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My story since school days Chapter 72


I was in school and we had a family friend living in a building couple of blocks away from ours.The uncle and aunty had a son who was a year senior to me.His name was Rajeesh.He was

a handsome guy like his father.He always used to stare at me and I used to blush when he did that.He was also very smart in his studies and a bright student.I used to go and talk to him

whenever he called me to his class.This was before Suresh proposed me for marriage.( Suresh was brighter than Rajeesh in studies. ) Our families were close and always I used to go

there, either to meet Rajeesh to help me with studies and doubts or to meet his parents.His father also used to stare at me.I just used to smile at him.He knew there was a slut inside me.

I always used to go there wearing a tight jeans and tight T shirt or a short skirt and a tight top.I always loved when Rajeesh used to check me out from head to toe.Rajeesh never left a

chance to touch me, my hands or my waist.I also liked him touching me.

Once it so happened that mum and dad had to go to native place and I couldn't miss my school.So they decided to leave me at their place.They called them and asked aunty if they could

leave Chaitrali at their place.Aunty was comfortable with it and asked them to leave her at my place as long as you want to.I was happy to know that and got my bag packed for 2 weeks.

I packed my uniform and my school books as well.The morning when they were supposed to leave they dropped me at their place on their way to the airport.Rajeesh was home that day.

Uncle had gone to his shop.By the way, Rajeesh's father had his own business of clothes and all. Aunty was also home that day.We had lunch and evening uncle came early from shop.

We had a little chat and aunty gave me Rajeesh's room and shifted him to the living room.That evening after dinner uncle got a call from their native and there was some function which

they had to attend and go to native.But they couldn't take Rajeesh as his schools were going on and uncle can't close his shop.And I was already left back because of school.So aunty

said that she will go and come in a week's time. I saw the happiness in uncle's face as well as Rajeesh's.When uncle and aunty went to the kitchen to do the dishes Rajeesh looked at me

and winked. I just blushed because I knew what he had winked for.Rajeesh went to his room to pack his stuff and shift to the living room.Aunty went to her bedroom to pack her bag as

she was to leave the next day.Uncle came and sat with me on the sofa. He kept his hands around my shoulder and asked if I had any problem here in the house.I just smiled and said no.

He held me even tighter and my mouth opened with a moan.He asked what happened. I just blushed. He said he will do anything for me and I just looked down and blushed.I was feeling

shy because of his naughty talks and his touch was making me go crazy. He heard aunty coming back from her bedroom. He removed his hands from around my shoulder and started

talking casually.Aunty asked me to come and sleep with her in her bedroom for that night as Rajeesh will take some more time to remove his stuff from his room.

Saying that aunty turned around and walked inside.I also got up and uncle patted my big round plump ass slowly from behind.My ass swung up and down, I was a little shocked and more

horny by his slap. With little shock and little shy smile on my face I turned around to look at him.He gave me a flying kiss and said good night. I blushed and gave a flying kiss back and

said good night. He then winked looking at me and I just blushed and went inside. On the way to the bedroom Rajeesh also wished me good night and winked.I just blushed as my crush

just winked at me.I had a good sleep. Next day morning uncle and aunty left, uncle was going to drop aunty at the airport. I went to have my shower and Rahul went to his bathroom

to take shower as we had to leave for school. I came out and sat in front of Rahul's dressing table in his room. Rahul knocked the door and I opened. I was just wearing a towel which

out of excitement I forgot and opened the door.Rahul was shocked and excited to see me in the towel.My long hair open and the white towel only covering my boobs and my upper

thigh.I suddenly closed the door when I realised Rahul staring at me. I felt shy. Rahul said sorry from out of the room and I said I'll come after wearing my uniform.He said ok and left to

get dressed.I wore my petticoat and then my white tight uniform. I had overgrown my uniform. It was tight in the wrong places (right for the boys) and exposing the shapes of my body

parts.I couldn't tie the knot of my waist band which was supposed to be tied behind.I blow dried my hair and I had not learnt to braid my hair properly.Mum used to do it for me.I thought

to tie it to a pony tail or something. I went out and Rajeesh saw me with my open hair and my untied waist band.He got up and asked if I need any help.I said yes for tieing the knot of

