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Untold story of My bengali mother Chapter 7

Picnic Saga

That day we enjoyed very much in the picnic. Dad played with both of sisters too much. Dada loves photography and so he had brought a camera with him to capture the scenic beauties with his camera lens. Whereas, mom looked both of bit tired and relaxed at the same time. Dada was already done with some of scenic captures and showing them to mom. Mom looked quite impressed with it. And we all already knew that dada was too good with the camera. He is just awesome. I and didi started pleading and nagging to dada to take our pics too. Dada was kind enough and soon he took few good clicks. Sometimes we sisters together, then mom dad together and sometimes we both the sisters and mom dad in a single pic. Dada took many pics of mumma alone. And mumma also gave dada a lot of pleasure during her photo session. After a long photo session, mom wanted some pics of dada to be clicked. But Dada was a bit ignorant of him being clicked. He again and again refused to be before camera. At last mom tried in her way. She approached near dada, took hold of his hand and slightly pressed it with her hand and look deep into his eyes and said, “Please, amar jonne ekta tulao. Amar kotha to erabe na tumi. Please.” (“Please, take a pic of yours for me. I hope you’ll not let go of my request. Please.”).
Dada wanted to say her no, but he stopped, thought of something and again as he was going to say something, all of a sudden, mom, by holding his hand, brought him more close to her. So close that Dada’s upper arm was touching or I would like to say, upper arm was slightly pressing mom’s boobies. Mom had changed her clothes in vehicle before coming out, for there was completely no chance of her to come out in a condition of where her leggings was wet from both front and back. She had changed into a green sleeveless kameez and a nice salwar which was almost hugging her legs as the leggings was. What was more amazing was her green kameez. It was deep oval shaped from front with hint of her upper boobs always be visible and a seductive cleavage always seemed to be forming whenever, wherever or however she bent. Her dupatta was on her neck, which was supposed to be on her chest; was not at all trying to cover up her treasures; rather flawlessly showing most of it.

Due to pressing of arm onto mumma’s boobs helped once again to form a cleavage, with a sweet feeling of soft balls, mom managed dada to become totally speechless. Dada was once looking her face and then her round upper part of boobs and cleavage. As dada is bit taller than mumma, I bet he could very well see the depth of that seductive, killer cleavage; which mom was using as her most handy tool or say deadly weapon to make almost all of her work go easy. Along with showing off of bodily treasures, mom’s flirtatious way of requesting indeed made Dada change his mind in seconds. He was soooo ready like there’s no tomorrow. But soon he came with something else, “Accha, thik aache. Photo tolabo kintu ekta shortey, ami eka tolabo na; tumio amar sathe thakbe… Ok??” (“Alright alright. Am ok with the photo session of me, but I have a condition; am not gonna be alone in those pics, that means, you; madam (mom), will also be with me in those pics… Ok?? ”). I looked at mom. She her facial expressions showed as if she was already anticipating about this offer. Mom gave a proudy smile at her victory and handed over the camera to Didi to click some pics. Didi knew about camera a bit more than me and as soon as she got the camera, she took her position as a photographer whereas mom started instructing Dada how to pose (or say, how to hold her).

After few minutes of instructions, mom and dada were ready for the pics. Both of them started posing and Didi started clicking. For the first few clicks, they both were very normal and formally behaved. But slowly they started to get intimate. It seemed like mom was bit bored of all these bland ways of posing, at least her facial expressions suggested the same. Dada was a bit ahead of this and bending down a little he said something very softly into her ears which was quiet inaudible for us. Hearing him, whatever the heck he said, mom’s eyes got bigger as if she’s surprised and with a nodding of head, she gave a negative reply.  Dada smiled and turned her facing opposite to him and he himself is behind her now. He asked didi to count up to three, say ready and click for the pic. Didi did as said. As soon as she said ready and was about to press the click button, Dada did the most unimaginable deed. He suddenly grabbed mom’s boobs from back! At this sudden groping of boobs, mom was super astonished and she lost her balance. But now what mom did was also the most unthinkable too. As soon as she lost her balance and was about to fall, she got hold of Dada’s private part.!


