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Untold story of My bengali mother Chapter 6

We were all ready. I and didi were in our beautiful dress, Dada was in blue jeans and checked orange shirt. Dad was normal shirt-pant as usual. While mom’s dress up just blowing everybody up. She had worn a sleeveless white color flower designed kurti, a matching dupatta* on her left shoulder & a very tight deep blue colored legging. Her whole bum’s size and shape could be easily seen and understood. I was sooo surprised that mumma has got such a big sized bum. I, myself was continuously staring at those round mounds….. And…….. And, so was Dada.!! His eyes were just so glued to mom’s bum. My child mind sensed an extreme level of hidden excitement in Dada. His eyes and facial expressions were clearly indicating that his heart was filled with unparallel joy and happiness and his heart is jumping (beating) much faster than normal days.

*Dupatta - A length of material worn arranged in two folds over the chest and thrown back around the shoulders, typically with a salwar kameez.

We all boarded on the bolero. Dad took the driving seat while didi went to the front seat. Mom, in stubborn, but also in playful manner insisted Dada on sitting with her in the back seat. Dad agreed, of course.  And as of me, I already knew somehow that this was going to happen. Either mom would have insisted or Dada. I was bit reluctant in sitting with anybody. Therefore, I first sat in the back sit with Maa and few minutes later I went at last/back seats where two-three luggage were kept. I sat there with dad’s mobile to play games. After playing for some time, I heard some whispering sounds. I looked at my mom and dada from behind; they were sitting very close to each other. I think both of them shifted closer to each other; dada has left no space at all. His shoulders were almost rubbing shoulders with her, the bare skin of her smooth creamy arms grazing against his well-built shoulders and strong arms. With every jerks and brakes, dada would lean towards mom and take a long (and erotic) satisfying sniff. At this action of dada, mom would immediately move her head a little aside, make a funny face and hit dada on his chest with her elbow and at this dada would smile at her mischievously.
In an desperate attempt of looking at front,  I suddenly happened to bump my head on dada’s head. “Ouchhh” …Dada sniveled in pain and put his hand at the back of his head. By now mom also had put her hand at the back of dada’s head and turning angrily she said, “ki korchis tui…thik kore bos..!!” (“What are you doing.. sit properly.”). My head too was paining but I thought it would be best in my interest to keep quiet. So I sat back nicely. I was bit sad because I will not be able to see the little naughty actions of my mom and dada; which were quiet amusing and kinda entertainment for me.  But right then, the rear view mirror caught my attention. And to my extreme happiness and amazement, the rear view mirror was perfectly facing to the direction where my maa and dada are sitting. My dad is not good in using the rear mirrors that why he had them face the back seat. He prefers the side view mirrors and rely on them the most.

So now, what I saw in the mirror is that dada has crossed his arms over his chest and was pressing his elbow against mom big breasts (juicy milk-tanks). Mom would do little, “uuu… ouucchh..” naughtily smiling and see dada with her bright eyes. Dada was loving it of course. Repeatedly doing this act for some time, dada uncrossed his arms and brought one of his arms near her thighs and started patting my mother’s shapely thighs over her tight leggings which trying hard to be hidden under that outstretched kurti. Slow and steadily patting with the same rhythm, his right hand was now deep between her legs (obviously under the kurti). It felt so far up her thighs that even his wrist had become invisible under the kurti. Mom immediately kept her head on the headrest of the seat. She was totally in resting position on the seat with her head back on the headrest, arms on the either side of her thighs and taking deep and long breaths which were causing her big, firm breasts to expand and contract  more vulgarly (and erotically) and spilling out her long cleavage occasionally. As soon as dada’s hand went in between her thighs, she did a slow and arousing “Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm…….”. By now, she has closed her eyes and parted her lips as in desire of to quench her thirst.

Seeing mom’s conditions and the way she’s reacting, I doubted that dada’s palm was no longer on mom’s thighs, in fact it was touching or groping (I guess) mom’s cunt. The scenes rather than disturbing, looked quiet amusing to me. My kid mind wasn’t exactly knowing what was happening but was enjoying it to  the core.  I looked at mom. She was breathing really hard now and Dada kept staring at her face and then back to her big boobies and that black line (cleavage) which was forming due to the ramming of the breasts against each other.  Emboldened by her reactions, dada put his free hand (left hand) around my mom’s neck and brought his palm on her bare upper arms. Mom didn’t move nor did she open her eyes. Slowly, in circular motion with his middle finger, dada started patting and playing with her hairless, spotless, fair arms. Mom was really enjoying I think because she seemed more relaxed and composed now. Few minutes later, dada moved his palm under mom’s underarm and for few seconds he kept his palm there still, motionless; relishing the soft skin of my mother with the tinge of sweat. Dada took out his palm, rubbed the whole of his palm with the thumb and then brought his palm close to his nose and…. And…. He sniffed..!! I can’t believe…! Dada was inhaling my mother’s underarm sweats..! yuck!! Yewww… how could someone do that… don’t they feel like vomiting or something. So dirty…. I almost screamed, but only in mind. I don’t want to shout and make mom angry. Already my girly instincts had warned me that these actions are really prohibited from watching for small children.

But who knew, there was more to come…?!!!

Chapter 6