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Untold story of My bengali mother Chapter 10

After that day, sessions like that continued. Whenever mom and dada got a chance to be on their own, they never missed a session. They even did kissing and sucking of lips in front of me. Gradually they became very bold and soon they started to have their sessions in front of me!. Though mom was always there for me, whenever I wanted but as soon as the work was over, mom got back to Dada and showered her whole love, care and devotion. Yes! You read it right… Devotion! The way she used to touch and caress Dada’s body, and took care of his every needs, from materials to physical, that indeed showed her devotion towards dada. As a kid, it was really very hard for me to guess or know the exact reason for mom’s attachment and attraction towards dada. I even noticed that after sometime from the day of their first session (fuck), she stopped wearing bra. I very well knew that she was doing this only because dada wished her to do so. 

Without dada’s suggestion or command, mom won’t move an inch nowadays. 

I remember a day when I caught fever and was in no condition to go to school or even stand on my legs for a full one minute. Dad had left for his office and didi for school. I was on my bed, half slept, when suddenly I happened to hear some giggling sounds. It continued for couple of minutes or so, and just then I saw mom laughingly taking entry into the room; arranging her disheveled pallu. Her braless boobs were jumping underneath the light green blouse and her pink saree looked like somehow wrapped around her. Dada entered into the room behind her and groped her there itself and started kissing the back area of her neck and ruthlessly pressing her boobs. Mom, in no time started moaning lifting her head in the air and taking it little backwards. Dada didn’t waste any time and soon shifted all his focus towards her pallu. He removed it from the shoulder and within the blink of an eye; he very expertly opened the top two buttons of the blouse. As soon as the hooks got unhooked, a good amount of cleavage came into the view. Although her cleavage was already visible but after unhooking it was more to relish. Dada bent a little and kissed on top of the cleavage. Mom left out a deep sigh just as dada’s lips touched the skin of her cleavage.  She caught hold of his head by his hairs and pressed it over her cleavage. Persistent kissing and licking of her cleavage was gradually making her aroused. Restlessly standing and shaking her body, she tried to take hold of dada’s face and plant a kiss on it but dada was too reluctant to pick up his face from her cleavage and upper boob area. Slowly she started to give in and succumbed to dada’s erotic actions. Very soon mom’s saree too was taken away from her body. Now, she was just standing in her half opened blouse and a cream colored petticoat. Dada lifted her and walked towards the bed where I was sleeping. He put down mom on bed very gently and with his eyes, signaled mom to move me a bit more at the other end of the bed. After then, dada too climbed up the bed and laid beside mom.

Dada himself was wearing a vest and had a towel wrapped around his waist instead of any cloth.

He then asked Mom to take off his towel. Mom gladly did that with a huge smile on her face as if it was her obligatory duty. Underneath that he was wearing briefs. He asked (or better say commanded) Mom to help him to take off his briefs too and inhale deeply along with little licks on the front part of it. For Mom this was the first time she was experiencing something like this, she loved the dirty oddly smell that came from dada’s  brief which consisted the combined smell of sweat and cock. After doing that for few good minutes she looked dada deep in his eyes and smiled naughtily. Seemed like there’s something like her dream coming true. She then started licking his inner thighs from his knees and fully drenched his thighs with her saliva. Then she started licking his balls and then in the process pushed both of his balls inside her mouth and kept it for around 5 minutes without any action. I guess that dada has never experienced these slutty things and he surely felt like he is in heaven. She then started to lick his cock from down but he did not allow to lick his cock instead he wanted her to lick the part of his body below his balls for which he took his both legs and kept above mom’s shoulders which gave easy access for that motherly mouth to explore the area under the balls. The whole of groin area was clean shaved, with no trace of tiny hair. He made her lick that area for around 10 minutes and this made his cock seemingly ready to come into action at any moment. He then moved his legs even more up giving access to his ass hole to the holy motherly mouth. This was the first time Mom seeing and feeling someone else's ass hole. This was too much for her, she gave loud moans and started licking his ass hole like anything. By the look on dada’s face, it clearly seemed like he was in the heaven. She licked his asshole for a very long time but dada never seemed to be getting over with it. He then finally let mom take her mouth out and instead gave her, his cock to suck.

She enjoyed his cock like a candy or an ice cream and tasted every inch of it, She first did tongue flickering on just over the tip of his cock and then very slowly, licking, gripping the sides of the cock with the tongue and leisurely coming up, looking straight into his eyes with a hint of satisfying smile at the corner of her lips, she came over to the top of the cock and at a snail's pace swallowed the bulb mushroom top of the dick completely. Dada then got hold of my half nude mother's head and started to deep throat her like anything. Her mouth touched his balls every time when he deep throated her. He did this for nearly more than 10 minutes and at last couldn't control. His cock ended up spurting liters of sticky white liquid substances directly into her throat which my sweet homely mother swallowed every bit of it. He then gave her his towel to wipe her face and then gave her a tight kiss on her lips. He then removed all of her dresses and made her naked except her mangalsutra. He then again made her to suck his drooping dick. Her head was shuddering like anything upon the action of her sucking the cock. This made mom restless and she pushed three fingers of her into her cunt and started masturbating. After few minutes of sucking dada made her to lie down on the cosy bed which was very comfortable and spongy. Then he started licking and kissing all over my lovely mother's breasts which also made her mangalsutra fully drenched with saliva. Dada was taking his full time in devouring mom’s beauty to his full satisfaction. He was like making me know this fact that my mother deserves even more pleasure.