Dada was almost like, ‘what the hell?’, his face suggested that he was in awe at this action of mom’s.  For few seconds, he looked at us blankly and then at mom. Mom gave a smile with malicious glee. Dada also couldn’t stop himself from smiling and then held her little more tightly and gave a slight pelvic thrust from behind. Mom gave a small delighted laugh and playfully hit Dada with her elbow.  And my Didi was so naïve that instead of thinking it as some prohibited thing, she thought of this as an elders’ game and therefore she laughed and clapped. I looked around for my dad. And saw him sitting far away talking with someone on phone with his back facing us and smoking. 

Sinister smile of mom


Mom too gave a look at dad, saw him sitting alone and smoking while talking over phone, she made a sickened face and looked away. She focused her attention towards dada and got busy with him talking over various other topics. But I think Didi was not done with the photography thing and started nagging and pleading for more photos. Dada agreed and so did mom. Both of them did 5-6 pose for photos and after that didi gave back camera to dada and went to dad. Dada with the camera in hand, smiled mischievously at mom and said, “ebar shudu amar jonne koyekta pose dao toh..” (“Now give some poses for me.”). Mom looked back at dada in a way meaning she didn’t get what dada was trying to say. Dada didn’t explained anything, instead kept smiling. And this got mom understand what Dada really meant. She gave a shy smile, pointed at me with her eyes and said shyingly facing dada, “o ekhane aache. Oke jete bolo ekhan theke, tarpor dekho ami kemon pose di…” (“She is here. Ask her to leave the place, and then see what pose I can give.”).   Dada made his eyes bigger as if he can’t believe what he heard just now and said, “Tumi oke bhoye pao??” (“Are you scared of her??”).

Hearing this and that too from Dada, mom almost replied, in a shouting tone, “NAAssssss…..ke bollo ami oke bhoye paayi? Ami ejonno bolchilam keno ki o ekhane thakle or mone kharap lagbe. Ami chaile er samnei tomaye ek se ek pic dite pari.” (“NOOssssss…… who said am afraid of her? I was just saying so that she doesn’t get a negative effect of all these. In fact, if I want, I could give you awesome pics; each one better than the other.”). Dada smiled devilishly. A clear indication of him having no good intentions. He immediately took his position and asked mom to get ready. Mom took few minutes adjust her clothes. When she was finally done, I must say that she looked stunning but kind of weird to my kid mind (the perfect word here should be ‘Slut’). Dada whistled at her new avatar and started clicking pics with no further delay. Mom really did give some fine poses but don’t know why I kind of disliked this. My child mind knew that the pose she is giving are not at all normal. But have to admit them to be fabulous. Maximum of mom’s pose would be in sitting like postures. And if not sitting like, her posture would be more like showing off her roundness of breasts and depth of that valley, called cleavage.

I bet Dada really loved taking pics of mom. He was having his fair share of fun right now. And of course, mom was no less. She too was enjoying the photo session posing for and teasing Dada.
After a few clicks, Dada stopped all of a sudden, told me to sit there, he went up to near mom, said something to her and before she could reply anything, he took hold of her arm and almost dragged her behind of a nearby big rock with full authority. It’s not like mom didn’t want to or disliked the idea of being dragged; it’s just she was not ready.

 I sat there playing with small stones. 10-15 minutes later, I heard some slurping kind of sound accompanied by giggling and clinking of bangles. At first, the sounds were low, and slowly as the time passed, it kept getting louder and louder. As a child, these sounds obviously made my curiosity cross any sort of boundaries meant for me and I, therefore, slowly crept towards the big rock. I reached right behind the rock and with utmost care, I looked to the other side and what I saw left me with no words.
Mom and Dada were cuddling and hugging each other ferociously and were kissing each other as if there was no tomorrow! Both dada and mom had kept their hands at each other’s back ( right behind shoulders and a little below), pulling each other closer, and were kissing each other by putting own’s tongue in other person’s mouth. It was more like a tongue fight, behaving like small kids fighting over something to have a prize. Both didn’t seem to give up and nor any intentions to do so.


