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My story since school days Chapter 70


One day Milind left for office in the morning as usual.Prajesh left a little late after fucking me in the morning.I was getting fucked in turns by both the men.I was a kaamvasna bai than

a kaamwaali bai.When Prajesh left I went for a shower as my body was covered with his cum.I had a good shower and came out and brushed my long silky hair.I plaited my long

hair and put a clip to the end.I sat nude in front of the mirror.

I did little make up as I had thought of going to the market and have some fun and teasing.I put my kajal around my big round eyes.Did mascara for my eye lids.Put a dark red

lipstick on my slutty lips. I put my wet tongue out and I imagined of the number of cocks in the society who would want to go inside my mouth.I then took my red sindoor and

put it on my forehead.And also made a bindi out of the same sindoor.I did a little red color eye shadow because I had planned to wear a red saree and a red blouse.I wanted to

look like a red hot slut maid.A KAAMwaali rundi BAI. I took my saree out of my bag and a red colored underskirt and my red thong.It would be weird for a bai to wear a thong but

I can make up some stories if asked for.

I pulled up my red thong which went and rested inside my big round ass cheeks.I stood up and I looked at myself.Long silky hair plaited till the end with a hair clip to it's end which

will hit my big round gaand when I walk.I took my long hanging mangalsutra and wore it.It hung over my big round mangoes till my navel level.I took my kamarband and wore it

around my waist below my navel.I wore my long hanging earings and a small normal choker neck piece.A normal chain, not a necklace.But it was tight around my neck.Just to

resemble that of a dog's leash and make me look like a bitch who is ready to get fucked by any man.I wore my red glass bangles and my ornamental anklets.

I looked at myself in the mirror and I only had my mangalsutra, kamarband, red glass bangles, choker neck chain, hanging earings, red sindoor on my forehead and red bindi,

red nail polished nails, anklets, and my long silky hair plaited till the end with a hair clip to it's end and my red color thong. I didn't have anything else on my body other than these.

I wanted to go out and walk nude wearing only these on my body.But I couldn't.I took my red underskirt and wore it.Tied a knot around my waist well under my navel.Then I took

my back open, deep front red blouse with just a string to it's back.I wore it and tied a knot behind.Didn't wear any bra.I wanted my boobs to bounce when I walked.I wound my

saree around my curvy body tightly.I looked like a perfect red colored whore.A LAAL KAAMWAALI RAAND.

I wore my slippers, no high heels this time, as I was a housemaid.Took my grocery bag and left the apartment.It was around 2 in the noon when I left.The society was silent as it

was noon.When I reached downstairs the group of 3 men which I saw the other day were sitting on the bench.They saw me and I just smiled looking at them.They called me.I walked

towards them.I noticed that they were staring at my bouncing boobs.I brought my long silky plaited hair to my front so they can have a view of my long hair with my bouncing boobs.

I went and stood in front of them.One man asked me where I was going.I said to the market to buy grocery.The other asked if I was going alone.I said yes.Thrid one said,"Agar

baazaar ja rahi ho toh 2 aam bhi lekar aana." (If your going to the market, bring 2 mangoes for me.) I just blushed as I knew what he meant.The other one laughed and said that

we already have two mangoes with us, why do you want more. The second one said, yes you don't bring mangoes, looking at my boobs and said to bring 2 earthen pots.The third

one who asked for mangoes said that we have 2 earthen pots and we don't need anything, you just come back fast after your grocery shopping.We want to give you something

which you will like very much.I blushed and smiled and said ok.They said to come fast so that they can show me the store room of the society where they have kept the thing that

they want to give me.The third one said,"Suja tu ekdum chamiya lagti hai is laal saree mein." ( Suja you look like a fit sexy bird in this red saree. )

I just blushed smiled, turned around and walked away from them.They shouted from behind,"Dheere se chal Suja, nahi toh hamare matke toot jayenge." ( Walk slowly Suja or else

our earthen pots will break into pieces. ) I knew they meant my bouncing fleshy ass by that.I had my long silky plaited hair to my front so they could even see my back open blouse

held by just a thin string and my kamarband under that with my wide round fleshy ass moving left and right when I walked. I turned around when they shouted and commented.

I just blushed smiled and turned back around throwing my long silky hair behind.The clip of my hair went and hit my big round ass.They again shouted,"Sujaaa matke ko sambhalkar."

