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Dirty Little Secret Chapter 3

The secret is out.

Note: This is a direct continuation of the previous party 'Dirty Secret Ch.02'. I suggest those who are reading this part should also read the previous parts of the story to understand the back ground.


"Noooo..." I screamed and pushed Vijay back. My instincts immediately kicked in as I covered my pussy with one hand and swung my other hand over my tits to cover them. I pulled my knees to my chest and dug my face in between.

'Fuck...fuck...fuck...I am so dead...' I thought as my pulse raced and my mind went numb. I expected the shouting to start any second now and kept my head firmly in between my knees, trying to hide my self from the shame and humiliation that I expected would fall on me.

Several seconds passed as I still didn't dare to raise my head but I didn't hear anything except the sound of the television. 'What was happening?' I thought but kept my head down and eyes closed. A few more seconds passed and I still hadn't heard any screaming, cursing or something being flung around. 'Was Vimal okay? Has she passed out of shock?' I thought. That thought concerned me and I decided to see what was going on.

I slowly opened my eyes and raised my head a little, expecting things to flare up as I did but nothing happened, so I raised my head a little more to see something that was not just unexpected but absolutely strange. Vimal was now standing a couple feet away from the couch, to my right. I looked to my left to find Vijay standing, his cock still as hard as it was a minute ago.

I just kept staring at Vimal bewildered and surprised, wondering what the hell was happening. Vimal was smiling at me, occasionally looking at her naked husband standing a couple of feet away from her.

Vimal walked towards the couch and sat besides me. She ran her hand over my head before placing it on my shoulder.

"Don't worry Neha beta; we are not going to hurt you." She said in a very calm and caring voice.

"Yeah Neha...relax..." Vijay said as he took a step forward.

I calmed down a little and stretched my legs a little, but I was still alarmed and confused at the proceedings.

"Oh...look at you, you have grown into such a beautiful young woman Neha." Vimal said as she gently cupped my right breast with her hand.

"I agree to that my dear wife..." Vijay said and smiled.

I looked up at Vijay and then back at Vimal. What the fuck was happening? This isn't how it is supposed to happen? Why are they behaving like this? Am I dreaming? Is this some kind of an orgasmic dream that I was in?

As if Vimal was reading my mind when she said, "It is natural to be confused and afraid at this moment but you don't have to be anymore. I can't be angry at my favorite niece, let alone hurt her. And dear this is really happening." I just kept staring at her blankly, like a deer caught in the headlights.

"It is obvious for you to think that I didn't know about this, that this was a dirty little secret just between the two of you." She said as she gently stroked my head.

I blanked out for a moment as I got lost in my own thoughts. When Vijay last time said that he wouldn't tell my father about what had happened, I thought he implied that he wouldn't tell anyone about that, let alone his wife.

My chain of thoughts was broken as I felt some movement. Vijay took a couple of steps to the left and was now standing in front of me.

"How can I be jealous of my husband for sharing such a wonderful feeling of love making, that too with our baby niece?" Vimal said as she moved from my right breast to my left, cupping and squeezing it gently, just as she had with the right breast.

"I am so glad you are with us tonight and we would love you to be a part of our love. Now you have to just relax, sit back and enjoy." Vimal said, pulling my knees apart to reveal my pussy. I silently surrendered to her and spread my legs to let my wet pussy come into view.

"Vijay...would you please..." Vimal said pointing her finger at his cock.

"With pleasure..." Vijay said as he took another step forward so that his cock lightly touched my lips.

I was still unsure and nervous about what was happening and looked up at Vijay who was smiling at me. I looked at Vimal again to find her smiling at me too, nodding in agreement, indicating to go ahead.

Looking up at Vijay, I slowly opened my mouth. He gently moved his cock forward and let its head slide into my mouth. Once the head was inside, Vijay stayed still. I instinctively swirled my tongue around the head and gave it a gentle suck. Encouraged by my gesture Vijay started pushing his cock further into my mouth. My tongue rubbed against the underside of his cock as it slid deeper into my mouth.

His cock was half inside my mouth when Vijay pulled it back completely. He rubbed his cock head against my lips a couple of times before gently flicking my nose with it. Vimal lightly giggled and I smiled embarrassingly.

Vijay then placed his cock at my lips and I, more confident this time, let it slide back into my mouth. Vijay's cock gently began stroking my mouth, slowly moving in and out. Vimal had her hands over my boobs, squeezing them, occasionally pinching my nipples.

