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Untold story of My bengali mother Chapter 8

Soon our picnic was over. Don’t know what dad did but surely me and didi had much fun and so did Dada and mother. Dada and mom looked very happy after that behind the big rock incident and especially mom also had a tinge of utter shyness mixed with immense happiness. After that incident, mumma’s glow of bright eyes and redness of fair cheeks due to shyness grew every time she used to have an interaction with Dada. Dada too looked super happy and dipped in pleasure from head to toe; still he was trying to look very refined and normal. He every now and then used to steal glances at mom and gave a big smile whenever they had an eye contact. Whatever these are, I just think that the emotional intimacy had grown a lot between mom and dada after that behind big rock incident. And it was a simple and most common thing to know, that a person would definitely feel more close to someone who would knew what that person likes or dislikes. 

And in case of mom, what I feel is she let herself go wild, when she is with dada because then there’s no one to judge her or assume anything of her. And who cares?  Behavior of mom strictly made me understand that she doesn’t like any sort of interruption when she is with dada, especially when she is sharing an intimate moment with him. After those ‘me’ moments, mom would be normal again would show a great deal of kindness and care for us. After every ‘me’ (intimate) moment, mom would be happily humming romantic songs while doing her household works and this started especially after that behind big rock incident.
I don’t exactly remember when but one night dada and mom were talking with each other in our room. Didi had already slept and I was also on the verge of sleeping when suddenly dada asked something to mom, to she started giggling. Dada kept on asking her and it was almost like begging for an answer. Mom kept on replying negative, saying, she doesn’t have any such fantasies (I didn’t knew what it meant then). But after persistent requests from dada, mom decided to answer and she said something like this:-

“See ******, I really don’t have any such fantasies… God, the very idea of having such fantasies make me feel like a dirty women; but if still I have to say, then it would be, If there's one thing that‘I’ would be dying to do, then it's to dominate a man like never before. The creative fantasies that would flow from my mind would be quite interesting, to say the least. They are:

  • spanking him
  • ordering him to perform certain sexual acts
  • making him beg for what he wants
  • having him suck on their stiletto heels or some other phallic object


Hearing the very idea/fantasy of mom to spank someone, made Dada laugh wildly. Mom also joined him in the laughter but her laughter did show the naughtiness hidden in mom. That night both of them had a great talk between them and occasionally giggling at each other’s comments. Dada really had his way with the women I guess; or at least with my mom. She is somewhat more than attracted to him or better say, feels intoxicated with him. I often saw dada speaking to her very softly and gently, listening to her very attentively. Sometimes when he held her hand in between his hands, he does hold it with great care and very passionately. Every time he sees or meets or talks to my mom, it seems like he is talking to/ seeing her first time. Sometimes I even saw him caressing my mom’s fair upper arms with great care (and love also, I suppose) and almost treating her like an angel. An angel of his, and only his. There were also times when I really used to love their pair and often dreamed of them as couples; especially watching any romantic movie.

Well, I must also say that mom too was very attractive in nature and also very sweet and soft spoken. And I guess these are the traits that every man/male would love to find in his partner. And mom was just the Queen of these traits. She is fair in complexion, not milky fair, but quiet fair. She wore no makeup but some alluring perfume coming out of her body, made her smell like heaven. Sometimes in a plain saree, and if that’s a transparent one with only one fold on her chest, with a little hint of cleavage and her oval shaped navel, visible to anyone would definitely made her look like an angel or a Goddess with well equipped treasures hidden underneath in those pieces of clothes. At times… little of her makeup and a sinister smile would make her look like the naughtiest woman or the raunchiest sexual predator waiting for her turn to hunt down a prey.

