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Indian Wife & Construction Guys Chapter 2

Purva gets to know Sajid's family better.

I walked out of the hut and followed Sajid as Fatima had told me. She seemed nice and kind and the only one not gawking at me or hating me. Sajid was chatting casually with his kids who were hanging out in the front of the house. He saw me walk up and smiled.

"Kids, meet Purva aunty."

"Abba, is she a new ammi (mother)?" one of the precocious daughters, about ten years old, asked.

Sajid just looked at me and smiled.

"We are getting that question a lot today!" Then he looked back at the girl and said. "No, she is not another ammi. Yet. But your abba does like her a lot."

"I like her too. She has pretty grey eyes." the little girl said.

I smiled at the cute little girl. But this was too much for me to handle. I could not socialize happily with his numerous kids like this. My entire situation was a bit too much, but this one, interacting with his kids, was particularly too much.

I walked back inside the hut. And into the tiny kitchen in the back. It looked like a stone age version of the kitchen at my home. The three wives were doing different tasks, squatting in different parts of the tiny space.

"Can I help?" I asked.

"Oh...you can..." Fatima started saying.

But Zahra cut her off loudly.

"We don't need your help! We three are sufficient for everything. Almost everything."

I stood quietly stunned by the insult. She was probably justified in being hostile to me. But I wasn't used to such interactions.

"Aapa, she can chop the onions." Fatima said, calling Zahra by the Urdu word for elder sister.

Zahra just grunted and looked away, Fatima nodded and smiled. I took that as a yes and reached out for the onions and a knife. And started chopping them. The tiny kitchen was hot and tense, and not just because of the awkward situation.

"How old is she?" Zahra said to Shabnam.

"I don't know." the youngest wife responded.

"I am 32." I said.

"Younger than even Komal." she derisively said without looking at me.

I later learned that Komal was her eldest daughter, who was now married and lived in another village. She was 35 years old. Which meant that when Zahra and Sajid had sex to conceive her, I was a few years from being born. And here I was, acting like his de facto fourth wife. Couldn't really blame Zahra for being upset.

"Let it go, aapa." said Fatima, my only non-enemy in there.

I finished chopping the onions soon and handed them over. The cooking was in full swing. I was told to stir a pot of meat that looked a little like mutton, but also looked a little different. Shabnam was making rotis.

"Let's go set up things outside for lunch." Fatima said to me.

I nodded and was relieved to leave the tense and hot kitchen. We laid out the plates and some thin seating mats. Fatima went outside and called everyone in for lunch. It was a weird and new experience for me, sitting on the floor with my legs crossed in that tiny space, eating food from aluminium plates. With Sajid, his three wives and 5 of his nine children. Looking at the kids, I missed my Apu and wondered if he was having lunch too.

Lunch was a mostly silent affair, except for the little kids filling in their father about all that they had been up to. He would nod or hmmm once in a while, but it did not seem like he was really listening. Not exactly father of the year material. Such a stark contrast from the loving rapport that Tarun had with Apu.

"You kids, wash your hands, and then go to the fields to play. I don't want you near the house for a while." Sajid announced after everyone was done eating.

The kids seemed accustomed to such commands because they all nodded and obeyed right away in a way Apu never obeyed me. Soon, it was just us adults in the room and I thought Sajid had sent them away so we could talk about this situation. But there was no actual conversation. Zahra started gathering the dirty plates. I felt obliged to help her and started doing so, but she shot me a hostile glance that made me stop right away.

"Where do I wash my hands?" I asked the room.

"I'll take care of that." Sajid said, slid over to me and grabbed my right hand.

And then he started licking it clean in a very obviously lewd away. I blushed as my quinquagenarian lover's tongue ran over my fingers in full view of his three wives. Zahra just snorted in disgust and went to the kitchen. Shabnam threw me a hostile look and followed her. Fatima though was sitting there licking her own fingers and watching us with interest.

"What are you going to lick next?" she asked in a playful voice.

Sajid chuckled and finished spit-cleaning my hands. And then his hands reached for my salwar again, as if to answer her question.

"Now? Here?" I whispered. Was he really going to take me in front of his wives?

