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Family Virus Chapter 2


Family Virus CHAPTER 2

A month and a half later I had the class and I knew that he was masturbating. So I saw how boys do it. The book says that girls can do that too. The book didn’t say how to do it, so I didn’t know. I went to my brother to ask him about it. I went up to his room and knocked on his door. “Mike I wanted to ask you something, it’s kinda personal.” “What did you want to ask?” said Mike. I said, “You remember when I came in your room, and you were masturbating?” “Yeah so now you know what it’s called,” Mike said. “Now why do you want to talk about that?” “Well, I don’t want to talk about what you did, but I wanted to know how girls do it. I read the book from school, you know which one, it said girls do that too, but it didn’t say how girls do it.”Sex Story
“You should talk to mom about that!” Mike exclaimed, turning a little red in the face. “C’mon Mike,” I cried, “you know mom is so religious and makes us go to church, she won’t talk about that. That’s why she sent us to the class so she doesn’t have to do it. Please I want to know! I mean it looked like you were having fun when you did it.” He said, “Really Em, I am not good at how girls do it. Mostly they just rub.” “But where?” I pleaded. “You know where your clitoris is don’t you?” “Yeah, I know where it is, but how do you rub it?” “Gees! Em, you just do it!” “But Mike I don’t know how. Can’t you help me?” I insisted. “This is isn’t like helping you with your homework or something. Do I have to do it for you or something?” “Oh Mike would you?” I said eagerly. Mike was aghast. “You mean you want me to do that?” “Yeah please, if you do it for me then I’ll know how to do it the next time. Please Mike please?” I pleaded again. “I do a lot for you and this is kinda pushing it. But you can’t tell anyone ever! Go over and lock my door just in case.” I went over and made sure the door was locked. “OK you have to take your panties off,” he said. I had a dress on, so I shucked my white cotton undies off is a second. He continued to instruct me, “Lay down and open your legs,” and I did so, giving him full access to my naked, hairless little pussy. Nonplussed, Mike continued, “What I’m gonna do is just rub on you. This is your clitoris and you rub up and down on it.” Suiting action to the word, he placed his finger on my love button. It gave me the strangest sensation, sensations that I was getting to love. “Do it more for me please,” I moaned. He spit on his hand, rubbed on my clit and down around my pussy opening. He was all over the place doing nice things to me. With his finger, it didn’t take long before I couldn’t follow where his fingers were or what they were doing, I could only feel the excitement he was causing in me. Then it happened! I had the “orgasm” that the book told about, and couldn’t figure out how to get myself. It took me a couple of minutes to recover. I’d had my first orgasm and Mike was nice enough to give it to me. I looked over at my big brother and I could see that he was hard, since there was a shaft behind the fly in his pants. I wasn’t sure what made me offer to do him. “Mike that was great!” I sighed. “Now you have a boner and would you like me to do that for you, like I saw you do that time?” He eagerly agreed and took off his pants. I put my hands around a hardened penis for the first time in my young life. It was both hard and soft at the same time. I loved the way the skin slid up and down the shaft, first covering and then uncovering the purple head. Small beads of liquid were being squeezed out of the miniature hole at the top, slowly coating the head and making the skin move more easily. Mike showed me how to hold it, and move it. I could move it and it would bend but yet it was hard and straight. It was just so strange. I was stroking him up and down. It didn’t take very long before he was doing his impression of a fountain. Ropes of his sperm arched up again to fall back on his chest. That was interesting to watch. Because of the class I knew what that stuff was. He cleaned up himself and my hand, then, curiosity satisfied, I went back down to my room. For the next couple of weeks, I had been masturbating like Mike did for me, but it wasn’t the same, I didn’t get off like when I was I with him. He must have been thinking the same thing. One night, mom and dad had gone to bed already he came down to my room. “Em, I wanted to ask you, did you like what we did up in my room?” “Yeah I liked it!” I said eagerly. He sheepishly asked, “Would, you like to do that again?” “OK! That sounds great!” I agreed. “Let’s go up to my room,” he said as he disappeared up the stairs. I got naked with him and watched him take off all his clothes. It