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Indian Wife & Construction Guys Chapter 4

Being exposed and becoming one with the wives.

When I got back, there were more men talking to Sajid, all of them sitting around the yard having tea and snacks. The conversations stopped when I walked in. Their eyes followed me as I entered the hut. The wives were inside the kitchen again. Fatima looked refreshed.

"The slut is back." Shabnam said.

"Let it go." Zahra said this time.

"How can you tell me to let it go Aapa?" Shabnam whined. "You don't know what I have been through back in the city. Seeing this woman lure away our husband."

"You think it was easy for me when you entered the picture?" Zahra said. "Remember that you were once the other woman too."

Shabnam grumbled but didn't say anything. Just as I was about to thank Aapa and ask if I could help in the kitchen, Sajid came inside.

"Memsaab. Come with me."

I followed him to the outer room where he picked up my bag and started rifling through it. I had experienced this enough times at home. He liked picking out revealing outfits for me and then displaying me to his friends. Now his village friends were about to get the same treatment.

Minutes later, I was clad in a tank top that showed lots of cleavage, a short pleated skirt that tended to flare up at the slightest gust of wind or movement, and a thong underneath. Soon four more men were going to be added to the long list of those who would see the tattoo on my ass and either laugh about it or find it kinky.

This activity was one I didn't mind. Well, I didn't mind pretty much anything Sajid did, but this one had tickled my exhibitionist tendencies that I never knew I had. In the initial days, Sajid would do the exposing or revealing and I would act miffed or draw lines. Now I had become like a improv actor in the drama. Without seeming like a stripper or a bar dancer, I enjoyed flashing myself in coy ways and then watch the men get aroused.

"Go bring us some snacks." Sajid patted my ass and stepped out.

There was a plate of kebabs ready. I bent to pick it up and Fatima, squatting by a stove behind, whistled and laughed as the skirt rode up and my ass was in her face. My first instinct was to hold its back down, but then I remembered this was the woman who had licked me ass clean earlier in the day. So there was no point.

"She never wears such things for her husband, you know? When he is home, she is like a sati savitri, fully clothed. Acting so coy and demure. But as soon as his car turns the corner..." Shabnam was ranting.

"Take the onions too." Zahra cut her off.

I walked out with the two plates, feeling that familiar thrill as approached the gawking men. I bent more than necessary in front of each man to serve them. They all got a look down my top as the weight of my bobs made the fabric stretch. And it was obvious to everyone that I was bra-less from the way my hard nipples were poking.

"Something delicious about being served hot kebabs by a hot Brahmin wife." one of the guys quipped and everyone laughed. The breeze picked a bit and my skirt flared up like an umbrella and everyone oooh-ed at the look of my round ass and the tattoo on it.

The next couple of hours were no different than many such instances back in the city. There were lewd comments, the occasional grope or squeeze, and of course praise for Sajid managing to bag me. Between shuttling food and used plates and cups back and forth, I sat in Sajid's lap as he put his hands under my clothes and the men watched, having their own separate conversations and with obvious hard-ons. In the past, the extent of my exposure depended on Sajid's mood. Sometimes it was just cleavage flashes, other times, I would be told to get topless or bottomless, but never fully nude. This time, maybe because we were outdoors and the kids, sent to play elsewhere, might come home any moment, my clothes were kept on throughout. I still got very wet, which must have been visible to the men from the crotch of my thong.

Eventually their chat session wrapped up. Each of the men was given a chance to feel me up before they left, much like always.

When we walked back inside the house, the wives were holding some of their own clothes.

"Make yourself decent and come with us for a bath if you like." Fatima said. "It is dark now."

But before I could say anything, Sajid said,

"No point in any of you bathing right now. Except Zahra."

All four of us looked at each other in understanding. I was still told to change into the salwar kurta though because the kids would be back for dinner. I helped Shabnam and Fatima set up dinner while Zahra went to bathe and then gather the kids and bring them back. As I did the chores, I was looking forward to the night. By our usual standards, it had been an eternity since our last sex session and the showing off to his friends had made me even randier than usual. Shabnam pouting, but clearly Fatima was feeling the same as me because at one point she stroked my ass and said,

"Should be a fun night."

