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Family Virus Chapter 6


Things can change when you least expected it. The weather forecast had called for thundershowers, but none had occurred during the day. It was in the evening that it arrived. It seemed to be some distance away. You could see flashes of the lightening and hear the distant claps of thunder. But they didn’t all seem anywhere close. It was after Krista had gone to bed that things began to pick up. I could hear much more wind outside. There was added lightning as the flashes seemed to be more numerous. But the thunder didn’t sound any closer. The lights were still on all over the neighborhood, and that damn street light was still shining in my bedroom window.
Donna and I were having our special time together, and we were naked in my room. She was lying on her back with her legs spread and my face between them. Suddenly the room lit up with the flash of the lightening and a split second later there was a loud crack followed an instant later with a tremendous boom, that shook the whole house. It sounded like a bomb had just gone off in our house. I picked my face up from between Donna’s legs. About 10 seconds later my bedroom door was flung open and in ran Krista. She ran over to the bed and jumped on it beside me. “Mommy I was sleeping and the storm woke me, I am scared!” Krista cried. Donna and I were so surprised that we hadn’t reacted. Donna’s pussy was swollen and red from her excitement, and covered with my saliva. It took Krista a couple of seconds to take in, and start to figure out what had been going on. “What are you and Donna doin’? How come you’re naked? Were you kissing her pussy?” I never lied to my kids. “Yes, Donna and I were doing something special.” “What special?” Krista asked. “I was loving her.” “You do that to love her?” “It is a special kind of love.” “Mom don’t you love me too?” “Of course I do but this is a kinda special thing. It is more for older people.” Krista exclaimed, “Donna’s not so old, she’s only 11 and I’m not so young I am 9 and that is not much different.” “This is a special kind of love that we can’t talk about to anyone outside the family,” I said. Krista looked at me and said, “I don’t tell any one we don’t wear clothes sometimes in the house, and I never told about Janice babysitting us when you are home and she spends the night in your room.” I said, “I’m glad that you don’t tell about those things, those are private things, and you shouldn’t tell about them, it is our family’s business and no one’s else.” “I can keep more secrets,” my young daughter said smiling. “Well, Krista, mommy was loving Donna in a special way, we were having sex. Do you know what that is?” “Yeah some of the girls at school talk about it. But don’t you have to have a boy to do that?” “That is one way of doing that, but two girls can do that too.” “Can you do that with me too?” she wanted to know. “If you really want that” I said, “then you need to take off your pajamas.” “Why are you going to do that with her? You were suppose to be doing that with me!” said Donna with indignation. “You were already having a turn, it is mine now!” Krista declared. “Mom, you didn’t finish with me! Besides why does she get a turn at all? She doesn’t always need to get the same things that I get. I’m older I get to go first on things. Krista you too big a baby for this anyway!” Donna whined. “Am not!” Krista cried. “Besides if you can do it, I can too! I can do anything that you can do, and you know it! I can even do it better than you.” “You don’t even know what we were doing!” Donna retorted. “Yeah I do! You were doing lezzy sex!” “Girls! Don’t fight!” I said getting between them. “Krista, how do know about that?” “Some of the girls at school were talking,” said my youngest. “Brooke has an older sister, she says her sister does that all the time with her friends when they have sleepovers. Brooke says she seen her sister do that with girls, and once she saw her sister having sex with a boy.” “How old is Brooke’s sister?” I asked. “She’s 13. Brooke says she has been doing those things for a while.” “Well, Krista I’m busy with Donna at the moment. I have to finish with her first. You can watch what I do with her. Then we’ll talk about a turn for you.” Donna pouted at that. “Don’t worry Donna, things might turn out better for you than you think.” Despite the storm going on outside I finished off Donna and gave her the orgasm she was seeking with Krista watching very wide-eyed. Then I began to teach my other daughter. I was excited by her young body and to get the chance to make love to her. I hadn’t ever thought of being with her this way, but it was still thrilling to do it. She wanted everything. She learned to kiss quickly and was not only having orgasms when I ate her, or even when Donna did it to her. (It was Krista’s idea that the two sisters do it together.) But she had no problems going down on either one of us or both of us. We saw less of Janice, as she got involved with boys. She did still come over and have sleepovers with Donna out in the living room. It was a time when they could have sex together and talk. For Donna it was a time of learning about the wider world around her from someone other than her mom. It was also Janice that told her stories about boys and girls together. Mike was still an active part in our lives. He was always there for birthdays and holidays, as well as just dropping by for