I do remember dada and mom talking one time in kitchen, unaware of the fact that I too was there outside of the kitchen, listening to their every chit chats. Mom asked dada what he really likes in a woman and dada, giving a sigh in air, softly said that the very idea of touching a soft, hairless body and softly sucking her tongue, while slowly caressing her seems very erotic. And amongst these the most he likes is that the way a woman loves her man, whether in bed or elsewhere. Hearing this mom came a bit more close to dada and very softly and in a very bewitching and tempting way, asked him, “well, are you directing your answer to me?” Dada also took a step ahead and stood very close to mumma and in a deep yet calm voice he said, “mmmm… what do you think?” Something inside me triggered and I sensed that it’s kinda prohibited for a kid to stand there and watch two adults talking some serious adult stuff. I immediately left the place only to never know what happened then in the kitchen.

But I though, remember about the later happenings between dada and mom after the picnic that day. At the returning, both didn’t do anything stupid or naughty act. Both acted normal. Dada seemed to be a little nervous but mom was super cool. She and dad together took out the mattress, food and other things from the vehicle and sat with us and had lots of chit chats and jokes. After having a lot of merry time, we returned to home almost at sunset. We were tired, but the very thought of watching our favorite movie at night, brought an extreme level of excitement which got over our tiredness very soon.

Later, that night when we all four (me, didi, dad and dada) were sitting at the dining table for our dinner, with mom serving us food. Mom started serving food from dad and from didi and me, she gradually reached in front of dada. I was on right side of dada. With my little, scared eyes I looked at both of them. Mom with a pleasant smile on her face was looking at dada with her bright shining eyes as if trying to recall or to remind dada of something and with utmost care she was serving food in dada’s plate. Dada too was giving a shy lustrous smiles to mom.

Mom was wearing a sleeveless red blouse with a bluish green colored saree on it. A short length necklace kinda chain (mangalsutra) was dangling beautifully from mother’s  throat. Her some of hair was clipped with a hair pin and the rest of hairs were left open to sway freely. Her pallu arrangement was also adding some extra hot flavored spices to the whole outfit. It was done in 4 plates and was then wrapped on her shoulder to her waist. Her big busts were now looking even more big and extended. Even her blouse looked very uncomfortable in holding on to those luscious twin peaks. Meanwhile Dada, every now and then was having his lifetime long glances on mumma’s naked fair arms. And really, mom’s naked fair arms were moving along so elegantly that even I can’t stop myself from staring at those two hairless smooth butter like arms. 

When Mumma had to bent while giving food, her pink colored bra would also try it’s best to come out from the sides of the blouse and make it’s attendance. And of course, when a women with a blessed body like mumma would bent forward for any purpose, it’s quite obvious that her alluring and tempting cleavage would also be seen at it’s full glamorous pubescence. And surely dada wasn’t so naïve to miss this golden opportunity. He didn’t leave even a seconds chance to miss the beautiful view of that line, forming between those heaving mammaries.  And I knew very well that it’s actually mom who is intentionally bending more and more; and giving an awesome treat to Dada’s hungry eyes. The mixed smile of lust and shy was clearly telling me that mom really did enjoy showing her body and nevertheless, cleavage ranks on top of everything. 

And indeed, mom did show her inviting cleavage to dada. Dada in no time, took his left hand down on his pants and started rubbing his private part. As I was just a small kid; I didn’t know the meaning or reason of dada’s act (rubbing his private part). I just thought that maybe it’s a way of showing respect or mere a courtesy shown to a grown/ matured woman when she shows something of her. For next good 10 minutes, mom kept standing and bending every now and then; and kept showing her kissable naked fair arms and lickable succulent cleavage. After that she too sat with us and had her dinner.  And here too mom didn’t miss the chance to attract (better say seduce) dada. Whenever she lift her hand to pick the food from the plate and put it in her mouth, she would make it sure that her upper arm gets to lift up whole or little and by that way, she would show her clean hairless underarm to dada. She very well knows that dada has a fetish for two especially, 1) Cleavage and 2) clean underarms. And ya, it did stroke right because as soon as dada saw her underarm, he almost forgot to swallow his food down his throat. Very quickly he was lost into that clean underarm of mom’s. He kept on staring. To make sure that he doesn’t get caught, mom kicked his legs underneath the table and at the very same time pinched him on his arm. Dada came back to the present situation and with a look of guilt and embarrassment he focused on finishing his food.