( Suja be careful with the earthen pots ) I again just turned around and blushed.I walked away out of the gate where the guard was sitting inside his cabin. He also had his eyes on me.

He called me inside the cabin and asked who I was.I said my name is Suja and working as maid in Prajesh and Milind's house.He said he wants to check.He took my bag and checked it.

Then he asked me to raise my hands and stand.He touched my shoulder my waist my fleshy gaand and pressed all over.I knew he just wanted to caress me.He asked me,"Is gol gol

cheez ko lekar kaha ja rahi ho Suja?" ( Where are you taking this round and curvy thing Suja ? ) I just blushed and said,"Baazaar ja rahi hu." ( Am going to the market ) I left his

cabin and walked towards the market.

I reached the market and all the men in the shops were keeping on shouting the vegetables they were selling.They were also staring at me from tip to toe when I passed their shops.

I finally went to the shop where Prajesh had introduced me.He was a tall guy and well built.He was picking up the veg baskets when I reached.He had some 4 5 customers to attend

so asked me to wait.I kept staring at him and so did he in between attending the customers.He gave me naughty smiles and I just blushed at them.Finally he was done with the

customers and he asked me to come behind the shop where there was a store room.He said he never gives Prajesh vegetables from the display rack.He gives him fresh vegetables

which are stored inside the this room.I said ok and he pulled down the shutter after we entered inside.He said he has to close it or the customers will come inside.He made a boy

to stand in front of the shop to attend the customers.

There were a lot of vegetables inside kept in racks.He asked me to select the vegetables I want.There was cucumber, carrot, bananas.My eyes travelled to the vegatables which all

resembled to that of a dick.I saw raddish and many more.I picked up some cucumbers.He was next to me holding my bag for vegetables.He asked me if I liked cucumber. I said

I love cucumbers giving him a naughty smile.He asked if I like the other type of cucumber.I knew what he meant.He asked me to show how I eat a cucumber.So he took one

cucumber, peeled the skin off and gave it in my hand.I took the cucumber in my hand and looking at him I licked the tip of it, as if I am licking the tip of a dick.Gradually closing my eyes

I slid the cucumber in my mouth and again took it out.I did it twice slowly and in a very erotic manner.I looked into his eyes and could see his lust, looking at me sucking the cucumber.

He went behind me and he held me by my waist.

SK (shopkeeper) : Suja tujhe aur ek kakdi du khelne ke liye? ( Suja do you want one more cucumber to play with? )

Me : Kaunsi waali kakdi ? ( Which cucumber? )

SK : Mere paas ek mast badi kakdi hai, tum logi apne mu mein? ( I have a big and tasty cucumber, will you take it in your mouth? )

Me : Kaha hai woh kakdi ? ( Where is that cucumber? )

SK : Mere pant ke andar hai, pant kholkar mu mein logi ? ( Inside my pant, will you open my pant and take it in your mouth? )

I just blushed looking at him and he held me tight around my waist and turned me around.He made me kneel down and I opened the zip of his pant.His thing was semi erect and

I pulled it out.I pushed his foreskin behind and touched the tip of his dick with the tip of my wet tongue.I started sucking his dick and he held my hair bun in his hands and started stroking

inside my mouth.My red bangles shook when I gave him a hand job and his dick was continuously hitting my nose ring with every stroke he gave to my mouth.He rubbed off my red

sindoor with his hands and slapped my forehead with his dick.He then made me stand up and dropped my pallu and untied the knot behind my red blouse and boobs sprung out and he

was mad to see my big round firm mangoes.

I was standing only wearing my saree with the pallu dropped down on the floor, half wound and my naked boobs covered hands on them, my long hanging mangalsutra, my choker

neck piece, hanging earrings, my smudged red sindoor and smudged red bindi made of sindoor, my nose ring with a little hanging, my kamarband around my waist, below my navel and

my red glass bangles.