"You like his cock?" Vimal asked me as she continued fondling my breasts. I simply nodded with Vijay's cock in my mouth.

"I know you like sucking his cock, just like you did last time." Vimal said. I looked at her and smiled.

"Vijay, is she doing a good job?" Vimal asked Vijay, who by now had started stroking my mouth a little faster.

"She is even better than the last time." Vijay replied with a grin.

"Ohhh...she is a fast learner I see. Neha...you look so beautiful, mature sucking his cock." Vimal said as she slid her hand down my body and caressed my pussy.

Vimal's calm and composed voice and her encouraging words were having an effect on me. I spread my legs to accommodate her hand and spread my mouth to accommodate more of Vijay's cock.

"Remember I had told you...good things come to those who wait." Vimal said as she slid couple of her slender fingers inside my pussy.

I moaned as she did that and I immediately recollected that moment a few years ago when she uttered those words. I had always wondered what she meant when she said those words, squeezing my hands as she said them.

And suddenly it clicked. My Uncle and Aunty had been eyeing me for all these years. They had been planning to seduce me into indulging in this debauchery. I knew people had lusted after me and I had avoided the trap till now but I ultimately succumbed to this couple; my very own aunt and uncle. But instead of feeling angry, scandalized or repulsed, I was thoroughly enjoying this.

Things started getting intense with Vijay fucking my mouth and Vimal fingering me faster. The tiniest shred of nervousness in me was long gone and I had started moaning in approval at their actions.

Till now I was just going with the flow, first with Vijay and now with Vimal and Vijay. I wanted to take charge, at least a little. I placed my left hand on Vijay's thigh and wrapped my right palm around his cock. Vijay immediately stopped and I removed his cock out of my mouth. I licked his shaft along its sides and then pushed his cock against his stomach before licking the underside of the shaft. I slowly licked all the way to his cock head before popping it inside and sucking on it hard. Vijay moaned as I did that and squeezed my right breast hard.

I then took a little more of his cock inside my mouth and started sucking hard. I bobbed my head forward and backward, taking more and more of his cock inside as my left hand kept jerking his cock.

"Ohh my...look at her going! Are you sure Neha that you are new at this?" Vimal asked me.

"Hahaha...This is just my second time doing this. You can say that perhaps I have an inborn, dormant talent of giving blowjobs." I replied before lowering my head to gobble up Vijay's balls.

"Awwww..." Vijay moaned and grabbed my hair as his cock twitched over my face.

His balls felt funny inside my mouth, as if I had two marbles inside my mouth. None the less, I kept licking them. Vimal had three fingers inside my pussy and they were rapidly moving in and out of it.

I took Vijay's balls out of my mouth as I moaned at the furious fingering Vimal was doing. I rapidly jerked Vijay's cock as a response to the fingering. Vijay perhaps just couldn't bare my mouth without his cock inside it, so he grabbed my hair and pulled me before shoving his cock back inside my mouth.

This sudden show of aggressiveness surprised but turned me on further as I placed my hands on his ass and let him fuck my mouth. Vijay now started rapidly fuck my mouth, making me gag occasionally but he had grabbed me so tightly that I just couldn't stop to recover.

"Keep sucking his cock like that Neha...I know he is about to cum..." Vimal said as continued stroking my pussy with her fingers.

That statement triggered my orgasm and I started moaning loudly. Vijay had also by now started moaning and his cock twitched wildly inside my mouth.

"Ahhh...yeah...yeahh...Neha..." Vijay moaned as his orgasm hit and my mouth was in a second filled with his seed. Torrents of cum gushed down my throat, which I would have hated but the intensity of the moment was such that I just kept gulping his cum down my throat.

"Yesss...Neha...that's it...keep swallowing that." Vimal said, encouraging me to swallow her husband's cum. Once the orgasms subsided, Vijay pulled out of my mouth and so did Vimal out of my pussy.

I just collapsed on the couch, exhausted but satisfied from the experience I just had. I opened my eyes after a few seconds to see that Vijay was now sitting on the chair next to the couch and Vimal was still seated where she had been. We took a few minutes to catch our breaths without exchanging any words but just kept smiling at each other. This was the best night of my life and I just didn't want it to end.

After a while Vimal got up and pulled me up. As I stood up, she held my hand and started walking towards the bedroom. I silently followed her and Vijay followed me. We walked past the dinning room and entered the master bedroom.

The bedroom was large, with a wall mounted cupboard to the left as one entered and the computer desk at the right. Just a couple of feet to the right of the desk was the bathroom. The walls of the room were peach in color & a big king size bed was placed in the center of the room. The bed was big enough to stretch from the center of the room to the wall behind it. There was a large mirror on the ceiling, right above the bed.

