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Indian Wife & Construction Guys

 Purva takes a leap of a trip. Preface: This is my completely original "fanfic" story using characters from the classic story by aurelius1982. I have had multiple comments on my past stories requesting a female narration of that story, and I was a big fan of the story anyway, so I thought why not. The author of the original story, aurelius1982 already has read this story and approved my posting it here.

It is not exactly a female re-telling of the original story though, like with the Diwali story. It's more like a new chapter that was inspired when aurelius1982 posted his "6 years later" sequel chapter 6. In terms of timeline, this story takes place soon after part 5 but well before part 6. It's been years since I read the original story start to end, so some details might get mixed up here or there. There might be continuity errors or even some contradictions from the original. But mostly, this story will fall within that narrative. I don't think you absolutely need to read the original to follow this story, but it will certainly provide better context.

0 0 Chapter 1  by shiprat
Purva takes a leap of a trip.
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0 0 Chapter 2  by shiprat
Purva gets to know Sajid's family better.
2706 words 293 reads
0 0 Chapter 3  by shiprat
Conversations, revelations, confusions.
3236 words 295 reads
0 0 Chapter 4  by shiprat
Being exposed and becoming one with the wives.
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0 0 Chapter 5  by shiprat
Confessions and conclusions.
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