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Untold story of My bengali mother Chapter 9

It was nice cloudy Sunday. My holiday. Didi’s holiday. As a kid, who wouldn’t love to have a Sunday in their life. Me and didi woke up, did the daily routines and sat for studies; to finish the homework given from the school, to be precise. Dad went to have his car servicing. It was a nice cloudy weather that day and so didi quickly finished her homework and went to play in neighborhood. I was feeling sleepy and was not at all interested in completing the homework. So, I kept my books and copies aside and went downstairs to see mom. But mom was not there. Even dada’s door was locked from outside. Now I was surprised. Did everyone leave me alone in the house? How could they? As soon as the thought of being alone in this big house came in to my mind, I was shit scared. I was almost on the verge of crying. I was so so so so scared that I even forgot to breathe. I ran back to my room. And came back. Searched every corner of the house but mom wasn’t anywhere to be found. I sat on the sofa and started crying. I was sad, scared, angry….. everything at the same time. I started to miss dada too. Actually he is the one who would always be there for me. He was more caring and protective towards me than anybody in my family. He never made me feel insecure. And today he’s also not here. 

Even mom too……!

Mom!...Dada!! …. As soon as these two names came in my mind, I suddenly stopped crying. Many ideas and thoughts started coming in my mind involving mom and dada. Till now, whatever incidents have happened, one thing made sure to me that if I have to find anyone either of two, i.e. mom or dada, then the only thing that I have to do is to find one person and the other one would be found automatically. This means that if I have to find dada, then I just have to find mom…. And dada will be there with her. And if I have to find mom, then I have to find dada and lo ! mom would be there with him..!
Now if both of them are out, then they must together, wherever they are. So, for that moment, the only place I could look out for them is our garden. Maybe mom is washing clothes and dada’s having a feast for his eyes. Soon, I was in our backyard cum garden. I looked at distant tap. No one was there. Damnn!! That means they are really out in the market. I was again disappointed. And just as I was about to turn back, I noticed something. It was a pipe connected with the tap. The tap was on. And the water was gushing through the pipe in full force. I was bit surprised by this that if nobody’s at home then who heck leave the tap water running.

I quickly ran and got near the tap. I was about to turn it off when out of nowhere I felt like I heard someone talking. I looked around me. Found no one. God!! I was scared again. Who is this talking? Ghosts?? Or neighbors?? I somehow gathered all my courage and went in the direction from where those chitchat sounds were coming.  We had some banana trees. And by some here I mean we had at least, 25-30 banana trees all grown at one single place thus making the sight beyond them (the other side) almost invisible. I carefully crept below one of the trees and gave a careful look at the other side, for the talking sounds were coming from there only.
Ah! There is my mumma. Sweet mumma. Smiling, humming a beautiful song and giving water to the flower plants by the other end of the pipe which was in her hand. She was very beautiful in red color saree and matching red blouse. Her hairs were unclipped and were swaying very beautifully with her every moves.

There was absolutely no makeup on her face and yet she looked like a most beautiful damsel. She looked like an idol of extreme kindness, warmth and love. I wanted to go and hug my mom that very moment. But my instinct didn’t allow me and instead said me to sit and wait there. Mom was humming and in middle nodding her head as to indicate “yes” or agreeing to something. A bit of more focus and now I could also hear my dada. I moved a banana leaf from my eye sight and got to see dada. He was doing his regular exercise. Right then, he was lying down on earth and in every second or so, he was lifting himself from the ground on the support of his hand. His upper body, especially his chest stays above the ground for few seconds whereas lower body sticks a bit with the ground. He was doing this very fast. Beads of sweats were forming on his forehead and shoulders. He was wearing a vest and a trouser. In middle of his exercise, he was talking to mom and even stealing glances at her in very weird (lusty) way. I looked at mom and found that even mom was having quick glances of dada and was smiling in very naughty and mischievous way. By their gestures, I assumed that maybe dada was asking something and in return mom was just giving an answer as ‘no’. After asking repeatedly for quite some time, dada got irritated and turned away his face and continued with his exercise. For couple of minutes, mom also didn’t try or say anything to dada. But instead she again and again turned back to look at dada only to find him not looking at her. Mom stopped. Seemed like she was thinking something. And then something happened. Something happened intentionally. While watering the plants, mom gave a slant look at dada. Dada still wasn’t looking at her. Mom looked at dada for a minute or two and then smiling mischievously, she dropped her pallu!!