As we entered the room, Vimal walked me to the bed and made me sit on the edge of the bed. She stood a couple of feet away from me and Vijay stood right behind her. He wrapped his hand around her waist and held her tightly. She looked back at him and he kissed her. The way Vijay kissed her was very different from how he kissed me. The kiss with me was full of lust & it was rough. Where as the kiss he shared with Vimal showed how much in love they were. It was a kiss which was intense but at the same time it was lovingly passionate.

I made myself comfortable on the bed, resting against the headboard with a pillow against my back, watching my uncle and aunt make love. Vijay turned Vimal around and kissed her again. He raised her T shirt a little and Vimal promptly pulled it over her head and threw it away all the while kissing him. Without breaking the kiss, she pushed down her pajamas and the first thing I noticed was that she wasn't wearing any panties.

Within seconds Vimal got out of the pajamas which were bunched around her feet and wrapped her arms around Vijay and kissed him even more passionately. Vijay responded with equal ferocity as the heat turned on.

Vimal had a fantastic body for a middle aged woman. From where I was sitting, I could see she had a well maintained figure with little fat around her waist. Her ass was larger and fleshier than mine but not fat. She was taller than me by a couple of inches and had long slender legs which complemented her figure. Her fair skin and a beautiful face made her a stunner.

Vimal turned around and Vijay got busy unhooking her black lace bra. In a second it was unhooked and Vimal pulled it out and threw it on the floor. Once the bra was off, I could see Vimal's large breasts. They had just a little sag but were not droopers. She had pink nipples which looked extremely sexy on a pair of milky white tits.

Vimal smiled at me when she noticed that I was checking her out and I smiled back at her. She turned around and kissed Vijay once before getting down on her knees. She glanced at me before taking Vijay's limp cock in to her mouth. She slowly started sucking his cock, continuously staring at me. Vijay closed his eyes and threw his head back as his wife sucked new life into his cock. Within seconds his cock showed signs of revival, responding to the sexy woman sucking it.

As Vijay's cock assumed its peak proportions, it became extremely arousing watching her suck it. I was enjoying the show put up by those two and soon my right hand was down between my legs and my left hand was squeezing my boobs.

The way she sucked him clearly showed that she was a veteran at the game of sex and I definitely could take a few tips from her. She occasionally would go down to suck his balls making Vijay shiver in pleasure. Vimal sucked her husband hard for a couple of minutes before Vijay abruptly pushed her away.

"How was it?" Vimal asked about her performance as she stood facing me.

"Sexxyyy..." I replied, still playing with myself. Vijay and Vimal laughed at that comment.

"See how wet your Aunt's pussy has become?" Vijay said to me as he placed his wife's foot on the bed and spread open her clean shaven pussy.

"Hmmmm..." I replied as my fingers slid inside my pussy faster.

"Now I am going to fuck your aunt on this very bed right in front of you." Vijay said, to which Vimal giggled.

"Enjoy the show sweetheart." Vimal said as she lay on her back on the bed. Vijay mounted her as she spread her legs to accommodate him.

Vijay started kissing her and adjusted his cock at the entrance of her pussy. He broke the kiss and pushed his cock completely inside her pussy in one smooth stroke. Vimal gasped as Vijay's thickness spread her pussy.

I was sitting along the length of the bed, resting against the headboard where as Vijay and Vimal lay along the breadth of the bed, perpendicular to me. I had raised my knees as I fingered my pussy and I could watch them through the 'V' of my legs.

Vijay began fucking Vimal with deep, medium paced strokes. They soon settled into a comfortable rhythm of medium paced strokes. Vimal moaned lightly as her husband poked her womb with each stroke of his long cock. Vimal pulled him down and wrapped her hands around his head and kissed him.

From my place I could clearly see their tongues lapping each other vulgarly. Vijay cupped her right breast with his left hand and lowered his head down to suck it. Vimal moaned in delight as Vijay munched on her breast before moving on to the other one.

Vijay started fucking her harder and Vimal's moans soon turned into wails of pleasure. She locked her legs around his waist and her hands behind his back and pulled him closer as he continued ramming her pussy with his magnificent cock. The scene unfolding in front of me was too much for me to handle I started having an orgasm.

"Ahhh...Ahhh...Aaaiiieee." I screamed loudly, loud enough to break their rhythm and stare at me. My heart was pounding and drops of sweat had formed on my head as a result of the orgasm. This night had been the best and the strangest night of my life. From a simple family dinner, it had metamorphosed in to a fuck fest.