Later that night when we all sat on sofa in front of tv to watch the movie, dada was already watching some sports thing on it. He was deeply engrossed in it. His favorite team was losing and dada was gradually becoming sad and disappointed. Mom saw dada. For few minutes she didn’t say anything and then suddenly her face lit up. It was a clear indication that she had come up with an idea; an idea to cheer up dada. She called dada. Dada was in mood to listen but as it was my ‘mother’, he had to turn around his head towards mother to hear her. And indeed she said something that lit up dada’s face too. She said, “Oikhane jeto ba haro, ekhane amar sathe ekta khela baki aache, seta mone rekho.” (“Win or lose, you’re scoring with me tonight!”). I didn’t understand what these words meant and I also decided not to ask anything to both of them about what mom said or what game they are talking about. But what I did notice was that after mom said those words, it was really hard for dada to keep focusing on the sports thing running on the tv. He was very well distracted. Oh… Boy!! Mom really does have some magic within her.
Soon the sports thing got over and we switched over to the movie. As it was everyone’s favorite, for quite some time everybody were totally into the movie without making any sort of sounds/movements. But I was the exception here. Because I knew that if I were a little more cautious and alert, I would probably get a chance to see a live movie between my mom and dada. My dad and mom were sitting together and me and didi were sitting on sofa chairs and Dada was sitting on a chair. The room’s light was switched off and the only light available there was the light coming out of the tv. And in that light not much could be seen; therefore dad got a chance to romance with my mother. He sat very closely to her and put his one hand around her neck to the other side of her shoulder and started caressing her shoulder and upper arm. Dad was sitting on mom’s right side. Right next to mom’s left side was dada sitting on a chair and next to dada, I was sitting on a sofa chair (little front of dada, though). I, purposely had kept my hairs over my eyes so that nobody can catch me watching them. Dad had pulled mom a little closer to him and mom’s upper body was almost on dad’s lap. With frequent resistance, mom was again and again refusing to respond to the pervert act of dad’s. It was very clear that dad indeed was enjoying this love fight and melodrama between them. After playing with mom for some time, dad soon dozed off on the sofa leaving mom breathing heavily. Soon mom managed to control her breathing. She gave an abhorrent look at dad and then turned to tv. She really seemed to be very much infuriated.

A little later I heard a ‘sush’ sound. With no delay at all, I looked at mom without the slightest turning of my head. Mom was looking at dada and with movements of her two fingers of her right hand which was kept criss-crossed on her chest, was indicating to come near her and in a very low pitched voice she was making sound as, “ssss..shhh…”. just as dada looked at her, she called him again with the sign language of fingers and also with her eyes. Dada tried to look at dad’s side and asked mom in sign language as “what about uncle (dad)?” Mom made a sickened face and with help of hands and fingers she indicated that he(dad) has fallen asleep. Dada seemed to be very happy at this and very carefully he went and sat near mom’s left side. After 2 minutes of total silence mom pulled dada more close to her and dada gladly accepted that pull from mom. Smilingly, he removed some hairs over her face and gave a kiss on mom’s left cheek with a ‘smack’ sound. Mom looked at dada with a naughty smile and pinched him on his chest (dada was wearing a vest (banyan/ सेंडो गंजी)). Dada did an “aahhh” sound and began caressing his chest where mom had pinched him seconds ago and looked at her in a complaining way. Mom chuckled at this, keeping her right hand on her mouth. Mom saw dada sulked a bit at this. She looked at me, made sure that I wasn’t looking at them, and then she immediately crouched on dada and kissed sweetly on his chest where she had pinched him. Dada loved this fashion of mom and lovingly caressed her face. Mom took her previous position immediately.