Dinner was a mundane affair again. I wondered what the logistics of the night would be, given all these kids and such a tiny house. I got the answer to that soon as Zahra sent off the older kids for "sleepovers" at their respective friends'. And the youngest two were put to bed on a cot outdoors. With Zahra keeping them company. As mattresses were unrolled and spread out on the floor, she said,

"Remember to keep it down."

Shabnam started following Zahra out, but Sajid said to her,

"You're staying inside."


"You heard me."

She glared at him, but obediently stayed back. I was on pins and needles with randiness, so was a little surprised when mattresses were laid out and everyone started sleeping. It was Shabnam at one end, then Sajid, then Fatima, and then me. The light was turned off. And soon I heard a couple of them snoring. I stayed awake, assuming that Sajid would come over and mount me like he always did. But a long time went by and there was no activity. I had not gotten much sleep the previous night anyway, so I drifted off too.

I had a bizarre and very realistic seeming dream. I was decked up as bride and walking into a packed hall. I saw my entire family sitting on one side, including my parents, my sister, and all my uncles, aunts and nephews. On the other side were all of Sajid's friends and family. Sajid himself was dressed like a groom. When I reached him there was a kazi standing next to him. Who looked me up and down and said,

"Who gives this woman away?"

"I do." Suddenly Tarun appeared by my side and spanked me on the ass saying. "You're such a delicious slut, Purva. This is even sluttier than I imagined."

"You look lovely, mamma." I turned around and saw my son Apu sitting with Sajid's kids.

"The older three wives. Do they have any objections?" the kazi said and they appeared by us.

"No we do not." they said in unison.

"Alright, now we will have the ceremonial disrobing of the bride."

"What?" I said. "In front of everyone?"

Fatima slid over and her fingers started tugging at the knot of my lehenga.

"No, wait. Sajid?" I tried to protest. He was ignoring me and instead was grabbing Shabnam by the waist.

"It's okay, sister. It's her turn. Let me pleasure you." I felt Fatima's breath as she whispered in my ear.

And then suddenly the marriage scene and everyone and the bright lights disappeared and I was on the floor of the mud hut. With Fatima, only in a blouse, on top of me and untying my salwar. My dream had merge with reality as it often happens.

"But Sajid..." I said as the slim passionate woman about a decade older than me started kissing me.

I had never been kissed by a woman before and the tenderness felt very different. As my eyes got used to the darkness, I saw some motion to my left. Sajid was on top of the fat Shabnam, who had been stripped down only to her bra. I guess it really was her turn. I looked at her and she looked back at me. Her eyes showed arousal but also hate, as usual. Staring at wife number 3, I didn't realize when Fatima started pulling my salwar and panties down.

"Wait, what are you doing?" I whispered.

"Shhh. Your turn will come." She said.

"But...ohhhhh!" I squirmed as her tongue flicked my clit. She was good at this. Sajid later told me that she was the one who taught him things like going down on a woman and fingering her, which is why he was so surprisingly good at it.

As deprave and perverted as the recent couple of months of my life had been, this was a new line even for me. Getting oral sex from a woman. A very talented woman. I lay back and let her pleasure me as I watched Sajid tap Shabnam's naked ass twice. Just like me, she knew what that meant and got on all fours right next to me. I saw her small but saggy tits spilling out of her bra and the many folds of fat on her stomach grotesquely jiggle under her. I watched, feeling a little jealous, as Sajid brandished her thick gorgeous cock and entered her from behind. She let out a barely audible sigh.

And this strange foursome resumed. Fatima expertly licking and flicking my clit while right next to us, Sajid started pounding Shabnam with his usual gusto,

"OH WOW!!" I yelled out as Fatima's tongue suddenly started rapidly bringing me close to an orgasm.

That's when Shabnam reached out and slapped me hard across the face.

"Keep it down, whore. Kids are sleeping outside." she hissed.

I nodded meekly and bit my lip, trying to control my urge to scream out as Fatima stepped her the tempo of her tongue. But then she stopped just short of the actual orgasm. I groaned in disappointment as she chuckled and then resumed, but at a slower pace. These activities continued side-by-side, Sajid fucking his youngest wife and Fatima pleasuring me while still keeping the orgasm away, for about ten minutes. It had taken enormous will power to not loudly moan and holler as my tendency was.