As my orgasm subsided, Vijay and Vimal resumed their fucking. Seeing them in action gave birth to a craving. I too wanted some of that action. I wanted to be fucked by my Uncle just the way he was fucking my Aunt. I wanted this memorable night to be even more memorable by getting fucked for the first time by none other than my Uncle.

Vijay was a handsome man who I had liked for many years. We had shared memorable intimate moments in the past one week. Vijay had pleasured and satisfied me by driving me to several mind blowing orgasms, with just foreplay. And now that I had witnessed his fucking prowess, I could think of no other man other than Vijay to be the first one to enter me.

"Fuck me..." I moaned. Vijay and Vimal immediately stopped fucking and looked up at me.

"Fuck me...please...Fuck me..." I pleaded. They just kept staring at me for a few moments before looking at each other. They kissed passionately for a few seconds and then looked at me and smiled.

Without uttering a word, both of them disengaged. Vimal got off the bed and moved to the side table and Vijay crawled on the bed and kneeled to my right. I immediately grabbed his cock and lowered my mouth on it and began sucking it. It tasted different and I knew that it was because of the thick coat of Vimal's juices on it.

Vijay pushed my head back and took his cock out of my mouth. I looked at him to see that he had a condom in his hand. I rested my back against the headboard, watching Vijay as he placed the condom on his cock head and rolled it down completely along its length.

My heart pounded faster as I realized that the moment was near. I was going to be fucked for the first time. Will it be painful and uncomfortable? I just pushed aside those thoughts because I knew I was in the hands of an expert.

My thoughts changed from those of fear to those of performance anxiety. Will I be good enough for him? This was the first thing that came to my mind as Vijay spread my legs and sat between them. I knew it was going to pleasurable for me but I also wanted to make him feel good. I wanted him to enjoy fucking me as much as he enjoyed fucking his wife.

Vijay got on top of me and placed his cock at my pussy. Vijay's body weight on me felt so good, so safe, as if nothing would happen to me. I kept staring at Vijay as he rubbed his cock along the length of my pussy.

Vijay lowered his mouth over mine and I wrapped my hands around his back and pulled him closer for a deeper kiss. Just then I felt it! I felt his cock slowly enter my vagina. I gasped loudly as the tip entered my wet, waiting pussy. Vijay slowly kept pushing his cock deeper inside my pussy. Once the head was in, his thick shaft started going in.

I could feel strong pain in my pussy as if a knife had been inserted. I knew this would happen and didn't stop him. Instead I decided to close my eyes and focus on the kiss. As Vijay's cock went in deeper, I pulled him closer and kissed him harder.

"We're in..." Vimal exclaimed. I opened my eyes and looked down to see that his balls were touching my pussy. I had managed to take Vijay's huge cock completely inside me. I never thought that my tiny little pussy could accommodate such a large organ.

"Fuck...I can't believe it. I am not a virgin anymore." I moaned. Vijay and Vimal laughed loudly at that comment.

Vijay didn't move for a while, waiting for the pain to subside and letting me get used to his length and thickness. He slowly started pulling his cock out of my pussy and half way through pushed it back again slowly. Vijay continued fucking me in slow and deep strokes. Little bombs of pleasure bombs of pleasure exploded in my mind with each thrust of his cock.

We broke the kiss and Vijay raised himself, placing his hands on either side of my breasts. He pulled his cock out completely, rubbed it against my pussy and then pushed it inside me once again; this time, his cock went to the hilt in one swift, abrupt stoke inside my pussy.

"Ohhh fucckkkkk...aaahhh." I screamed at the sudden intrusion, feeling like I had been impaled on a pike.
I raised my legs in the air and spread them wide as Vijay started fucking me with deep, long strokes. His stroking was steady, almost leisurely; as if taking his own sweet time to fuck me. Vijay wanted to make it last as long as possible and so did I.

I was lying on my back with my legs in the air as Vijay ploughed my pussy. He lowered his head on my left breast and began sucking it as he settled into fucking me in shorter, faster strokes. I pulled him away from my left tit and fed him my right tit before locking my feet behind his waist.

'Creek...creek...creek...creek..creek creek creek creek." The bed creaked as Vijay increased his speed; his cock now pistoned in and out of my pussy harder.

