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Dirty Little Secret Chapter 1

Are you sure there is no one in the house?

"Hussshhhhh" I sighed as I got out of the shower.

I had just come back from college, and after a long day of boring lectures and random doodling on the back of my notebook, I had come home and I needed a hot shower to recharge my batteries. With a towel wrapped around my body and little drops of water still trickling down my legs to my ankle, I walked over to the dressing table.

I picked up the bottle of hair conditioner and started applying it over my hair. I, then picked up the bottle of body lotion and squeezed out a couple of drops of the lotion on my right palm and then started applying it over my face and hands.

As I was prepping myself, my cell phone on the side table rang loudly. I usually keep the volume low when I am confined spaces such as my home or college, but I had kept the volume at high when I was riding back home. I had forgotten to keep the volume low and now I had ended up getting startled from that shrieking ring.

I walked over to the side table and picked up my cell. I saw the name "Dad" on the screen.

"Hi Dad" I said after hitting the receive button.

"Hi Neha beta...what are you doing?" My dad asked me.

"Nothing dad...just came back from college a while ago, took a shower and now I am relaxing." I replied.

"Hmmm...Your mother and I have just landed at Jabalpur and now we are going to board the bus to our village." He said.

"Ohh...how was the flight." I asked.

"It was alright...it shook when we took off...and shook again when we landed...and in between I didn't even feel I was moving." He replied. My dad had a very dry, sarcastic sense of humor. Some would say it was annoying but if you knew my dad very well...you knew how he was like and knew this was the best he could do.

"Hehe...how is mom?" I asked.

"She is alright...she has already boarded the bus and I thought that I should check up on you before I got on it too." He replied.

"What are you going to do for the rest of the evening?" he asked.

"Haven't made any plans...but I think I will go out with friends." I replied.

"Hmmm...you inform me where and with whom you are going before leaving. You are going to send me the cell numbers of the friends you are going with. Is that understood?" He said, sounding like a drill sergeant.

"Yes Dad." I meekly replied.

"What are the three rules?" He asked.

"No boys...No late night...No parties..." I replied like a parrot.

"Good...I am going to board the bus now...you follow the rule and have fun, Alright?"

"Yeah Dad." I replied like an obedient student but at the same time was trying to co relate how one could have fun while following the rules or was it just a sneak peak of my father's dead humor?

The call was disconnected and went back to pampering my body with all the cosmetics. I untied the towel around my body and threw it on the bed. I could now see my naked body in the mirror in front of which I was standing. God had been kind to me.

I have what one would call a smoking hot body. I have a very cute, innocent girl next door face which was enough to grab any man's attention. But what was even better lay beneath the layer of clothing.

I have a flawless fair skin, shoulder long auburn hair, a long slender neck which rests on my shoulders, a flat stomach around which is a petit waist with a little baby fat. The waist give way to a wider hip which accommodated a butt which would make my regular size jeans tight. But the highlight of my body were my breasts or as the word goes...bazoongas!

The magnificent 36 C's which rested on my chest are the one's that I am very proud of. They are perfect! Tear drop shaped with chocolate brown nipples crowning them and the icing on the cake was the black beauty spot which was just above my left nipple.

Now now...One might think that I am bragging about my body. Yes I am! Why should I be modest when I know what I possess? But the only person to have seen my body was me. No one could fathom the size of my breasts over my clothes which were always a couple sizes bigger. My parents always bought me over sized clothes and if I went for shopping, the clothes I bought were thoroughly inspected by my mother.

Now one might think that my parents are like FBI & CIA but I don't blame them. I live in a city which is not exactly known or woman's safety and the fact that my parents knew what their daughter had grown into.

I had started developing early and now at 18 years of age, my body had fully matured. I have been the center of male attraction on several accounts whether it is at college functions, weddings, festivals etc. and my parents know that.

My parents were aware of the lecherous stares that not just boys my age gave me but men who were much older would give me.

