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Untold story of My bengali mother Chapter 2

Me and Didi are having our dinner quietly. Baba was in his room and Maa in the kitchen. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Maa went to open it. It was dada. Returned from his usual boring chit chat with his friends, I guess.  As soon as Dada saw maa at the door, he did something to mumma at which she let out a shriek. Not very loud, but a pretty one. She immediately scolded Dada and something in low voice. Dada apologized and went inside. We finished our dinner and went to sleep. 

At almost mid night I guess, I felt like some shuffling, some light movement on our bed. On our bed, it is always me, didi and Maa who sleep there. Baba loves to read some books after the dinner, therefore he stays in his study room. He also got a bed there, for if he is very tired or something like that…. He loves to doze off on that bed in the study room. And once he dozes off… he dozes off pretty good. Our home is a two storeyed building. Me, didi and Maa sleep on 2nd floor and Dada and Baba sleeps downstairs. Dada does have a habit of smoking and at mid nights he goes to the roof top have puffs. Both Baba and Maa knows this.

As soon as I felt some kind of movement, I lost my sleep and wondered about the reason of this movement of bed sheets and the bed itself. I tried to look at my Didi and found her sleeping peacefully. Then I moved to other side and looked towards my Maa.. And what I saw was the greatest shock+surprise of my life.. A guy was too on the bed..! And to be a little clear here, he was not exactly on the bed… rather he was on top of my Maa..!! His face was buried in the ample cleavage and very light handedly was pressing both of my Maa’s breasts from both the sides. Maa was wearing a light blue colored blouse which kinda looked like made up of a thin material. Well, I guess every Bengali mother/women does wear light clothes at night to have a good sleep. The guy, whoever he was, kept his face buried and moving his face to and fro towards the both the boobs. His face was so much buried in between those twin globes that only his hairs were visible in that dim reddish night bulb. 

The guy/man was continuously moving his face slowly to both the sides of those breasts (luscious of course) and from underneath the breasts he kept on pumping them upwards. This kinda fight between the breasts, hands and face seemed like very determined to tear off my mumma’s blouse. I looked at Mumma…. Her eyes were closed and was trying her best to keep herself from letting out those strange heavy sounds (now I know those are called erotic moans) which were caused by the molestation of her tender body and breasts by that guy/man. I think he is an expert with his hands and ways of molesting because my mom was tossing around her head and upper part of her body to the maximum area of the bed. 

After few minutes, the sheet worn by both of them, somehow slipped off their body. Now what I am seeing is really a guy, but don’t know why I was damn sure that it’s not my baba. And another thing what I might have noticed is that Mumma was most possibly saree less. Am not sure, it’s just my feeling. I felt like whoever it was, the guy,  was here to punish my sweet Mumma. I really wanted to jump up and shout and beat the hell out of that guy, but at the same time… I really didn’t want to. I was in a total heck of a situation and was trying my best to understand that what the hell is happening? 

Suddenly the guy without even lifting his head from between of mumma’s breasts, put both of his hands on the two sides of mumma’s shoulders and with a sudden pull he scooped off the blouse borders resting on mumma’s shoulders. Now mumma’s bare shoulders were in front of us. This happened with such a force and enthusiasm from that guy that am pretty sure that a hook of mumma’s blouse came off.

And Lo..!! (what a scene it was… though myself a girl, I too and still relish that scene!!) about 85-90% of mumma’s Bubu came out popping from the blouse cups. And then came my mom’s voice again, “Aeiiiiii…. Ki korcho eta..??! emon koro na…!” (“Aeiiiii….What are you doing..??! Don’t do like this…!”).

The guy let out a deep “hmmmm” voice and continued pressing mumma’s   bubu’s (breasts) and licking mumma’s bare shoulders. His face was little bit visible now but I still couldn’t make it out. Also I kept my eyes half closed as I didn’t want to be caught. So this was also the reason that I was not able to see the guy’s face. What I made myself to see somehow was that the guy now was licking all over mumma’s  bubu (breasts) and pressing them hard. And mom was like, “iissssshhh…..aaahhh…. aastey….” (“iissssshhh….aaahhh…. slowly….”). 

But the guy didn’t pay any heed to mumma’s words or her pain. He kept on licking and pressing and even started kissing. The kind of sound he was making was like that of me licking off the cream from the Oreo biscuits.. And now a little bit munching kind of sounds too. 
“mmmmmm…uummmmmm” were the sounds constantly coming from both the guy and mumma. Her about 85% uncovered boobs and thrusting deep valley (cleavage) was making me uncomfortable too. The only thing running in my mind was “chhii… Maa ki korche eta?” (“shoooo…what the heck is mom doing?”) 