While dropping her pallu, she was standing sideways and that helped me to get a side look of her precious juicy treasures. And OMG! What a size were those of?! Not gigantic but near enough to be gigantic. So big were they!! I was dumb founded in extreme astonishment. Could a woman have this size breasts? How could they carry those with them? with two swollen or say extra ripe melons hanging either side of chest…. Am I also gonna have just like mom’s? 

I continued looking at dada and mom. After dropping her pallu, mom looked at her bosom carefully bending her head. Then she adjusted her blouse by little shifting it right and left. After that taking hold of blouse borders near her shoulders, she pulled them down to some extent. By doing this, her blouse borders of course stayed on the shoulders but the neckline came down a lot and as a result a good view of her ample cleavage came into scene. After confirming the depth and width of the cleavage and neckline, mom called dada. Dada didn’t listen. Mom again and again called him. But dada still paid no heed. At this mom got little upset and angry and keeping both her hands on her waist she called out little louder and said something like, “Ekhon na dekhle aar kono din dekhabo na.” (“If you don’t see now, I will never show you.”). This a lot sounded like a threat to me but maybe sounded like a warning to dada. Dada turned his head to see mom and as soon as he put his eyes on mom, he forgot everything. He forgot his exercise, his surroundings etc. Mom laughed at dada’s condition and after standing like that for at least 5 minutes more, she resumed her pallu over her shoulders and got back to work i.e. watering the plants.

I was kind of confused. What is this going on? Why ain’t they see each other directly? Are they hiding something or they are just little afraid of seeing each other now. Dada finished his exercise and was taking rest by lying down on the ground, face up. He said something to her, to which she just gave a broad smile and shook her head in a negative. Dada again and again asked her something and she again and again she shaked her head in a negative answer. Then there was silence between them. Their voices were very much inaudible to me. I could just hear that they are talking something but what I don’t know. While watering, mom turned back. Dada was continuously looking at her bottom (ass). He stayed laid there and continued watching mom or to say, mom’s ass and started caressing his private part (dick). I was surprised to see that dada’s private part seemed to be half risen up. Then suddenly dada stood up and went behind mom. Mom, by that time, had turned sideways and was busy giving water. Dada walked behind mom and pressed his crotch against mom. Mom jumped in utter surprise at this sudden act of dada. Distance between them and me was not much but still a considerable one. And from that distance also, I could very well see that dada’s half rosen private part (dick) was rubbing against exactly on my mom’s ass-crack through the saree. Mom’s facial expression suggested that mom didn’t mind his action and was certainly ok with it. She smilingly said something to dada to which he too smiled. By the constant touching of mom’s bottom, dada’s private part was forming now a giant bulge underneath his trousers.

Then again what I saw was pretty unthinkable; at least for me. Mom kept on watering the flower plants and dada continued to do the same thing, rubbing his hardness against mom. But this time, he reached across mom and cupped her breasts..! Keeping her breasts cupped in his hands, he buried his face in mom’s neck and whispered something. Not very clear though, it sounded me as the word, “Byepok !” (“Gorgeous !”). Mom giggled at this, said, “Thank you” (I think) and with her left hand she hit dada on his hands as an indication to leave her boobs. But I think dada was in mood to listen and instead of leaving her milk jugs, he started playing with them. First he would very gently caress her breasts from top to bottom and when coming from under boobs to the top he would cup the milk jugs squeezingly and then leave them for a second or two and again he would cup them. Mom’s face was clearly stating that she indeed loved his acts and was getting excited (turned on). After playfully squeezing and cupping he breasts for few more minutes, dada kissed her on her right cheek. Just as he kissed her, she shivered as if she just woke up from somnolence and again tried to free herself from dada’s firm grip. But her strength was in match to that of dada. By now, mom had turned towards my direction and I could very well see her every move and expressions.


