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Untold story of My bengali mother Chapter 5

Another day. 

Again it was a holiday. Don’t remember why. And it was a holiday for Baba (dad) too. We all decided to watch a movie. We were all sitting and debating on which movie to watch. After rejecting many, a romantic comedy movie got selected. Now, argument started for; at which time we should watch the movie. At last we left on dad to decide. But dad had another plan running in his mind already. He smiled. Got up from his seat, came to the centre of the room and announced that we’ll watch the movie at night. Rest of us were surprised, especially me and didi. If were to watch movie at night then what are we gonna do at the daytime? We all looked questioningly at Dad. Now, looking at us dad smiled mysteriously and said, “Amra dine bela bari te aaj thakbo na.” (“We will not be in home at daytime today.”)

Mom - “Thakbo na? keno?? Kothaye jabo tahole amra?” (“Not be in home? Why?? Where will we go then?”).
Dad looking at mom mischievously – “Picnic.”
Mom – “Khepecho? Hotat kore picnic korte jabo kon dukkhe??” (“Are you crazy? Why the heck; all of sudden will we go for a picnic??”)
Dad- “aanondo-furti korar jonno amader ki kono bishes karon ba upolokkher opekhha korte hobe?” (“To have fun-enjoyment, should we have to wait for an occasion or a specific reason?”)
Mom – “Na.. ta bolte chaichi na… kintu….” (“No… I didn’t mean to say that…. But……”).
Dad – “Tomra sobai giye toiri hoye nao. Aar baki kaaj gulo amar opore chhere dao.” (“Now you all go and get ready and leave the rest on me.”)

Me and didi were very happy. We both quickly went to upstairs to get changed. Whereas mom just took her clothes and went down saying, it will be quick there. Didi is bit lazy with her dressing and I never dressed without the help of Maa.  So, after playing with my hairs and with other things for some time, I went downstairs in search for my mother. I looked in kitchen, hall, dad’s study room….everywhere, but she was nowhere to be found! Now, as for any kid it’s quiet scaring not getting his/her mother even after searching. I called her, ‘Maa….. Maa….’ But got no reply from anywhere. I hurriedly went upstairs thinking that maybe Mom went there while I was searching for her here (downstairs rooms). I went to our room only to find Didi still opening her packet of dress. I asked her about mom and she replied negative. I was on the verge of crying.

Tears almost came in my eyes. My small heart began to sink in the river of anxiety, fear and helplessness. I stood near our room’s door and began sobbing. Where would my mother go? She told me she’s going downstairs… for there it will be quick for her. And how so, only God knows that. Suddenly, something struck in my mind. And how was like, oh dear God.. why didn’t I think of that.?? And what I didn’t think was that I didn’t check Dada’s room! I missed it. Well, there’s no way that she would really want to use Dada’s room, but that doesn’t mean that she Can’t..! Although there’s nominal chance of mom being in Dada’s room or bathroom to change dress, still I should go and check it. With all these thoughts running in my mind, I rushed downstairs and directly went to Dada’s room. And ….. again no one was there too..!

I lost hope of finding my mother and with a heartrending heart I turned towards the door. But thought to once knock at the bathroom too for there’s still a chance of her being there. She is not in the room but could be in bathroom. I went near the door. Door was locked from inside. But the sound of running water could be heard from outside. I called, “Maa… maa…..”. No reply. Again I called, “Maa…mumma….maa.” Still no reply from the other side. I continued calling and this one time I even knocked on the door 2-3 times. Sound of water flowing stopped and then I heard my dear mommy’s voice.
“ke?”  (“who is it?”).
I replied, “maa.. aami.” (“mom.. it’s me.”).
Mom – “ki holo..?? ekhane keno tui?” (“what happened..?? why are you here?”)
Me – “Bhoy lagchilo maa. Aar dress tao to nije theke porte parchhi na.” (“I was scared maa. And I couldn’t dress myself.”)
Mom- “Uuffff…. Toke bolechilam amar opekkha korish. Tui kotha sunish na keno.” (“Uuffff….. I told you to wait till I come. Why don’t you listen.”)
This time mom’s tone was full of anger. I mean, extreme anger…. I suppose. I was now shit scared and started sobbing. For some time, there was complete silence in the bathroom. Well, not exactly silence, for that time I guess, I heard murmuring sounds from inside. An unknown power(sixth sense maybe… girls do have this very much) made me realize that mom isn’t the only one inside; there’s someone else too!

Murmuring sound was still there, along with clinking of bangles and chuckles*.

*(Chuckles-sound when a person tries to restrain laugh.)

