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Tribal Seeds Chapter 2

I agreed without hesitation. I had just fallen into sleep, when a violent tremor shook the car. All four of us woke up. It was an earthquake we thought. In a flash we got out of the car. But surprisingly we didn’t feel any tremors of earthquake. Just then a violent shriek came from behind me. I did not have to turn back to say that it was an elephant.
“Quick. Run,” Vimal shouted at us. I leapt forward pulling mom with me. Mom seemed to be too sleepy to run but I never let go her hand. I could hear the distant roars of the gigantic animal as we ran in darkness into the forest. It was damn cold also.
After a couple of minutes, I felt mom’s hands slipping out of mine. I stopped and went backwards in search of her. I had run about 200 meters without her. I was too scared to think then. Strange enough there was no trace of mom or Manju aunty. I knew that Manju aunty was with her as I remember hearing mom shouting something to her while running. Vimal had probably ran to the other side of the road.
I could hear the distant sound of a roar. I climbed on top of a tree fearing that some animal might harm me if I get down. I was very much scared out of my wits. It took me about 15 minutes to get back to my senses. The sound of elephant roars had died out. The tree that I had climbed was quite tall and I could have a good look around as the hill was sloping downwards. There at a distance I could see a faint light. I wasted no time thinking as I got down and headed towards the direction in which the light came. I knew that I couldn’t spend the entire night on the tree top. I needed help to find others before it was too late.
I walked as fast as I could keeping my eyes and ears open for any creatures. Luckily I had my mobile with me without which I would have surely have fallen down. It was about 20 minutes walk and it was damn cold as well. But I did not care.
The light became clearer and clearer. It was a camp fire. Near the camp fire was a thatched house. There were several more thatched houses surrounding them which were almost on the brinks of falling apart. But more important was the fact that I could hear Manju aunty’s voice. It was coming from the direction of the campfire. I moved forwards to get a better view. Sure there was my aunty and beside her was my mother. Mom was lying on the ground. They were surrounded by two tribal men and women probably husband and wife. Aunty’s hands were held tightly by a woman. She had a knife with her. I was confused.
“Are they gonna hurt us?” I thought. I decided to wait and watch the proceedings.
“God gave us these women. He has heard our prayers. We must make use of this opportunity,” a big man with a dark face and huge teeth announced authoritatively. It wasn’t our language but it had a lot of similarities with ours. Hence I could understand them.
“Yes. But see shouldn’t we ask these women before we do something. They seem to be out of their senses,” the second tribal said. He also had a dark face but was much shorter than the other man. Both were well built.
“No we shouldn’t. We had waited so long for a child. I say earlier the better. Also if other people come to know about them, they might snatch them away from us. Our race must flourish shouldn’t it?” the man asked.
Now the picture was almost clear to me. A few months back I had heard about infant deaths in a particular tribe in the state due to some unknown reason. The tribes said that it was because god had cursed the women in their tribe. I was sure that they were going to fuck our mothers. I wanted to save them, but I was scared. I was no match to these muscular men. I decided to wait.
“Wake her up,” the tall tribe ordered his wife pointing at my mom. She sprinkled water onto moms face. Both mom and aunt were still in the hang over of the beer that they had drunk.Both mom and aunty were wearing saree. Mom had a heavy frame with round buttocks and heavy boobs. She had a nice seductive naval. While aunty was a bit more slimmer and sexier. But she wasn’t as busty as mom.
“Come. Move,” the tall tribal’s wife ordered mom pushing her towards him. She fell onto his chest. He hugged her tightly. Mom did not say anything. She wasn’t in her senses. The other man had also gotten hold of aunty. They were hugging each other. Just then aunty did something that I had never expected. She kissed him. He was probably new to this as he wasn’t responding.

Chapter 2