In between this struggle, she had placed the other end of the pipe towards her direction unknowingly and the water coming out of the pipe had now made mom completely wet and especially her upper body. Dada was behind mom, that’s why he didn’t get that wet but still, he too got wet upto his chest area. Mom’s wet saree was now clinging to her body. And after seeing mom wet in her full dress, I could now make out that why dada is so much in to my mom. Mom was looking so so so so so sexy, hot and happening in that wet condition. Her whole figure could be now easily understood over her saree. Of course, she didn’t have an hour glass type figure but still her figure was very well endowed with heavenly like treasures and surely had a curvaceous figure to turn anyone on. Her shapely legs, hairless arms with beautiful navel along with a spotless waist and abdomen and well developed massive milk jugs were indeed enough awesome reasons to make dada worship them. Dada looked over shoulders and found out her condition. His eyes now got even more stuck to her juicy melons and in swift motion he turned her to his side. By somehow, both were in sideways direction. Dada pressed both the balloons sideways and buried his face into mom’s cleavage which was now visible through her saree. Dada kissed the upper parts of both the breasts and kept his hand below mom’s waist, grabbing her secret mound (pussy) over her clothes and said something, which sounded to me like, “uuffff….. tumi ki sundor go….! ami tomake ekhanei valobaste chai !” (“uuffff…. You’re so beautiful. I want to make love to you right now !”). Saying this, he quickly grabbed one of mom’s tits and pressed it hard. Mom gasped. Her eyes became big. She wanted to reason but dada didn’t let her do so and kept his lips on my mother’s beautiful bow shaped succulent pink lips. And by the same time, with pallu down, dada kept on feeling mom’s boobs over her blouse and deep kissing her. 


Mom tried to move away from him but as said earlier, she was nowhere a match in strength with dada. But she kept resisting. On the other hand, dada skillfully started caressing her back and bum and very cleverly managed to soothe and convince her. Mom’s resistance dropped to zero level and even her hands too hugged back dada. I anxiously looked around the surrounding. It was very well guarded by tall walls and trees and also this part of the garden was well isolated from rest of surroundings. I brain knocked. Was all of this planned?? If yes, then by whom? Mom? Dada?? Or both?? I wanted to think more but the ongoing scene before me didn’t give much chance. They both were engrossed in a deep lip lock. Both were almost sucking and biting each other’s lips and tongue. Mom’s pallu was already off her shoulder and in a tight embrace; her tits were getting crushed into dada’s chest. Dada wasted no time in opening up her blouse and then removing the cups on the either sides. For some time he kept on pressing, licking and kissing her fair, spotless boobs and cleavage and then suddenly he scooped down the bra cups and brought the tight, well tact, full grown and juicy milk jugs in front of his eyes. Mom closed her eyes and was anticipating dada’s next move. Whereas, dada was lost in the beauty of a fair mature mom’s matured ripe mangoes. Her supple breasts were full and satin-smooth, with grape shaped nipples along with brown colored areolas on lower top, ready to be worshipped by dada’s wetty tongue.

Dada couldn’t stop himself now and in moments flash he removed mom’s blouse from her body and then tried to do same with her bra. But, like an amateur he struggled a bit to unclasp the hooks.


At this, seeing dada struggling erotically, in a very arousal state yet unable to unhook, mom chuckled and then indicating dada to stop, she herself took her hands to her back and in a slight twitch she unhooked the bra. All the while she kept on looking at dada, teasingly with a mix of lust and mischief. But dada’s eyes were constantly on mumma’s boobs and not for single moment/second did he took his eyes off from there. While to me it looked being a highest level of pervert, mom on the other hand was quite relaxed and looked proud. 
Ya, there’s something about her boobs indeed, because for a few minutes, I too was lost in the beauty of those heaving mammaries.