So, my parents kept a tight leash on me. My life was limited to home, college, classes. I did have a large, active friend circle which consisted of girl only and which was encouraged by my parents; going out with my friends was an occasional event and which would end by 9 p.m at the latest.

It's not that my parents were medieval minded. I had what every college kid wants, a smart phone, a laptop, a scooter and all other accessories. My parents are like the Chinese government, offering prosperity to its subjects but at the same time, tightly regulating their life.

Even though my modest dressing hid the curves of my body, my face was enough to keep a string of boys running behind me. The conservative girl inside me didn't like that but at the same time the sexually oppressed girl in me wanted it. The only person to have had a feel of my breasts was my boyfriend, Parikshit.

Parikshit and I are very much alike. From the looks, Parikshit came of as an innocent young man who had good grades and was reasonably good at sports and other extra curricular activities. He was neither a jock nor a geek. He was an in betweener. That's exactly what us together and the only people aware of our relationship were a couple of our best friends.

Parikshit and I are like any other college couple. We would hang out with friends in college, go to movies with friends and in general always had company and with my restricted life style, we had very little alone time for ourselves. And occasionally when we were alone, our deceiving innocence would vanish and give way to the perverseness of a teenaged couple.

A furious round of kissing, necking and fondling would ensue. But the action was limited to over clothes only. The moment his hands went under my shirt, I would slap it away. The fear of my parents knowing this was too great to allow me to push the boundaries of our relationship. So, in all, I am a virgin having a wild fantasy like any other girl my age.

I moved to the closet and took out a T shirt & a pair of panties. I wasn't in the mood to go out anymore so the T-shirt & there was no one in the house so only the panties. After dressing up, I went around doing my chores like cleaning my room, doing the laundry.

After a while, my cell phone started ringing and I knew that it was my dad calling. I went to my room and picked up the cell phone and swiped my hands across the screen to connect the call.

"Neha...I called you to tell you that if you need anything, then call Vijay and Vimal, okay?" I dad said.

"Yeah... Dad." I said.

"Ya...and also, there is an envelope in my cupboard that I want you to give it to our neighbors. It is their letter that had come yesterday but I forgot to give them."

"Okay Dad." I said before my father disconnected the call.

Vijay is my father's cousin and Vimal is his wife. They live 6 houses down the street. They are my favorite uncle and aunt. They are the exact opposites of my parents. Vijay uncle is a 44 year old, free spirited, young at heart, chilled out guy and Vimal aunty is the charming, sophisticated, young mind. I have always gotten along with them. As a child, they would take me to amusement parks, fast food joints, and ice cream parlors. As I grew up, they treated me as mature, responsible girl.

I call them by their first names which they themselves asked me to do as they didn't want a formal relationship to exist between us. Vijay was the cool guy to whom I could talk about anything without being judged and Vimal instilled in me the elegance and poise that a young beautiful of my age should have. She also taught me a lot about fashion but my conservative parents wouldn't allow that.

I went to my parent's room to get the letter that he had told me about. I thought about giving the letter to my neighbors while on the way to the super mart. I opened my dad's closet and opened the drawer. I looked inside as my hands moved around searching for the envelope. After looking through the drawer, I check next; just to find nothing. I tried to call him and ask him where he had kept the envelope but his phone was out or coverage area. So now I had the task of checking his entire closet for that letter.

I started looking around in the closet, tossing and turning his clothes and other stuff to look for the envelope. All of a sudden, something fell from the closet on the floor. I looked down on the floor and saw a object which looked like a book or at least it sounded like one when it fell.

I bent down and picked it up and was absolutely shocked when I realized what it was. It wasn't a book, it was a magazine and that too a dirty one. I turned it over to see the cover. It was a playboy magazine, dating back a couple of years.

My curiosity got the better of me and instead of looking for the envelope; I ran back to my room and sat on my bed.

I opened my magazine and started flipping the pages. The magazine was filled with beautiful women with big breasts. Each model was wearing skimpy clothes at the beginning of the illustration and would gradually get undressed at the end.

