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Education From Mother Chapter 10

We walked into Exam Room 8. Mrs. Gupta was seated on the Exam Table in her gown and a bare back. I saw that she was talking with Manisha.

"Good afternoon, Mrs. Gupta I am Dr. Bhardwaj. I will be doing your procedure today." I greeted her.

She looked at me and looked at Anjana, "A little young isn?t he?"

Nurse Anjana said, "This Doctor has the experience for this procedure and is beyond his young looks with skill."

I had washed my hands and had pulled on the latex gloves. I reached for the speculum and turned to the exam table and said, "Nurses will you assist Mrs. Gupta into correct position on the table for the exam and procedure."

Anjana and Manisha helped Mrs. Gupta into position. I moved between her legs and inserted the speculum and did a digital exam just like the Doctor had shown me. I then handed the speculum over to Nurse Manisha and inserted my fingers again and then undid my pants and placed my cock at her opening to her vagina. I looked at Mrs. Gupta and asked, "Ready for the procedure?"

Mrs. Gupta said, "I came here to get pregnant." She reached between her legs and pulled my cock into her vagina. "Now, do the procedure and blast your sperm in me. I sure hope it is potent."

Nurse Anjana said, "We made sure he was very potent before asking him to join the practice. The LAB reports say his sperm count is very high and the amount is well above the norm."

I started to pump my cock into Mrs. Gupta in slow deep thrusts. Her pussy was so wet I knew she had just had a small orgasm. I pumped at this pace for about 10 minutes.

Mrs. Gupta spoke, "I?mmmmm cuming NOW!!!!!!!" With that she flooded my cock with her juices. Her pussy really got sloppy. I picked up the pace and started pounding her pussy deeper and harder with each stroke. The pressure started to build and I knew that I was about to explode. Mrs. Gupta was in her own world, her eyes were closed and her head was moving from side to side. I knew that I could not last any longer. I exploded in her drenched pussy. The first blast of my hot sperm caused her eyes to jolt open and her head rose off the table.

"God, that is hot. Really Hot! I am feeling each blast, OH GOD! DON?T STOP! Make me pregnant, Please!"

I blasted 14 more hot ropes of sperm into her waiting womb. After I was complete, I held my cock in her to allow my seed a chance to soak in and work. She looked me in the eyes and said, "Fifteen blasts, I counted fifteen that felt wonderful." I felt her womb clamp down and milk my cock. It felt really good. I enjoyed a woman who could milk my cock. After the right amount of time, I turned my head to Nurse Anjnaa and held out my hand. "Diaphragm"

I eased my cock out and inserted the diaphragm into her vagina. Nurse Anjana said,"Mrs. Gupta, you need to leave that in place for 24 hours and let my seed soak in. If you think you need another procedure tomorrow please stop by the front desk before you leave and make an appointment? You may get dressed at your leisure and checkout." I had pulled up my pants and zipped up and was going to the door.

Before I left Mrs. Gupta said, "Young man thank you."

I turned to her and said, "My pleasure, Mrs. Gupta. You?re welcome. Hope to see you again."

Chapter 10