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My story since school days Chapter 66


I was waiting in my room for Jagya at around 9 in the evening.I got a call from Shalu saying that she reached home and asked me what my plans are.I told her that Nagesh has
arranged a customer for me tonight and I am waiting for him to come.She asked who the customer was, to which I told her he was a truck driver.She naughtily said,"Toh tu ab
sach mein ek shaadi shuda kothewaali veshiya ho gayi hai huh ?" I just blushed and said,"Nahi re,just ek aur raat ke liye koi cheap customer se chudwane ka mann kar raha hai.
Bas ek aur raat ke liye dhandewaali veshiya raand banna chahti hu." Shalu said,"Theek hai tu enjoy kar.Main baadme call karti hu." I hung up the phone and the door bell rang.

I forgot to tell you what I was wearing.I had brought a blue saree and a violet blouse with me.Blouse was deep V neck and back open.Saree I wore tight around me so that all
my curves would be visible.Inside I was wearing the same black velvet perforated underskirt and a new blue thong matching my saree.I had combed my long red coloured silky
hair and left it open with just a blue hair band on my head.I wore a forehead jewellery with a long hanging earing.A choker ornamental neck piece and my nose ring which had a
hanging almost over my lips.I had done my eye brow and eye shadow and kajal.Also had done my mascara for eye lashes.I had worn blue matching bangles and red nail polish.
My long hanging mangalsutra which hung over my big round protruding boobs.I had also worn a kamar patta around my waist over my saree pallu.I had also put sindoor on my
forehead and made a long bindi with my sindoor, just for him to know that I was a married slut.I had also put dark red lipstick on my meaty lips.Which made me look like a proper
kothewaali dhandewaali veshiya.

The door bell rang and I opened the door to see Nagesh standing.Nagesh was surprised and in lust after seeing me in that attire.Behind him was standing a tall dark muscular yet
handsome man.I knew it was Jagya as he wasn't in all that clean attire.He was wearing a pant and a shirt.Nagesh introduced him as Jagya to me.Jagya came in and Nagesh told
him that I was Suja.Saying that Nagesh looked and winked at me.He knew that I didn't wanted to reveal my real name to a cheap customer like Jagya.

Jagya : Nagesh yaar kya maal laya hai tune is baar.Ekdum kadak item hai yeh raand.

I was horny and wet down under when I heard a cheap truck driver calling me a rundi in front of a pimp standing in a kotha.I thought in my mind,"Chaitrali tu toh ek pakki dhandewaali
ho gayi hai kutiya."

Nagesh : Ha Jagya sambhalke thokna isko, ekdum sharmili aur madak item hai.Fresh maal hai apne kothe ki.

Jagya : Tu fikr mat kar Nagesh , isko main sambhalkar hi loonga.

Saying that Jagya went behind me and kept his hands around my waist and stood aside me.He looked at Nagesh and told him,"Ekdum gol matol maal hai yeh.Badi moti bhari hui
aur ekdum paki hui hai yeh raand. ( She is an absolutely curved round item.Big, fat, meat filled and ripe in the right places.) His hold became a little more tighter around my waist
and slowly his hands moved on over to my big round bums and with his palm gave it a good tight press.My red lips parted leaving a slight moan ahhhhhh and my eyes closed
enjoying a truck dirver's press on my gaand in front of a pimp.Nagesh looked at my expression and he knew that Jagya had pressed my big round ass, coz Nagesh also knew
that any man would hold my gaand right away looking at its curvature and heaviness.

Nagesh : Theek hai toh main chalta hu.Jagya maze loot le apni item ki.

Jagya looked at me and winked.I just blushed and looked down.Jagya still holding on to my bums walked me towards the door and locked it after Nagesh left.He came to my
front, now both of his hands holding my big round meaty bums.

Jagya : Suja tumne sindoor daala hai, Kya tum shaadi shuda ho?

Me : Ha main shaadi shuda hu. (looking down, trying to act very innocent and shy)

Jagya : Tum bohot sharmili ho Suja.

He held my chin and made me look at his face.I looked at him and feeling shy, again looked down with my face still facing him.

Jagya : Suja tumhare yeh laal honth aur yeh itna madak chehra, kya tumhe tumhare pati khush nahi rakhte?

I was wondering usually the truck drivers would be rough and start sex directly, but he was kind of teasing me.I remembered Nagesh telling me that Jagya is not like the usual
truck drivers, likes beauty and teasing beauty.He goes slow at first and then becomes an animal, and that he prefers married ladies so that he can tease more.

Anyway I was also loving the way of teasing and touching and fondling while talking.

Me : Mere pati hamesha apne kaam mein rehte hai.

Jagya : Achcha toh isliye tum kothe mein aayi ho.

