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Family Virus Chapter 3


When I was twelve and a half my boobs grew in and I got hair between my legs. It wasn’t long after that when I got my periods. Mike’s dick got a bit longer and a little fatter. We continued to fuck even after I started getting my periods. We would just time it so I was not in my fertile period when we did it. We had the few days after my period ended, and we would also do it a few days before my period would start. It was great in theory, when I was mostly on a 28 day cycle, but sometimes my body would throw me a curve and I would be on a 35 day cycle and I would never know when that might come up. Even worse I would sometimes have a 21 day cycle. I was 13 and I think my body must have been on a 35 day cycle for that month. Mike and I did it because we figured that we were in the safe period.Sex Story, english sex story, erotic story
But not this month. He must have hit me on the day I sent my egg out. His little buggers were on their way up me looking for it. And they found it! Big time! I wasn’t having my period. At first at the 28 days I was like “Oh shit, it must have been one of my long cycles!” At 35 days I still didn’t get my period. I thought oh no I am getting a longer cycle. It wasn’t until I was at about 60 days from when my last period that I know something must be up. Not only was I late but I was getting sick in the mornings.I told Mike, I thought that I was pregnant. Here was I was only 13 and the dad to be was my 16 year old brother. At first he wondered what do we do? But being the kind of take charge kind of guy, he said, the first time we did do was get a home pregnancy test kit. I took it and it was positive. Now I was in real trouble. Mike was in for it too, if they found out he was the dad. I had to go to my parents and tell them that I think I was pregnant. Mom hit the roof. There was a lot of shouting and she asked my who that dad was. Mike said they would ask that, and we had an answer; “I don’t know.” I told mom and dad that I had been having sex with several guys after school and I didn’t know which one might have done the job. Mike told them that he knew that I was being a party girl and letting a lot of guys have me. He caught flak for not sticking up for his sister and letting her get used that way. The question was what to do about it. My mom being the religious person that she was, no way was I going to have an abortion. I would have to be subject to ridicule as a teen mom. But then I would have to give up the baby. Mike and I talked about whether I should be having the baby, and whether I should give it up. I didn’t really want to but I knew that it would be hard to keep it. Mike wasn’t too keen on someone else raising his baby. So he promised to help me and he would support me. He even said he would support me when I went to our parents and told them I wanted to keep the baby. It was a tough sell, but Mike supported me through it all, he was able to get our dad on my side. In the end mom thought that the stigma for the rest of my life, I would be a teen mother would be my punishment for, “playing the whore.” She would have to rise above it, as it was her daughter’s failing not hers. There were some major league changes in my life: like no more sports after school and I had to come home on the early bus. I would also have to take extra classes about being a mother, and how to raise a child and how to manage a household. One thing about being pregnant, I got so horny after my first trimester was over, I was seeking Mike out when ever I could. We had to figure out ways to fuck without putting pressure on my belly. But I still preferred that he eat me to get me off. It wasn’t long after I turned 14 that I had my little girl. Because my dad had been such a help to me especially with mom, I named her Donna after my dad, Donald. Mike was good with his little niece, he would change nappies for her as well as feed her. Even mom commented how what a great uncle he was taking care of the baby just like he use to with his little sister. With the birth of Donna it did slow down our fucking some, but it didn’t stop it. We just now did it now down in my room since Donna had her crib there in with me. One thing I did like when Mike came down to me: I would breast feed Donna, that in itself would get me horny but then I would have Mike eating me at the same time. I got off that way very well. With Donna’s little tummy filled and a fresh nappy, she was good for a few hours sleep while mommy satisfied daddy’s needs. It was almost a year later I was still breast feeding Donna and fucking Mike that it happened again. They said in class that women in the third world would breast feed a long time, because it was birth control. You wouldn’t ovulate while you breast feed. Dummy me here I was now 15 and pregnant AGAIN. Mike went with me to tell my parents the same story again but this was a little harder to sell since I wasn’t around the after school activities any more. I said it was a boy from church. Mom was livid about that. At first she wanted to know which boy so she would fix his wagon but good. Mike talked to her and told her that it wouldn’t change my situation about how I got into trouble. If she did what she wanted to do she would just be making trouble for someone else and causing problems in the church. So she decided she didn’t want to know which boy. She was done with that church and their liberal ways. Boy that was close, I don’t know who I would pin it in since I had only been having sex with Mike. Any other boy would deny it, and I couldn’t show any time that we had together to do that. Before anything more happened Mike was going to get out while the going was good. He was off to college, up in Calgary. Mom said we were now going to be going to a new church that upheld the “morals of God.” There to be no more public school for me, I was going to be going to be sent to an all girls religious school. It was for wayward girls, so they could set me back on the straight and narrow. I would be living there. At least that way there were no more boys that could get to me. (But also mom didn’t have to face the shame of having a daughter that was going to have two children out of wedlock.)

Chapter 3