Yummm, unknowlingly I too licked my lips just like dada, remembering good old days when I used to suck on those beautiful mounds and just stopped a couple of months ago. As I had a very deary, lovely and full of innocence face; I usually used to get to fulfill my wish to suck on mumma’s breasts, even though I passed the age of sucking. Didi used to get angry on both mumma and me as she used to be left apart and couldn’t suck on mumma’s milk jugs. Then to soothe her, mumma would allow her to suck on the other breast. This way, both the sisters used to suck on mumma’s breasts and mumma would just sit there, wherever the place would be, with the pallu on her lap, blouse buttons all open; with bra cups pulled up. When dada started to live with us few months back, we still used to suck on mumma’s tits and mumma would just sit there still, half naked. And even sometimes in front of dada too.! We were children and we used to tease and make fun of dada saying he doesn’t get to suck on these and dada with a blank face and fake smile would just used to stand there and had long talks with mom.

While sucking, many a times I saw dada continuously staring at those creamy boobs and perky nipples while talking to mom. And mom would too give stealing slant glances at dada when she used to get shy. When today I think of those scenes, yew, so nasty they looked. A mom (milf, to be precise) with her blouse open, bra cups pulled up, feeding two kids and talking to a grown boy (or say little bit grown than the teenage), all the while the boy keep staring at her juicy tits and she got nowhere to go and not even in a perfect situation to cover herself up, just to sit there and talking to him and trying to deviate his attention from her boobs to her face or talks and becoming unsuccessful in that. Yeah, it does sound weird and even may look nasty but at the same time, it’s a very good dose to turn anyone on….. even me (whenever I remember these scenes now, I get a tickling sensation in between my tits, nipples and even in my cunt… hehehe.)

Now, moving on to present time, dada was just relishing the touch, the smell, the smooth spotless skin of mom’s awesome matured boobs. He was so lost into those mangoes, it seemed like there’s no tomorrow. Every second, a playful look, a lusty touch, a hungry squeeze and a kid like sucking was making mom moan loudly beyond her tons of control. Even I was afraid too of someone may notice mom and dada here, in this condition. The whole scenario of dada playing with mom’s boobs was like this,-  A soft handful each, heavy and warm with a gentle upsweep. Perky with a natural bounce but still firm. Light and creamy compared to the less tan skin of her body. Areolas about the size of a quarter, with a nice darker color for contrast; topped with tiny hard nipples, like grapes begging to be licked and nibbled. In a bra, her breasts stand firm, round and proud, yet in a blouse they dip and bounce playfully with her movements. When dada gently cup them, by his expression, it can said that, he can actually feel the softness, yet under it there’s a faint firmness he’d feel if/ when he squeezed them. The boobs have a slightly sweet taste (I used to suck them till couple of months ago) and feel just right when dada worked on a nipple into his mouth with the eagerness of a kid in a candy store. The simple existence of these perfect tits makes him smile and proud. And with every suckle sound “chhuuukkkk….chuuuuuukkkk..ssllllluuurrpppp” mom would smile voluntarily and in that smile one could easily see mom’s hidden pleasure, proud, love, care and lots of affection for dada. Dada’s continuous nibbling of the nipples and sucking the whole breasts was making mom moan ecstatically.

Dada now bent up to mumma’s abdomen level and started kissing her full stomach. He would stop in between and would take out his tongue and lick and suck mom’s oval shaped navel very passionately. He would flicker his tongue in sides of navel and again would roll his tongue and then penetrate the navel with it very slowly and seductively. This kind of teasing was giving mom chills through her bones and as she was already in wet clothes, in no time she was getting goosebumps due to all these actions performed by dada. The only things she was able to do was to bite her lips to stop herself from moaning and to take deep breaths while caressing dada’s head.


After few more minutes of licking and kissing, dada returned to his previous job location, i.e. to have a plentiful of mom’s breasts. Mom just tipped her head low and watched dada fondling her enormous breasts. From her facial expressions, I could very well tell that she was getting more and more excited (aroused and wet). She was already more turned on than she had been in a long time. Dada was really excellent in his job, gently cupping and slowly sliding his fingers over her massive womanly breasts, feeling every inch of her smooth skin, with her nipples stiffening due to his arousing touches. Her face turned red not only with extreme shyness but also due to turning on of her desires…….. sexual desires. In extreme pleasure, she bit her lower lip in pure erotic ecstasy.
Dada was also watching mom’s every act and expressions. And now, after seeing mom biting her lips, he smiled and his smile widened because he realized that he now had my mom exactly where he wanted her to be!

