and Nagesh will come to pick me up by 7 in the evening. Shalu left and I started thinking what to wear for the
kothewali role.Opened my wardrobe and sat in front of it.

I pulled out a black transparent saree with a black deep neck and back open blouse.Blouse was padded so there was no need for a bra to wear inside.I took out my jewelry box
and kept all this on my dressing table.My make up kit was already on the table.Next day morning I got up and went to the parlour to get my hair colored and rinsed properly.
They gave me a burgundy color and I was happy with the reddish color it had.Afternoon I went for a shower and came out and sat in front of the mirror.I combed my newly
colored silky long red hair till the end and without plaiting it, I just put a clip to the end leaving the rest of my hair open till the end.So now my long silky red hair was open with
just a clip to the end of my hair.I sat in front of the mirror after doing my hair, wearing just a towel around me.I took my make up set and did little foundation on my cheeks and
face.Then I did my eye brow.I put kajal around my big round seducing eyes and then did my mascara for the eye lashes.I took my bright red lipstick.The red matched the flowers
on my black saree.I rubbed and smudged the lipstick on my meaty slutty lips.I knew my lips would be treated badly tonight, it'll be rubbed, pinched, licked, smooched, bit and what
not.I applied a good amount of lipstick and then applied lip gloss to make it more seducing and attractive.I brought some saliva on to my lips and licked it back into my mouth
thinking of someone just came in my mouth.Then I took my round red bindi and stuck it on my forehead just in between my eye brows.I took my sindoor and applied sindoor
on the division of my hair in between.Then I took my nose ring and stuck it on the left hole.I took a hanging earing, black with red stones to match my saree.I wore them
and then I took my long hanging mangalsutra and wore it.It hung till my navel line.Then I wore my pearl choker neck piece.I wear choker neck pieces because it resembles a
desi way of dog leash.And I love to have that look.Then I wore my red glass bangles on both hands and and applied red nail polish matching my bangles and saree and my
lipstick.Long nails as I like to maintain them.Then I took my underskirt which was black and had floral perforations on it.Perforations were on the face of my big round bum and my
bums were clearly visible with the red thong I had worn.There were some perforations on the front side as well, exactly over my pussy area.The red thong was clearly visible
from the black floral perforated underskirt that I wore.It was velvet and tight showing all my curves properly.Then I took deep cut back open black blouse and wore it.Adjusted
the pad and my breasts stood firm.I tied the knot behind.I took my transparent black saree and wrapped it tight around my curvy body.

I walked in front of the mirror and looked. My long hair left open till a little below my big round plump gaand with just a clip to the end and a bit of hair open after the clip.I
brought my long silky hair to the front and saw my back open blouse held with just a string with a knot behind.My entire back was naked till the waist line where my big round
plump gaand started with a wide curvy shape.My saree was wrapped tight around my gaand.I turned around to the mirror and threw my long hair behind.My hair was nicely
combed and it had a red sindoor where my forehead started.Then my big round red bindi.My eyes seducing with mascara and dark kajal.My nose ring which made my lips more
sexier.Lips with dark red lipstick with gloss on it.Then my long hanging mangalsutra and the pearl choker necklace.My deep neck blouse through which a good amount of my
cleavage was visible.My waist was little empty so I took out my kamarband and wore it over my pallu.Further down I had worn red glass bangles to match my saree flower color.
I had put red nail polish on my nails.I had made myself look like a desi married whore.

I got a call from Shalu and she asked me to come down.I wore my high heel and left my apartment.In the lift I met the neighbor uncle.

Uncle : Uff Chaitrali tum ekdum khoobsurat lag rahi ho aaj.Kaha jaa rahi ho ban than ke??

Me : Saheli ke ghar jaa rahi hu.

Uncle held me around my waist and planted a kiss on my cheeks.He knew that if he smooches me my lipstick will be spoiled.He took out his black pen and made a dot on the
middle of my upper lips and said ,"Isse nazar nahi lagegi meri bahuraand ko..." I just blushed and got out of the lift and walked towards Shalu's car.

