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My story since school days Chapter 74


Next day morning as usual Uncle and Rajeesh got ready for shop and school and so did I. I wore my white tight uniform and braided my long black silky hair and clipped it

to the end of my hair and got ready for breakfast. Both father and son weren't leaving a chance to stare at me or touch me.Uncle touch my ass a couple of time while

sitting on the dining chair and Rajeesh also winked in between and touch my legs with his from under the table.Uncle was sitting next to me and had kept one hand on my

thighs while having breakfast.Both of them were making me horny.

The breakfast was over and we all left home.Rajeesh and I left for school and Uncle for his shop.Uncle winked and signalled me to leave school by noon according to the

plan.I went to school and boys in my class flirted with me as usual, touching me whenever there was a chance. Double meaning jokes and all. By lunch break I told my

teacher that I wasn't feeling well and wanted to leave half day.She agreed to it and got a signature from Principal and I walked back home.I got a lot of stares on the way

back from the local jobless street guys.Some whistled as some of them knew I was the local item in our area.I just ignored and walked fast and reached home.I rushed

home because I just wanted someone to kiss me and press my body everywhere.I took out the spare key of their door and was trying to open, when Rajeesh opened

the door from inside.I was shocked to see him and happy at the same time.He took me inside and closed the door from behind.He held me by my waist from behind and

kissed my neck.He was wild.He took my school bag and threw it on the couch.He turned me around and kissed my cheeks and then started kissing my lips wildly.His hands

went behind and was pressing my big round plumpy ass.

Rajeesh : Uffff Chaitrali tere liye hi wait kar raha tha itni der se. Chal main teri uniform kholkar nikaal deta hu.

I just blushed and he again kissed my lips and this time his tongue went inside my mouth and we smooched for a long long time.He took me to his room and slowly

started opening the buttons of my uniform.He could see my tight nipples poking out of my tight white uniform.He slowly unbuttoned all of them and opened it from

over my shoulders and brought it down through my arms.Slowly pulling it down, my bra and my cleavage and my waist and my navel and my panty got exposed.He

dropped my uniform down and I stepped out of the uniform fallen on the floor.I was wearing only a red bra and red panty and my long hair braided till the end with a

clip to it's end.I felt shy and closed my face with my hands.He removed my hands.

Rajeesh : Uffff Chaitrali kya sharmaati ho tum.Tumhe sharmate hue dekhkar hi mera lund khada ho jata hai.

I just blushed and he held me tight against his body and my boobs were crushed by his chest and his hands started kneading the plump of my ass.He pressed while

he smooched my mouth and licked my lips.His saliva was all over my lips.We got so involved into each other for long kneading licking kissing pressing each other that

we didn't realize that Uncle had reached home and he was standing right at the door watching us kissing and licking and fondling each other.

Rajeesh was shocked, I wasn't very shocked because both of them had fucked me and I had a point to blackmail them.So it came down to the father and the son.

But Uncle came near me and stood behind me.He slowly held me by my waist.His touch drove me more crazy than Rajeesh's.His hands slowly went upwards from my

navel to my boobs.Both his palm on my boobs and pressed them slowly feeling the nipples with his thumb and index finger, kneading them and pinching them seductively.

Rajeesh was now shocked that his father was enjoying me and I was also getting seduced by him.

Uncle : Rajeesh tujhe pata hai ek rundi ko kaise choomte hai chooste hai aur chodte hai ? ( Rajeesh do you know how to kiss suck and fuck a slut ? )

Rajeesh kept silent and Uncle kissed my neck and I left a moan.

Uncle kept kissing me and he started opening the braid of my hair.He unclipped my hair and opened my long silky thick bum length hair with his hands properly.Uncle

unclasped my red bra and put it down and went down and slowly drew my tight panty down.Now I was completely naked in between the father and the son.

Uncle asked me do you know what a rundi means? I acted innocent and said no. He said,"Rundi woh hoti hai jo apne madak shareer ko ek ya do mardo ke saath share

karti hai."

Uncle : Kya tum share karna chahogi apni is madak aur kadak chudakkad badan ko hum do mardo ke saath ?

Me : mmmmmm uncle haaaa ...

I moaned and replied because his fingers were doing magic to my nipples.

Uncle : Matlab tu hamari rundi banegi.

I blushed and said,"Ha banungi uncle." Uncle then asked Rajeesh to seduce me. Rajeesh was shocked and happy and excited at the same time.He came behind me and

dropped his pants.His dick was pointing against my big round plumpy ass and he was pushing it in between my ass cheeks.His hands pressing and fondling my breasts.

Uncle looked at him and asked him to stand by and watch how he does it and to learn how to do it in a seductive way.

Uncle asked me to walk towards him.I walked towards him with shy and he held my open long silky hair and brought my face towards his and slowly kissed my lips.

With the other hand he held my ass slowly and kissed my lips.He the pushed his tongue slowly inside my mouth and we started smooching each other.His hands

slowly started digging inside my ass cheeks and he reached for my wet chut and started rubbing it.After a while he made me sleep on the bed.

He asked Rajeesh to widen my legs and start sucking my chut.And uncle stood at my head side and asked me to open my mouth.He then put his tongue inside my

mouth and started smooching me again.Rajeesh was smooching my pussy and uncle my mouth.They both smooched both my lips for sometime making them wet.

Now uncle pushed his dick inside my mouth and Rajeesh his dick inside my wet pussy.They both started fucking me.Uncle held my long hair in his one hand and with

the other hand he was pinching my nipples and Rajeesh was pressing my boobs while fucking me. I was moaning inside my mouth loudly as they both fucked me hard.

That day and night they kept fucking me in turns.

That entire week I was walking nude in their house and the father and son used to fuck me whenever they felt like.

Aunty came the next week and I left for my house since my parents were also back. I stopped thinking about marrying Rajeesh as later that year Suresh proposed

me saying that I was the slut he always wanted to get married to.Moreover he was much more brighter than Rajeesh...

Next is about my outing with the ladies in my society while I was alone and Suresh was away working abroad.

Chapter 74