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Education From Mother Chapter 11

I entered Exam Room 8 for the third time that day. I greeted her, "How are you today Mrs. Brady?" I shook her hand. Then I washed my hands. "Nurse will you help with Mrs. Brady."

Nurse Anjana said, "Certainly." She walked over and positioned Mrs. Brady on the table and got her legs in the stirrups. I turned after washing my hands and put on gloves. Then I reached for the instruments and KY.

I opened Mrs. Brady?s vagina with the speculum and started the exam. Nurse Anjana walked behind me and reached around and unfastened my pants. They dropped to the floor. I slipped out the speculum while still doing the digital exam. My cock was hard and ready. Nurse Anjana grasped my cock and placed my cock in Mrs. Brady?s vagina. I slid the rest of my erection into Mrs. Brady. Nurse Anjana then caressed my butt and walked to the door. Mrs. Brady?s pussy was very tight. I thought she might have been a virgin, but she was married. I then reached up and pulled down her gown to get a look at her breasts. They were nicely shaped about a B or C cup and the nipples were about 1 inch across. I started stroking into her very slowly.

Mrs. Brady let out a quite sigh as I reached for her nipples to roll between my finger and thumb. Her pussy was quiet wet, tight and hot. She seemed to be into the procedure. I say this because she worked against me as I thrust into her. Nurse Anjana watched the procedure continue. Slowly I felt the sperm rise through my cock. I had repositioned my hands just before I started to erupt. This was to lock her hips to the exam table. I pounded her pussy like there were no tomorrow. Then I exploded into Mrs. Brady?s womb. With her pussy being so tight I felt the explosion of my first spurt hit her cervix. I spurted a total of 15 times and then my orgasm subsided. I stayed close to Mrs. Brady for a few moments this kept my cock deep in her next to her cervix and kept the sperm in her. I then reached out for the diaphragm that Nurse Anjana handed towards me. I slid it into place. Things were getting less awkward. I pulled up my pants and looked at the Nurse.

"Mrs. Brady needs to keep the diaphragm inside her for at least 24 hours. Please help her Nurse Anjana."

Nurse Anjana stayed with Mrs. Brady for just a few minutes. I walked back to the room I was using for the day. Then she entered my room. My cock was out waiting for her. She kneeled and engulfed my cock and cleaned my cock thoroughly. I looked at the clock.

"When is the next appointment?" I asked Nurse Anjana.

"You have about an hour. Do you want to rest?" was her reply.

"No, I want to talk with you for a while."

"OK about what?"

"First, get your chart and bring it here. I want to review it."

"I?ll be right back"

Two minutes later she walked in with some juices and her chart. She handed me her chart. I opened it and started to read. It listed all of her information, height (5?4"), weight (124lbs), measurements (35-27-37), diaphragm size, exam results, and her last delivery, a little girl about 9 months ago. The interesting thing was a complete chart on her cycles and when her last period was.

"Your little girl is 9 months old. Your last period started 2 weeks ago. You know you are near your ovulation, right?"

"I know I will ovulate in the next three days. Like I said earlier, if we get pregnant, then we get pregnant. I have not been with the Doctor this month. He is focused on another Nurse."

"Are all the Nurse?s charts as detailed? I even see naked pictures here, what are these for?"

"The staff?s files all have that information. I will bring them to you tomorrow. You want to make your mark, don?t you? The naked pictures are for our private use. Some of the patients don?t know about that part of their private file. If they don?t sign the release then the picture is from the hidden camera in Exam Room 3, where we have the exams of those that don?t pose for the nude picture."

"To tell the truth, I want to knock up as many of the Nurses and staff. I want them to be carrying my children. We will start with you tonight. Then we will take it one day at a time. You ready for me to knock you up with your next child, Anjana?"

She opened up her uniform. I saw that she was naked. "Are all of you walking around like that under the uniforms?"

"All the better to service you quicker, you know when the need arises. We know that sometimes you get really horny and might not last long enough to finish your desires. We are here to service the practice and make sure the cocks are ready for service. Only during a Nurses period is she allowed to wear panties. She can wear a bra if she is nursing a baby. Those are the only exceptions. Be discrete and gentle. The office staff has different rules, but has the same order, service the practice."

