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Indian Wife Is a Diwali Night Treat

 Wife's retelling of Aurelius1982's story. Note: This story is a re-telling of Aurelius1982 Indian Wife is a Diwali Night Treat from the wife's perspective. One of his readers. Mili, sent him a suggestion for having the wife's narrative too, similar to my first story which Aurelius helped with. He asked me to do it, so here it is. Obviously, the main characters are Aurelius' creations and he deserves credit for fleshing them out so well. I suggest reading the original story from his submissions page before starting on this one. I also suggest reading his multi-part Indian Wife's Descent story that introduced the Yashodhara-Ajit characters to understand their history, although doing so is not absolutely necessary.

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Wife's retelling of Aurelius1982's story.
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