As I kept flipping through the pages, I came across a double page. I flipped it over and it spread across. I turned the magazine to see a picture of a blond woman with big breasts, lying on the bed with her legs spread. The fingers of her left hand were on her pussy and her right hand was squeezing her right breast.

The pictures and the dialogues were enough grabbed my interest and I could feel my panties getting wet. My breathing got heavier and my left hand was soon lightly squeezing my left breast.

I felt a little guilty about all this but those thoughts went straight to the back of my mind as I continued checking out the magazine. There were pictures of two women, naked on a bed, kissing, caressing each other's bodies and the words described their long love making session.

The more I read, the more I got turned on and gently my hand was under my panties and was stroking my clit.

On occasions I had thought how it would feel to me made love to by a woman; it would definitely be better gentler than a man who is always grabbing my tits and sticking his fingers inside me. Now this was confusing! I had never thought about being with another woman but the idea intrigued me but I also liked big cocks. I started wondering about my sexuality.

Forget it, I thought to myself, I was still young and learning, so just enjoy whatever happens, and by now my panties were definitely getting wetter. My fingers strayed inside my panties, now, and I began to enjoy my body as I looked at the pictures and read the words.

I caressed the little tufts of trimmed hair above my cunt lips, I felt the wetness of my juices on my fingers and felt my clit become rock hard to my own touch. My God, this is so good, so naughty, but I didn't care, I was all alone and could do this all night if I wanted to!

I rubbed some more, my fingers slid into my body and, eventually, the magazine fell from my hand and my eyes gently closed. Still I rubbed, my knees now bent up, and my imagination running wild. This was good, this was great, this was sending shivers all round my body and I was not going to stop.

"Hello Neha...don't stop." He said.

My eyes shot open and my fingers stopped moving the moment I realized whose voice it was. It was Vijay, my uncle! I immediately tried to get off the bed but he stopped me.

"No...No Neha. Stay there and continue what you were doing." Vijay said as he stood at the door, lecherously smiling at me, his eyes sliding up and down my body.

In the heat of the moment, I did not hear him arrive. He must have come inside as there is a spare key of my house with him and as he knew the way around the house very well, he must have sneaked up without any noise.

I was confused at his reaction but also frightened about him telling my parents. That would be the end of days for me. My parents would kill me! They would discipline me even more if they knew that I was pleasuring myself.

The thought would be absolutely disgusting to them. The thought that his daughter was playing with herself using his hidden magazine would drive my father insane "I am sorry...I am sorry..Uncle" I said, trying to hide my embarrassment.

"I..I didn't..I didn't hear you come in and...ohh god! I said as I trembled. My face was red with embarrassment and not knowing what to say or what to do. All the while, Vijay just stood there, smiling, staring at my body.

"Please...Please don't tell my father...he would kill..." I said before being interrupted by Vijay.

"It's okay...It's okay Neha. Don't worry, I will not tell your father." He said, still smiling as pleasantly as if nothing had happened.

"I will not tell you parents, promise! But I want you to continue with what you were doing, just as you were doing before and your secret will be safe with me. Lie down on the bed and continue." He said.

Oh my god...is this real? I thought to my self. Even if his was real, how embarrassing this was. My uncle, my father's cousin asking me to finger myself as he watched!

I was left with no choice. The condition was that he wouldn't tell me parents if I continued playing with myself and I didn't want to risk going the other way round.

As I thought about it, Vijay always had interest in me. He would get me up for dancing at weddings or family parties. He would take pictures of me in cute dresses, he would always smile and joke at me. But that was 3-4 years ago and now he was standing at my bedroom door, watching me finger myself in just a T shirt and a panty.

Vijay was here...but what about Vimal. I always had great respect for Aunt Vimal. She was a very attractive lady and very wise too. I remembered her telling me that not to worry about Vijay, he is a nice man. Both would always praise my beauty and tell me that I was a pleasure having me in the family.