SK removed my hands from over my big round firm mangoes and he held them tight and brought his mouth towards them and planted his mouth on my nipple. He squeezed the other

nipple with his fingers and kept sucking and licking my other nipple.I was horny and moaning.He left that nipple and went on to squeeze and suck and lick the other one.After sometime

he unwound my saree completely and I was only in my red underskirt.He untied the knot on my waist and my underskirt fell down.Now it was only my red thong and my naked legs

which had the ornamental anklet on my ankle.I had waxed my legs and shaved my pussy.He turned me around and he could see my long silky plaited hair with a clip with an ornamental

hanging to it. I looked behind towards him and brought my plaited hair to my front and he saw my naked back which had an ornamental kamarband around it's waist and then my

big round plump gaand which had the string of my red thong gone deep inside my bum cheeks.

SK : Suja tum ek khoobsurat madak rundi ho.Tumhe main poori nangi kar du ? ( Suja you are a beautiful, tight horny, whore.Can I make you completely nude? )

I just blushed and he drew my thong down from over my big roudn plump gaand and my waxed legs.Now I was completely nude and he saw my clean shaved pussy glistening with

my liquid. He took me in his arms and looking into my eyes ( I blushed ) took me towards a pile of vegetable sacks and made me lie down on it by it's edge.He widened my legs and

kept it on his shoulders.He sat down and slowly took out his tongue and looking at me licked my pussy.He then started running his tongue and I was in heaven.I was moaning heavily

and after a while he made me sit on his lap.And he started sucking my nipples and I threw my head back.Once he made both my mangoes completely wet with his saliva, he turned

me around and started to open the plaits of my long silky hair.He removed the clip first and then slowly opened my hair.I just put my hands inside my hair and shook it properly to

open it.He was filled with list seeing my long thick silky hair.He held my hair and made me sit on the floor and asked me to suck his dick.

My wet red lips parted each other and opened.My wet tongue came out and he placed his dick on it.I slowly slid it inside and started moving back and forth.My nose ring shook to

and fro with every stroke he had pushed into my mouth.He held my long silky hair and pushed and fucked my mouth vigorously. He pinched my nipples with his other hand and

also pressed my big round firm boobs. After a while of fucking my mouth he made me lean against the pile of sacks and slowly.He held my hair and slowly pushed his fat dick inside

my wet chut from behind.Slowly pushing it inside he held my hair tight and started stroking it inside out.He held my mangoes with his other hand and was giving deep pushes into

my slutty pussy.

SK : Rundi Suja teri chut badi chikni aur chudakkad hai ahhhh.. ( Whore Suja, your pussy is very nice and slutty. )

Me : Chod daalo raja meri rundi chut ko, zor zor se thoko...( Fuck my slutty pussy, bang me deep and faster. )

SK : Tujhe pasand aaya kya yeh kaakdi meri rundi? ( Did you like this cucumber my slut ? )

Me : Ha bohot pasand aaya, aur ghusedo is kaakdi ko meri madak chut mein... ( Yes I loved it, push your cucumber deep into my whore pussy )

SK : Raand saali, kitni kutiya cheez hai tu meri gandi Suja, ahhhh Tujhe aaj main thok thok kar apni rakheyl bana dunga... ( Slut, what a bitchy thing you are my dirty Suja, I will fuck

you hard and make you my personal keep today. )

He started fucking me harder and pulling my long silky hair.He then held my kamarband and fucked me hard.He turned me around and made me sleep on the sack heap and fucked my

mouth for sometime.Later he got ready to cum and came inside my mouth and on my face.He rubbed his cum all over my face and over my red sindoor which was completely

smudged by my sweat and his cum. He held my hair and made me walk like a dog in his store.He again fucked me hard in another 15 minutes.

Later I washed my face and my hair in the store where there was tap to clean the vegetables.I got dressed tied my hair to a bun and we left the store.I reached back home by evening

4.00. The watchman again held me inside his guard room.He had a small window in that guard room.As it was only 4.00 there were no one outside the building in the complex.He

asked me to come inside and give him a blowjob.I was so naughty that it made me horny.I sat on the floor in between his legs and was giving him a blowjob.He had shaved his

crotch area.While he was looking out like a normal watchman I was giving him handjob and blowjob.He finally got ready and came on my hand.I looked at him and cleaned his dick

licking and sucking.

I left his guard room without anyone noticing me and reached home.I was so badly fucked that day since morning. I again went for a good long steamy shower and before Milind and

Prajesh were back I spoke to Suresh on the phone.I told him what all happened he asked me to enjoy the 3 guys who were flirting with me in the society.

Chapter 70