my waist band.He went behind me and he could see my big round ripe plump ass which was covered by my tight white uniform.It was not very long, it only covered the area till a little

above my knee.I knew he was breathing heavy by now and I was getting horny by ideas. He first tied a knot and then to tie it like a bow he came to my front. He bent a little and now

his face was right in front of my firm ripe plump round boobs. Both his hands went behind from under my arms and his hands went and tied the knot for me behind. In the process his

hands slightly touched the upper ripe meat of my round heavy ass. I just left a moan and he looked at me.He said sorry. Blushing I said it's ok. He knew I liked it. He then after tieing

the knot brought his hands back to the front, again touching my ass and then the sides of my boobs from the front. He looked at me in my eyes and I felt shy and covered my face with

my hands. He held my hands and removed them from my face and looked at me.I just blushed and he asked if I want him to comb my hair. He said I have beautiful hair and saying that

he took a comb and asked me to sit. He sat down on the couch and asked me to sit in between his legs on the floor.I sat down and he started combing my long black hair. He said you

look very sexy when you walk and the tip of your long black silky hair keeps hitting your big round bottom. I just blushed on his remark.He said sorry for calling me sexy to which I said

it's ok.He knew that I was liking what all he was doing and talking about me. My head was very much near his crotch area and I could feel him coming closer to me and he was trying to

touch his crotch to the back of my head. He kept the comb aside and put his fingers inside my hair and started massaging my head. Ohh what a feeling it was. He held my forehead with

both his hands and pulled me towards him and the back of my head hit his semi erect dick.He started making circles on his dick holding my head towards it. He asked me how am I feeling.

I said I like it. He asked me to turn around and sit on my knees. I got up turned around and sat on my knees facing his crotch now. He combed my long silky hair looking at me right in

my eyes.I felt shy and looked down. He held my hair like a ponytail in his hand and pulled my face more towards him. I adjusted myself and shifted a little more towards his crotch. I

was looking right at his bulging thing and he also knew I was looking at his crotch. While playing with my long silky black hair he pulled me towards him little harder and my face went

and hit his crotch, semi erect dick. I was very horny. He said sorry to that and I said it's ok. I asked what is it hard inside his pants innocently. He said that my long silky hair has made

that thing hard inside his pant. I just blushed and felt shy. I looked down and he held my chin with his hand and lifted my head towards him. I was still looking down. He asked if I want to

see the hard thing. I just smiled and he knew I wanted to. He held my shoulder and made me stand up from my knee. He also got up and holding my waist he made me sit down on the


He brought his crotch right in front of my face and he asked me to open the chain of his zip. I didn't do anything feeling shy. He held my hands and kept my hands on his crotch and pressed

my palm against his hard dick with his hands. I could feel the thickness inside his pant under the zip. He bent and slowly kissed my cheeks. He whispered,"Chaitrali do you really want to feel

the hard thing inside my pants?" I just blushed and pressed his dick slightly. He felt that and he knew I wanted it and that press was a signal, my reply. He kissed my cheeks again and slowly

came towards my red pouty thick meat filled lips.He sucked my lips and pushed his tongue inside my mouth as I opened my mouth and allowed his tongue to explore my mouth. I kept

pressing and massaging his thick dick from over his pants. We smooched for a while and he stood up back again. I slowly held the zip in between my fingers and drew it down slowly. He then

dropped his pants down and I could see his hard dick trying to get out of his underwear. I blushed looking at it. His crotched smelled nice and manly. He had applied little perfume I guess.

Rajeesh : Chaitrali dekhna chahogi is tight cheez ko?

I just nodded my head and he held both my hands and made me hold the elastic band of his underwear around the waist. He asked me to pull it down. When I pulled it down his dick flung

out of his underwear and hit my face as I bent down to bring down his underwear.

Rajeesh : Chaitrali ab use apne haathon mein pakad lo.Aur aage peeche ragado.

I don't know how, but my mouth opened automatically when I saw it. I took my hands and held it. It was warm and I slowly started stroking it forward and backward.He was moaning.