All of a sudden mom caught dada’s hand and pleaded him to stop for now. She was afraid of obvious reasons but her eyes were telling a different story. Still, she begged dada, “ebar chhere de. Onek hoyeche. Keo chole ele mushkile pore jabo amra. Please kotha shon.” (“Now leave me. It’s enough. We both will be in trouble if somebody comes here. Please listen.”). Saying this, mom put her hands just in front of her breasts which only got her nipples hidden and the rest of breasts were still visible to both dada and me; and I think this only ignited the buried sexual flames in dada. Mom indeed was a good actor, both enjoying and pleading as if she really cares. But dada’s expression was that of hunger and passion. He was enchanted by my beautiful mature busty mother and didn’t look like he was going to let her go this easily. “Please ekbar korte dao. Jodi pochondo na hoye ba bhalo na lage tahole aar kono din e jor korbo na.” (“Please let me do.If you don’t like it, I will never ever force you.”). – Now it was Dada’s turn to beg.

My beautiful, lust stricken mom tried to reason with him, “Na *******. Onek hoyeche.” (“No, *******. It’s too much. This has gone too far.”). “Please chharo…  uuffff!” (Please let me go… uuffff!”). Without any admonition, he wrapped his arms strongly around her and hugged her tightly, her naked boobs crushed against his broad vest-covered chest and his huge bulge poking her stomach. My sweet mother was too shocked to react. 

Hugging and caressing her back, he said, “tumi koto valo, kakima.” (“You are so perfect, Aunty.”).(I think he exactly said this, as I was somewhat far from them and unable to hear them properly).

My mom’s eyes glazed over once again as she was beginning to get calm at his compliments. And then, unknowingly (perhaps), she put her hands over his strong arms and ran over them, maybe enjoying how muscular he felt. “bas ekbar…., please.” (“just once, please.”), he whispered and softly kissed her smooth neck.

My mother gasped, “Ki?” (“What?”).

“Tumi jano, ki bolte chaichi ami.” (“You know what I mean.”). Dada said as he moved his arms towards mom’s waist and moved his lips to her neck below her right ear, lightly kissing her. In response, she closed her eyes and slightly gave out a sigh. Dada’s way of touching and moving his fingers over her body was really sending chills throughout her body. I could see dada giving wet kisses to mom as his tongue too was trailing all over her neck. (It was a lover's kiss!) 
Dada now moved his hips forward, pressing his shaft over her saree covered mound. And after doing this, dada started moving his pelvic region against mom’s frontal below waist part. And a little later, mom too started responding back.
“Ahhhhhhhh!”, my mom gasped as they pushed each other’s pelvic region back and forth together, her excitement getting alive, perhaps.

Dada again said something very softly which again I was unable to hear. But then mom replied in quiet an audible tone,
“Ummmm! Acha! Kintu shudhu ekbar!” (“Ummmm! Alright! But just once!”), she finally agreed to my dada’s indecent request. My beautiful sweet mo thmen moved her both hands down trailing all over his masculine body from chest to waist and with a very gentle touch took the border of the vest and helped dada to took it off. Dada threw the vest and in a swift pull down his trousers. Mom was shocked again with this surprise act of dada and she covered her eyes turning face to other side, “Chii…. Eta ki korchis??” (“Chii….. what are you doing??”). Dada gave a perverted smile and said in a light tone, “sei kaaj ta korte gele amake eta to kortei hobe… tai na??” (“To do that, I have to do this…. Isn’t it”). Dada was stark naked now. And I was so surprised to see that dada has such a long and thick pee-pee!! And it was still on the way to take a gigantic form. Mom looked at dada, from head to toe. Dada indeed had a well toned body.

Nice reflexing muscles, broad chest with little bit hair on them, and even the thighs too were in a great shape. Mom really looked enchanted and then slowly, unknowingly  she kept her hand on one of his thigh, right next to his crotch. She hesitated for a few seconds before moving forward but soon she got over her hesitation and shy (if left any) moved her hand down to his dick and wrapped  her smooth hand around it. Very cautiously her delicate soft fingers moved over his manhood, trailing from the bottom to the top, swirling around the swollen red head before trailing back down it. It was big, the veins bulged and pulsed as Dada gasped now. “Ohhhhh!”, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath so as to calm himself. Now, in response to mom’s service, he also pressed his body more against her, allowing his dick to rest against her stomach as she stroked him. He then put his lips on her gaping mouth and began exploring her mouth with his tongue. At the same time, he slid his palms down her back, onto her massive protruding ass. He proceeded to knead her ass cheeks as if they were dough.