I think dada had gone crazy with uncontrollable sexual urge to eat her pussy. Then he buried his face into her pussy and rubbed all over it. He brought his tongue out and licked her whole cunt. Mom began to moan and wriggle her body in pleasure. She replied in an erotic tone mixed with surprise: “haan re… tui ki shotti amar dhon ta  eto valobasis… oita ekebare khete nibi naki….? Vablei kemon jeno lage amar.” (“Oh, dear .. you really love my that…are you really going to suck my pussy…? I am already getting extreme pleasures just by thinking about it.”) With this, she separated her pussy lips as wide as she could. Even I could now clearly see her clitoris and big reddish pussy hole. Dada ran his tongue on her clitoris in a rubbing way. She moaned hard and giggled. Then he took the clitoris into his mouth and sucked it very hard. She began to bounce and wriggle her body like a fish taken out of water. And again, she began to moan more loudly.
Dada sat again. Now his attention was on her pussy hole. Now even I could also find it has become wet and juicy with her pre-cum.

Dada managed to shoot his tongue into her reddish tunnel slowly. The way he looked clearly suggested that he is mentally thanking her for letting her pussy be licked, sucked and fucked with his tongue. Frankly speaking, even if her pussy smelt offensive I am sure, dada would have felt it like the sweet fragrance of jasmine flowers. He twisted his tongue and probed inside her. Then he began to suck it. As his sucking continued for over 3 minutes, she bounced and made some involuntary movements moaning fiercely. This followed a little amount of thick discharge from her hole. She reached orgasm at last. In utter thirst, he gulped her juices down his throat greedily. “huh… ummmm….mmmmm….. nonta lagche go..” (“huh… ummmm….mmmmm….. It tastes salty dear.”)

Suddenly, mom suggested something very slowly in dada’s ear. As per her suggestion, dada stood behind her body and cupped her breasts. Then as asked by her, dada began to rub his weak cock between her asses. She must be an expert sexologist, because dada began getting pleasurable sensations by doing this and soon became aware of his cock that began to get erect again slowly. As soon as it erected fully, he made her lay on her back on the bed. Seeing dada teasing her by rubbing the top of his cock on her cunt, she giggled and guided his cock into her pussy. His cock slipped into her tunnel easily. I don’t know it pained or not but surely had made mom moan in pleasure again. All I remembered was dada doing a vigorous fucking. It was only when she remarked that he was fucking her more vigorously than her husband. At this dada smiled like a Champ and continued with his work. I must say I too did really enjoy the fucking session she got that day even though I was totally in an uncomfortable position.

Interestingly, she was more responsive than receptive. She lifted her legs, wrapped them around his buttocks tightly and began to give upward thrusts with her pussy to match his. I saw dada becoming aware while doing so. She often tightened the grip on his cock inside her with her vaginal muscles which indeed gave  him extra added pleasures. Dada ploughed her whole pussy with incessant heavy thrusts with his cock going deep inside her. He was fucking her pussy mercilessly the way a psychopath would stab a man in revenge who raped and killed his wife or any dear one. A few minutes later, she attained orgasm and luckily at the same time dada too climaxed pumping his whole fluid deep into her juicy pussy. The joint climax surely took  them to the pinnacle of pleasures as in extreme madness they rolled over and over on the whole bed.

But as the wise ones say, the hidden things aren’t kept hidden for a long time. Soon, baba (dad) came to know about the whole thing going on between mom and dada. He was surely pissed off. Was angry to a far off extent. For many days, maa and baba quarreled with each other. Bada even wanted to throw dada out of his house; but mom opposed strongly. She threatened baba that if he made even a slightest of any move, she will commit suicide and would leave behind a hand written letter stating that it was actually you who provoked mom to take this step because he suspected her character. Baba was speechless and left everything as they were going. Mom and dada kept on having their illicit affair. Some days later I saw police and lawyers coming to our house and having long chit chats with our mom and dad. Soon our other relatives too arrived and they too did have long chitchats with mom and dad and with even dada too. Some months later, mom and dad took divorce. Dad had our custody. Mom went to live with dada. Dada to started work of his own and soon his business became a big success. Sometime later, they got married! And 3-4 years later, I became didi (elder sister) of two cutie babies. They are indeed living a good and love filled life. Many years later I came to know that actually it was my mom who offered our custody willingly to dad. We still talk over phone and meet with each other in market or cinemas, except dad.

This was my story. Thanks for reading and bearing with it patiently.

Thank you all.


Chapter 10