gave me a little thrill. I laid there with my legs open and he put his hand in the vee of my hairless crotch. It was OK when he did me first, but he had to keep wetting his fingers with his spit or it would hurt a bit when he rubbed me. It wasn’t so bad when I masturbated him, but it wasn’t as interesting after seeing him cum a couple of times. I was able to cum but it wasn’t as exciting, as I hoped. But nevertheless it was better than doing it by myself. He enjoyed it. He said that having me do it was better than doing it himself. He came to me a week later and suggested that we try it again. I was willing, but it was the same thing, He had to keep wetting his fingers. I was so dry when he did that with me. He loved it when I did that for him. But for me is wasn’t very good. I could still cum but it took a while. It was strange. I loved Mike but I just didn’t get that excited by him. But he did kiss me on the cheek when we were done. He was very much interested in continuing to do the sex with me. I told him that it wasn’t so good for me because I was always dry and I just couldn’t get into it. I would have to close my eyes when he did. It wasn’t because I didn’t love Mike, and it wasn’t because we were brother and sister. I don’t know it was something, I just couldn’t put my finger in it. Mike suggested something he knew about. We could do oral sex. I was willing to try, but again he would have to teach me. The first time he did it, it was so much better! He laid down and put his face between my legs and began to lick my bare pussy. He would do things with his tongue to lick my vagina, and he would suck on my clit. His tongue was all over my lips and he even went inside with his tongue. He was all around there it felt better than with his fingers. He would open my lips and lick inside me. He said I was kinda tight in there, but he still got his tongue in there. It felt better than just his fingers, and it was wet, which is what I needed. I liked his licking me, it was good and he gave me an orgasm, much better than when he did it with his fingers. He reached up and began to touch my chest, but I didn’t have any boobs yet. And yet I was sure I was feeling more and more horny lately. It was nice that he wanted to touch me on them even thought I didn’t have anything there. He pulled me up next to him and he kissed me. But this was different than any other time he kissed me: he kissed me fully on the lips. I was kinda surprised, and I pulled back. But it wasn’t that I didn’t like it, it was just that he surprised me. He pulled my head back and kissed me again, so I kissed him back. Then he pressed his tongue against my lips. He was pushing his way into my mouth and I couldn’t do anything but let him. He was exploring me my mouth with his tongue. After a little bit he broke it off and told me that I should do the same thing with my tongue in his mouth, so I tried it. He took my hand put it on his dick and was having me stroke him. I would have done that until he made his sperm come out, but he wanted me to suck him since he said that he licked me, so I should suck him. He moved up in the bed and I moved down. He told me that I should take the end in my mouth. I was suppose to suck it and lick while it was in my mouth. I did that, then he grabbed the back of my head. He held it in place while he pushed hips up into me, forcing his dick into my mouth then he would pull back and do it again. After about 5 minutes he pushed me down farther, before I could pull back or anything he was shooting his sperm into my mouth. I was surprised and some of it went back so far in my mouth that I didn’t have any choice but to swallow it. I was able to catch the rest of it in my mouth. It was slimy, salty, and warm, it was kinda like salty snot. I wasn’t thrilled with it, but Mike liked it. He told me that it was wonderful. I liked what he did with his mouth. He liked what I did with mine, but I didn’t like it very much especially the end. But he came to me and wanted to do it again. I was agreeable to it. We waited until Friday night after mom and dad where asleep and I went up to his room again. We got undressed and got into his bed. I asked him if he would kiss me before we did anything more. He took my head in his hands and looked me in the eye and told me that he loved me, and we would be happy to do anything I wanted him to do. He was kissing me all over my ears and across my face and on my neck. It raised gooseflesh on me. He caressed me very nicely, he even touched and played with areolas. He moved down my chest and kissed the areolas too. We were both kinda surprised that they got smaller and kinda crinkly and it made my little nipples stand up. He would lick them for me. It was nice. He moved down and was