She continued to to rub her fingers up and down his shaft slowly and rhythmically. “Hain, thik aei vabei korte thako.” ("O Yes, do just like that.”), he said breaking off the kiss. Just as he said this, mom couldn’t keep herself in control and quickly hugged dada, mashing her massive naked melons against his broad chest. Dada took his time and very slowly separated mom from his body and slowly undid the folds on the waist of my mom’s saree and as soon as they were undone, the saree fell off her on its own weight, exposing her exquisitely threaded petticoat. Not wasting any time, dada quickly untied her petticoat and let it fall to the ground! Seeing my mom just in her panties, my eyes grew wide. Although I was enjoying every bit of it but still some of those scenes were beyond my digestion. Dada quickly placed his right hand and lightly rubbed her mature mound over her modest panties. “Oh kaki… tomar panty to dekhchi bhije geche.!” (“ Oh aunty… you're panty is so damp.!”). He said enchantingly while kissing her lips and nibbling her ear lobes. Dada continued nibbling mom’s right ear while on the other hand he reached inside her pink lace panties with his fingers, possibly finding her drenched lips. From his hand movement, I could very well tell that he was sliding his hand up and down the length of her juicy mound (pussy) lips causing her to shake unsteadily. Suddenly she opened her eyes wide and her mouth formed a big ‘O’, which indicated that he had likely pushed one or two of his finger inside her. His left hand cupped her tit and  tweaked the extended nipple with his fingers.
Very soon, her panties became dark and her womanly fluids began leaking from the sides and down her legs. Visibly quite tired, she lowered herself on the ground and started panting heavily. She wanted to look upset but her expressions quickly betrayed her fake emotions. Dada kept his left hand at back of mom’s head and pushed her head towards his manhood. Mom gulped and looked at dada.

Dada smiled at her with some seriousness on his face. Mom soon realized that there’s no turning back now and therefore, obediently, wrapped her fingers around Dada’s shaft and moved her face a bit towards the thicky shaft. As soon as she did this, Dada grabbed the back of my mom’s head and forced her face against his cock, causing her to involuntarily open her mouth as he forced the tip of his manhood (cock) into her mouth. My mom’s eyes immediately grew wide as a result of shock and surprise due to this sudden aggressiveness from Dada’s side and as she tried to move back, dada held her face against his cock; trying to be gentle. Seeing as there was no way out and sooner or later she had to do the needful, my sweet mother gave up and submissively opened her mouth wide, letting the dick slid in.

As her luscious lips slid past the mushroom head of dada’s enlarged cock, my mom grabbed his thick base for support so as to not let the cock go in too deep unexpectedly. From the movement of her face, I could tell that her tongue was working the underside of the dada’s engorged cock. Her red lips and moist tongue moved back and forth, her mouth engulfing half of his length. Dada’s eyes closed automatically and he rolled back his head in pleasure, “Ohhhhhhh,,,, Kaki, tumi toh ekebare expert!” (“Ohhhhhhh, Aunty, you are an absolute expert!”). As his manhood was coming out of her mouth, I saw her veins relax and his thick rod covered in saliva. Her mouth was dripping as well, with a mix of spit, saliva and precum.


