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Family Virus Chapter 5


Not only did I finish my high school there but I was able to take some college courses in accounting. I moved up to Calgary to be near Mike. We had remained close and he was willing to help with the girls. He was there with monetary support and also emotional support. He also was a willing babysitter for the girls. They loved their uncle. I got a job as a bookkeeper, and I did all right financially and while there were problems with money, raising two young girls, Mike was always there, to help us. He was a babysitter when I wanted to go out with my girlfriends. He accepted my lesbianism without problems. I know dad and especially mom would flip out if they knew that I had sex with girls. It was enough for them that I got pregnant twice as a young teen. Mike was always there for the girls’ birthdays and Christmas, they looked forward to a special present from “Uncle Mike.” Mike was known to just drop by any day or any time of day Now that I had my own place and could live my own life. I could do as I liked.
It wasn’t a big place, only two bedrooms, but the girls could share. While we weren’t nudists around the house it wasn’t uncommon for me to walk around in the house in little to no clothes, especially in summer, the girls did likewise. They had seen me naked often, and I watched them as they grew and saw their naked little bodies as they moved toward becoming young ladies. As the girls got older they would also see me with other women, and that I had sleepover dates sometimes with these women. They would also see us kiss. One of them was a young girl that would sometimes babysit them. Shortly after Donna turned 11 she got the same sex education that I got. It was then that she put things together and realized that I was a lesbian. One night she came to me and was very direct about she wanted to know. Krista had an earlier bedtime than Donna. When her little sister was in bed Donna asked me one night, “Mom can I ask you something?” I nodded, “Sure honey what did you want?” “I don’t know how to say this very well,” Donna stammered. “But do you like girls? I mean like, like girls and boys like each other?” “Yes, I do Donna, I’m a lesbian. You know what that means?” I asked. She said, “Yeah they told us about that in sex-ed class. Why are you lesbian?” “I feel more comfortable with girls than I am with boys.” “But you had sex with boys,” Donna said. “I mean you had to to have me and Krista.” “Yes, I did but was sometime ago. I discovered before your sister was born that I liked girls better. I was pregnant with her when I had my first time with a girl, and I loved it.” “Better than with a boy?” she wanted to know. “Yes, better a than boy. Better than the boy I was with. That guy was, and still is, a great guy and I love him. But I feel better with girls, I am more myself with another girl.” “You still love the guy?” Donna asked. “Why didn’t you marry him?” “That is kinda of a complicated thing, and to tell you, I am glad that I never tried to go down that road.” “Was that guy my dad?” my daughter asked. I nodded, “Yes.” “Who is he?” she wanted to know. “Right now, honey you’re not in a position to know that. But don’t worry, he’s a nice guy and maybe someday you will know him. But you didn’t want to ask me about that did you?” “No,” she admitted. “I just didn’t know why you are with a girl. What you do with one instead of a boy.” “There isn’t much that a guy can do with a girl that another girl can’t do with her. It is mostly that she doesn’t have a penis to put into me, being the only difference. Otherwise there can be no difference. But even that is almost the same for me with a girl. Come with me, I will show you something.” I took her to my room and pulled out my strap-on and my collection of dildos. “You see these I can use them instead of a boy’s penis. I can even put this on and I can use it like I had a penis and I do this to have intercourse just as a boy would. But using these can be better than a boy. Let me show this.” I took out one of my vibrators and switched in on, and handed it to her. Donna giggled, “I moves, it’s all shaky like.” “That is right it is called a vibrator. When it vibrates against the right parts of my body it is better than any boy I could be,” I assured her. “How do you do it?” she asked. “Donna, do you masturbate?” I asked her. Her response was to turn a couple shades of red. I took that as a yes. “It is OK if you do that. It’s normal for people to do that. I do it too, I use this little toy of mine to bring me to the orgasm that I am looking for when I masturbate. Have you had an orgasm?” “I’m not sure,” She replied looking a bit disappointed. I was sure she hadn’t. “Baby if you had one you would know.” “Do you have them?” I grinned. “Yes, all the time and they are great.” “You do that with Janice don’t you? Do have them with them when you are with her?” “Yes I do and so does she,” I said. “We give them to each other.” Donna sighed, “I wish I would have one.” “Do you need help getting one?” “You can do that? I mean will you, mom?” she said excitedly. Then her face fell and she said, “But you aren’t suppose to be doing that with young girls especially daughters are you?” “I would do anything for you girls, you know that. But are you worried because I am older or your mom, or both?” “Both I guess, but