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Family Virus Chapter 7

Saturday morning the girls were keyed up. They knew that their mystery lover was coming over at 10. Fifteen minutes to ten there was a knock on the door. The girls squealed that he was early. They ran to the door to meet the man that was going to be their lover. They flung open the door, only to exclaim with disappointment and worry, “Oh it’s you Uncle Mike.” “Why are you here?” Krista asked. Donna chimed, “Are you going to staying long, Uncle Mike?” Mike answered her, “I came over to see my sister and my favorite nieces. Why? Are you planning on going somewhere?” “Umm we were expecting someone and then we were going, out. Not that we aren’t glad to see you Uncle Mike.” Donna tried to make him welcome and push him out the door at the same time.
“Who were you expecting Donna, and where were you going?” he said quizzing her. “He’s a friend of mom. Mom said we could go to Calaway Park” said Donna. “He is supposed to be here soon, so I hope you don’t mind Uncle Mike if we leave shortly.” “Is it just you going Donna?” Mike asked. “Oh no mom and Krista are coming too, so nobody will be home, sorry.” “What will you be doing when you get home?” Mike continued to quiz his niece. “What do you mean?” “Well Donna I understand that you and your sister are seeking a man to make love to you.” I was standing there, and the girls both were in such a state of shock that they were near enough to passing out, that I moved over towards them, just in case. I led them all over to sit down in the living room. “Why do you think that, Uncle Mike?” Donna said when she could find where the cat hid her tongue. Mike smiled and said, “Your mom told me, Donna.” She turned and looked at me, she then turned very red. She began to sputter, “Umm mmm, I don’t know what she told you, but I wouldn’t be doing that, I’m only 12.” “You maybe only 12 but I heard that you wanted to try it with a guy,” Mike teased. “I can understand your curiosity about being with a guy since you have been with only with girls so far for the past year.” Krista spoke up saying, “We don’t do those things, Uncle Mike!” Mike looked at her. “Yes you do Krista, and you seem to like to have sex with whomever Donna is with. Which is why you wanted to have sex with a guy too.” I was sitting there watching them twisting in the wind, Mike knew all their secrets, as they tried to deny them. “Do you girls not know that your mom and I are close? She tells me what is going on here. Even if she didn’t I’m here in your house enough times to know. But you can relax; first I won’t be telling any one your secrets, second you don’t have to try and pretend that you don’t know things. I’ve known your mom is lesbian for a long time. I know that she has been with both of you,” Mike said as he rested his hand casually on my thigh. “That’s why she asked me to be the man that made love to you two. She knows that I love both of you. She knows that I can give you a special time for your first time. But if I do this with you, I hope you don’t go around wanting to be with all the guys around.” The girls were both so stunned. They couldn’t speak for a minute. Donna found her voice first. “You’re the guy mom got for us? But you’re our uncle, that’s incest.” Mike smiled again and said kindly, “Yes, Donna I’m your uncle, and I’ll make love to you if you want me. But remember if you are making love with your mother, that is incest too. So I would think that if you don’t have problems being with her, then you wouldn’t have a problem being with me, or do you?” “Oh no Uncle Mike! I think it’s alright. You will even do it with me?” Krista piped up. “Yes, that’s what you had said you wanted isn’t it Krista?” said Mike. He continued, “But it seems that there is supposed to be some kind of a trip your suppose to be going on? Was it Calaway Park you were planning to go to? If you want to go, you better get a move on or the lines will be so long.” The girls were ready in a flash, and out the door we went. They both had fun at the park riding the rides. Donna rode the rides with Mike while Krista rode with me. We went to dinner that night at Donna’s choice of a restaurant. When we got home I sent Donna to the shower, and Mike followed her shortly after. We said good night to them, as they went to the girls’ bedroom

Chapter 7