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My story since school days Chapter 8


Suresh got very excited seeing me getting fucked by the shopkeeper.He asked me to go to his shop the next day and have some fun there.He
fucked me very deep and hard that night thinking of me getting fucked by a stranger.Next day morning the shopkeeper came to our house and
confirmed if I would be going to his shop that afternoon.I told him I'll come to the shop.He left and I went for a shower with Suresh where
he fucked me hard.After shower I wore panty.It was very thin and transparent and was a back open panty.Wore my lacy bra which was again
open all around the nipple area.My nipples were exposed.Then I pulled up my silky peticoat and tied it around my waist quite below my navel.
I wore a yellow transparent chiffon saree with a back open blouse which almost exposed my back.Did little make-up, red lipstick, sindoor,
red nail polish, my yellow bangles and tied my long silky hair to a bun with a hair stick.Suresh said I looked very sexy and that I look like
a shaadi shuda rundi [married slut]. He kissed me and I left for the shop.It's just 5 mins walking from our apartment.On our way many men were
staring at me from top to toe.Passing comments and it made me horny.I reached the shop and it was closed.The shopkeeper was standing a little
away from the shop.He signalled me to follow him.I followed him and it lead to the back of the shop.A very small street where there were
laundry shops, pan shops, street vendors and they were all looking and staring at my body.He opened a door and we went inside.He switched on
the lights and it was his godown.There were sacks of rice and wheat kept all around.There was a small table and a chair in a corner.He took
me to the table and sat on the chair.He made me sit on the table.He said,"Chaitrali aaj tu ekdum kadak bomb lag rahi hai.Tujhe raaste mein
sab ghoor rahe the.Woh log aisi item ko pehli baar dekh rahe honge.Chaitrali tu ekdum kadak raaand lag rahi hai aaj.Shaadi shuda chudakkad
item."I blushed on his wild dirty remark.I was horny by all those words he called me.He got up and made me also stand up.He took me to a place
where the sacks were being measured.It had a hook hanging from the ceiling to which there was a rope tied.He got the rope and asked me to
hold my hands high and tied the rope to my hands.I was suspended to the rope now.He walked all around me saying,"Chaitrali tujhe aaj main
yaha bandhkar chodunga.Tujhe sabhi jagaho par bithakar sulakar chodunga.Aaaj tujhe raand banakar chodunga meri shadi shuda chudakkad chamiya.
Chaitrali tera ye garam badan uffffffff."He took rounds and with a small rope he was slapping my big round firm ass.With every whip my ass
used to swing up and down.He took off my pallu and my pallu dropped down.Slowly he untied my peticoat and it also drop down.He went behind
and untied my blouse.I was standing naked only wearing my back open panty,front open bra and high heels.He started pinching my thick juicy
red lips and licked my cheeks.He licked my lips and inserted his tongue inside my mouth and we started rolling our tongue with each other.
His hands were to my back fondling my big round ass."Chaitrali kya gaand hai teri.Mast gol aur tight hai.Is rundi gaand ko aaj main chatunga."
He went down and started playing with my nipples which was open through my bra.He licked it.Made circles around it with his tongue.He started
sucking it till it was hard and erect.I was moaning heavily in pleasure.He went behind my and removed the hair stick from my hair bun and
my long silky hair flowed down till a little my round gaand."Chaitrali saali tere ye lambe ghane baal teri badi tight gaand tak lambi hai.
Uffff meri raand Chaitu, tujhe aaj mai tere baalon ko pakadkar chodunga, meri ghodi shadi shuda raandddd."He held my long hair and tied
it to his erect lund.Then he kept his lund in between my ass cheeks and started rubbing my gaand.His hands were to my front holding my
big boobs tight.He was pressing them hard and I was moaning."Chodo mujhe apne godown mein.Main tumhari chudakkad raand hu."He then
came to my front and removed my bra and dropped my panty down.I was tied to the rope nude, only wearing my high heel.He went behind and
put his face in between my bum cheeks and started licking my wet pussy.It was smooth shaved and horny.He kept licking my pussy for a while.
Then he untied me from the hook and carried me to the stack of sacks.He threw me over the sacks and parted my legs wide.He inserted his dick
inside and started giving jerks inside out.He fucked me for while and then made me stand like a dog on the floor.He held my hair tight in
his hands and started fucking my pussy.I was moaning loudly.He was also shouting in pleasure."Chaitrali meri raaaannnnddd..Tere lambe baal
kitne silky hai... meri ghodi...Meri rakheyl ban jaa...Tujhe har roz chod chodkar aur jyada chudakkad bana dunga.Teri is badi thumkaati hui
gaand ko chodu main... ahhhh.."He remmoved his lund and inserted it in my mouth and started fucking my mouth.He was hard inside my mouth.
He removed it out when he was ready to cum.He sprayed it all over my face and boobs.Some fell on the floor as well.I bent down like a dog
and licked the floor.I licked all the cum that fell on the floor.He held my hair and I took his lund inside my mouth and cleaned his
dick too.He then took me and placed me on top of the table.He parted my legs and licked my pussy for a long time."Chaitrali raand, teri
gili chut bohot swadishth hai.Raand saali.Shadi shuda chamiya raand.Agli baar mai apne naukaro ke saamne tujhe chodunga.Aur tu unse
chudwaogi kya?."I said,"main sochungi." "Ufff saali thuki hui chudakkad raand hai tu Chaitrali.Besharam biwi hai tu." I said," Mera
gang rape karo na apne naukaron ke saath."He got horny by the idea and his thing got erect again.He inserted his lund again inside my
pussy and fucked me hard.He came all over my body again.He got ready.I also got into my clothes and we left the place.He said that
he'll look for a chance to have a gang bang with his servants in the godown.I went home totally drenched in sweat and his cum.I told
Suresh what all he did to me and he fucked me that night very hard deep and wildly.

Chapter 8