I remembered one particular thing that Vimal told me a few years ago. She said, "Neha, good things come to those who are patient" and squeezed my hand and gave a light peck on my cheek. That squeeze and peck gave me goose bumps. What did she mean by that sentence?

By now, though, I had forgotten all about it and this happened a couple of years ago. Right now, Vijay, my uncle was standing in front of me and asking me to masturbate!

"Where is Vimal?" I asked, trying to play for time. But that had no effect on Vijay as he carried on smiling.

"Don't worry about you aunt. Just do what I tell you to. Don't forget, I don't want to tell your father about this." He said as he moved inside the bedroom, staring at me like I had never seen before. He was staring at me as if he was checking every curve on my body, nodding his head towards my fingers.

Oh God, there is no alternative, I thought, and I closed my eyes and gingerly moved my fingers down to my panties again. For the first time ever, a man was watching me, my own uncle for God's sake, but although it was totally embarrassing, and frightening, I found that by gently caressing my little panties, knowing that a much older, experienced man was watching me turned me on!

The exciting thrills worming around my body seemed to increase two-fold. Could this be right? What was happening? My inexperienced mind couldn't take in how this unbelievable scenario was unfolding before me, and I was just swept along in a sea of eroticism and youthful submission. Oh my goodness, what a situation to be in!

From having a quiet evening all by myself, I was suddenly caressing my pussy in front of my uncle, dressed only in my tiny underwear & a loose T shirt. I carried on caressing myself, and the wonderful feelings were slowly returning and surging up inside my body once more.

I tried to forget about Vijay, who was standing no more than a few feet from me but I heard rustling and partially opened my eyes trying to take a furtive glance.

Oh my God! He had taken his shirt off and, now, Vijay was undoing his trousers. He was still a tall, fit and a muscular man but what in hell was going on. I endured a mixture of horror and excitement at what I suddenly had to endure.

"Take off you T shirt Neha." He said calmly but firmly.

The momentum had increased and I couldn't take my hand of my pussy. I was perplexed but I mentally fought my feelings and thought that obedience was the best way out of this.

I slipped my hand out of my panty and grabbed the fringes of my T shirt and started pulling it over my head. I pulled the shirt over my body and threw it away. My wonderful, bra less tits were now in the open.

I heard Vijay gasp on seeing my breasts and I felt my firm boobs suddenly judder and my nipples become rock hard in a second. Vijay had seen my soft boobs for the first time; in fact he was the only person ever to see my boobs.

With no further instructions, I slipped my hand back inside my panties and started flicking my clit. I closed my eyes as a wave of pleasure swept over me and continued fingering my self furiously. After a few moments, I tried to open my eyes to see what was happening. Through my half open eyes I saw Vijay taken down his underwear and his cock sprung out.

Ohh my god! I thought as I saw Vijay's frightening cock.

I hadn't seen many cocks fully hard in my young life, and this was definitely the biggest I had ever seen. It was thick and long and all I could do was gaze in wonderment at the big thing that Vijay had between his legs, I stared into his eyes. My fingers seemed to increase the pressure on my pussy quite without effort!

"What are you doing uncle?" I said as I saw Vijay grabbing his cock and started jerking it.

"We shouldn't be doing this! Please, let's stop!" I pleaded, trying to get out of the situation.

"Well...you are speaking one thing and doing another." He replied as he stared at my crotch. I immediately looked down and saw that I was still fingering my self, my fingers deep inside my pussy.

That killed any argument I could do. Now there was no way out. I laid back and continued doing what I was doing where as Vijay continued with what he was doing. A few minutes passed by without a word being spoken between us. We were both staring into each other's eyes, furiously jerking our own private parts.

As the masturbation continued, the fear of my parents being told about this by Vijay was gone as now he too was an active participant in this exciting new game that was being played. As I got even more excited, I started squeezing my left tit with my left hand and occasionally started pinching my nipples.

"Aaahh...ummm..." I sighed, trying to muffle my moans under embarrassment but failed miserably.

