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My story since school days Chapter 67


I returned back home the same day morning, Nagesh dropped me at Shalu's place.Shalu and I discussed about the entire night at the kotha and also my next night with the
truck driver.Shalu was horny listening to all my experience and we both got nude and fucked each other with her dildo.That day I spent at Shalu's.Later in the evening her
husband came back and he fucked both of us in turns the whole night.

Next day morning we got up and Shalu's husband left for office and we both sat to talk when her friend called. Shalu was on the phone for sometime and I was watching TV.
Shalu came back and she said her friend had called and that she was looking for a maid servant for their neighbour. Shalu asked if I knew any maid servants around.I said I'll
check and let her know.

I left her place that day afternoon and came back home.I washed my clothes which I took to the kotha and had a good long hot shower.I got into a nighty after shower and
called Suresh.I spoke to him and had a long steamy chat.I told him what all happened in the kotha and how I was treated like a whore there.He was very horny and so was I.
I told her that later I went to Shalu and her husband fucked us both.He said it's been a long time since he has fucked Shalu.I also told that she was looking for a housemaid
and I have asked a couple of Bais ( maid servant in hindi ) and that none were interested as the place was pretty far away from the city, almost on the outskirts. Suresh said
why don't you go as a Bai and work there for a month.I thought it was a good idea.I told him that it's a month's job and they expect the servant to stay in the same house.
And that the requirement was made by 2 bachelors. Suresh said then you should try and have some fun.I said let me talk to Shalu and see.

Next day I spoke to Shalu and told her about this idea.She said that would be not a bad idea.She spoke to her friend and told her that a maid is ready to come and stay for a
month.Her friend gave that neighbour's number and told Shalu to ask the Bai to call that number and speak to them about the salary and all.Shalu gave me the number and
I called them.A man picked up the call and gave me the details about the job.He said that it's a 3 bedroom apartment and that I have to clean the house and cook food for the
2 men staying there.He said their family has gone to their native for a month and they just need me for a month.He said he can give me 1500 Rs for that month with food.
I agreed to it.He said his name was Milind and the other guy's name was Prajesh.He asked me to join the next day itself.I hung the phone and told Shalu that they have asked
me to come tomorrow itself.

I left Shalu's place and went home and called Suresh.I told him the details and Suresh asked me to take my phone with me so that he can call daily and see how they are keeping
me.I agreed to it and next day morning I started packing a month's clothes.I couldn't take good saree and all, so just took my old cotton sarees and old cotton deep cut blouses.
Some old cotton underskirts also.I took some basic make up materials and my kamarband and mangalsutra and a hanging imitation earing.I also took my sindoor because I
wanted to act like a married sexy rundi bai.

I wore my red panty and bra.Pulled up my old slightly torn cotton underskirt.Wore my green old cotton deep cut blouse and then wrapped the old cotton yellow saree tight around
my curvy body.I wore green matching glass bangles and wore my mangalsutra and kamarband.I sat in front of the mirror and did my kajal and red lipstick with gloss.I opened my
long silky hair and combed it nicely with long strokes till it's ends.I tied my long hair to a bun and stuck it with a hair stick to hold the bun.I wore my ornamental ghungroo (anklet).
I also applied red nail polish on my long nails.I put my sindoor on my forehead and made a bindi with the sindoor.

I called Milind and told him that I am leaving for their place.He said ok and asked me to call me once I reach the junction next to his place.I said ok and hung the phone.I took a
rickshaw from my place and it was an hour's drive to that junction.I paid the rickshawala and got out and called Milind.He said he will be there in 5 minutes.I hung the phone and
waited for him.It was a very small junction with some shops around.The shopkeepers were staring at me from head to toe.I just felt shy and passed a smile to some shopkeepers.
Milind arrived in 5 minutes on his bike.We met each other and introduced ourselves.He asked me to get on to the bike and I got over the backseat and kept my hands on his
shoulder.He was little happy when I kept my hands on his shoulder.On the way he applied a couple of jerks and breaks when my huge round firm boobs crashed on his back.I knew
he did it purposefully.We reached his building and while going up many men stared at me.It was a residential complex with 3 buildings and many inhabitants in it.We reached his
apartment and he opened the door and asked me to come in.He showed me around the house and it had 3 bedrooms, a kitchen, a big living area with a balcony.He showed me
my bedroom and asked me to settle down.I kept my bag and went to the bathroom to check myself after the long trip.I looked into the mirror, my hair bun was little lose so I
pulled out my hair stick and tied my long silky hair properly and stuck it with the hair stick again.I took out my lipstick and applied little darker on my meaty lips.I adjusted my nose
ring and my mangalsutra and my sindoor.I looked at the mirror and I now looked like a slutty bai.(Rundi Bai)

I went out to the living room where Milind was waiting for me.He asked me to come and sit next to him.I went and sat next to him on the sofa.I landed my heavy big round plump
gaand on the sofa slowly.I knew he was staring at my big gaand.My glass bangles made some sound as I sat.