Mom was sitting on a pile of sand which was similar to that of a small hillock with dada in front of her, in a half bending and standing like position. Mom’s legs were spread and embracing dada by holding on to his waist. Dada too with every kiss, was leaning more on mom and as soon as kiss ends, he pulls himself off and again starts doing the same. Both were so wild that it seemed as if it was going to end by chopping of someone’s lips/ tongue off. It was so disgusting that I felt an urgency of vomiting but the curiosity to see more got over me and I successfully suppressed the vomiting tendency. 

Little later, dada pulled off mom’s dupatta and taking all her hairs to one side, he skillfully began caressing her fair shoulder with his fingertips and nails, he started giving small pecks; starting from her neck to shoulder and then shoulder to the neck. It was too much for mom to bear and she started letting out light moans. With every passing minute, mom’s moaning was becoming louder and louder. And this was making Dada more and more wild and violent. He left kissing and began sucking whole of her neck to shoulder area. With his sucking manner, mom would gasp more and more. After sucking to his content, dada kinda pushed mom on the ground. Mom fell on the ground over her back and due to the absence of her dupatta, her luscious breasts were bulging out of her kameez’s neckline. Near about 60% of her breasts were coming out of the neckline and this was making the whole scene look super sexy. Dada stood there rubbing his private part vigorously and looked at her lustfully. Mom on the other hand, in a most provocative way, she kept her left hand on her upper part of her breasts and in a most seductive way she began rubbing them slowly, staring right back into dada’s eyes.


She said something which was inaudible for me. Dada smiled and jumped on her causing her move a little from dada’s way and laughed louder. But dada was too quick for her. He caught hold of her arm and pulled her closer to him and kissed her on her lips. Just as Dada’ s lips touched mumma’s, mom’s eye got closed. Dada touched her upper part boobs began to contentedly pat her ripe breasts. Dada tactfully was handling mumma’s breasts and was biting and sucking off her back of neck. Dada was in no hurry. He was taking his time in touching the parts of her breasts that the neckline of her kameez and bra doesn’t cover, gliding his fingertips along the top edge of her dress. He would gently place his hands near her underarms and from there bring it gently and calmly along the edges of her sideboobs, which were forming now in her messed up dress, and then with same pace and rhythm, he would keep poking her underboobs. With delicate touching and handling, dada had made mom go crazy. She was restlessly moving sideways, twitching her body in every possible ways and corner.  Dada, I guess, now decided to completely focus on her bulging succulent boobs and began kissing and licking the upper parts. Hungrily, he would grab every inch of her breast skin with his lips and then licking and sucking to his heart’s content, he would let go of that part with a ‘smack’ sound. 


With a little more of struggling, dada successfully scooped down the kameez’s neckline all the way below mom’s boobs. And this brought out mom’s boobs visible but covered in bra. Dada without wasting time, began kneading the breasts as dough, keeping his mouth buried in that deep cleavage, making a “slll….uuurrpppppp….chhhhhuuuuuuccckkkkkkkkkk” sound. 


Slowly but quite steadily, Dada’s hand moved towards mom’s thigh and after a couple of minutes staying there, it moved to the inner thighs patting gently all the way around. Mom unbearably moaning, “uuummmmmhhhhh….aaahhhhhhhuuuuuhhhhh”. Sooner, he began moving his expert fingers excruciatingly slowly from the outer part of the thighs to the inner part, with gentle strokes. With every movement of his, mom was becoming more and more agitated. Her legs tightened and laid still, suggesting her being tensed and sexually aroused. Within minutes’ play Dada’s palm was now cupping mom’s most secret and private part…. Her mound..!! … my birthplace..!! with Dada’s hand groping her mound, mom let out a medium pitched groan with puffed voice, desperately trying to hold on her breath and voice, “hhhuuummmmmmppppphhhhh…..aahhhhhhhhh…oooohhhhhhh……”. 

This whole scene was too much for me to stay there and watch. I decided to better leave the place and went to play with didi, while my mind was still left behind that big rock.

Chapter 7