I got inside the car and Nagesh saw me and kept looking at me.I just blushed when he stared at me and said,"Kya dekh rahe ho Nagesh, aise mat ghooro, mujhe sharam aa rahi
hai." Nagesh said,"Kya lag rahi ho meri bhabhi.Ukdam chudakkad lag rahi ho aur tumhare yeh nakhre yeh sharmana.Hamare chaaro client khush ho jayenge tum dono ko

Shalu was also wearing a saree, yellow color with a sleeveless back open deep cut yellow color blouse.She was also wearing a sindoor because the clients wanted 2 married
whore ladies.Nagesh said he will give us both 20% of the money he gets.We agreed to it because we were not much interested in the money.We just wanted an experience
being a kothewaali bhabhi.

The kotha was on the outskirts of the city far away from my house and Shalu's. We reached the place after a 2 hour drive.It was an old building and some women were standing
outside.They were the real veshiyas.We got out of the car and they were all staring at both of us.Nagesh asked us to follow him.It was around 9.00 in the evening.As we had
left at 7.00. It was dark and we followed Nagesh through a stream of passages and rooms which led to more passages.On the way we saw many ladies.Some men also.I was
walking behind Shalu and she behind Nagesh.As I was walking last in the line some men slapped my big round plump bouncing ass from behind.I just smiled to them and continued
following Shalu and Nagesh.Some men also slapped Shalu's ass. They were shouting to Nagesh,"Kya naya maal laya hai Nagesh, mast gaand hai saali dono ki.Hume bhi thoda
chakhne de Nagesh nayi item ko." Nagesh shouted back at them while walking,"Nahi yeh dono ek bade customer ke liye hai."

While walking some held my long hair from behind and some slapped my big round bouncing wide gaand.

Some shouted," Eh chhamiya aati hai kya mere room mein?" some shouted,"In bade aaamo ko chooso kya raand?" Some shouted," Kya badi gaand hai, chodu kya teri gaand ko
meri rundi?" As I was following and walking fast behind Shalu and Nagesh my big round plump gaand was bouncing up and down and sideways.It was a good show for the men
on the way.

Finally we reached a big area where the passage ended and it had a big door.Nagesh opened the door and it was a big room with a big hall.Nagesh took us around the apartment
and it had 2 bedrooms and a living room.Looking at the room we knew that this place is for Nagesh's high end customers.Nagesh told us that you can freshen up by then he'll call
the 4 men and they will come here in no time.Nagesh left saying he will be back in 5 minutes and bring them with him.We closed the door and Shalu looked at me and said,"Chaitrali
you look like a pakka shaadi shuda raand." I said," Tu bhi ek shaadi shuda rundi lag rahi hai Shalu." We both hugged each other and brought our tongue out.We didn't wanted to
spoil our lipstick so just licked and rolled our tongue together outside out mouth.In 5 mintues the door knocked and I went to open the door.

I opened the door and Nagesh was standing with the 4 men behind him.I turned around bringing my long open red colored hair to my front exposing my complete back and stood
aside as Nagesh and the 4 men entered the room.2 men were staring at me from tip to toe and the other 2 were staring at Shalu.Nagesh introduced them as Sahil, Jayesh, Mangu
and Shanks. They all smelled good with perfume.They were dressed well and 2 of them Sahil and Jayesh came and stood on both side of me holding me around my waist, Jayesh's
hands went slowly on my plump gaand and gave it a slight press with his palm.Sahil was around my waist and gave a slight pinch on my waist which had little fat.I just bit my lower
lip and Shalu was also standing in between Mangu and Shanks.

Nagesh asked them if they liked the maal. They said,"Ekdum mast maal hai yaar.Kal subah milte hai."Saying that Mangu gave Nagesh an envelope which was cash I guess for renting
both of us.

Nagesh left and Sahil and Jayesh took me to one bedroom and the other 2 took Shalu to the other bedroom.The bedroom just had one bed with no windows.It had a mirror facing
the bed.Sahil and Jayesh made me sit on the bed and they both sat on either side of me.

Sahil : Jayesh kya mast maal mili hai na hame?

Jayesh kept his hands around me over my shoulder and said," Ha yaar Sahil, kitni sharmili hai, shaadi shuda hai par phir bhi kitni nayi naveli dulhan jaisi hai yeh.Sahil had kept his
hands on my thighs and was kneading slowly.They both were looking at my face and saying all these things to me.I covered my face with my hands feeling shy sitting in between
both the men who just met me.I was also horny thinking that I had become a whore for a night who is going to be fucked by 2 men together.What a married slut I had become.