He ignored my question like he usually did nowadays. He had really changed from the early days when he would talk to me a lot and respect my discomfort and boundaries. Back then, the relationship had been like that among equals. If anything, I used to have the upper hand. But since he caught me cheating on him with one of his fellow construction workers, he had been like a different man. And come to think of it, I had been like a different woman. In more ways than one.

So I didn't resist when he untied my salwar and pulled it down with my panties. He flipped my kurta up leaving me naked and exposed on the mud floor of the hut. I was squirming while his tongue lapped at my clit when Zahra walked out and frowned.

"Can't you have the decency to wait until..."

"Out!" Sajid raised his mouth from my clit and growled.

"Slut!" Zahra muttered angrily as she walked out.

Shabnam had heard everything from the kitchen. She followed too, shutting the flimsy door of the hut behind her.

Fatima was smiling sitting where she was. She started crawling towards us when Sajid said,

"You too. Out!"

"But you know me. I am not..." she started protesting.

"I said OUT!!" he yelled and gently added. "Come back in half an hour."

After Fatima reluctantly left, closing the door behind her, Sajid stopped licking my clit. He liked to do that nowadays just before I was close to an orgasm. I groaned and looked at him. He was on his knees, undoing his pants. He slapped me on my naked ass twice. By now, I knew what that command meant. It thrilled and also disgusted me how much more I was sexually in sync with this elderly construction worker than my own husband.

I rolled over and got on all fours, looking away from him. This had been another change in him since he caught me cheating on him. Earlier, he used to want to try different positions. Now he mostly just wanted to fuck me doggy style. Maybe it was because of the tattoo of his name on my ass.

"I don't think your wives like me very much." I said as he pushed my kurta over my ass.

"Who cares?"

"I was thinking that...AHHHHH!!" his big thick organ penetrating me interrupted me mid-sentence,

And the fucking started. And it went on for a while. He pounded me like a rutting goat for a long time, making me cum loudly in ways like I never had with my husband.

"They seem to...umhhhh...really hate...urghhhh...me." I said at one point.

"Not Fatima." he simply said as he was hammering my hungry cunt.

"Yes she seems nice...ohhh fuckkkkyes...yes yes yesssssss!"

Halfway through that sentence, I came again, hard. Much of my recent life had been like that. A struggle between my rational practical concerns and my primal sexual hunger for Sajid. It perfectly symbolized why I, an upper caste prosperous married woman and mother was on the muddy floor of this hut getting fucked by this arrogant old man.

He was still banging me when I saw a flash of daylight suggesting that the door had been opened. I assumed it was Fatima although it had not been half an hour yet. It wasn't. It was Zahra, his first wife, who walked in. Sajid barely looked at her as she stopped, frowned at the sight of us having sex, and then walked into the kitchen.

"Forgot water." she casually said.

I was embarrassed and terrified. Here I was on the floor of this house, getting fucked by her husband of decades. But Sajid was not embarrassed at all. If anything, he seemed to like it, because he started pounding me even harder.

Zahra came out of the kitchen with a jug of water and glasses. Even as he was fucking me half naked and I was moaning and groaning, I could not help but look at her. Our eyes met. I saw pure hatred and disgust in them. Then I saw her eyes move to my ass. She must have seen the tattoo. I saw her eyebrows go higher and she looked into my eyes again. And held the gaze. I stared at her, knowing that another orgasm was approaching. And at the last moment, I looked away.

"Ohhhhhh yessssssssss!" I screamed as I sensed her walk out.

I also sensed that Sajid was about to cum. After all these times together, my cunt could read his dick very well. And I knew the question that came next.

"Cunt, mouth, face, tits or ass?" he casually asked my preference for where he should deposit his seed.

"Ass...hfffff." I was barely able to get my words out in time.

He grunted as his cock exited my cunt. I felt the warm spray of his jizz on my buttocks. And then he collapsed on top of me like always. We lay on the floor, breathing hard, his body on mine, for a couple of minutes.

He finally rolled away and got up. No kissing, no tenderness, nothing like our early days. Those days were gone.

"I fucked Zahra in exactly this spot and exactly this position for the first time." he casually announced, shaking the juices off his still erect dick. That explained why his first wife had looked particularly angry as she watched us fuck.