you would want to do that with someone my age, especially since I am your daughter?” “Well dear, you know that Janice isn’t much older than you and I do enjoy being with her. I don’t have problems with a girl’s age, and it is fine with me if she is younger. But I think that you are more worried about doing something with your mom that’s right?” “Yes,” she said blushing a bit. “Well Donna you might have noticed that I don’t follow the rules of society very much. I mean I am lesbian and, I was 13 when I got pregnant with you, so you see that I have never been one to worry about following the rules. So I don’t have a problem teaching you, if you want. But if we do this it might change us, and you will have to be sure that you are willing to do it,” I said as I started to put my joy toys away. “It is getting late,” I said with a pointed look at the clock. “I suggest that you run off to bed and you can think about. When you make a decision about it, we can talk about it. OK?” Three days later Donna came back to me, and said, “Mom can you teach me how to get an orgasm? Will you do for me like you do with Janice?” I whispered to her, “OK baby after your sister has gone to bed.” She came to me after Krista had gone to bed. “Mom you will teach me, now?” “Yes, baby” I said. “Were you wanting just to learn about masturbation and how to have an orgasm, or you are wanting to know what Janice and I do together?” “Can you show me both?” She said with a hopeful smile. I took her to my room and I undressed her, she was cute and I could see that she was growing and the crop tops she had been wearing were going to have to be replaced by a real bra, albeit a training bra. Her little booblets had begun to grow and weren’t much more than a plump areola with some swollen tissue behind it. But I knew that is the way it started for me and I could expect her to begin to grow as I did. None of this was a surprise to me as I had seen her naked so many times, just as she had seen me naked, too. But this was different in that now it was more erotic, as I was going to make love to my baby. We got into the bed and began to kiss while I caressed her body feeling her up. I toyed with her little nipples while it was rising up seeking the attention of my fingers. Attention I was glad to give them. I began to kiss and lick them, Donna was making little noises in the back of her throat. I knew that she was loving this, and so was I. It made me think back to when I was her age and Mike was playing with me. Now it was almost like I had taken his place and I was sort of making love to myself. In doing that, I began to do to her the things that I wanted him to do to me. I reached down and stroked her hairless pussy lips. She was getting wet. I slightly slipped my finger into her pussy and I could feel her little cherry. I let it be. But I went up and began to rub her not so little clit. This girl was excited. That I didn’t let be, I attacked it with a vengeance; which brought about more vocalizations from her as well as movements of her hips. I needed to taste her little nectar. I moved down to her and began to lick her with a flattened tongue, back and forth and up and down over her clit. Then I switched and pointed my tongue and went it trying to get up her hood and get at it directly. I was able to get at her that way. It was then she popped and with her voice getting louder and her head twisting back and forth while pushing her hips up to my mouth she had her orgasm, the one she was seeking. I felt very happy, I gave my baby her first cum. I gave her a couple of minute to recover and moved up beside her and when she was more coherent I kissed her. She she was able to respond she licked her lips. “What is that taste?” she asked, “Is it me?” “Yes, baby, it is you, and you taste pretty sweet.” “Do you like that taste?” “Yes I do very much.” “Do you get it very much?” “Yes every time that Janice stays over.” “That is why you have her babysitting us, so she stays the night?” “Yes, she is here to babysit you two, but of course sometimes I’m not out. It’s just a reason to have her over here. We tell her parents that I am out late and she will spend the night here instead of going home late. That way she can spend the night with me. Now you know our little secret.” I said confidentially. Donna asked, “You do this with her?” “Yes, we do, and we both love it.” “You have been doing this all the time, she has been sitting us?” she wanted to know. “Yes she has been sitting you for the last year, and we have been making love often since she started sitting for me. She was 13, then and it wouldn’t be long before you are that age. You would be too old to need a sitter. It is a shame I wouldn’t have a reason to have her over to make love with her.” “But you have me.” “You want to do this too?” “Oh, mom I love it!” “This was good enough for today. Are you wanting to learn more later?“ “Oh yes!” she said with great enthusiasm. “OK baby you head off to bed and I will teach you how to do that to me later. You will do that for me?” “Oh yeah!” I took my daughter as a lover, and taught her to lick my pussy, she took to it like a duck to water. She seemed to be a natural. I was happy that I could have her and still have my little 14 year old babysitter lover. Donna even joined us once and we had a nice threesome

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