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Family Virus Chapter 4


All the girls in the school were either young mothers or mothers to be. I was surprised that there that many other girls in my situation. We were all give our own mentor, a woman that we could go to any time. Mine was Irina, she spoke with an accent, She said her family was from Ukraine. She was only 19, and was herself a graduate of the school as she had a child of her own out of wedlock. On the outside she was hard core religious, holding to all the rules, but when alone she was a softy and as nice as you could ever want to know. While I was in school, Donna was in their day care. One thing about the school and being there, I got so horny starting in my second trimester. Mike was up in Calgary going to the university there, so he couldn’t scratch that itch for me. I would have to do it myself. I hadn’t done that since I was eleven. Being pregnant my breasts were swollen.
With Donna now more than a year old, she was not so interested in feeding from me. She was starting food and wouldn’t take the breast so much, but I was so full that I began to hurt. Irina could see that I had a problem. She offered to help me. She would give me massages. At first they were only on my back but they moved on to other parts of me. One place I needed was help with my breasts. Irina got a breast pump and she would help me pump my breasts. Some of the milk I would feed Donna, but most of it I ended up donating to others. While we did that, Irina would tell me how lovely my breasts were and how I was an attractive “young lady.” She began to massage my breasts as well as helping me to pump them. It made my breasts feel better. It was her idea that instead of pumping them she would drain me by nursing on me. That was great, it drained me and at the same time was sexual, at least for me. I loved the way that she handled my boobs and drinking my milk was so strange but I loved it. But it got me very horny and was getting VERY damp in my panties. Irina just reached down and was rubbing me through my clothes. If I wasn’t horny enough she was sending my motor my into overdrive. I know she could feel my wetness. While I was going dry in my boob, my pussy wasn’t anything close to being dry, she looked up at me and said, “Do you want me to take care of you?” All I could do was nod. She reached down for the waistband on my pants, and began to to tug them down. I lifted my hips to help her. When she was pulling my panties down they stuck to my pussy, I was so wet. I laid back and spread my legs for her. At first it seemed a bit strange, for two reasons, Mike was the only I had ever had sex with, and not only was this not Mike but it was another girl. But the strangeness went away quickly. It seemed like old times again, only better. I loved Mike, but this woman knew her way around a pussy. She knew just the right places to touch and stroke. She had me going like I had never had before. She could do things for me that Mike never could. We became lovers that night. She taught how to the same things back to her. The one thing about doing with her, not only was it great sex, but I felt a real connection with her. While Mike was great, I never felt comfortable with the other boys at school and I just didn’t feel that I clicked with them. But I clicked with Irina big time! I also began to see things about myself that I didn’t realize before. I began to see myself as a lesbian. I felt more comfortable about myself that way. With the school structured the way it was I did well, I learned my lessons and passed my classes with good grades. My second daughter was born, I named her Krista, it was close to my mother’s name of Christine. Mom was happy about that, it brought us a little closer since my having two children and not married was a great shame for her. Being sixteen and now a parent for the second time, I had a little experience to offer some of the younger girls. I became something of a junior mentor. I was given Jody, she was a young girl who had gotten in over her head with boys just barely 13. She had been seduced and abandoned when it was discovered that she was pregnant. She ended up at our school. I had my classes and taking care of newborn Krista, Jody would shadow me as I did that. But she also got to watch me interact with my now 2 year old daughter. Even Donna took an interest in her little sister. Not that she could do much with her little sister but she was curious about her. Jody became like a little sister to me. She came to me with questions and for help with school problems as well as dealing with her pregnancy. Her mentor, Nancy, wasn’t as cool as mine. I still had my mentor Irina but I saw her less as a mentor and more as a lover, and a person leading me into a lesbian life. We now had an active lesbian sex life together. But she also had an older woman lover outside of the school. I still saw Mike. He came down to the hospital when Krista was born. He would call to check on the girls. He sent birthday cards to Donna for her birthday. I put them away for her, for when she was older. He wanted to be active in his daughters’ lives, even if they only knew him as their uncle. Jody had her baby just before she turned 14. She had a boy. I would help her with him. But also I had an attraction to her. It didn’t take long for my mentor position to move from just teaching her about babies and school subjects to mentioning her in life. That also included sex. I took her as a lover in addition to Irina. You have a bunch of pregnant woman and girls all together without boys or men, and they will turn to each other for sexual release. Jody and I gravitated to each other. Being her lover also confirmed in me my desires for other girls. I was now a committed

Chapter 4