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Tribal Seeds Chapter 3

“Kiss me,” aunty shouted at him. Aunty locked her lips onto his for some time. His wife didn’t like it as she broke their kiss. The tribal licked aunty instead with his greedy tongue. Aunty didn’t seem to realize that he was licking her as she was still in search of his tongue. His hands had automatically reached her heavy boobs. He was massaging her boobs.
Meanwhile mom had some what returned to her senses as she started resisting the tall mans efforts. He was now squeezing her boobs over her saree. It was as if he was crushing a huge round stone with his fists. Mom was crying out in pain. His wife immediately came to him and removed the only clothing that he wore which was a lungi. The other woman repeated the same with her husband. They started sucking the cocks of their husbands as they were busy exploring our mother’s body over their saree. Both their cocks were pretty large. The tall man’s cock was about 8 inches and the short man’s may be half an inch longer.
“Give me that fucking cock. I am dying for a fuck,” aunty said pushing aside his wife. I was surprised by her move. Then I realized that she hasn’t had sex for the past 10 years. Aunty greedily put the long shaft in her lovely mouth. The man seemed to like it as he moaned in pleasure. Seeing this, the other man also pushed his wife aside and pushed mom onto her knees. He immediately shoved his cock into her mouth. Mom was struggling to take his cock in her mouth. She had a surprised look on her face. May be she had never seen a cock so large.
The sucking went on for about 10 minutes. Both women were now turned on as they didn’t show any signs of resistance. Both hadn’t been fucked for some time. It had been nearly two years since dad came home.
The tall man had enough of sucking as he ordered mom to stand. He removed her pallu which feel on the ground. He couldn’t remove the hooks of her blouse as the women in their tribes wore a different kind of clothing. He tore her blouse from the front. He was angry when he found another clothing beneath. He tried and tried but her bra wouldn’t tear. Finally mom removed the hooks herself. Removing the saree wasn’t a bid task for him. Seeing her shapely sagging boobs lying in front of him, he lost his control.
He immediately took her nipples into his mouth and started sucking them. He ordered his wife to strip mom. She patiently removed the rest of her clothes one by one. When her panties were off, he ordered his wife to suck mother’s pussy . She reluctantly started licking. After some time, he stopped sucking and started licking her tits. Mom’s pleasure was doubled as she had her pussy and tits licked simultaneously. The man soon moved onto her navel. He licked and fingered her navel while his wife obediently sucked my mother’s pussy
Meanwhile the short man had managed to strip aunty’s saree. She was now in blouse and petticoat. She seemed to be out of control as she pushed him onto what seemed like a bed. In a flash she raised her petticoat and slid her panties to one side. They took the 69 position. He seemed to like it a lot. Aunty let out moans of pleasure as she sucked his monster.
They went on like this for 5 more minutes when aunty decided to ride him. She didn’t bother to remove her blouse and petticoat. She was so badly in need to be fucked. She slowly inserted the monster onto her trimmed pussy. She was screaming like anything as the cock pushed its way deep into her. She couldn’t move because of pain. but he did not care as he started pushing his cock deep in her. I could see her nice ass bouncing on his lap. It took her a while to get acquainted with the monster.
Meanwhile the tall man was ready to fuck mom. He lifted mom in his arms and tossed her into the bed. Mom was trying to resist him by pushing. But he wasn’t ready to listen as he pushed his huge cock into her pussy in one go. Mom screamed in pain. Soon her resistance turned into pleasure as he fucked her at very high speed. It was like a drilling machine drilling a hole in the wall.
The short mans wife had removed aunty’s blouse and bra while she was being fucked. She was very much turned on as I could hear her shouting
“Fuck me. Fuck me harder. Fuck me deep….”
They had now opted for doggy position. He seemed to fuck at a slower pace as compared to the other man, who fucked mom like an animal. The cries and shouts were now replaced by moans of pleasure. Now mom was sitting on top of him. I could see her bouncing on his lap.
The fucking continued for five more minutes. The short man had suddenly increased his pace. With a cry he deposited his load deep in aunty’s womb. He collapsed onto her who still continued her moaning even though the fucking had stopped. Meanwhile the other man seemed to have immense stamina as he continued to fuck mom fast and deep. Five minutes later, with a cry he deposited his semen into mother’s pussy. They lay there hugging each other for some time.
Aunty still seemed to be in hang over as she licked all the cum from his cock.
“Fuck me again. Fuck me harder,” she begged. But the man seemed to be satisfied as he got up and dressed. The tall man had also got onto his feet. Bothe the men disappeared into their huts keeping their wife guard for our mom’s. Meanwhile mom and aunty were ready to get up. There was cum dripping from their pussy. Mom wiped her pussy with her petticoat while aunty took the cum out with her finger and licked it.
“We want you to give birth to our children. You will be freed only after you do so. Till then you shall be our guests,” the big man announced.
I found this very very funny as both mom and aunty had her uterus removed years ago owing to some hereditary problem. Thanks to that as they could enjoy sex without fear of getting pregnant.

Chapter 3