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Untold story of My bengali mother Chapter 3

Night time:

Night time:

Me and Didi were busy finishing homework. Baba (dad) was about to return late. Didi was quiet faster than me in completing the homework. After completing she was in bed to have a ‘good’ good night sleep. I remained alone in that study table in which I was hardly fitting in. Baba did made up a study table for us kids. It wasn’t very high but for me…! …..phewww…..! quiet big. Somehow coping with the height and full determined to finish the homework within time.
Mom was in dada’s room; helping him in finding the mosquito net. Dada sleeps in the downstairs whereas we (me, didi and mom) sleep upstairs. Baba sleeps in his study room itself which too was in downstairs, but far away from Dada’s room. As in night every where everything becomes quiet, therefore the most slightest sound could also be heard. After mom went to help Dada, for quite some time we sisters were hearing the sweet sound of bangles clanking. Not very sure, but I think I heard giggling sounds too. Didi clearly denied hearing of any such sound.
I don’t know when and how come I slept on the study table, resting my head on the table.  All of a sudden, I woke, shaked up; don’t know why? Took some time to gather myself of my whereabouts. I looked up at the wall clock and gosh!! It was 1:15 am!! I nearly slept 4 hours ?!   I looked around closely… Everywhere was dark except our room. Didi was lost her dreamland…peacefully. I looked for mom on the bed. But she was not there !  I called her ‘maa… maa’ several times. But there was no response. I got hell scared and terrified. Don’t know what to do, I felt like crying and yeah… I cried… I started crying. And don’t know why I moved to our room’s door which lead me to the verandah and from there … downstairs.
As I climbed down the downstairs, I started hearing the sound of TV. The more I climbed down, the more audible the TV sound became. Although it was damn dark all over the place, I still managed to get myself down the stairs carefully. From a good far distance I was able to figure out that the TV was of course On and a person is sitting in front of it. A situation like this; to a child of my age…. Was hell lot of scary and I did get goosebumps. Darkness all over with the light and sound coming from the television alone and that too with a person sitting in front of it ..was enough to make my crying and sobbing stop. It was like chilled cold feeling.
I stayed there for a long time. Sometimes the person sitting in front of tv in the sofa seemed like moving. I gulped and gathering much courage decided to go near the sofa and check out who the hell is he?  I started moving near to the sofa. The more I get near to the sofa, the more clear it became as who it was sitting there? And wow… yes..!! it’s my mother… but wait.. what the heck is this? Is my mother completely out of her mind?? I asked this to myself because of the positions of both the tv and mom. The television was in it’s place as usual but… mom….. actually our television was kept in the west direction facing the east but mom was sitting facing the north direction.!!
And … And God! Is she doing up and down in sitting position? Yeah… she is.. but why..? and what I guess, it’s not just doing up and downs.. it was like she was literally jumping on the sofa in that sitting position. Hairs were of course disheveled and she had kept her backwards ..kind of looking up.. and in soft tones saying, “aaahh…maa….ohhhh… maaaaa…..” (“aaahh…mother…ohhhh… motherrrrr…..”).  Is she in some kind of pain? My soft, innocent, tender heart started praying God to keep mumma safe from any pain. But the thing is, she doesn’t seem to be in pain… then why she seems to be in pain at the same time?
I gathered all of my courage and called a little louder, “Maaaaa..”. My mom turned her head here and there to look for me and when she did, she hurriedly got off from the sofa. She hurriedly put something on her shoulders; (which I later came to know, was the pallu) draped it nicely and came near me and asked, “ki holo.. tui ekhono ghumas ni..???” (“what happened… you didn’t sleep till now?”). She asked nicely but with an unyielding voice. As if she wants me to know that it’s not that she’s not happy to see me but rather it’s the place and time where she doesn’t want me to be.  I was quiet shaken up and with a trembling voice I  said, “sorry maa…. Amar hotat ghum bhenge gechilo…. tai…….” (“Sorry mom, I just woke up all of a sudden…. That’s why…….”). I left my sentence incomplete.

Hearing this Mom turned around and with a frustrated tone said, “ bolechilam , tv er sound ta khub beshi na barate… ebar nao… chhoto ta jege geche.” (“I told you not to increase the volume of tv too much. See, the little one got up.”). She said this to someone who was on the sofa but I was not able to see him. Probably he was lying on the sofa…. Hmmm… Ok, it’s dad.. I get it. He has the habit of laying down on the sofa. I was about to let go of the thought but then again something struck me… Hey..!! If dad was lying on the sofa, then where was my mom sitting. If someone lies down there, there would be no space of another person to even keep their half of feet. Then…. Mumma…?? How and where was she sitting?
I didn’t get much time to think as my mumma took me with hand and almost dragged me to the bathroom and told me to freshen up. And in the process, I happened to get a look at Baba’s (dad’s) study room. It was dark. Pitch dark. That means my dad isn’t back home till now. Because at night, my dad always kept the room lit. Either switching on the general light or the night bulb. Now, if dad wasn’t in home, then that also means he is not on the sofa. Then who the heck is there , lying in the sofa. Very soon me and mumma were in front of the  bathroom. She asked me to make it quick. I simply agreed and went inside got freshed. When I came out, mom asked me to stand there and she quickly got inside and without closing the door, she started pissing.  And I was bit surprised, not because mom was pissing in front of me; actually the thing  was  mom started pissing directly. Before this, mom did pissed in front of me 2-3 times but every time she pissed, she used to lift her saree and petticoat up , pull the panty down and then did her thing. But here what she did right now is just raised  her saree and petticoat and started pissing. There was no panty!!  She always wear panty and tells us to do the same. What happened today?!
I also thirsty and told mom to take me to the kitchen. She now seemed really annoyed but tried to be calm and took me to the kitchen; gave me water in a small glass and herself started drinking from a bottle. While I was drinking, I gave a quick glance at my mom. Other than her hairs, and saree (which too was quiet a mess); there was something more which didn’t seem right. I stopped drinking and looked at mom carefully. And this time what I noticed was even a bigger surprise for me…. My mom was standing there without her blouse..!!! what the holy shit is this??!! At bathroom, I was not able to see it clearly because mom had herself fully covered from both sides of her shoulders with the saree. And here now, when she lifted her hands up to drink from the bottle, part of her saree came off her right shoulder and this was the moment when I saw my mom without a blouse.. probably the first time… because of the white shiny bulb, (kind of LED), which was emitting bright light, was clearly showing me my mom’s boobs silhouette draped in that saree..! and because my mom had her hand lifted up, her under arms also came into view. Her under arms were almost hairless, with still a tinge of very small, tiny hairs.
All this happened in a two minutes span. Mom now took me to our bedroom and made me lie down near Didi and said, “suiye thaak, ami ekkhuni aschii..” (“Lie down, am coming.”). Saying this, she hurried back downstairs. I guess, it nearly took her 10-15 minutes or a little longer to come back. I had my eyes closed. She came and before lying down, kissed me on the fore head. After lying she took me near her bosom and hugged me. I also tried to hug her but my hands could only reach upto her waist area. I supposed that it’s enough of tonight but no…. there was one more thing waiting for me to bolt me from the blue. And it was…. Panty!... Yes… mom’s panty…. It was back on her waist!... I was totally dumb founded. From where did the panty came??  I clearly remember it was not there on mom before.


Chapter 3