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Untold story of My bengali mother Chapter 4

It was Sunday morning. Every Sundays me and Didi wake up late. It was not a habit, rather a duty. As we were just little kids, it was our birth right to choose the time when we want to get up in the morning at Sundays. Usually, in between 9 to 9:30 am was our time to get up. So, we both did the same this Sunday morning too. I got up and went to washbasin. There my and Didi’s toothbrush were kept ready with the paste on it. My mom always does this. It was kinda duty of her.  I took mine and lazily brushing went out in our garden area. 


There I saw my pretty mom. My sweet mom. She was there washing our clothes and maybe her’s too. Usually she uses the washing machine but on Sundays she washes some of the clothes on her own, with her hands. And today is Sunday and therefore, today’s the day to hand wash the clothes. I looked at her. She is looking so innocent and  pretty. There are drops of water on her forehead and face. Her shoulder area was also shining, either due to water or the sweat formed because of continuous vigorous washing. Her white colored blouse has also become wet and whole of the upper part is sticking to her skin. She has got a lot of clothes today and many of them are already been washed. And with washing every clothes one by one, she is getting wet more and more gradually.

Then, suddenly Dada came from nowhere and kissed me on the cheek and said, “Good Morning!!.”  I replied him back and started brushing my teeth. Dada stood there talking with me. And during the talks, he was stealing glances towards my Mom. First, I didn’t get the thing but then something happened, which made me to notice the thing other way round. What happened was, during our chitchats, Dada all of a sudden turned to the direction where mom was sitting and let out a light whistle; gabbling, “wooow”.!
And I guess It was a sight to behold.. (at least for every man and boy).  It was a scene that made me shudder and I was like, yuck…yew…mom… what are you doing?!!.. But after looking at Dada, I had to rethink about my reaction.
Mom was almost wet, from her collar bone to the shoulders and from the shoulders to the maximum parts of her succulent breasts. Her white blouse now doesn’t seem like a blouse. It was so amalgamated with her skin that it felt like there is no blouse..! And her fair complexion with pony-tailed hair and little wet-ty face, her gold chain stucked somewhere in between those heaving globes of her chest, sitting on her two feet with her bum just 2-3 inches above the ground, wagging up and down every time she washes or beats the clothes with a washing bat or thrashing them on the ground, saree-petticoat bunched up to the knee; all together are just heating up the whole situation as much as possible. Her hairless arms and clanking of bangles are adding up some extra fire. (Yes, am a girl and am describing my mom in as fine detail as possible, which and what I saw as a kid and now giving words to them as I grew up.)

I looked up at Dada. Dada is standing there with his gaping mouth as if he was stoned and the only thing that he could do is just to keep staring at mom. Well, I guessed that Dada hasn’t seen anything like that before, and neither do I. But what amazed me that I didn’t give any such reaction but why is dada doing so? The way he was staring, it was like he’s actually feasting the scene with his eyes. Eyes were like just popping out of the eye sockets and it really made me laugh.  And then again another thing happened.
While washing the clothes; my mom had to beat them with a small wooden bat or had to beat them against the cemented ground/floor. And in doing so, she had to put some pressure and by that her boobs gets pressed by her thigh and knee and as a result they (breasts) would almost be like popping out of that wet skimpy blouse and at the same time, they would jiggle vigorously up and down. In that hectic work of washing clothes, mom’s pallu got displaced and had fully uncovered her right breast which could be seen very easily under the wet blouse. Nearly 90% of her breast was totally visible. And also, much of her brown colored areola with the grape shaped nipple was visible…!  The upper two tensed hooks were as if they are to come off from their places any time soon and this scene was just like pouring ghee in the fire.
*Ghee---Clarified butter made from the milk of a buffalo or cow, used in South Asian cooking. 
I was unknowingly shied away by all this. My gullible mind and heart didn’t permit me to do any such thing to change the ongoing scenario. I quickly ran back into the house, stood behind the door and tilting my head a little, looked outside. Dada was still standing like a statue but this time his left hand has moved to his front, below the waist. It was like he was caressing something.  By now, mom also saw Dada looking at her. She once looked at dada and then followed his eyes and looked at her body, especially the upper parts and smiled teasingly with lips moving slightly to the left side and with little bit of ‘O’ shape. Surprisingly, she did nothing to cover her treasures..!  Her eyes were down now, maybe of shyness but kept on looking at Dada in inclined and erotic way.
I felt too much awkward and ran back to my room to finish my brushing and to have breakfast.

Chapter 4