I watched Vijay stroke his cock as he stood by the bed, a couple of feet away from me. I couldn't take my eyes of his cock as I was fascinated and astonished at the same time. My whole body started shaking as my nerves tingled. I opened my legs wider and my fingers went deeper inside my pussy.

The silence continued but Vijay smiled at me. His smile was lecherous but at the same time assuring that everything was okay. I smiled back at him and now it was sealed.
The bond had changed and we were no longer just an uncle and a niece. The bond had morphed into something different. It was a bond between two people who shared a very perverse, vulgar act such as masturbating in front of each other.

I couldn't believe how beautiful and filthy a cock could look as it was being stroked repeatedly by its owner. It looked like a thick cucumber that jutted out of his legs, its thick veins jutting out and its mushroom like head poking out of the foreskin.

"Sit on the edge of the bed Neha. C'mon, sit on the edge but don't stop what you are doing." He commanded.

I was completely struck and obeyed him without question. The shock of being caught had worn off and as if in a trance, I shuffled my teenage body over to the edge of the bed, all the while fingering myself.

As I sat on the edge, Vijay came in front of me and caressed my hair with his left hand. I looked up at him and smiled. He stroked my hair a couple of times and then gently slid his hands down to grab my large supple breast.

"Ohh...Neha...you are so beautiful...you look so delicious." He moaned as he pinched my right nipple. His touch was so wonderful, squeezing my boobs with his experienced hands. He grabbed my other breast and meted out the same treatment that he gave the other one.

His cock was just a couple of inches away from my lips. The musky smell emanating from his cock was driving me crazy. I had a good idea of what was coming next. Even though my practical knowledge of sex was almost nothing, the world of open social media, sexual innuendo filed movies and songs and an equally curious group of friends had given me enough knowledge about sex.

And I was right, when Vijay said, "Suck my cock Neha...c'mon...Suck it." He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me closer to his cock till a point that I had no choice but to open my mouth.

I opened my mouth in a little 'O' formation as the cock head touched my lips and as it went in further, the 'O' formation got bigger. The cock inched inside my mouth, first the head, then the shaft.

"There's a good girl Nehaaa..." Vijay moaned as I automatically started swirling my tongue around his cock. From reading and hearing about this to now doing it myself, I relished his cock.

The cock felt so good inside my mouth, as if it was meant to be there. The musky, pungent smell of the cock was far from revolting as I had previously thought; in fact it was deeply arousing. The tangy, salty tastes of the juices oozing out of his cock were mind blowing.

I looked up at Vijay as his cock slid back and forth between my lips. The experience was so good, so taboo...so adult like. Vijay held my head with his right hand while his left hand was caressing my shapely boobs, the soft skin on my face, under my chin as he gently kept pumping his cock into my mouth, enjoying the sensation of having his sexy niece between his legs for the first time, sucking on his man meat.

"Is this your first time? Is this the first time you are sucking a cock?" He asked. I nodded my head, 'yes' as I took his cock deeper inside my mouth.

"You are very good for a first timer...Ohhh...you feel so good Neha." He moaned as he squeezed my left breast. I felt so strong, so mature when he said that but all I could do was look at him and smile awkwardly with his cock still in my mouth.

Of course, I could have screamed at him at the very beginning but he sort of blackmailed me into doing this and now I was sucking his cock, completely naked, with just a thin, wet, sticky panty which had been tucked aside and the pussy beneath was being fingered by me.

I was glad that I had stayed back to 'face the consequences', and what consequences! The sucking by now had gotten frantic and so had the fingering. Vijay was holding my head much firmer and I was sucking his cock deeper.

My moans grew in volume but were muffled by the thickness of his cock which felt wonderful. My orgasm was fast approaching and I had never felt like this before. Sure, I had masturbated before and had a self triggered orgasm before but this was nothing like it.