Jayesh : Chaitrali bhabhi aapke yeh lambe baal bohot khoobsurat hai aur aapka yeh madak chehra bhi ekdum rundi jaisa hai.

Sahil : Ha bhabhi tum hamari rundi bhabhi banogi ek raat ke liye?

Me : Ha main tum dono ki rundi aur rakheyl bhabhi hu aaj raat ke liye.Meri is moti bhari hui badan ko chod chodkar raand bana do...

Sahil kept massaging my thighs and I was moaning sitting in between both the stranger men in a brothel.Jayesh slowly dropped my pallu as his hands were around my shoulder.
My pallu fell down on my thigs and my deep cut blouse was exposing my deep cleavage.Sahil saw my big round heavy boobs and he slapped the bottom of my boob upwards.
Both my melons started bouncing up and down when he slapped.I just moaned and threw my head back.When I threw my head back Jayesh bent and kissed my neck and slowly
moved towards my cleavage.He kissed my mango mounds and and with his hands slowly pressed my boobs from over the blouse itself.I left a moan and Sahil slowly made me
get up.

Sahil : Aa bhabhi meri god mein baith jao.

I was half stripped, my pallu hanging from my waist as my kamarband was holding it.Jayesh slowly slid out my pallu from under my kamarband and started slowly pulling my saree.
I was turning around as my saree was getting stripped.Sahil took the saree from Jayesh's hands and threw it on the floor.

I was standing wearing only my deep cut and back open blouse.My pearl choker neck piece, long hanging mangalsutra till my navel line, my handging earring with red stones,
my ornamental kamarband, my black perforated velvet underskirt through which my red thong was visible.I was shy and covered my face with my hands.My bangles made
clinking sound when I covered my face.My long nails with red nailpolish was also visible when I covered my face.Jayesh got up and went behind me.He could see my naked back,
with the kamarband resting above my velvet underskirt.And my long silky red coloured hair tied to the end with just a clip.The clip rested on the mound of my big round meaty

Jayesh : Kya lambe silky baal hai bhabhi aapki aur gaand bhi ekdum matke jaisi gol aur bhari hui hai.

I just blushed on his remark as he just moved his hands on my big round curvy ass.

Sahil pulled my hands and made me sit on his laps.

Me : Ufffff Sahil dheere se, main ek naazuk kali hu.

I sat on his lap in such a way that when Jayesh sat on the sofa, I was facing Jayesh and my back was facing Sahil.Sahil held my hair and brought it to my front.He held the string
tied behind of my blouse and pulled it open.Jayesh slowly held the sleeve of my blouse and slowly slid it down my hands and made me topless.My boobs sprung out of my padded
blouse.Jayesh held both my boobs and started massaging them.Meanwhile Sahil was kissing and licking my entire naked back.I was sitting on the men's lap wearing just my velvet
perforated underskirt.My right boob was covered with my red silky hair as Sahil had brought it to my front and busy kissing and licking my back.Jayesh held my boob and slowly
came near my nipples with his mouth.I was watching him come slowly and I could feel his breath on my nipples.I was very horny and Jayesh took out his tongue and slowly
with the tip of his tongue touched the tip of my nipple.Then with some saliva on his tongue he made a long lick on my left nipple and started licking up and down making my
nipple tight and erect.He kept his lips on my nipple and started sucking it.Ohhhhhh I was in heaven.I held his head and pulled his hair.I threw my head back and he kept sucking
my nipples.Sahil was pressing my back and kissing and licking all around.Jayesh made me stand and they also got up.Sahil went behind and knelt down on the floor.Jayesh threw
my hair behind and held both my boobs and started sucking them.Sahil behind could see my red thong from the perforations on my velvet underskirt.The zip of that underskirt was
on the side.He slowly unzipped it and he slowly started pulling it down.It was a little tight around my big round fleshy ass.He pulled it with slight force and my big round ass cheeks
sprung out of its cage.He dropped it down and I came out of it raising my legs.