Mom nodded her head a bit and tried to smile as to give a sign of approvement. Dada soon left the back of mom’s head and kept both of his hands on his waist and slowly giving light pushes of his waist at mom’s mouth. As soon as he started doing this, she placed both her hands on his shaft and tongue teased his big head before sliding him back into her mouth. She came up once more and ran her tongue down the underside of his generous length before taking one, then the other of his balls in her mouth. The entire time she jerked his enlarged tool with her saliva-lubed hand.  All these actions continued for a long time. When his heart was contended, he signed mom to stop. Like an obedient girl mom stopped immediately and looked above at dada anticipating his next command. Dada now beckoned her to pull off her panty and lay down on the ground. Without a word of resistance, mom got rid off her panty in no time and lie down on the ground. Dada came and sat in front of her legs, took hold of each one and parted them to a maximum extension. Mom’s sweet mound (cunt/pussy) came in view. The pussy lips were reddish in color with little trimmed hair on top or saying at the starting of the waistline. Dada was almost lost in the beauty of those vertical lips. He bent on the mound and gave a light kiss on them. Mom shivered at dada’s act. He caressed those lips with great love and ecstasy. It was wetty. Dada caressed it for some time and then took his fingers to his nose and inhaled deeply. A devilish smile appeared on his face. He now put the two fingers in his mouth and sucked them hard. After that he forced his two slippery fingers into her wet twat. He pushed them in up to the knuckle and pulled out within a second. 

“Aaahhh…” mom screamed in excitement. My mom’s expression seemed like she too was getting more aroused as dada continued to finger her sweet pussy furiously. She had thrust her hips forward to allow him complete access. He pulled out his fingers occasionally to tease her clit and occasionally in-between, she would let out low moans. Dada kept on doing his actions. He pushed his fingers back inside her, wiggling them a little when they were all the way in, then pulling them out again. He divided his time finger fucking her womanhood and rubbing her clit. This action was arousing her to no end! “Unghhhhhh….Mmmmmmm….Ahhhhh…!!!”, she moaned lying down on the ground, twisting her body right and left restlessly. Sometimes she would herself pull her hair in extreme ecstasy and sometimes she would grab a handful of grass and hold on to them tightly. Dada continued pumping his fingers into her with full fierceness. My mom whimpered harder, her breathing getting faster. Soon, my mom’s knees bent and she arched her head back, mouth wide open letting out a long agonizing moan, letting out a whole lot of juices coming out from damped cunt. It was all over his hand, fingers and on mom’s thighs too.

Now dada was frantically kissing and sucking her pussy mound while his hands played with her massive melons. I saw my mom involuntarily spread her legs further apart and arched her hips forward giving my dada better access to her pussy. As soon as he got the encouragement, he inserted his tongue into the slit gently nibbling and pulling on her labia. Dada as an expert was working his tongue in perfect motions along her labia causing her pussy to get wet again. The tickling sensation struck at some part of my mom’s raw sensual nerve and she bit her lips in burning desire. As a result, she started to rotate her hips enjoying the touch of his tongue. She jumped when dada touched mom’s clitoris with his tongue, and at the same time put his manly hands on each of her smooth creamy boobs to calm her down. Dada, indeed was very skilled as he flickered his tongue, gently moving in little circular motions with just enough pressure that made my mom squirm even more.

“Mmmmmmm…!!!”, she let out a low moan and shaked her head sideways. This way, this whole action went for some long time and mom very soon let out her juices for the second time. Dada too was panting now because of his whole actions. While taking deep breaths he smiled cunningly at mom. Mom too smiled back at him but was panting vigorously.

To ease her a little, dada bent down and gently started to kiss her soft boobs which gave her goose bumps as she felt his lips touch her creamy skin. “Mmmmmm….ahhhhhhhh!!”, my mom let out a muffled moan. My expert dada was nibbling on her tits and gently biting around her nipples, while he picked up her slender and bit chubby legs and spread them apart, resting her feet on the ground. I believe she understood what he wanted and since he had given her such a great pleasure, she was forced to oblige his request or say command. Meanwhile, dada’s rod was now looking like a wet blunt spear directly pointing toward her dripping mound. He continued to kiss her heaving mammaries as he prepared to enter his erect dick into my mother’s dripping cunt. “Hahhhhhhhh…Ahhhhhhh!!”, my mom let out a gasp as she felt the head of his rod spreading her mound (labia) apart and slowly moving along the slit. She stopped breathing as my hunk dada gave a little shove and she wriggled as the head of his cock entered her pussy. She involuntarily spread her legs apart to give him more access to her moist love-canal. Dada continued to nibble at her boobies as I saw him push forward lodging the head of his cock another inch inside my mother. “Ahhhh…la-lagche…kh-khub b-boro!” (“Ahhhhh…it’s hur-hurting…it’s t-too la-large!”), she groaned as his cock sunk deeper against the walls of her vagina.