"Ahhh...yeah...yeah...I love this..." I moaned as Vijay continued banging me. Vimal who till then was standing next to the bed, silently watching us, suddenly walked away. I didn't bother to ask as I wanted to completely focus on my man who was masterfully stoking the fire inside my pussy, driving me to sexual frenzy.

I grabbed Vijay's cheeks and pulled him down to kiss him. In the heat of the moment, I bit his lips to which Vijay moaned and fucked me even harder. As I kept staring at Vijay, moaning and urging him to keep going, I saw a flash of light. I looked to my left and saw that Vimal was holding a camera and then there was another flash of light followed by a 'click' sound.

"What the hell..." I moaned in disbelief at what was happening. My aunt was taking photographs of her husband fucking her niece. That was so fucking perverse.

"Ohh...stop worrying dear and just focus on the pleasure. You two look so good together right now that I just had to capture this moment forever." She said as she clicked another photo.

I looked up at Vijay who just blankly stared at me, focusing on just fucking my pussy. She moved around the bed taking several photos of our carnal fest. She stood behind Vijay, hidden from my view and I head several clicks. I knew she was taking close up shots of Vijay's cock fucking my pussy.

Even though I found this idea very perverse and wrong; the whole evening had been one sick, perverse orgy between an Uncle, Aunt and their Niece.

After taking several shots of our love making, Vimal kept the camera on the bedside table and climbed on the bed, making her self comfortable next to me. She began fingering herself, watching her husband fuck the living day lights out of his amateur virgin niece.

Vijay lowered his body on me before grabbing my ass hard with his strong hands and resumed fucking me ruthlessly. Vijay nuzzled my neck and sucked on my ear as he kept on fucking me hard.

As I opened my eyes for a brief moment, I saw myself in the mirror above the bed. I could see Vijay's ass moving up and down rapidly. My heels were on his ass; my hands were on his back, clawing and scratching it and my mouth wide opened as moans of pleasure escaped through it. I could also see a reflection of my sexy naked aunt lying next to me, furiously fingering herself.

The merciless fucking coupled with such an erotic view above jump started my orgasm and my moans of pleasure turned into screams of unbridled passion. Seeing me writhe and moan under Vijay, Vimal too started moaning. Vijay who had till now been almost silent throughout apart from occasional moans and grunts had started moaning too. I, by now had seen enough to know that all of us were close to cumming.

As our orgasms built up to their peeks, I grabbed Vimal's hand and squeezed it hard. Vijay's strokes had gotten rough and irregular. His cock twitched wildly inside my pussy, signaling the arrival of a massive orgasm.

"Yeahh...Yeah...Aaahhhh." I screamed as the orgasm hit me and as it did my pussy clenched, tightening around Vijay's cock. My nails dug deep into his back and my teeth dug into his shoulder as I bit him in the throngs of my orgasm.

The screaming, bucking, violent niece and her tight pussy were too much for Vijay to handle and he started cumming too. Watching us orgasm, Vimal too was pushed over the edge. She squeezed my hand tight and her thighs closed tightly around her hand as she moaned and squirmed her way to an orgasm.

Vijay immediately withdrew from my pussy and straddled my chest, his legs on either side of my chest. He took the condom of his cock and passed it to Vimal. I opened my mouth and Vijay immediately stuffed his still hard cock into it. I began sucking it, relishing the salty taste of the residual cum and the drops of it still oozing from his cock. I glanced at Vimal to see that she was drinking the cum dripping from the upturned condom.

I sucked Vijay's cock till it shrunk to normal, hoping that it would rise again to fuck me but I think he was totally spent. He got off me and collapsed on the bed in between me and Vimal. We both placed our heads on his shoulders and smiled at each other. We sat there catching our breath, still sighing and cooing from our respective subsiding orgasms.

I woke up to find sun light piercing through the closed window, falling on the bed. I sat up with a blanket over my chest, finding myself on the same bed that I had been fucked on last night. I must have drifted to sleep from exhaustion and satisfaction sometime after our mind blowing orgy had ended.

I yawned and rubbed my eyes and looked around. I saw Vijay was still lying in bed, snoring lightly in deep sleep. He surely must have been tired because he had successfully accomplished the task of satisfying two women at the same time last night.

I looked around for my clothes but didn't find them only to remember that I was stripped of my clothes in the living room after which I walked naked to the bedroom before being fucked on the bed on which I was sitting.

As I moved to get off the bed, I felt a light pain in my crotch. I lifted the blanket to find a sore pussy. There were some light patches of dry blood and my pussy juices. I smiled knowing the fact that I was no more a girl.

