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Untold story of My bengali mother Chapter 1

Hi, am Rani (name changed).  A girl of **age. Am a sweet girl who loves to play, sing, eat and sleep. I live with my maa (mom), baba(dad) and didi (elder sister). Many days passed, my cousin dada (cousin elder brother) is also staying with us. Exactly why, that I never knew; but as per mom, he is staying here/with us for better career scope… to find better job opportunities. Side by side, he started a coaching class for school students and others. What the most I love about him is, he is very loving, caring and protective for both of us sisters. We always felt that ‘He’ is always there for us. Not only for the sisters, but also for my maa-baba (mom-dad). And that’s probably the reason, he is staying with us for long. But the least I knew was that the main reason for him to stay with us for that long is;….actually my mother!!
The first time I got the tinge of suspect when on an occasion I, didi and father were getting ready to go the market and from there, to a relative’s home. But dada (elder brother) was not in the mood. He just said that he had to take the coaching class; for many of the students were having their exams in the very next week. Maa (mom) also said that she has to do a lot of  household work and that’s why she can’t come with us (we never had a daai/naukrani.). I was a bit disappointed because two of my favorite people have decided to stay back in the home for different reasons. Didi and baba were already waiting outside. So, I also bid them a good bye and went out. Before closing the main door behind me, I stopped and looked back. To my astonishment, my mother and dada were looking at each other and were smiling mischievously. I was too small and naïve to know what was that. What could that mean.??  I shaked my head..shuddered my shoulders and and joined didi and baba on the scooter and left. Since maa and dada were not coming, Baba decided not to take out the 4 wheeler. 
After reaching a half kilometer or so, I looked at my hands and suddenly started crying. Because I forgot my handkerchief back in home. My baba and didi tried to calm me down but I kept on crying. At last Baba had to take me back. I got down from the scooter as quickly as possible and ran to the main door. Since my hands can’t reach the door bell ; I started to knock hardly. But there was no sound of my mom or dada from inside. My continuous knockings soon turned into bangings. After few bangings, my mother opened the door. I almost screamed on her, “Dorja keno khulchele na?” (“why weren’t you opening the door?”). I was almost on the verge of crying. Without waiting for my mother to reply, I ran to my room inside, took my hanky and came out. 
While coming out I looked at my mom carefully. When she opened the door, she was little angry, frustrated with a tinge of fear on her face. Now too, she looked kind of angry and frustrated but not scared. She was wiping off her lips with her hand and pallu. Her pallu too seemed as it was draped up in a quick fashion as it was all bunched up on her left shoulder. The end of her blouse border at her back (peeth) was somewhat seemed as it came quite  on top of her back. Means, the border of blouse was not there where it is meant to be.  No sign of bra was there. (I didn’t knew what it was called that time.). My mom always wears bra but right now, it was not there!
“Taratari ja.. nahole firte deri hobe.” (“Go quickly.. or else you’ll get back late.”) My mom said in a stern voice. I got goosebumps… Hell Yeah!! She is damn angry. I quickly ran out of the house. 
That day, when we returned to home; mom looked quite fresh. Her face was glowing. Her eyes had an extra spark of love. She took us in with great love and care. Got us our home dress. As we were small kids, we were used to finish our dinner very early. It was almost the time for dinner for Me and didi. Didi is very careless and forgetful minded. So, I avoided telling her what I saw and felt this morning… for some unknown reasons to me, maa was looking surprisingly happy. It was kinda weird. Not because maa is never happy or never gets to be happy. It’s just that whatever the reason for happiness was, it was extra. Maa can’t stop smiling and let us know that she is happy. 
I was very bad at opening up the shoes’ laces. So I called for maa. Maa came and made me sit on a chair and she herself sat kneel down on the ground and started to open up my shoes. It was kind of tight somewhere and soon Maa also started struggling with it. As she was busy with my shoes, I kept on looking at her. In the due time of opening my shoes, her pallu moved little away from above of her right breast. I was not able to see her face or eyes but loved the way she struggled with my shoes. With great love, My eyes started to roam all over my mumma’s body. After a minute or so, I eyes got stuck on two places. Two red marks on two places of my Maa’s body.
One was on little back of her neck and another was on top of upper part of her right breast. As small was my age, I couldn’t make out what those marks were of? (now I know those are called love bites).  I wanted to ask my mom about those marks, but a sudden wave of fear ran across my mind. My heart pounded. I don’t want to make my mumma angry again. I don’t know why but felt like this is a type of question which is not supposed to be asked. So, I kept quite. Thought of let go the question. But, as soon as I was about to take off my eye’s from my mumma… again I noticed something. And it was about something on her chest. I mean at the very starting point of her deep valley between those two awesome breast globes (am sorry, I really admire my mumma’s figure now), there was a mark again!  Really couldn’t make out but it looked like a mark..(love bite mark).  I was hell scared. I thought those to be any disease mark.
By now, my mother successfully took off my shoes from both of my legs and taking them in her hand, she stood up adjusting her pallu and said, “ami juto gulo giye rekhe dicchi. Tui haat paa dhuye chole aaye khete.” (I’m going to keep these shoes to their places and by that time, you go ..wash your hand and feet and come down for dinner.”).  Saying this, she turned back to go and lo!! Again a mark! And it was on her upper back (peeth). But yes, this was the mark I could easily guess. It was the type of mark you get when someone pinches you really hard and the place where you were pinched gets red!! And am damn sure that it was a mark because of a pinch.
But how? Who did it??

Chapter 1