After a few seconds, I saw him back out and then he pushed himself forward again, driving himself further inside my sweet homely mother’s love-hole. “Amamamaam!!!!”, she moaned as the stiff rod got more into her. Then again she whispered, “Ohhhhh, tomar ta bishal boro lagche amar bhetore!” (“Ohhhhhh, it feels so big inside me!”). I noticed an extreme passion in dada’s eyes as he continued pushing himself deeper inside my sweet mother. Her pussy appeared stretched as he slowly fucked her. But instead of groaning in pain, she almost yelled, “Ahhhhhhh!!! Ohhhh hainnnn!! Aaro kor amae! Purota dhukie de amar modhe!” (“Ahhhhhh!! Ohhhh yessss! Fuck Me! I want it all inside me!”) I was pleasantly surprised by the turn of events. My mother had accepted her other side and now was shamelessly begging for dada’s cock like any other woman (whore)!

Dada leaned forward and probed his tongue back into her nipples as he licked them with great passion, while he lifted himself up enabling to push inside her deeper. “Ahhhhhhhhh!!”, my mom moaned, her body trembling as she felt the my hunk dada’s large boner sliding in and out of her honey-pot. Occasionally, she  would glanced down between her massive boobies and saw this thick cock disappearing inside her.

From where I was hiding, I could easily see his cock each time he thrust himself inside her making her body shake and shiver as his toned muscular body touched hers. Dada’s cock was glistening now from her juices. My mom was also reciprocating his advances, as she bucked her hips up to meet the hunk’s downward thrusts into her. 

Suddenly, dada stopped, took out his rod and said something to my mother. In return mom gave a shy smile and got up and turned over on to her knees in a doggy position. Dada came to back of her and resumed his work. “Unghhhhhhh!!”, my sweet homely mother bit her lip and slowly slid down, as she was impaled upon every inch of his meaty manhood, sliding all the way inside her tight wet cunt. 
My mom started grinding her hips and bouncing back and forth on dada’s bare naked member. He held a tight grip on the plump globes of her busty (38-size) hips as he thrust into her, her tight pussy gripping him like a vice. Mom had simply closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling of his thick member going in and out of her wet snatch.. My mom then began doing a slow grinding as she ran a hand through her own hair. Dada on the other hand, took her right tit in his hand, tweaking the nipple and then pinching it. As a result, she started to pump back to his cock with even more eagerness, trying desperately to get herself off.

Suddenly, from behind, dada slapped her ass cheeks hard two or three times! “Ahhhhhhhhhh!!”, my mother gave a loud cry of wincing pain. Then I saw him spit on his fingers and insert his broad fingers right in the valley between my mother’s butt cheeks. He rubbed his wet fingers over her ass-hole and seemed to lubricate it for some reason.My mom and Dada were reaching their final stages. His hands were moving on my mom’s breasts, squeezing, pinching and mauling them. She did a little rotational wiggle with her hips and proceeded to slam back and forth over and over again. “Aaahhhhh…. Ohhhh….Ohhh…kaaakiiii…….. aar parchhiiiii nnaaaa dhooreeeyyy rakkhteeeyyyyy.” (“Aaahhhhh…. Ohhhh….Ohhh…aunty….. I can’t hold on anymore.”). He said. 
My mom didn’t utter a single word. Instead she increased her back and forth motions on dada’s hard member. Dada too had increased his speed. There was a loud “thap thap thap thap” sound. Both were behaving like wild animals. And very soon, both of them gave a loud “Aaaahhhhhh…. Ohhhhhhhh…..” moan and both collapsed there; breathing heavily. Both seemed to be drained off energy. After resting for quite a while, they both got up and started to clean themselves. I saw a whole lot of sticky white substance oozing out of mumma’s cunt when she was wiping it with her saree. Don’t know why but I too was out of breath. And because of fear of getting caught, I tiptoed carefully from there and after reaching a certain distance, I ran into the house.

Chapter 9