I was only in my red thong, stark naked with 2 men in a kotha (brothel). I was married and I liked men around me, so much so that my horniness landed me in a brothel.I was very

Jayesh was busy licking and sucking my nipples and Sahil was with my meaty ass.My one hand was around Jayesh's shoulder and holding his hair tight.Other hand was on Sahil's
head down.My thong string was deep inside my ass cheeks.Sahil pulled it out and dug his face inside my ass cheeks and was licking my chut from down.My hair was on Sahil's
face but he was enjoying my hair and my ass together.

Sahil : Bhabhi kya patli kamar aur badi moti gaand hai tumhari.Mazaa aa gaya.

Me : Aur chooso na meri gaand ko.Yeh bhabhi ki gaand tum dono ki hi hai.Poori raat ise masalte raho aur chooste raho.Uiiiii maaaaaa main mar gayi...uffff fmmmmmmmmm

Jayesh was busy pressing and sucking my nipples.

Me : Jayeshhhhhh mmmmmmm meri aamo aur zor zor se chooso naaaaa.Choos chooskar meri aamo ke rass ko pee dalo...

Sahil got up and held me by my waist.He kissed my neck from behind and Jayesh stopped his boob service.Sahil came to the front and Jayesh went behind.I was standing and
moaning as the 2 men took turns in sucking and licking my boobs and ass.Jayesh went down behind and started kissing my gaand cheeks.

Jayesh : Uffff kya bhari hui gaand hai bhabhi aapka.Shaadi shuda rundi gaand hai yeh.Itni badi gaand ko maar maarkar rundi gaand bana dena chahiye.

Sahil : Kya bade bade aam hai is rundi bhabhi ki.Jayesh bhabhi kitni badi raaand hai yaar.Kutiya saali , kothewaali veshiya bhabhi hai yeh.Chal ab iski mu ko chodte hai.

They both came to my front and they made me kneel down.Both their dicks were erect and hard.I could see the pre cum shining on their tips.I slowly opened my red lips and put
my wet tongue out.They saw my nose ring and said,"Saali iski nose ring se yeh aur rundi jaisi lag rahi hai na Jayesh?" Jayesh said," Haa saali ke lambe baal bhi ekdum chudakkad hai."
Sahil kept his dick on my tongue and slid it inside.I held Jayesh dick in my hands and started stroking it.Sahil held my head and started pushing it in and out.He was properly fucking
my mouth.Jayesh held my long red colored hair and started fucking my palm.After a while of blowjob and mouth fucking Jayesh came.It was his turn to fuck my mouth.

Jayesh : Kya chudakkad madak chehra hai is rundi veshiya bhabhi ki.Kya choos rahi hai lund saali madar RRAAANDDDD.

I sucked and blowed Jayesh's dick for a while and they both were ready to fuck me.They took me in their arms and threw me on the bed.They made me stand like a dog.Sahil
went behind and Jayesh to my front holding my hair.

Sahil : Ban ja meri ghodi bhabhi. Tujhe ek ghodi jaise chodunga peeche se.

Jayesh pushed his dick inside my mouth and was fucking my mouth.He smudged my sindoor and Sahil from behind removed my thong.He threw it on the floor and slapped my
meaty bum cheeks.

Sahil : Ufff kya moti gol gaand hai saali veshiya bhabhi ki.

He slowly pushed his dick inside my wet cunt and held my hair from behind.He pulled my hair and started fucking me in and out.My boobs were moving to and fro with every thrust
of Sahil's.

Jayesh held my boobs from the front while fucking my mouth and held them tight.He was also pinching them in between.

I was moaning,"mmmmmmmm mmmmmmmm" as my mouth was filled with Jayesh's dick.

Sahil after some fucking came to the front and Jayesh went behind.He slowly pushed it inside my chut and started fucking me holding my hair.Sahil had left my hair and handed it
over to Jayesh.Sahil fucked my mouth for sometime.They both got ready to cum and they held my hair and brought me out of the bed on to the floor.Made me kneel down and
they both stood on either sides.I sat down and kept my mouth open wriggling my tongue around my lips.Biting my lips and giving whore ish expressions and moaning.I was
shouting,"Apni rundi bhabhi ko apne paani se nehla do.Is RRAAAND ko thok thokkar kothewaali bana do.mmmmmmmmmmmmm ahhhhhhhh uuuii maaaaa."