"Your nipples are really large and erect. May I suck them for a few moments?" She walked over and positioned her breasts in my face. I felt one then the other. I rolled each between my fore finger and thumb. I then slipped one in to my mouth and licked and sucked. She moaned. I switched sides and sucked on her other nipple. More moans.

She stood up and presented her pussy for a digital EXAM. I slid my finger in and found wetness. She was really ready. I rubbed her clit. She stiffened and moaned. When I finished rubbing, I slid my finger into her pussy and it felt much wetter. I pulled my finger out and more it to my nose and sniffed. I then licked the juices off it. "You are ready for me." I looked at the clock. "Please get the next appointment ready. I will follow in a minute."

"Yes sir." After she buttoned her uniform she picked up her chart and left.

I checked the chart of my next appointment. Mrs. Frost was 29 years old. She wanted a child and had been trying with her husband for 5 years. Nothing was wrong with her. Her husband had the problem. He was older and had an illness, an STD, that effected his sperm production, from before the marriage. I knew she was ovulating today from the test results and charts. I would make her pregnant, today. I was very sure of that point. I got up and closed the chart. Washed my hands after all I had fingered Nurse Anjana. I thought about the firm body of Nurse Anjana and knowing I would have her with in 15 minutes of finishing with Mrs. Frost.

I walked to EXAM room 8 just like the last ones. I knocked and entered. Mrs. Frost was sitting on the table, in the gown. I introduced myself and washed my hands. Mrs. Frost was on the heavy side, small breasts and short legs. I knew that I would still fuck her and plant my seed deep. I was after the money and the thrill of making as many women pregnant. The Nurses and Mother were going to get my rocks off. I put on the latex gloves and started the examination. I tried to make Mrs. Frost comfortable. I did the digital Exam and then placed my cock into her pussy for a good fucking. When she saw my hands appear she gasped.

I looked at her and said,"Mrs. Frost I am bout to inseminate your womb with very fertile sperm. Please lower your gown so I might see your breasts."

She slowly, in a shy way, lowered her gown. Like I figured her breasts for a heavy woman were small. The nipples covered most of them. She lay there not moving as she closed her eyes. I guess she didn?t want to watch me fuck her. I slid my cock into her deeper and held her hips and then started thrusting deep and slow. I built up the pace slowly. She moved her arms over her eyes. I thrust deeper and harder picking up the pace with each thrust. After about 10 minutes I was dripping sweat and slowly I felt the sperm swell from my loins. Nurse Anjana had that smile on her face. I smiled back and kept up the pace. Sliding in and out, I thought to myself, this is work on the heavy ones, but they knock up too. I wished she would move. Then I moved my hand between us and rubbed her clit. Slowly she responded.

Nurse Anjana started to adjust her uniform. I saw that she was trying to help by unbuttoning a few buttons. I kept rubbing Mrs. Frost?s clit, and kept thrusting. After 5 more long minutes I exploded deep into Mrs. Frost?s womb. I counted the 15 spurts and kept my cock burred for 10 more minutes while I recovered a bit. I saw that she was covered with sweat; as well she had to have an orgasm. I motioned for the diaphragm and slid it into place. I looked at Mrs. Frost and said, "Keep the diaphragm in place for the next 24 hours. Take your time and you may leave." I zipped up and started to leave.

Mrs. Frost looked at me and said meekly, "Thank you for helping to try to get me pregnant."

"It was my pleasure to be of service to you Mrs. Frost."

I left and walked to my room. I got there and sat down, took a long sip of juice, and shook my head. I turned my head and looked at Nurse Anjana a she entered. She tossed me a towel. She then kneeled and undid my pants and cleaned my cock. When she was finished she stated, "You did that just like a good stud should. Mrs. Frost has always been hard to get to move. She did have an orgasm. The Doctor wanted you to try since she has been at it so long. Let me make sure the office is closed. I will be back in no more than 10 minutes. You rest."

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