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Family Virus Chapter 8


With them in there, Krista was going to spend the night with me. I would get to spend one last night with my virgin daughter, while her sister was losing hers. I enjoyed eating her little virgin pussy, since the next time I got it, it wouldn’t be virgin any more. Krista and I had a good time. I didn’t hear much from the next room. I thought that maybe I would hear Donna when Mike broke her cherry, but either she wasn’t loud or they covered it well enough.
Next morning I got up and made all of us breakfast. Donna seemed to be a little stiff legged and perhaps in a little pain down there. I gave her some of a popular children’s pain medication. But she seemed happy enough about what she wanted and got. While Donna might look hurt, Mike on the other hand seemed pretty happy. Today was now going to be Krista’s day, and she couldn’t wait to start. She wanted to go to the Stampede. It was good for Donna at least she could sit and watch not walking like yesterday. It is always great to go to the stampede, especially the chuck wagon races. The evening went the same way as yesterday, only Krista got to choose the restaurant this time. Showers were followed by bed, Mike walking hand in hand with Krista into the girls’ bedroom to make her a woman at 10 years of age, a year younger that I was when he did that with me. Donna joined me. She was still a bit sore for sex, so we just cuddled together. We got to talking. “We haven’t had the chance to talk alone before, so tell me how did it go yesterday?” “OK I guess, I mean I don’t know I didn’t ever do it before, so I don’t know.” “Did you like the sex, was it as good as you thought it might be?” “In that way it was like they said it would be in the books. It was interesting to see a real one. He showed me what to do with his dick. Oh maybe I shouldn’t say that! Is it wrong to call it a dick?” “It is OK to call it that” I assured her. “Did you like his dick?” “Yeah it was nice, I was glad it wasn’t so huge, but it sure was big enough. It hurt some when he went in me, but he was real nice about it. He was always asking me how it was, did I hurt and stuff like that. He got all the way in me. Thanks for giving me that lube, I did get an orgasm from the sex with him, and I could feel him cum in me. I liked it, it was nice but I got the same orgasms from you and Janice. I even sucked on his dick, and he came in my mouth. His stuff doesn’t taste near as nice as your juices, mom,” she smiled up at me, then went on. “How did you get Uncle Mike to have sex with me and Krista anyway?” “Well, I had told you a while ago that I wasn’t one to follow the rules so well. That is how I can be lesbian, and make love with my cute little daughters.” I said as a gave her a little squeeze. She looked at me with imploring eyes, “Yeah but that is you mom, how did you get Uncle Mike to do it?” “Your uncle loves you both very much, he wants to see the best for you just as much as I do.” “Yeah but he would do incest, and with underaged girls? How is that possible that he would do that?” “There is a lot about your uncle you might not know. I picked him to do this for several reasons. Because he loves you. He is a good lover, don’t you think so? But also I know that he has had some experience with an underaged girl before.” Donna was still a little confused. “Uncle Mike has been with young girls before? When? I never saw him with any! His girlfriends are always near his age or some of them were even older…. Wait you don’t mean that some of those that were moms with daughters, he was doing stuff with the daughters?” “Well that I don’t know about that, and I doubt that he was. What I was thinking of happened a long time ago,” I said. “If it was a long time ago, then how do you know?” Donna asked. “You forget that he’s my brother and we grew up in the same house. I knew what went on there.” “How could he have young girls there?” Donna was wide-eyed. “When grandma is still bent out of shape that you have me and Krista, and you weren’t married and you were so young. How could she ever allow Uncle Mike have any young girls in the house? Grandma seems to know everything.” “Your grandma didn’t always know as much as she thinks she does,” I assured my daughter. “She wasn’t as clued in about what went on, as much as she thought that she was, Nor was she as in control of things as she imagined. Which is why she is still bent about my having you when I was so young. She didn’t know a thing about what I was doing to get pregnant.” “But even if Uncle Mike did have young girls, why would you think that he would want to do incest?” I said, “Well incest runs in families.” More wide eyed surprise from Donna, “Are you saying he has done incest before?” “You think that I am the only one in my family that does that?” “If Uncle Mike did incest who would he have done it with?…” She looked up at me with yet another wide eyed expression. “Wait a minute, you said he did sex with young girls and he did incest. You had me when you were young.” With almost was whisper she asked, “Did he have incest sex with you, mom?” With a bit of a smile as I thought back to the day he took my cherry, I said, “Yes Mike and I made love together, he was my first lover. He took my cherry just like he took yours.” “Mom,…” Donna asked with more than a bit of trepidation in her voice, “Is Uncle Mike my dad?” “I have never lied to you, and I won’t start now. Yes he is, and he’s Krista’s too. But I don’t want you to tell her that. Mike and I wouldn’t want her to know that for now. Before you ask, yes he knows that you and Krista are his daughters. You had once asked who your dad was. Now you know. How do you feel about that?” Her face had a wide eyed expression that showed she could hardly believe what she had just heard. But she said, “Mom that means I gave my cherry to my dad. That kinda blows my mind. My uncle is my dad. That is a lot to know! I guess I know now what you meant about why you never married my dad and that it’s complicated. But I agree he is a great guy. I can see why you love him, and why you couldn’t marry him. It is amazing I have known my dad my whole life, I just didn’t know that he was.” I said, “Are you happy with the answers that you found?” “I am glad that I had sex with a guy,” said Donna, “and I’m glad that I know who my dad is. I just didn’t know that they would be with the same person. But I guess I’m OK with it. He was so nice to me and he wanted to make it good for me.” “I told you that your dad was a special guy,” I said. “You know mom, even though he is my dad and I enjoyed sex with him, do you think that Uncle Mike, or maybe I should say dad, would be upset if I didn’t want to have sex with him any more?” She looked to me for answers, then added, “What do you think should I call him dad or Uncle Mike?” “He’s a great guy. And if that is your choice about not having more sex with him, I am sure he won’t feel bad about it. As what to call him, for now I think that is best if you still call him Uncle Mike, if only for your sister’s sake. Maybe later we will let him know that you know that he is your dad.” “Mom can I still have sex with you?” “Yes of course,” I said, sweeping her into my arms. “But why do want to be with me, your mom, and not your dad?” Donna considered her answer carefully. “Sex with a guy was interesting, but you said before that there is little that a guy and girl can do that two girls can’t do. I think I like being with girls better. Can we try some of those things you have, like that vibrator? But just not tonight, I am sore still.”

Chapter 8