I had transformed into a woman in a matter of a few passion filled hours. I couldn't find Vimal around and had to go to the living room to collect my clothes.

I didn't know what time it was or who else was in the house so I got off the bed, trying not to make any noise to attract the attention of anyone. I tip toed to the door of the bedroom and peeked outside.

The house was eerily silent and I could neither hear nor sense any movement around. I quickly walked to living room to get my clothes but to my utter surprise I couldn't find them there either. Surprised and confused I walked back to the bedroom.

'Where was Aunt Vimal.' I thought before I heard the shower running in the attached bathroom. I walked to it and found the door was slightly open.

I slowly pushed the door open to see Vimal standing naked under the shower. The hot water was running down her body and the steam rose up from her skin. She was facing away from me and I could clearly see her sexy ass. Vimal sensed movement and turned around. She gave me a welcoming smile, not bothering to cover herself up and neither did I. How would it have mattered; after all we had seen each other naked, doing some nasty shit last night?

"I kept you clothes in the cupboard. It wouldn't look good to find all your clothes lying in the living room if incase someone comes." She said.

I didn't utter a word and slowly walked inside the bathroom. I closed the door with a light push and stood there staring at my Aunt.

I took a few steps, stopping just out of the shower's reach. I kept staring at my Aunt, silently admiring her beautiful body. Vimal was still smiling at me as she reached out with her hand and pulled me towards her.

"Aaahhh..." I moaned as the hot water fell on my body which felt so good. Vimal cupped my boobs with her hands and gently squeezed them.

"Last night was good. Wasn't it?" She asked me. "Yeahh...thank you guys so much." I replied.

"Don't thank us. Why thank us when we had the privilege of having your company last night." Vimal said. I just smiled back.

"I hope you will be joining us regularly from now on." She said as she lowered her head to flick my wet, warm nipple with her tongue.

"Ahhh...yeah...I want to...but my parents..." I said.

"Don't worry about them. They wouldn't mind you spending little more time with us like you have all these years and dear...this is now our dirty little secret and it always will be." She said, standing straight facing me.

This was a great idea. My parents had a problem with me going out with friends or 'strangers' as they called them but they had always encouraged me to spend time with my wise & mature Uncle & Aunt. How would they know or even suspect that within the confines of their relative's house, their daughter was doing things that they had feared and prevented her from doing with other people. Perhaps she would end up doing far nastier things here than she would do with anyone else.

"Sounds like a great plan." I said as I moved to kiss Vimal.

"Yeah baby..." Vimal said just before our lips met.

Few months later...

"Hello Vimal." I said as I picked up her call.

"Hi Neha Beta...are you still in college?" She asked.

"Yeah...I just got done with the lectures. I was thinking of heading home." I said as I walked to the parking lot of my college.

"Why don't you drop by and have lunch with me?" She asked.

"Yeah...okay...anyways I am home alone today so I will be there in some time, okay?" I replied.

"Okay..." Vimal said and disconnected the call.

Half an hour later I was at the door of her house. Vimal welcomed me just as she usually did.

"Where is Vijay?" I asked, looking for him.

"He has gone out of town for the day. Will come back in the evening." She replied as we walked to the dinning table.

After having a nice meal, Vimal and I chatted for a while before she said, "I want to show you something."

"What is it?" I asked.

"Come with me and I will show you." She said as she stood up and started walking to the bedroom and I followed her.

Vimal walked to the computer and pulled a chair for me. We both sat in front of it and Vimal clicked on a folder which was named 'work'. I wondered what was in it that she wanted to show me.

"What is this?" I asked.

"Just watch and you will know." She replied as she clicked on the folder and it opened. There was a media file and a folder in it. She clicked on media file and it opened.

She maximized the window and I could see the words 'Scene 1' on the screen. From the time stamp on the screen I realized that it was taken a couple months ago when my parents had gone out of town for a relative's wedding for a week and I had stayed with Vijay & Vimal in their house.

Scene 1: The introduction

"Is it on...Is it on Vijay?" Vimal asked; the picture still out of focus.

"Yeah...just adjusting it a little." Vijay said. In a few moments the camera view adjusted and there I was naked on the bed with Vimal. We were on our knees on the bed with our hands around each other's waist.

Vijay walked into the view from behind the camera. He was completely naked, just like us. He got on the bed on his knees and moved closer to us. A few words were spoken which the camera mike couldn't pick up, followed by giggles.

Vijay lowered his head and sucked on our nipples one by one; starting from my left breast, moving to the right one and then going to Vimal's breasts. As Vijay got busy sucking two pairs of large breasts, I and Vimal got busy kissing each other.