The restless movements of the guy caused my mom to threw back her hands behind her head and in the process I got hit! Mom’s elbow hit me on the forehead and God! It was so painful… I started crying.  Mom woke up hurriedly and told the guy/man, “er legeche.. ekhon jao… aajker moto hoye gelo… ebar pore…taratari jao nahole dekhe nebe…” (“She’s hurt…go now.. it’s enough for today… rest will be later.. Go quickly else she will see you…”) . The guy quickly got up took hold of mumma’s face and turned it towards him and put his lips on mumma’s lips. And few seconds later, he left mumma and without turning back ; went out of the room. And my sweet mumma, my maa got busy with soothing me and making me fall asleep again…

We were getting ready for the school. School timing was from 9:00 am to 2:15 pm. And it was 8:15 am already. Didi was already ready and was having her breakfast. It was my turn in the bathroom now. I entered. Mom always helps me with my bath.  Mom also entered behind me in the bathroom. Took off my clothes and started massage my head with the oil. The tap was opened and the water was like gushing out into the bucket with full force making a lot of noise. Suddenly mom stopped oiling me and posed as if she was trying to hear something. She then moved a bit towards the half closed bathroom door and again posed as if trying to listen something. I think she did heard something and therefore, she told me to continue with my bath and then she went out of the bathroom. I, with my small hands, somehow started to take bath. 

It really took my mom about 10-15 minutes to come back to me. By that time, I had finished my bath and was wiping off with the towel.  She helped me with the towel and then took me to the room for the dress up. As she was buttoning up my shirt, I looked at her face. It was kind of wet. The lips especially. Hairs at the front of head were kind of disheveled. I wanted to think something but was not able to. That’s why I thought better to shrug it off and keep calm and quite.
Mom made me sit on the bed to comb my hair nicely. I love when mumma combs my hair.  While she was combing my messy hairs, I just happened to look at the bare waist and half of midriff-stomach of mom. (Mom had a habit of little bit of low waist saree tugging). What actually amused me was the shimmering of bare waist and stomach.! Her waist was wet as if water has been rubbed on it, her waist was glistening. I kept on looking at her waist trying to figure out what the heck is that shining..?!... this one time mom stopped and looked at me and followed my eyes and looked at her waist. She then smiled and asked, “ki dekhchis?” (“what are you seeing?”).  Even though she asked this smilingly, but it felt as if she was interrogating me. I gulped and nodded my head in a negative response.
As I kept looking at mom, this time my eyes got stuck at her blouse. Her blouse kinda looked crumbled and bit wet. Her red color blouse was little bit of wet in the centre and what seemed to me was a wet water hand print on the blouse..! Like someone had put his hand on the centre of mumma’s breast area.  Something inside me felt very bad and I tossed down my head.
Combing was done and mom asked me to go to the hall. But I requested mom to take me to her lap and carry me down the hall. Mom didn’t agreed first. “se ki, tui ebar class 1 e uthbi. Boro hocchis. Bachader moto keno korchis?” (“What, you’re about to go in class 1, you’re growing up. Stop behaving like small kid.”).  But I kept on requesting and at last she gave up and complied to my request. As she took me to her lap and moved out of the room, my tender legs and one hand touched my mom’s breast area, and am quite sure till this date that, that day; mom wasn’t wearing her bra. (mom always used to). The blouse really was wet and my hands could literally feel my mom’s skin underneath.!!
At the dining table, our breakfast was ready and kept covered. I sat there and started eating. Few seconds passed, my dada  (elder  brother) called my mom from the kitchen. My mom quickly responded to the call and went inside. There were soft murmuring sounds and giggles. I was somewhat attracted to those sounds but considered it’s better to sit there itself and finish the breakfast.
After a minute or two, or maybe near to 5 minutes later, she came and gave me milk. I started drinking. While drinking I noticed, that mom was smiling at her own and eyes seemed  like glowing. My eyes travelled down to her waist again found a bit of butter near her navel. I asked her very innocently pointing towards her navel, “Maa, oita ki lege aache?” (“Maa, what’s that sticking there?”) Mom looked at her navel, then looked at me, dropped her eyes down and while arranging my bag, said, “kichu na… tor dada ke butter dicchilam. Pipre lege gechilo. Sorate giye lege geche okhane.” (“Nothing.  I was giving butter to your dada. There were ants. While removing them, it got stuck a little bit there.”)
And now when me and my didi were getting into the school van, I saw at the main door, my mom and dada both were standing very closely. (I would like to say “intimately” now/today). They looked normal, but still…………
I kinda felt weird but didn’t had much time to think about this and got into the van.

Chapter 2