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My story since school days Chapter 69


Prajesh purposely took 2 rounds around the complex keeping me on his back seat.He drove towards a group of men who were staring at me.They were the people from his

society.When we reached there I got off the bike and he also got up.He took me towards the men and introduced me saying,"Yeh meri nayi bai hai." They looked at me from

head to toe.They were 4 men and I felt shy when they stared at me.Prajesh asked me to go up.I turned around and I knew they were watching my big round swaying ass.I

overheard them saying,"Kya maal bai laya hai yaar tune Prajesh." The other one said,"Ha yaar, mere bhi ghar bhej isko ek din.Kaam karvana hai issase." The other said,"Ha

saali ekdum maal hai." I turned around gave a smile and left.It was around 9.00 in the evening.I reached home and Prajesh also followed.Milind was sleeping as his door was

closed.I asked Prajesh what he wants to eat for dinner.He said chapati and sabji will do.So I went into the kitchen while Prajesh went to freshen up.

I took some flour and a vessel to make chapati.I took the flour and started making the dough.In a while Prajesh came into the kitchen and slowly held me by my waist.I

shook for a minute.He put his hands inside my pallu and held my by my waist.I could feel his hands on my navel area and he kissed my back.My hand was covered with the

dough.He left my waist and held my hands and started kneading the dough while kissing my neck and back.

Me : Kya kar rahe ho Prajeshhhh ahhhhhh

Prajesh : Kyu tumhe pasand nahi jo main kar raha hu?

Me : Mmmmmmm aisi baat nahi hai Prajeshhhhhh ahhhhh

Prajesh : Kya tumhare pati is moti aur gol shareer ko theek se dabate nahi?

Me : Theek se nahi dabate hai woh Prajeshhh ahhhh...

I could feel him rubbing his semi erect dick against my big plump meaty round gaand.

Prajesh : Ufffff Suja kya moti, naram aur bhari hui gaand hai tumhari.Ise bhi tumhare pati dabate nahi hai?

Me : Nahi Prajeshhhh ahhhh , (Pushing my gaand against his dick)

Prajesh : Phir is madak shareer ka khayal kaun rakhta hai Sujaaaa ahhhhh...

Me : Baaju mein hamare do padosi hai..Woh dono ghar aate hai jab mere pati bahar jaate hai...

Prajesh : Uffffff toh tum ek madak chudakkad aurat ho na Sujaa...Chalo aaj raat, mere kamre mein bitate hai...

I just blushed and he understood even I was ready to be fucked by him.He took me towards the sink and we washed our hands which he did very erotically.

Prajesh : Chale Suja mere kamre mein?

Me : [ I just blushed ] Par agar Milind ko pata chala toh?

Prajesh : Kya pata chalega usko ?

Me : [ Blushing ] Ke main tumhare kamre mein raat bhar thi..

Prajesh : Toh phir hum dono tumhare kamre mein chalte hai.Use nahi pata chalna chahiye ke maine tumhe pattaya hai.

I blushed and agreed to it.He walked me towards my room.We got in and he closed the door behind me and switched on a table lamp.He made me sit on the table and big round

plump gaand slowly landed on the table top.His hands were around my waist and he planted his lips on mine.He rolled his tongue with mine as his hands were playing with my boobs

from over my deep cut blouse.His hands went on to my knot behind and he untied the knot of my deep back blouse from behind and dropped my pallu.My deep meaty fleshy cleavage

was naked when my pallu dropped down.He took out the blouse from my hands and threw it on the floor.My big round mangoes were now naked and he saw my erect and hard

nipples waiting for some service.He held my nipples in between his fingers and twisted them slightly.I moaned,"Ahhhhhhh" in pleasure and slight pain.He spat on my nipples and

twisted and pinched them more.He then slowly brought his mouth towards my nipples and started sucking on them.I had held his head against my boobs and his hands were behind

kneading my big round gaand.

Prajesh : Suja kal se tum blouse ke andar kuch nahi pehenna.Nangi hi rakhna khudko.Main beech beech mein aakar tumhare in badi badi aamo ko choosna chahta hu.

Me : [moaning] ahhhhhhhhh Prajesh theekkk haiii ahhhhhhh Main toh kal se nangi hi ghoomungi ghar mein, jab tum office se lautoge.Tum mere poore badan ko chooskar kha jao...

Prajesh : Oh Suja tu ek pakki rundi hai.Tu meri rakhel banegi ?

Me : Ahhhhhhhh Uuuiiimaaaaaa Prajesh mmmmm Main tumhari rakhel aur raand bhi banungi...Tum bas mujhe poora din chodte rahoooo naaaaaaa unnnggghhhhhhhh...

Prajesh made me stand and unwrapped my saree and I was nude in front of him.He removed my unders and my underskirt.He kept kissing my lips and sucking my boobs and

kneading my big round moti gaand.He made me sit in between his legs and asked me to suck his dick.

Prajesh : Suja le mera lund choos abhi...Main apni rundi Suja ka mu ko chodna chahta hu...

I blushed and knelt in between his legs and opened my mouth wide.I took his dick in my hands and placed it on my wet tongue and pushed it through my red lipstick lips.He pushed

his dick inside my mouth and started sucking and licking and stroking it with my mouth and red lips.After a while he took me up and threw me on the bed.He widened my legs and

pushed his dick inside.He started stroking me in and out wildly and slapping my boobs.He then turned me around and made me stand like a dog.

Prajesh : Meri rundi kutiya Suja...Tere lambe ghane baalo ko main khol raha hu.

Saying that he pulled my hairstick and my long hair opened and he held them in his hands.I was being used like a horse.He rode me in and out of my wet slutty cunt holding my

long silky hair.

Prajesh : Kya chudakkad maal hai tu Suja meri rundi.Teri gol moti matke jaisi gaand ko thappad maar maarkar chodna chahiye...

He slapped my big round gaand.He turned me around and made me sit by the edge of the bed.He held my long hanging mangalsutra and started fucking my mouth.My long hair

was going front and back with every stroke he made inside my mouth.After a while he came in my mouth and I licked every drop of his cum from his big hard lund.

That night he fucked me 4 times and came all over my body and my hair.Early morning at 5 he went back to his room as Milind would wake up and look for him.I took a good

bath and got ready for cooking and cleaning.

Prajesh left for office by 7.00. Milind wanted to fuck me so he called his office and said he will be coming late by noon to office.He fucked me till noon and left for office.Prajesh

called me and said he will come back early from office by 4.00.I knew he wanted to fuck me before Milind comes home.So by 3.30 I went to shower again, combed my long silky

hair, did little make-up and just wore my mangalsutra, kamarband, long earing, nose ring, sindoor and a bindi made of sindoor.I waited for Prajesh sitting nude in the living room.

When he came he fucked me till Milind rang the bell in the evening.I was getting fucked by both the men on shift basis.They both didn't know that the other was also fucking me.

One day when they both were at work I went to the market.

Chapter 69