soon kissing me on my pussy. He licked up and down on my lips. It felt good with his warm wet and a bit rough tongue on me. Again like last time he used his fingers to spread my lips, and went inside with his tongue. He was all over in there and it felt so good it was like making me melt on that spot. He gave me a good orgasm. I liked being licked like that. Mike asked if I liked it after he made me have an orgasm. Oh yes! I told him. He asked if I would make him cum to with his mouth, (he said that cumming was the same thing as having an orgasm). I told him that I would but I didn’t like the part where he could cum in my mouth. He said that he would tell me before he came and I could take it out of my mouth. I sucked him again I got better at sucking him while I was licking. He didn’t need to move my head. Instead I used my hand like I had when I was rubbing him off. Mike liked that I wasn’t laconic about it. He was telling me how much he loved it. He wanted me to suck a little more or stroke him faster. But he was getting close and told me. I pulled it out of my mouth but I didn’t get far enough from it quick enough, and his cock exploded, and I got a face full of his cum. Some even got in my eye, and it stung. I liked what we did, well he liked me sucking him and I liked him licking me. We both liked kissing. We carried this one every weekend and during the week when we thought we could get away with it. Mike treated me even a little nicer than he already did. My parents saw that and they thought that Mike was becoming such a nice young young man always considerate of others. It was a little before my 12th birthday, I was getting my boobs now and had started to get some hair on my pussy. We still were licking and sucking each other, but the more I sucked him the less I liked it. I just didn’t like the cum in my mouth and he was making more pre-cum and that was ending up in my mouth too. He had just eaten my pussy and I had my cum. Now he wanted me to suck him off. I told him that I was tired of his nasty tasting stuff getting in my mouth, I didn’t want to suck his cock again. “Em it isn’t fair!” he pouted. “I’ve been good to you, I eat you first every time and I don’t ask you to do anything for me until you have cum.” “Yeah, but Mike you like eating my pussy,” I said. “But I don’t like sucking your cock so I only do it because you ate me.” “Really you don’t like sucking me? I wouldn’t make you suck me if you didn’t like it. But it is fair, I got you off, that you do that for me too.” “Yeah but I don’t like it. I love you Mike I do want to do for you, but I don’t like your cum in my mouth or on my face,” I said. Mike looked slyly at me and whispered, “You know Em, there is something that we can do and you won’t have to suck me.” “What?” “I can fuck you!” he said. “Mike, I heard that it hurts!” I exclaimed. Mike said quickly, “It only hurts the first time and not always for every girl.” “Does it feel good to fuck?” I wondered. “I’m sure you will love it!” Mike said, nodding. “Then I won’t be in your mouth.” “OK but you will still eat me?” “Yeah if you want. After you cum then I can fuck you, that OK?” “How do we start?” “I will lick you some until you’re wet since you liked it better than when I used my finger,” he explained. Mike was already rock hard, he went down on me again. He was doing a good job eating me and I was close to cumming again. Mike could tell by the way I was breathing and the face I made. He said I begin to pant before I cum and I scrunch up my face just as I cum. He was eating me and I was almost there, and suddenly he stopped and moved up my body. He kept a finger diddling me but he now had his dick outside my pussy. His finger stroking my clit was enough to send me over the edge and I was cumming. I was off in a state of bliss for a bit. All of a sudden I noticed he was in me! I never felt him go into me, I was in the middle of my cum. He was pumping away in me! I felt full, it wasn’t unpleasant, and I was glad I didn’t feel him tear my hymen. He felt like he was going a kilometer a minute. Then he shoved himself up inside me as far as he could and I could feel him cum pulsing warmly into my little formerly virgin pussy.. Then it was over! I was just felt that I was beginning a climb to another cum. But he was done. For sure he had just taken my virginity. I asked him and he said that he had never done this before, so he took mine and I got his. This however was not the last time that we did that. We would spend the weekend nights up in his room fucking. I had him eat me first because I would cum better that way. The fucking was for him so he could cum. But it was also in a way for me as he would be in me when he came, and I wouldn’t be getting his stuff in my mouth.

Chapter 2