I was still trying to regain my breath when he walked to the door and made a gesture. A couple of seconds, Fatima walked in. She did not look shocked or even angry. In fact she looked excited and turned on.

"I came on her ass." Sajid nonchalantly said closing the door again.

"I see that." Fatima said.

I had no idea why she was here. Before I could say anything, she got on her knees behind me. And then I felt her tongue on my ass licking up her husband's cum.

"Hey what..." I tried to protest this. It was one thing getting fucked by my lover. His wife licking my ass just felt weird.

But as I tried to squirm and crawl away, Fatima grabbed me firmly by my waist and held me in place. She hungrily slurped all the semen off my ass. She did it rapidly and hungrily, although she did pause once and I think it was to look at the tattoo of her husband's name on my ass. It felt strange to have a woman grab me like that and lick my ass. But at least she wasn't hating on me, so I let it happen.

Once she was done cleaning my ass, she let go of my waist. I rolled over and looked at them both. Sajid was still standing there half naked. Fatima was starting to take off her clothes. As she stripped, I saw that she had a lean and tight but shapely mocha body. Even in her forties, it was a hot body. I could imagine how she must have looked at my age or younger.

She didn't get completely naked. I guess this particular kink of Sajid's was universal, not wanting his women completely naked. Fatima kept her bra on as she got on her back by my side and spread her legs. Sajid nodded and got on his knees under her. He started lowering his face to her hairy pussy and paused.

"See how memsaab keeps her cunt nice and clean?" he said. Even after everything we had done and been through, he still called me memsaab. I think it was a way for him to keep reminding himself of the difference in our social statuses and thereby assert his achievement in turning me into his fucktoy.

Fatima looked at my cunt and giggled and nodded, saying,

"I used to do it too when I was younger, remember? But razors are expensive. And your money orders are barely enough to buy food."

Sajid laughed and just as he was about to lick her clit, he paused and looked at me.

"You...out!" he said


"Get out!" he said. "Give us some privacy."

I scrambled to stand up and get dressed as Sajid started going down on Fatima. I had initially thought that maybe he wanted a threesome. But now he was ordering me to leave the hut.

"Oooooh yes I have missed this!!" I saw Fatima's body flex and couldn't help stare as I watched the erotic sight. I knew from experience how soon Sajid could get hard again so surely he would be fucking her any moment. I was curious to see how it looked as an observer.

But Sajid stopped and glared at me.

"Why are you still here, memsaab?" there was an edge to his voice that I had learned to obey.

"Sorry." I said and walked out of the hut.

I closed the door behind me and saw Zahra and Shabnam sitting by the edge of the yard. They were talking but stopped when they saw me.

"He kicked you out?" Shabnam asked in a voice that conveyed delight.

"Yes." I said.

"Now you know how we feel." Zahra said.

I nodded and eyed the water jug between them. The sex romp had left me thirsty.

"Could I please have some water?"

Shabnam looked at Zahra who was still frowning but nodded. Shabnam poured a glass out and handed it to me. I drank it thirstily and held it out asking for more. She refilled it. I drank it all down in a gulp.

I had finally regained my composure and was standing fully clothed outdoors next to these two women I had just met a few moments ago. That's when I started hearing Fatima's erotic screams from inside the house. I looked around instinctively to make sure the kids weren't nearby. They weren't. I guess that's why he had sent them away.

"You were louder." Shabnam said testily and I blushed.

I wasn't sure what to do next. My lover had kicked me out while he fucked his second wife. I was here with his first and third wives, both of whom seemed to hate me. I was in a random village where I knew no one. Why was I here, I again asked myself.

"Why are you here?" Zahra asked me at the same time, without a trace of hostility in her voice.

I had no idea how to answer that question properly in that moment. I just stared back at her.

"You are a rich brahmin housewife with a son and a handsome husband from what Shabnam tells me. Right?"

I nodded.

"I can understand you getting seduced by him." she continued. "And getting fucked by him. He does that. He seduces and fucks women. I was the first one 37 years ago, so don't think I don't understand that part. But my question is, why are you here?"

Chapter 2