Nothing happened for some 15-20 minutes…………………………

And then I sensed something fishy going on at the back, between my mom and dada. Very carefully and cautiously, I managed to look at them. What I understood was that dada had his right hand around mom’s neck and resting on her right shoulder and his left hand had made its way under the pallu. And very slowly and steadily he had his hand moving up and down and sideways in a rhythmic motion. I tried a bit more to see it nicely and then what I saw really made me agape in astonishment. Mom’s blouse hooks were opened and both the flaps were wide open on both the sides and dada’s hand was roaming freely on mom’s bra covered boobs. Mom too wasn’t sitting idle and was gently caressing dada’s thighs and lightly stroking his private member! Of course this wasn’t that surprising to me as I have seen bit more in the picnic, but what really made me wonder in amazement is that they weren’t afraid of dad sitting beside them. of course dad was dozing but still……. It really requires a lot of courage to do something like that in front of someone like my dad.
Their action continued until the movie was over. After that me and didi went to our room upstairs and dad went to his own room. Mom too went with us. She took her night gown and went into the bathroom to get changed. Me and didi went up to the bed, crawled into the sheets and slept. Mom was still in bathroom…

Couple of hours passed I guess; I suddenly woke up. I was thirsty and wanted to drink water which was usually left in a jug on our study table. I got down from the bed and walked up to the table and had my thirst quenched by the water. As I turned to the bed, I was stunned… my mom wasn’t on the bed with us. I again felt scared. I wanted to cry and shout for mumma; but then it was something that stopped me from doing all that. A name appeared in my head. Dada’s name!! I swiftly ran downstairs and stopped in front of dada’s room. Some sounds were coming; I couldn’t make out what sound was that. I pushed the door and tried to open the door but unfortunately the door was closed from inside. I tried a lot but all in vain. My eyes happened to catch the sight of the keyhole of dada’s room’s door. I put pressure on my legs and standing on my toes; I very watchfully peeped through the keyhole and managed to see inside. It was dark inside. Nothing was visible. But I kept peeping inside. Soon I was able to adjust my eyes to look in the dark. And all of sudden I managed to see a silhouette of a person. Actually not one, there was two silhouette. And they were forming because of the street light coming through the window. It took me few seconds to realize that the silhouette were of my homely sweet mother and my dada; both finding pleasure in each other’s arms. What grabbed my more attention was silhouette of dada was suggesting that dada was moving his pelvis to and fro style in front of mom holding her in his arms. With his every thrust, mom would make a “uugghhh…aaahhhhhh” sound. This situation was new for me and obviously amused me a lot and like a well experienced detective, I absorbed myself into the whole situation and was kinda determined to find out what the heck was going on inside.

Their silhouette were like this:


But as the ill-fate would have it, suddenly there was a loud sound of a vessel falling in the kitchen. I jumped in utter shock and fear and hurriedly ran upstairs. But decided to wait a bit and see if mom and dada come out from the room or not. Within 5 minutes or so, both dada and mom came out, switched on the lights and started looking here and there. Soon they went in the kitchen. They remained there for another 10-15 minutes. Then both came out of the kitchen and stood at the door of dada’s room. Light inside dada’s room and outside, both were switched on now. Dada was in his same dress but mom had changed into a nightgown. Looking at mom gave me another surprising fact. And the surprising thing was that mom’s nightgown’s frontal part was wide open and was giving quiet a nice view of her tempting, luscious cleavage. Both talked for some time. Dada was continuously looking at her cleavage but mom seemed to have no problem in that. In fact, she seemed to be very happy for flashing her big cleavage to dada. That indeed was a treat to dada I bet. Both of them bid goodbye to each other and gave a goodnight kiss to each other’s cheek. Mom turned to come upstairs and I ran back to room as fast as I could.

Mom was almost showing her cleavage in nightgown, like this..


Chapter 8