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My story since school days Chapter 7


After my college I got married.Me and my husband enjoyed each other a lot.Our sex life was going very good.He used to get excited if any
stranger man flirted with me.At functions he never minds me dancing with other men around.I also liked men staring at my curvy structure
and complimenting me.I also liked them asking me out for a day.I get excited with that.I wear sarees and deep cut blouses and leave my long
hair tied down clipped to the end.When I walk the clip hits my bums which is a good feeling and makes me excited.Sometimes when we go to the
market we walk seperately to see if any man comes to me and flirts with me.And he watches on.Sometimes some men brush their hands on my body
which excites my husband.Finally one day he asked if I am ready to have sex with a stranger while he watched over.And we had to pick a man
suitable for this and who can keep this as a secret.I was very much excited thinking of it.Having sex with another man while my husband looks on.
And finally we got a man working at a market for this.He always stared at my body whenever I went to his shop.He had even once complimented
me.He had also said that I look very sexy and seductive.I knew he wanted me very badly.So we decided to pick him.Now whenever I went to the
shop I started flirting with him,complimenting him.I started wearing backless blouses when I go to his shop.I used to pin my long hair down
till my bums and clip to its end as usual.We started talking on personal matters.He used to call me Chaitraliji,but then I told him to call me
just Chaitu.One day he asked me out.But I told him to come to my place as my husband wont be there for a while.And by evening he came.I was
waiting for him wearing just a white towel.My long hair tied down and clipped end.I also wore my bangles,my mangalsutra,and sindoor.Also had my
red lipstick on.My husband was watching from inside room slowly.He entered and said I looked like a sex bomb in the towel.I told him that
I was geting ready for a bath.He asked if we can have it together.I smiled and looked down.He knew that I also wanted that.He took me in his
arms and we went to the bathroom.He locked the door.Came near me and held me around my hips.He started pressing my bums.I closed my eyes.He
kissed my lips and inserted his tongue inside my mouth.We both kissed passionately for a long time rolling our tongue.He opened my tied hair
and took off my clip.He looked at my whole body and said,"you look very sexy Chaitrali".I smiled at his remark.He then again held my round
tight bottom and started pressing them hard.I was moaning with pleasure.Slowly he took off my towel and I was standing nude in front of him.
My eyes were closed and was moaning in pleasure.He took off his pants and went to my back and started rubbing his hard dick against my
round tight bums.Kissing my neck he licked all over my back and also my round gand.He licked my hard nipples and sucked them.
He then made me stand like a dog and held my hair in his hand.He brought his big dick towards my mouth and asked me to take it in my mouth.
I had always loved sucking dicks.I took it in my mouth and started licking and sucking it hard.I licked it with my wet tongue for long time.
When he was ready to cum he took his dick out of my mouth and turned me around and inserted into my bumhole.Then he fucked my gaand for some
time and then loaded his cum inside my round tight gaand.He said Chaitrali teri gaand bohot mast hai.He then took me to the bedroom and threw
me on the bed.He came near me and said I will call you rundi from now onwards.I just smiled as I liked someone calling me a rundi.I told him
that I am your personal rundi.He then tied my long silky hair to the bed and fucked my mouth for a while.I took all his cum in my mouth and
licked him clean.He then untied my hair and asked me to walk like a dog.I was walking on four legs like a bitch and he was holding my long
hair.He took me to the bathroom and fucked my gaand holding my long hair.He loaded his cum in my mouth.Then he got dressed and asked me to
come to the shop the next day in the noon as he will be alone in the noon.He said he wanted to fuck me in the shop.

Chapter 7