They got the orgasm and they shot their cum on my face.I opened my mouth and took some in my mouth as well.They sat on the sofa and I went towards them walking like
a dog and sat in between Jayesh's legs.I took his dick in my mouth and cleaned it.I licked it sucked it.He was in little pain after the fucking.I asked him to hold my hair in his hands
and I started sucking his dick.After a while he got a hard on.So I moved towards Sahil who was jerking his dick looking at us.I sat in between his legs and gave him a blowjob.He
was also hard by now.

They then took me one by one.Jayesh sat on the sofa and watched the show while Sahil fucked me like a whore.I kept moaning,"UUiiimmmmm main mar gayi, thoko mujhe
aur zor zor se thok daalo.Rundi hu main tumhari,Veshiya bhabhi hu, kothewaali bhabhi hu."Sahil came on my face and then Jayesh got on to the bed and Sahil to the sofa.
Jayesh fucked me hard and deep holding my hair.I moaned loudly, I was sure Shalu could hear me in the other room.That entire night they both fucked me in turns.

Jayesh and Sahil and I were exhausted by 6 in the morning.We had a good sleep till 10.I slept nude in between both of them.At 10 I took a shower and Jayesh and Sahil left.
Nagesh came our room.I was sitting with Shalu.Shalu told Nagesh that she had to leave as her husband will come by afternoon that day.

I told Nagesh I wanted to spend one more night in the kotha(Brothel) with some cheap customers.

Nagesh : Bhabhi tum toh ekdum kothewaali item ho gayi ho.Tumhe pasand aaya kya idhar?Tumhe pasand hai toh reh jao idhar..

Me : Matlab.

Nagesh : Matlab idhar ek kothewaali bankar ruk jao.Wapas mat jaana.

Me : [giggled] Nahi aise kaise ho sakta hai?

Nagesh : Main tumhe tumhare pati se khareed loonga aur yaha kothe mein bitha doonga dhande ke liye.Dhandewaali bankar ruk jao idhar.Hum dono bohot paisa kamayenge.

Me : Pagal ho gaye ho kya tum Nagesh ?

Nagesh : Sach mein, tumhare jaisi shaadi shuda item ko kaafi demand hai yaha mere kothe mein.Phir tumhara yeh maintained chudakkad badan aur yeh rundi swabhaav bhi tumhe
help karegi.

Me : Nahi nahi, main sirf thoda enjoy karna chahti hu ek veshiya ki tarha , dhanda nahi karna chahti hu.

Nagesh : Theek hai, jab bhi tumhe dhandewaali banana ho toh mere paas aa jana.

He looked at me from head to toe.I looked completely fucked after that night.He asked if he can spend sometime with me till evening.

Nagesh : Bhabhi kya main aapko shaam tak chod sakta hu?

I just blushed and agreed to it.

Nagesh : Tumhe aaj raat ke liye ek cheap customer chahiye na?

Me : Ha.

Nagesh : Truck driver chalega?

I was excited and agreed.He called someone on the phone.He was telling him,"Ek nayi maal aayi hai kothe mein.Shadi shuda hai, ekdum raand hai.Aaj raat ko free hai kya tu?"
I think he must have said yes and Nagesh handed over the phone to me.He introduced himself as Jagya, I also told him my name as Suja.And winked looking at Nagesh.Jagya
said,"Nagesh bol raha tha ke tum ekdum rundi maal ho. Kya tum mujhse chudwana chahti ho?" I just blushed and said ha.Nagesh was looking at me when I was speaking to

Jagya : Tum shadi shuda ho?

Me : [blushing] Ha shadi shuda hu main.

Jagya : Uffff toh tum ekdum rundi hogi.Tumhe aaj raat ko main aakar chodunga meri veshiya raand.Theek hai Nagesh ko do phone zara.

Nagesh took the phone and was telling him,"Jagya shayad yeh item ko tune pata liya hai.Bohot sharma rahi hai.Ekdum kutiya raand hai saali." While having the conversation he
took me inside the room and locked.He disconnected the call and he hugged me.Slowly he started kissing me and I was also horny after listening to their conversation.Her fucked
me till evening and he left.I was waiting in my room after getting ready, for the truck driver Jagya.

Chapter 65