"Mmmmpphhff...Ummmm..." I moaned as my body started shuddering to a massive orgasm. Vijay let go off me but my teeth accidently brushed his sensitive cock head on its way out and he moaned.

I just collapsed on the bed, my fingers still working on my pussy as the orgasmic tsunami crashed on me. The biggest, longest and the most satisfying orgasm of my life was being experience by me.

I writhe and shivered as the orgasm just didn't seem to stop. The pleasure was so overwhelming that a moan couldn't get out of my open mouth. I felt I was paralyzed!

My body calmed down after a while and my breathing got shallower. I opened my eyes to see that Vijay was now on the bed, kneeling next to me. His face was a couple of feet above me.

"Are you okay baby?" He asked. I just nodded. My mind was still reeling from that orgasm and it just couldn't come up with words to utter. He grabbed my hand and pulled me up. I was now back to sitting on the edge and Vijay was now kneeling in front of me.

He dug his fingers inside the elastic of my panties and pulled on them. I placed my hands on the bed and gently raised my ass. Vijay slowly slid my soaked panties down my legs and dropped them on the floor.

As my panties were yanked over my feet, I instinctively spread my legs. My pussy was on display as I shamelessly showed it to my uncle. He gently cupped my pussy and gently rubbed his palm over it a couple of times.

He sat on the bed next to me and placed my right leg over his thigh. He caressed my thigh for a few minutes before going back to rubbing my pussy. After a while he turned his attention to my boobs. He cupped my jugs with his hands and gave them a hard squeeze.

"Aaiii..." I squirmed as he massaged my boobs. He brought his head over my chest and licked my collar bone. He sucked on them a couple of times before moving around my chest, gently kissing all over. He grabbed my right breast with his hands and raised it gently.

He kissed the upper side of the breast before slowly kissing his way to the center. He licked the circumference of my chocolate colored areola a few times before latching his mouth over my nipple.

I threw my head back and moaned; my eyes still closed in ecstasy. I had never experienced any thing like this before and I was thoroughly enjoying it. This was my first time. Though it wasn't with the kind of person I thought it would be but Vijay was treating my body exactly like I had imagined it would be.

In his expert hands, I was no longer a girl but a woman. He was worshipping my body, just the way it deserved! I was being made love to by a man who must have been having sex even before I was born and was making me feel that I wasn't stranger to all this.

In the throes of ecstasy, I moved my right leg up his thigh and his cock rubbed against my shin. I looked at it and it was still very hard, glistening from his juices and my saliva, resting against his abdomen.

I had felt it in my mouth but now I wanted to feel it in my hand. I turned my body a little and grabbed his cock with my right hand. I was holding a hard cock for the first time in my life and if it was some other time or another person, I wouldn't have known what to do. But I had seen Vijay stroking his cock a short while ago and I just instinctively started jerking it.

Vijay stopped sucking my breast and looked at me. I smiled sheepishly but continued jerking his cock. Vijay smiled back at me and brought his lips closer to mine. I lunged at him and latched my lips over his. All this wasn't feeling weird anymore. Kissing Vijay felt as natural as I felt while kissing my boyfriend.

There was no sense of embarrassment or awkwardness I felt, kissing a man who was more than twice my age and who was related to me. In fact, it felt wonderful as his rough lips munched on mine and his tongue swirled around my tongue.

Vijay broke the kiss but the mutual staring continued. All the while, I had been jerking his cock and he had been squeezing my boobs. Vijay then dragged his right hand down and flicked my clit with his thick fingers before inserting a couple of them inside my pussy. I gasped as Vijay fingered my pussy with his two fingers and flicked my clit with his thumb.

I started jerking his cock vigorously as he similarly fingered me. The game had now taken a new turn. From stroking our own privates we were now mutually masturbating! The stare game continued as we kept stroking each other. I momentarily let go off his cock and grabbed my right breast with my right hand and pulled his mouth closer with my left hand.

Vijay immediately opened his mouth as I gently fed him my breast and his mouth locked on to my nipple like a sucker fish. As the sucking resumed, my right hand was back to where it had left; jerking his cock.