And then Shabnam started breathing even harder and moaning softly. I knew from experience what that was. And Fatima chose that moment to start bringing me to a climax as well. I guess she had been holding back because she wanted my and Shabnam's orgasms to be synchronized. Which is exactly what happened. The hut was filled with sounds of skin slapping and our two bodies shaking almost in resonance. We both came long and hard, right next to each other.

As my orgasm receded, Fatima slid up and kissed me. I could taste my own juices on her soft lips. She also started taking my kurta off. I noticed that Sajid had taken his dick out and was standing up. Had he cum too? So early? How could that be? But not, he had not. I watched confused as he rolled a few mattresses together and piled them on top, his thick hard dick swinging. And then Shabnam, still breathing hard and writhing a little, crawled to that pile. And got on top of it, prone. her big fat as jiggled as her legs parted, showing a dark hairy cunt.

"Bring her." Sajid said.

Bring who, I was wondering when Fatima pulled me up by my arm. Like the other two, the only item of clothing on me was just my bra. Fatima scooped my tits out of the cups and pulled me towards Shabnam. And I realized the erotic agenda when I was pushed down on top of her, also prone. My tits mashed against Shabnam's shoulder blades and my lips rubbed against her ear. My crotch was on top of her big fleshy ass. She grunted a little as my weight fell on her completely.

"Put your hands on the floor, memsaab and your knees on the mattress." Sajid said.

I complied and by doing so, seemed to take some of the weight off Shabnam because she seemed to sigh in relief. I was expecting Sajid to start fucking me right away, what with my cunt wide open and ass hanging on top of Shabnam and those rolled up mattresses. But instead, Fatima, moving with athletic sleekness, climbed on top of me. I felt her weight and because she was slim, it didn't bother me as much. But I heard Shabnam grunt again, now that she was carrying the weight of two women.

"This is when you truly become part of the family, sister." Fatima said into my ear as her tits rubbed against my shoulder blades.

Wow, Sajid had always shown great creativity in her perversions but this was something that still surprised me. He had made a triple decker of our cunts and asses. I was the meat in the wife sandwich. I wondered how the sight looked of our stacked nether regions from behind. Shabnam's dark skin and a hairy bush and Fatima's mocha skin with a hairy bush and my creamy white shaved cunt in the middle.

Must have been a big turn-on because I felt Sajid to be especially erect when he rammed his dick into my wet and hungry cunt. I started moaning in pleasure and so did Fatima because he was fingering her as he fucked me. The warm bodies of his two wives above and below me and dick ramming my cunt did, as Fatima said, truly make me part of the family.

After a good five minutes of fucking me, just on the verge of my orgasm, he withdrew and started fucking Fatima as he fingered me. All three of us women were moaning softly, still mindful not to make too much noise to wake up the kids. But there still must have been some noise because I heard the door open and Zahra walked in. She stood next to us and watched this perverted stacked foursome for a few minutes without saying anything. I was later told that before Shabnam put on a lot of weight and before Zahra had her menopause and lost interest in sex, she used to be the bottom layer of this sandwich.

After fucking all three cunts one by one, Sajid walked to the front and made me suck his dick with all four of juices forming a salty but strangely yummy cocktail. And then he went back to fucking us in turns. Fifteen minutes of that and he made Shabnam lick his dick clean. Zahra left after a little while to make sure the kids outside did not wake up. This epic fuck session continued for about an hour. Every time one of us approached and orgasm, Sajid would pull out and start fucking another cunt.

Eventually when he decided to give us each ecstatic relief, he went in the order of age. I felt Fatima bite on her forearm as she slowly squealed her way through and orgasm. She then climbed off from on top of me, and sat on the floor fingering herself and watching us. Then it was Shabnam's turn, who came really soon. I was the last but not the least. He pulled me off Shabnam as she slid off, then put me on the piled rolled mattresses and started fucking me. I marveled at the man's staying power as it was almost 90 minutes into this session and I close to an orgasm when he finally started asking,

"Cunt, mouth..."

"Cunt." I said hoarsely.

And he filled me up with a gush of his seed. The bite marks on my forearm from not hollering through that tsunami of an orgasm took almost a day to fade away.

Chapter 4