I just blushed still looking down with shy.

Jagya : Tumhe pata hai tumhare matke (earthen pots) kitne gol aur mote hai?

Me : Matke?

Jagya : Ha tumhara pichwada.Kya tumhe pata hai use kya kehte hai?

Me : Nahi pata. (letting a small smile on my lips)

Jagya : Use "GAAND" kehte hai. Aur tumhari GAAND ekdum gol moti and pakadkar masalne laayak hai.Main toh tumhari is gol moti GAAND ka deewana ho gaya hu.

Me : Tum meri gaand ko zor se daba rahe ho.Meri is naazuk badan ko dheere se dabao naaa. uhhhhhgggnnnnnn

Jagya looked at my eyes closing and lips parting when he increased his press on my big round bums.I left a light moan sssssssssssssssssss

Jagya : Tumhare matke bhi mast hai aur tumhari yeh gol gol aam bhi mast hai.

He pulled me more towards him and my boobs got crushed against his chest.I was now stuck to his body and his hands doing magic on my ass by pressing and fondling them.
I had closed my eyes and started enjoying driver Jagya's every touch and press.He held the pallu of my blue transparent saree and slipped it down.My saree slipped till my waist
where my kamarpatta held it from falling on the floor.Jagya held the pallu and slowly pulled it out from under my kamarband and my pallu dropped on the ground.He looked at me
from head to toe.I was standing without my saree wearing just my violet deep V neck and backless blouse and my black perforated velvet black underskirt which had a zip to
it's side rather than a string.Since my velvet underskirt was tight, the shape of my legs, thighs and my curvacious bums was prominent.My boobs were just waiting to spring out
of my tight revealing blouse.I had my kamarband around my waist, nose ring, long hanging earings, sindoor, a bindi made of sindoor, choker neck piece and my long hanging
mangalsutra.My long silky red coloured hair was open with just a blue hair band.That is all which was left on my body.

I felt shy and covered my face with my hands.

Jagya : Uffffffff Suja kitni sharmati ho tum.Tum saree ke bina bohot khoobsurat aur kadak lag rahi ho.Tumhare yeh lambe ghane baal ( going behind me ) aur tumhari yeh badi
moti, bhari hui, matakti hui GAAND. ( returning back to my front ) Aur tumhare yeh badi badi aam. ( removing my hands from my face ) Aur tumhara yeh madak, khoobsurat
aur rundi jaisa chehra. ( keeping his hands on my cheek and rubbing my cheek ) Tere yeh laal raseeli aur rundi honth. ( now rubbing my dark red pouting lips in between his fingers )

He rubs my lips with his thumb and pull my lower lip down and my lips part from each other and my mouth opens.His hands were around my waist and my boobs being crushed
by his chest.

Jagya : Kya main is mu ke andar apna lund daal sakta hu Suja? ( holding my lower lips and looking at my open mouth ) Apni jeeb bahar daal Suja ek kutiya raand jaise.Dekhu toh
tera mu kitna gehra hai.

I slowly take my wet tongue out of my wide open mouth in a seductive way slithering out like a snake.He pushes his thumb inside and plays with my wet tongue.

Jagya : Uffffffff kaafi bada aur gehra mu hai tera Suja.Teri is rundi mu ke andar main apna lund ghused du Suja?

Me : Ha Jagya, meri is RUNDI MU ko chod daalo, apne mote lund ko ghusedkar. Thok daalo meri mu ko ek rundi chut ki tarha.

Jagya's hands went behind and untied my blouse string from behind.My boobs sprung out and he was excited to see them.He held them in both his hands and started pressing
and later sucking them with his mouth.His hands held my long silky hair behind while sucking my nipples in turns.He then holding my hair in his hand turned me around and slapped
my big round bums with his other hand.He then left my hair and slowly unzipped my tight velvet black underskirt which, like earlier it was a little diffcult to come off my curvy round

He dropped my underskirt on the floor and I was now standing only in my red thong and my jewellery with my hair open.He was horny to see my gaand and my boobs.He kept
pressing them and licking every inch of my body and I was horny and completely wet thinking of a truck driver making me nude and ready to fuck me in a kotha (Brothel).

He made me kneel down after dropping my red thong and making me completely nude. I knelt down and he dropped his pant.I could see his bulging underwear.I put my hands inside
and dropped his underwear with my other hand.His thing was pretty big round and erect and hard.He held my long silky hair and pulled me towards his hard dick.I slowly opened my
red lips and my mouth looking at him and giving him a slutty expression closing my eyes slowly.He pushed his dick in my mouth hard and deep.He held my hair tight and kept
fucking my mouth for some 5 to 10 mintues.I was completely enjoying it and gave a good blowjob.He was wet and and ready to fuck my wet chut.