Minutes passed. Those chuckles and sounds of bangles clinking became more frequent. I was quiet amused by now with the events happening inside the bathroom. Frankly speaking, I was more curious rather than ‘amused’. I went more near to the bathroom and put my one ear on the door and tried to listen more carefully. Hardly a minute or two passed, suddenly there was an “ah aahh.. aaahhh….aaaaahhhhh…uuuummmmmm…” sound came from inside. Although, it was a faint sound; I managed to hear it somehow. First I thought it to be an aberration, but when again this “ah aahh.. aaahhh….aaaaahhhhh…uuuummmmmm…” sound came and this time at least 4-5 times repeatedly, I almost jumped off my feet. Now I was both curious and anxious. “what was that sound about.? Is mom hurt? Is she hurt? Something gone wrong?” all these thoughts started coming in my mind. My heart started pounding. I really wanted to go and call didi or inform dad but don’t know how the heck I decided to stay for some more time. Don’t know when, but somehow I became more focused and concentrated on the sound.

The sound seemed to be a mixture of something…… I tried to make out the most of the sounds. And what my tiny, amateur brain could possibly understand was that those sounds are of both pain and pleasure. The word, “ah aahh.. aaahhh….. aaaaahhhhh” possibly meant  “Oh, that hurts… but it’s ok.” And “uuuuummmmmmm” could mean that “yeah… that’s the thing needed.” The reason I could make out the meaning of those sounds were because when often playing around; me or didi, gets hurt, we do say “aaahh”. If it hurts a lot, we say “aaaahhhhhhh” and if it hurts little or very less, we say a little of “aahh”. Likewise, when we have a lollipop or a softy ice cream, or any such thing that gets our mouth full and if it tastes really good or better, at that time we give the reaction “uummmm”.

So, the now question am concerned about is, really mommy is having any good food which she is hiding and eating alone because she doesn’t want us to see. Is she having a vanilla ice-cream or a strawberry one. Is she having a lollipop? As soon as this question came to my mind I almost laughed. And again questioned myself, “Ice cream is fine but why would mommy eat a lollipop? She is a grown woman, isn’t she? There’s no lollipop for grown women.” But again there was another question for my question, “What if they (market and women) really do have lollipops for them and we kids don’t know about it?” My heart sank. I wanted an ice cream or a lollipop (candy bar or candies with a stick) right then. Thinking of mom, is she really having a lollipop inside or something else. Again those “aahh…aaaahahhhhhh….uuummmmmmm…” sounds came. This time it was a bit loud. Also a strange type of male voice came. (today I know, it’s called grunting.) I got scared and I knocked on the bathroom door and asked, “Maa… ki hoyeche…?” (“Mom… what happened…?”)

Sounds coming from bathroom stopped all of a sudden. Few quick murmur sounds came again. Mom asked in a loud voice, “Tui ekhono ekhanei aachis?” (“You are still here?”). The voice was really loud and full of anger.  I replied in low pitch, “Haan..” (“Yes”).
Mom – “uufff.. bichhanaye bos..ami aschhi.” (“Uufff… Sit on the bed.. Am coming.”).
I went and sat on the bed. Dada’s bed… so soft and comfy. I felt like sleeping there itself. 5 minutes passed, I guessed. Bathroom door opened. Mom came out. She had tied her hairs with a towel. Her face was shining. Her reddish pink lips were just amazing. Her bright eyes were adding glory to her beauty. Her whole fair skin was just irreprochable. Another towel was just kept on her bust (breasts area). She came and kept aside the clothes she was wearing earlier and started drying her hair by tilting her head sideways and slightly brushing by them (hairs). Mom was looking amazing. Then suddenly she took off the towel from her bust and threw it on a chair. And my mouth remained open in great surprise as now I looked at her more carefully. Mom was only in her bra..!! and that bra too was looking both beautiful (amazingly) and weird. Beautiful because, it was a nice combination of black and pink colors. And weird because it made maximum of mom’s boobs thrust upwards! At back side, the straps with the hooks part was more thin than they were on the shoulders.
At bottom part she was in leggings; and it was so sticking with her legs and thighs. Even whole of her bum and inner thighs got outlined. Mom looked at me. She was going to say me something, but stopped herself. She tied her hairs again with the towel and with another she covered her breasts. She took me by my hand and went out of the room. Before leaving, there was a sound; opening of bathroom door. Someone came out but I was not able to see him. Just before stepping out of the door, mom turned backwards and with a little giggle and posturing her one hand as bye, she said “byeeee..!” to the person whoever was inside; in a very, very, very sweet voice. God!! I don’t remember mom said like that to us ever. The man inside the room said in a funny tone with a heavy voice, “eta thik holo na kintu… etar daam to tomake ditei hobe.” (“this is not right… you have to pay the price.”). Mom laughed aloud this time and with that she closed the door behind her and took me in her lap to go to upstairs.

But my mind was totally lost in that man. Especially his words. Price…. Pay…. Price for what and what to pay.??

Chapter 5