I looked at him and he asked me to lick it. I slowly opened my lips and put my wet tongue out and touched the tip of it.

Rajeesh : (Looking at me) Chaitrali apne jeeb ko bahar daal kutiya jaise. (Put your tongue out like a bitch)

I slowly put my wet tongue out and he pushed his dick inside my mouth keeping it on my tongue slowly.

Rajeesh : Chaitrali kya main tumhe kutiya bulau ? ( Chaitrali, Can I call you a bitch? )

With his dick in my mouth I just looked down and blushed. He took out my dick and asked again.

Me : Ha bula sakte ho.Main tumhari kutiya banungi. Mujhse shaadi kar lo. Poori zindagi main tumhari kutiya bankar rahoongi.

Rajeesh again held my long silky hair and pushed his dick inside my mouth and I kept sucking and licking his hard stick with my tongue and mouth.He was moaning.After a while

he made me stand and I was still wearing my white shirt and my short skirt which was my uniform.He went behind and held my big round ripe firm boobs and started slowly

massaging them.I was feeling both his palm on my mangoes running over my nipples and his fingers holding my nipples and squeezing them from over my white shirt.I was

moaning out of pleasure. My hands went behind on to his hard dick and started stroking them.He then slowly started unbuttoning my shirt one by one and finally my shirt

was open from the front.He kissed my neck from behind still massaging my boobs.He removed my shirt and it came off my shoulders slowly and through my hands it fell

down exposing my big round firm ripe boobs been held tightly by my tight bra.He was excited to see me in a bra.I had worn a red floral bra.It had a hook to the front.He pushed

his dick towards my big round plump bums and held my boobs. He slowly with his fingers brought my cup down and my nipples were exposed.I felt his fingers doing magic on

my horny nipples as they grew harder and harder. His hands went to my waist and slowly drew my skirt down and pushed it down from over my big round tight bums. It was

little hard as it was tight and didn't come down easily from over my plump ass.

Rajeesh : Ufffff Chaitrali lagta hai tumhari gaand kaafi badi hai aur skirt kaafi tight.

I just blushed and he with some force pulled it down and my big round gaand was naked in front of him.He bit the plump of my gaand and I left a moan with pain.He then licked

and kissed my plump round firm ripe gaand.He then turned me around and removed my bra.My boobs popped out and my nipples were hard.He held them again and kept

pinching them and pressing and massaging my plump gaand at the same time.He made me sit on the couch and spread my legs.He sat down in between my legs and put his

tongue out.He licked my clit giving a long stroke with his tongue.I was in heaven when he did that.The whore inside my was getting horny.He licked and sucked my pussy

for a long time and when it was wet he slowly pushed his dick inside my wet well.He brought my long silky hair to my front and held it tight.Holding my hair he started stroking

my pussy in and out.As he fucked I kept moaning loudly.

Rajeesh : Chaitrali kya main tumhe rundi bula sakta hu?

I kept moaning and unnnghhhhhh ... I said bulalo Rajeeshhhh... Jo bulana hai bulalo...He kept pulling my long silky hair and pressing my big round ripe boobs while fucking me

in and out.

Rajeesh : Kya tum mujhse shaadi karogi? (While fucking my wet choot in and out.)

Me : Ha Rajeesh Karungiiii ahhhhhhhhh

Rajeesh : Meri patni banogi ?

Me : Ahhhhhhhhhh uuuuimmmaaaaaaaa banungi main tumhari patni Rajeesh ummmmmmmm

He kept fucking me harder and deeper during our conversation.

Rajeesh : Meri rundi banogi?

Me : Ha banungi Rajeeshhhhhh... ahhhhhh Jo banana hai mujhe main ban jaungi...mmmmmmmmm

Rajeesh fucked me harder and he was ready to cum... He made me stand up and made me kneel down on the sofa seat. He pushed his dick in inside my mouth and slowly

unloaded his thick hot cum in my mouth.He then took it out and I spat his cum on his dick..He then rubbed his cum covered dick all over my face.He held my long silky hair

and did all this.

We got ready again and left for school. His dad was supposed to pick me up from school in the evening.

Chapter 72