Jagya : Uffff Suja kya mu hai tera..Mazaa aa gaya.Suja tu meri chudakkad raand hai.Kothewaali veshiya hai tu meri.Badi GAANDWAALI RAANDNAGAR ki Raaani bana dunga main
tujhe.Chal idhar bistar ke upar aakar kutiya ghodi raand jaise khadi hoja.

I took out his dick from my mouth and walked like a dog on my knees towards the bed.He gave me a couple of tight slaps on my swaying gaand while I was walking towards
the bed.I left some seductive moan,"AAAAAAAAAAA Jagya uuuyyiii maaaaa meri GAAND ko itne zor se mat maaro."

I climbed the bed like a dog and stood on the bed like a ghodi facing my back towards him.He came near me and held my waist with both his hands.He started slowly rubbing his
dick against my wet chut.

Jagya : Tayar ho ja meri RUNDI SUJA, tujhe main kutiya raand jaise thokne wala hu.

I threw my long silky red hair behind and it covered my big round bums.Jagya couldn't see my bums coz my hair was thick and long.So he held the end of my long hair in his hands
and held my like he is going to ride a horse.Now he could see my kamarband and my hair and my big round GAAND.He slowly pushed his dick inside and started moving in and out.
He had slowly started to pull my hair towards him in order to bring me back to him after every push.He started slowly and increased his speed.

Jagya : Ahhhhhhhh SUJA RAAAAAANDDDD, MADAR GHODI, MADAR VESIHYAAA ... ( while fucking me )

Me : Jagya aur zor se thoko apni is madak RAAND SUJA KO. Aur andar ghusedo apne lund is VESHIYA SUJA ke andar.Daal daalkar thoko. aahhhhh

With my moans he started fucking me harder and deeper.

Me : UUUiiiii maaaaa Jagya main mar gayi. Bada mazaaa aa raha hai. Ruko mat. Aur zor zor se thokooooooooooo aaahhhhhhh mar gayi mainnnn ufffff.

He fucked me hard and deep like a dog.Then turned me around and fucked me holding my mangalsutra and abusing me with all the bad sexy horny words.Raand,Rakheyl,Veshiya,
badi gaandwaali RAAND, kothewaali besharam shaadi shuda aurat and many more.

He got ready to cum and he made me sit at the edge of the bed facing his dick.He held my hair and started jerking his dick in front of my face.He sprayed his cum on my face
which splashed a bit on my nose ring on my mangalsutra my cheeks my lips and some he sprayed on my boobs.I was satisfied and my horniness was also satisfied by the
way a cheap truck driver fucked me like a whore in a brothel in a small shady room.Later that night he fucked me again pulling my hair, slapping my big round gaand and sucking
and biting on my nipples.

Next day morning I got ready to leave by 10. Jagya was sitting in the front room and I was getting ready in the bedroom, wearing my saree and doing my make up and all after
a good steamy hot shower. The door was closed and I heard the door bell ring. It was Nagesh. I could hear him coming in and door closing. I got up and thought of over hearing
the conversation between Nagesh and Jagya.

Nagesh : Suja kidhar hai Jagya?

Jagya : Andar tayar ho rahi hai.

Nagesh : Oh ha use abhi nikalna hai. Toh kaisi rahi raat? Maze loote kya apni rundi Suja ki?

Jagya : Ha yaar Nagesh, bohot mazaa aaya, kya shaadi shuda raand hai yaar.Ekdum veshiya jaise harkate hai and rundipana bhari hui hai usme.Sharmili bhi hai.Mujhe toh bohot
pasand aaya yeh item.Yeh ab wapas kab aayegi kothe par?

Nagesh : Nahi pata.Shayad nahi bhi ayegi.Main use sirf ek badi client ke liye le aaya tha.Unko shaadi shuda item chahiye thi.Aur phir usne mujhe poocha aur koi hai kya, toh maine
tujhe bulaya.Raand hai ekdum.Maine bhi choda usko.Ekdum madak sharmili item raand hai na.

Jagya : Haa yaar.Tu isko khareed kyu nahi leta ? Ise bol divorce lene apne pati se aur yaha aakar kothe par baith jaye.Use bhi toh chudaai bohot pasand hai na.

Nagesh : Nahi yaar, woh bas ek experience ke liye aayi thi.Meri ek saheli ki dost hai yeh Suja.

Jagya : Dekh try kar use khareedne ko. Agar pat gayi toh phir main use tujhse bhaade pe le jaya karunga.

Nagesh giggles and says he will try.I was completely horny thinking that I was a married lady and a pimp and a truck driver were talking about buying me and keep me in a brothel
to make business out of me.And the truck driver asking to rent me out from the pimp.I was talked about just like a commodity you get in a market.


Chapter 66