Scene 2: The appetizers

The camera was now above the bed near the edge and from the way it was shaking, it was clear that someone was holding it. I and Vimal were lying on our stomachs on the bed and Vijay, who was acting as the camera man was standing at the edge of the bed. The camera moved from showing our naked asses, to our backs and stopped at a point where one could see Vijay's cock inside my mouth and Vimal's head down as she sucked his balls. I was looking up at Vijay and smiling as I heard his moans which were also captured clearly on the camera. Vijay's hand came into the scene and ran through my hair before clutching them and pushing his cock deeper into my mouth, followed by my long moan.

The scene changed to one in which I was now kneeling on the bed and Vijay was standing on the bed in front of me. His hands were tightly holding my hair as he fucked my mouth. Because of his frantic and rough movements, the picture was not very clear. After a few seconds, the camera moved from Vijay's hand to Vimal's hand who was sitting next to me. The scene was now shot from the side angle and one could now clearly see Vijay's cock thrusting in and out of my mouth and the gagging sounds that I was making as it did so.

The scene then changed where the camera was now steady, still over the edge of the bed but this time, I was lying on the bed. Vimal was licking my pussy and Vijay was kneeling to my right, near my head with his cock going in and out of my mouth.

My right hand was Vimal's head and my left hand was wrapped around Vijay's ass, pulling both of them closer. Vijay, then lowered himself on my chest, squeezed my right breast with both his hands and started sucking it.

Next scene showed me with my head hanging off the edge of the bed, with Vijay's cock fucking my mouth. The camera then moved to show Vimal, fingering my pussy and sucking my clit. As the scene rolled on my moans got louder and my body thrashed wildly as I came.

Scene 3: The main course

The camera was now at the side of the bed. I was lying on the bed with Vijay over me, fucking me steadily.

"Mmmm...Mmmm.." I moaned; it was muffled by Vimal's mouth over mine. As Vijay's stroking got faster and deeper, Vimal moved from my mouth on to my boobs and started sucking them.

The scene changed and now I and Vimal were on our fours next to each other. I was holding the ridge of the head board. Vijay was behind me, holding the camera with his right hand and his left hand was on my ass; his cock pistoning my pussy rapidly.

My ass was jiggling and his balls were making a loud slapping sound as they banged against my swollen pussy. Vijay took his left hand off my ass and shoved two of his fingers inside Vimal's pussy. As our pussies were being serviced, Vimal and I were passionately kissing each other.

The scene changed and now one could see our faces as the view was from the camera on the head board. Vijay pulled his cock out of my pussy and moved behind Vimal before shoving his cock into her pussy.

Vimal screamed in pleasure and Vijay began fucking her furiously. From the point of view, one could see Vimal's eyes closed and her mouth opened as she moaned in pleasure as her husband fucked her hard from behind. The camera mike captured the loud creaking of the bed as Vijay fucked Vimal.

The scene changed and one could see Vimal lying on her back and her legs on Vijay's shoulder. Vijay was fucking her rapidly. I, on the other hand was sitting on Vimal's face, facing Vijay. Vijay moved forward and kissed me before lowering his head to suck on my melons. Vimal's moans were muffled by my pussy but my moans were loud and clear.

In the next scene, I was riding Vijay's cock. My knees were on either side of his hips and my feet were resting on his thighs. I was rocking back and forth, round and round over his cock. My breasts were in my hands and I was squeezing them, moaning as Vijay's cock poked my insides. Vimal was sitting on Vijay's face, moaning loudly too as her husband devoured her pussy. Vijay was busy kneading Vimal's boobs.

I placed my feet on the near Vijay's hips and began jumping on his cock. My boobs swung up and down wildly. My hair, tied in a pony was swinging around as well. Vimal suddenly screamed as she orgasmed and got off her husband's face. Watching her, I too had a loud orgasm and slowed down.

Vijay pulled me down immediately and kissed me, sharing with me his wife's juices. Vijay grabbed my ass and started rocking me back and forth over his cock. I moved forward and grabbed the head board, pushing my boobs within the reach of Vijay's mouth.

Vijay latched on to my tits and sucked on them hard as we continued fucking. After a while, Vijay patted on my ass and as if it was a pre-decided signal, I immediately got off him. Vijay got up and quickly mounted Vimal and started fucking her.