no reason from time to time. First Krista then Donna had their birthdays in the late spring and the early summer. They were now 10 and 12 respectively. With access to the internet, Janice must have shown Donna porno videos of straight couples having sex. Donna knew that I got pregnant with her when I was young. Since she knew how babies came to be, she knew I was fucking at a young age not much older than her. Between the videos and knowing my age, Donna felt comfortable coming to me and telling me that she would like to have sex with a boy. Oh boy! Did this ever create a dilemma for me. There were so many mixed emotions there. On the one hand I didn’t want to see one of my babies get involved with sex, (not that she wasn’t already with me), but I didn’t want to see her get hurt either physically, or emotionally by some boy. Truthfully I didn’t want so see her with boys at all. I also didn’t want to lose a lover, a nice cute young one at that, one I loved very much. But on the other hand I wanted what is best for her. Though I think that being lesbian would be a better thing for her, it would have to be her choice. What to do? I thought if she wants it, it would be better sooner rather than later. She could have done with it and get it over with and she could go back to being mommy’s little lover. Also if she did it now, since she hadn’t gotten her period yet, the risk of getting pregnant would be much less. But if she was going to do this, who would do it with her? I am sure that a lot of boys in her class at school would love to volunteer for the job. But what would any of them know about being a good lover? They would probably be just as clueless about it as she would be. I would want it to be a nice time for her since it would be something she would remember her whole life. I needed some one who knew what he was doing. I wanted someone to treat her nice. Since she was so underage it had to be someone who wouldn’t talk about it, or get in trouble for it. The boys her age wouldn’t get in trouble for having sex with her. But oh try to find one who could keep his mouth shut about it. Good luck finding a 12 year old boy that wouldn’t brag that he bagged a girl. So no matter how good he might be in bed, if he was, would he care about her enough to see that she had a good time? She had a right to expect an orgasm from him since he would get one from her. (Also she gets them from me when we have sex.) How to find a good little lover for her that wouldn’t be spreading it around school that he had Donna. I didn’t want her to have a reputation while only in the 7th grade. When I talked to Donna about it, big ears Krista, was listening, and she wanted in on the deal. If Donna got to have sex with a guy then she wanted it also. There was no dissuading her from it. She wanted to try sex with a guy and that was that! Now if it wasn’t bad enough trying to find the right lover for Donna, now I had to find one that would be willing to take on Krista too. I though about it very much. I was thinking this was an impossible task. There isn’t any 12 year old boy that could satisfy both girls especially one who would be willing to take on Krista as a lover too. I began thinking about adult men. They wouldn’t be telling any one, and they could be a good lover for them. But of all my women friends with boyfriends or husbands or any guy friends I knew, who could I tell that I wanted them to take the virginity of my little babies. I was sure it was going to have to be an adult, he wouldn’t be telling any one, and he could be giving enough to make sure that they had a good time. I was sure that if I picked the right one he would care enough about her not to be using her for his own ends. But how many guys would be agreeable to fucking a 12 year old, let alone a ten year old, too? Finally I just picked the phone and made a call. “Hi, it’s me. Can you get away and meet me in Ellison park at lunch time tomorrow?…OK, I’ll see you at noon…. Over by the picnic tables.” The next day I saw him at the appointed hour. “I’m glad you came, lets walk a bit while I explain it my problem to you. I didn’t want to tell you this over the phone, because it is kind of sensitive.” I laid out my dilemma. He was rather surprised to learn that Donna wanted sex with a guy. If that wasn’t shock enough, the idea Krista wanted it too sure was. He didn’t have too many problems with Donna, but he wasn’t so sure about Krista. I explained if she didn’t get it too, there could be problems that it might leak though her that he and Donna had sex. So it was a real problem but he agreed to the plan I had come up with and was willing to have sex with both of my girls, a 12 year old and her 10 year old sister. He thought that it might be a good idea to spend the weekend with us. He said that might be a good thing to take the girls on an outing during the day and spend the night with her, taking her virginity that night. Each girl would get her day, where she got to choose what she did during the day and at night he would spend it in her bed giving her what she wanted. We agreed and he would come over Saturday morning, and we would be begin our eventful weekend. I explained it to the girls, they could hardly wait for the weekend to come. They looked forward it with great anticipation. Though they asked several times who it was that was that I had gotten to be their lover, I hadn’t told them. Only that they would have to wait and see

Chapter 6