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Family Virus Chapter 9


I heard the shower early in the morning. I was too tried and I didn’t want to wake Donna as I got up. Mike, I knew, would need to start to get ready for work. I knew he would let himself out. I would catch up with him later. It wasn’t long before it was time for me to get up and start to get ready for work too. I did it as quietly as possible. When I was out of the shower and making my breakfast, Krista came bouncing into the room.
You would have thought that Donna was an old woman with the way she walked stiff legged yesterday, but Krista was lightly bouncing like she was on cloud nine. I couldn’t help but ask her, “Did you and Uncle Mike have sex last night?” “Oh yes mom, three times, can you imagine, we did it three times!” she said brightly with a winning smile. “Wow! That’s great!” I cried, beaming at her. “I take it you liked it.” “Oh mom it was super! I loved it, it was so good.” I couldn’t believe that she had intercourse and was still walking on air like this. “What did you and Uncle Mike do?” “We kissed, he is as good a kisser as you mom, and he played with my boobs, even if I didn’t have any. He said I was ‘real cute this way.’” I guffawed at that. “He treated me like I had a ‘great pair,’ he even said that. Then he rubbed me and then he went down and kissed my pussy. He was kissing me it so good I had a cum a couple of times the last time he did that he was licking me and the next thing I knew he was kissing my lips and he pushed his tongue in my mouth. I could feel his peter in my pussy. I didn’t even know when he put it in me. But he was pulling it out of me and pushing it back in me. It was so good, I got another cum from him being in me. Just as I was finishing I could feel him push in me real deep, then I could feel that I got real wet there. He was making noises. He told me later that he was cumming then, and what I felt was his sperm going into me. Mommy it was so cool! Just think that’s the stuff to make babies he put into me.”Image I gasped, “Thank heavens you won’t be able to have any babies for a few years, so don’t go getting ideas into your head about having babies, when you aren’t much more than a baby yourself.” She rolled her eyes at me like the teen she would be becoming and said, “I know mom! I see how hard it is for you being a young single mom. But still it’s so cool to have his sperm in me. Mom do you think that Uncle Mike will do it more with me?” “If you liked it so much maybe you can convince him to do that with you again. But remember that you can’t tell anybody about this. Also I don’t want you to be looking for other boys to do this with,” I cautioned her. “But I can still do this with Uncle Mike, can’t I?” I nodded, “Yes, if he wants to too.” Krista beamed again and started jumping up and down, “Oh mom! I hope he does, can you tell him and see if you can get him to do it again with me!” I wanted more of her story, so I asked, “You said you did it three times. If he was in your pussy that time, what did you do the other two times?” Krista said, “He did it my pussy twice, but the second time he had me suck on his peter. He put his sperm in my mouth, I wasn’t sure I was going to like it, but it wasn’t bad at all, and I rather liked it. It was cool because I could feel it better than when he shot his stuff in my pussy. We kissed more and later he licked me again. He had to wait a bit to get hard again, but it wasn’t so long. He said that I was so sexy that he got hard again a lot faster for the second time, and he said he doesn’t ever get hard three times in one night, but he said I was so exciting that he did. Then he did it in my pussy again! Isn’t it great!” “Wow Krista sounds like you had a good time!” I said, catching her energy and remembering how it had been when Mike and I started making love all those years ago. “Perhaps you should write your uncle a thank you card for that.” “Should I?” she said. I called Mike later and we met after work at his place for a few minutes. He confirmed what Krista told me. He said that she was so sexy for her age. It made him wish that he and I had started younger. But I wasn’t so sure about that. He said that he had a good time with Donna too, and tried to please her. He thought that he had. I told him that Krista had a wonderful time, and wanted more. He asked me, “Are you OK with my doing more with Krista? I mean she is only 10, and she is our daughter.” “I know that she would love it,” I said recalling her bright smile. “I can’t see much difference since she is 10, and I was 11. She’s your daughter and I’m your sister. Not too much difference, especially if you don’t get her pregnant like you did to me. But at least that can’t happen to her for a couple of years yet.” “Well if Krista wants it, and you are OK with it. You are OK with it aren’t you? Then I would like to be with Krista again, and more. I promise I won’t get her pregnant. What about Donna, what does she want?” Mike asked. “Donna, for now, wants to stick with girls. I think that would be a good thing for her, since she will be getting her period sometime before long. I don’t want her to end up like me, only this time with her daddy’s baby. Not that I don’t love you Mike, and I’m glad we had the girls, but who knows what our lives might have been without them?” Mike nodded slowly, “Yeah I know what you mean, sis. By having them you gave up a lot, And I’m sorry I got you into that mess.” I reached out and took my brother’s hand. “Look, don’t be sorry, I wanted the sex as much as you. Besides by being pregnant, I discovered who I truly am, and I am happy living my life as a lesbian. Besides we got two great kids out of it. I just hope you don’t go making Krista pregnant when her time comes.” Mike laughed and threw up his hands in mock surrender, “OK! OK sister dear, I won’t. I do know a bit more than I did back then.” He kissed me goodbye as I left for home. I had resolved part of my dilemma. At least Donna won’t be having sex with a guy. So I don’t have to worry about her getting pregnant. But now what to do about Krista? I hope I didn’t create a monster with her.

Chapter 9