I was soon moaning and sighing as Vijay mounted a dual assault on my delicate area. The fingering and breast sucking got me panting and moaning and I realized that I was going to have another mind shattering orgasm. I braced myself for it to knock me down and jerked his cock even more furiously. Vijay was moaning as well and fingering me deeper and harder.

A couple of strokes later, I screamed at the top of my voice and arched my back as the orgasm hit me.

"Aahhaaaa...Aaahh" I screamed and collapsed on the bed. I sighed as the orgasm ended and I was back to my senses. I opened my eyes to see Vijay kneeling next to me on the bed, stroking his cock vigorously.

His eyes were closed and his head was thrown back. He was panting and moaning more than he had the entire evening. His cock made slick noises as the foreskin slipped back and forth rapidly over his cock head. His massive balls swung back and forth as Vijay hand pulled on his cock vigorously.

He moved closer to my head and continued jerking off. His body started shivering after which I realized that he was now approaching his orgasm. I had never seen a man cum before and didn't know what to expect but a second later I experienced what a male orgasm was!

"Aaahhh...Aaaooohhh..." Vijay screamed as his cock started spurting thick loads of cum all over me. "Heyy...what the..." I shrieked as jets of his cum hit my face. I turned my face the other way but by then, 2 large globs had already hit my face, one right in the eye and the other one on my lips.

Even though I had turned my face the other way, my body wasn't spared from the cum shower. Streaks of cum littered my upper my body. There was some on my breasts, my collar and some on my neck.

"Whaaaoooo" Vijay moaned as he sat next to me. His cock was sticky wet and now visibly shrinking.

"Ha ha ha ha ...sorry for that...just couldn't control." He said as he moved off the bed.

"Where is the towel?" He asked, trying to look for it.

"It is in my closet." I said as I too sat up.

He walked over to my closet, opened it up and grabbed a towel. He came closer to me and sat next to me. He thoroughly wiped my face with a towel before moving over to wipe my breasts.

"Are you wiping them or polishing them?" I asked as Vijay was spending a little too much time wiping the cum off my breasts.

"He he he..." he laughed and stopped the wiping. He then wiped his cock with the towel and threw it on the floor. He got up and picked up his clothes and started getting dressed.

I too got off the bed and picked up my T shirt which was lying near the pillow. I wore it and walked over to the other side of my bed to look for my panties. It was lying near the foot of the bed.

I picked it up to find that it was very wet. I decided to wear a fresh pair and threw them on the cum covered towel lying on the floor.

I walked over to my closet and started looking for a pair of panties. As I was busy retrieving the panties, I felt a hand on my ass. I turned around to see Vijay standing behind me, his eyes as well as his right hand on my ass.

He looked up at me and smiled. I smiled back at him and bent a little, jutting my ass out to him. He fondled my ass for a few moments before I straightened up and took the panties out of the closet. I wore the panties and saw that Vijay was now fully dressed and ready to leave.

I walked up to him and stood right in front of him. I averted my eyes from him; I just couldn't look up to him. After doing what I had done with him minutes ago, I was now behaving like a shy girl.

"So...uhmm" Vijay spoke. My sudden shy behavior had made him awkward.

"This was nice Neha." He spoke again, trying to find the right words to justify making love to his 18 year old niece.

"Hmmm..." I said as I looked up to him and smiled. Without saying another word, Vijay turned around and started walking out of my room.

He stopped at the door, turned back to face me and said, "Neha...don't worry about today. I will not tell anyone about this."

I walked up to him and kissed him on the cheek before saying, "I know Uncle...you cannot tell this to anyone." I winked at him after that statement.

Vijay was a little surprised at that statement. This was not just my dirty little secret anymore; it was our dirty little secret. He had lost the leverage of blackmail and was now at the same plane as I was.

He didn't show his surprise at that statement but just smiled at me before turning around and leaving the room.

To be continued...

Chapter 1