Scene 4: Mix N Match

I was sitting on the dinning table with my heels on the edge. My legs were spread wide open allowing Vijay to fuck me hard. His hands were locked behind my neck and I was holding on to his big, strong arms as he fucked me with short, rapid strokes. The camera was in Vimal's hands as she stood a few feet away shooting her husband fucking his niece.

From the time stamp, I noticed that it was shot at some other time than the previous scenes. I remembered that this scene was shot after Vijay had returned from work in the evening the next day.

"Faster,...Faster...Fuck...Fuck...Fuck...Aahh...Yess...Fuck me..." I hollered as Vijay rammed his cock into my pussy like a wild animal.

Vijay stopped stroking me and locked my feet behind him. I locked my hands behind his neck. Vijay picked me up and placed his hands on my ass.

I immediately started bouncing on his cock. My moans and screams were a clear indication of how much I enjoyed being fucked suspended in the air.

"Ohh myyy godddd...hahahha!" Vimal exclaimed as she watched us fucking in this position.

We fucked in that position for a few minutes before Vijay pushed me against a wall near by and began thrusting from beneath. I was slobbering Vijay with kisses as he grabbed my ass and fucked me hard.

The next scene was a very different scene. It was shot in night vision. The time stamp was of 1.13 am, December 5th. Vijay was lying on the bed with his hands behind his back. His two lovely ladies were lying to his sides, near his waist, sucking his pole.

As I was sucking his balls and Vimal was licking his shaft from the side. After sucking his balls, I started licking up to the head. Vimal and I simultaneously licked our way up to the cock and sucked on the cock head together. As we sucked on the mushroom like head of Vijay's cock, our tongues and lips met. For a moment, we let go of Vijay's cock and indulged in a very wet, sloppy kiss.

"Ohh shit that is so fucking hot...I am gonna cum..." Vijay moaned and in seconds later, his cock spurted thick jets sperm in the air, landing on our heads and faces.

Scene 5: The 'Cumpilation'

This scene was by far the hottest part of the video as it showed me getting cum shots from Vijay.

The first one was when Vijay was fucking me hard in missionary position before he pulled out and shot his load over my body, a few even landing on my face.

The next one was when Vijay was fucking my mouth before he moaned and his cock started spurting semen inside my mouth. Vijay's cock had sealed my mouth tight enough to keep the spunk inside my mouth apart from a few drops that drifted down the side of my mouth. One could clearly see my throat gulp down the mouthful of Vijay's semen.

The next one was when I was kneeling near the bed as Vijay was vigorously jerking his cock in front of my face. After a few seconds a jet of hot, thick cum explode out of his cock and landed on my face.

Next scene showed me and Vimal kneeling on the bed, sucking Vijay's cock. Vijay moaned loudly before pulling out his cock from Vimal's mouth and shooting his load inside my waiting mouth. He then pointed his cock at Vimal and shot the rest of his load inside her mouth. Once Vijay was done, Vimal and I kissed each other, sharing our respective shares of semen.

But the best cum shot in the video by far was this one.

I was lying on my back as Vijay's cock fucked my boobs. Vijay had earlier placed his cock in my cleavage and I had pushed my boobs together to snuggly fit his cock. Vijay was rocking back and forth rapidly, twisting and pulling my nipples. I had lowered my head such that Vijay's cock went inside my mouth with his each forward thrust. Vijay grunted and moaned loudly as his cock spurt thick ropes of semen in my mouth and face; some even falling on my hair.
With that last scene, the video ended.

"Wowww..that was amazing...when did you compile this video?" I asked, breathing heavily. I was extremely turned on and wanted to have sex then and there.

"Wait...there is more." Vimal said as she clicked on another file.

The file was a slideshow of the pictures of us having sex. First few photos were of me posing in skimpy clothes, lingerie and bikinis and with each successive photo a piece of cloth went missing off my body. There were stills from our sex sessions; some from the video compilation, some from other times like when Vijay and I had sex in his car. Some photos were also taken as I took a shower after sex. The slide also included photos taken by Vimal on our first night together.

"Well...I can see you liked it..." Vimal said, smiling mischievously.

"I loved it...but one thing was missing in the video..." I replied.

"What is that?" She asked.

"A scene of just the two of us." I replied as I placed my hand on her thigh.

"That sounds wonderful. We have the time, tools and talent to do that. Let's give Vijay a surprise tonight." She said.

"Yeaaah.." I replied.

"Let me get the camera..." Vimal said as she stood up and hurriedly walked to the cupboard.

"Let me get out of my clothes..." I replied as I stood up and started unbuttoning my shirt.

The End.

Chapter 3