Milind : Toh tumhare naam kya hai?

Me : [looking down with shy] Mera naam Suja hai..

I didn't wanted to tell him my real name.

Milind : Bada khoobsurat naam hai. (looking at my sindoor and mangalsutra) . Kya tum shaadi shuda ho Suja ?

Me : Ha saheb.

Milind : Mujhe saheb mat bulao, Sirf Milind karke pukaro.

Me : Theek hai saheb, matlab, Milind.

He just laughed and I also smiled looking down.He said he will give me 500 more which will be 2000 Rupess in total.I agreed to it just shaking my head looking down.Fire was
burning inside me thinking that I will be used for a month as a bai (maidservant) and my rate is just 2000 Rs for who knows what all to do. I knew I had earned more in the kotha
that too for just 2 nights.I thought in my mind that I will be used by these 2 men for the whole month for such a cheap rate.I felt like a very cheap road side whore.


He said he will show what all to do and got up.He gave me his hand to me to get up.I also got up and he held me from behind around my waist.I just blushed when he held me by
my waist and he also noticed it.He held me little more tighter.He walked me towards the kitchen and my payal (anklet) was making sounds as I walked.While walking he asked me
about my husband.I said he is drunkard and doesn't come home on a regular basis.He asked if he will have any problem with me staying here for a whole month.I said no he won't
have any problem.He barely comes home.

Listening to it he held me more nearer to him and now the side of my big round boob was touching the side of his chest.I just blushed and left a slight moan.He knew I was enjoying
his touch and hold.We reached the kitchen and he asked me to check the kitchen and let him know if anything is needed to buy.He left his hold and I walked towards the cabinets
under the kitchen counter. I bent down showing him a good view of my curvaceous big round plumpy gaand.I looked back at him and he was staring at my gaand. He saw me watching
him so I just blushed and smiled.He knew that I was liking his company.I checked everywhere and got up on a stool to check the cabinets above the kitchen platform.He came and
stood next to me so that I don't fall down from the stool.His face was right on my big round gaand. He slowly kissed my gaand from over the saree and acted as if it happened
accidentally.His hands were around my thighs.I got down slowly and he helped me get down.His hands were now around my waist and he was looking right into my eyes.

Me : Kya hua Milind aise kyu dekh rahe ho mujhe aap ? (Looked down blushingly with a light smile.)

Milind : Main dekh raha tha kitni khoobsurat ho tum and tumhare pati kaise itni mast cheez ko akeli chhodkar ghar se bahar rehta hai.

I just blushed on his remark.He again holding me around my waist, tight, walked me to his bedroom.There was a big mirror and he made me stand in front of that mirror.He was
standing behind me and holding my waist.He looked at me on the mirror and said,"Kitni khoobsurat ho tum Suja.Tumhe main Sujabai bulaunga.Suja tumhara yeh shareer tumhare
pati theek se rakhte hai kya?" I acted innocent and asked,"Matlab?" He said,"Kya tumhara pati is shareer ka theek se tel maalish karte hai?" I said, " Nahi karte." Milind said,"Toh
phir main karke du is shareer ka tel maalish?" I just blushed and looked down. He slowly held me tight enough and I could feel his thing getting harder against my plump gaand.

Milind : Suja dekho tumhare yeh bade aamo ko.Kitni khoobsurat aur mote hai. (I just blushed and gave a slight smile.He slowly moved his hands over my boobs and I covered my
face with my hands, feeling shy.)

Me : Yeh kya kar rahe ho Milind mujhe sharam aa rahi hai.Chhod do na mujhe.

Milind held me tighter and removed my hands from my face and turned me around facing him.My back was facing the mirror now.He asked me to look behind in the mirror.I looked
and I could see my back open blouse held with a thin string behind and my long silky thick hair tied to a bun with a hairstick and my big round curvy gaand.His hands were just above
my gaand and he slowly moved it on my plump big fat gaand and he said,"Dekho tumhare yeh badi moti gol gaand, aisa lagta hai tumhari is moti gaand ko dabate rahu poora din raat."
I blushed and turned back around and my hands were on his chest.He looked at me in my eyes and I was very shy and looked down.He picked me up in his hands and took me
towards the bed.

Chapter 67