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Education From Mother Chapter 13

Two Pregnant Ladies. And New Lover in Love nest.

Everything was going great. I was spending 4 days initially but later we came to one or two practice a week. I was spendingmore time with mom . Neetu went back to her campus, we decided her to let study till the pregnancy effect start showing up on her. Also if she would come back later we will be able to explain father that some bad guy made her pregnant, and she cant be with him any more, but she want to give birth to baby, So all was set up.

Weeks had passed by and Mom was three months old pregnant. Some women look overwrought when pregnant, showing the weight of the demands pregnancy places on their bodies. Other women bloom like flowers, glowing with the radiance of the life growing within them. Mom was in the latter category. Her face was positively beaming with the promise of life, and her slender figure blossomed into Rubenesque proportions with Mom's already large breasts became heavier and fuller.

Her buttocks had it's new pear-shaped looked. She was no longer wearing blouse but nightgown. She had stopped wearing panty and bra due to the pregnancy effect and discomfort. She was getting weaker as, I was doing all the household things. She was very grateful with me, not even dad would do this when he's around. During that time dad was working on a major project in company. Which was very inportant for Company and dad as well. I told Dad that I really want to take care of mom during this time as I am done from my junior school and free for almost two more months. So i can better take care of mom . Since i am growing up, it would be good for me to learn taking responsibilies. for next two months dad rarely stayed in home, Some time he had to go out for week, many times. Mom and i was having lot of time to spend together. Our relationship was getting closer both i and Mom lived and slept nude in the house, during dad's absent. Although she was pregnant with my baby we were fucking like crazy. We were living like husband and wife.

Month been passed. One day Sister called Mom and told that she is three months pregnant. Mom told she could come home immediately,so that we can take care of pregnant her. Mom had told me that I should take very well care of Sister since there is no one except us. When dad came to know he was very angry with sister, but she explained everything as we already planned, that she was cheated by his boyfriend and now she wanted raise the child. Dad oppossed, we also supported sister, so he could not do any thing. Dad was angry with us for supporting sister and hiding it from him. he was pissed at mom too, they had big fight. He said he is very angry for hiding and now he hwill have to supposrt two pregnant ladies and he had project for a year and he would be travelling a lot. So he called his parents to take care of mom and Netuu. Week later Our grandparents came to home, to take care of two pregnant women in the house. After they came I and Mom began to wear clothes around. I started to share rom with grandpa. Netuu needed someone near to help her. Netuu and grandma shared same room. Mom in her own room. But whenevr I got chance me and mom had our time, sometimes in bathroom, or some time in lawn outside the house.

A month later, Sister was complaining saying she needed a bigger bra. She removed her shirt showing me her trapped breasts inside her tight bra. Her breasts have taken a new shape since the last time I saw. Much more bigger and a strong pointed nipples which I could see pointing through from the fabric of her bra. I suggested that she could uses mom's bra. On that night, mom, me and grandpa, were all in the living-room while gandma was in kitchen making dinner. Sister requested for mom's bra. Casually mom slid her nightgown below and took off her silk black bra. Being shocked that mom actually took off her bra in front of grandpa made me sexually excited, grandpa had a good look at mom's breast. Mom breasts was gigantic, slightly saggy but her nipples were dark brown and big. Her areola was a bit rough not smooth like Sister's. Casually like mom, Sister took off hers and put on mom's. It did fit well but I could not get the glimpse of her breasts since it was too fast.

"You know Nettu, it better to sleep without clothes when your are pregnant. It may relieve whatever pain you have during the night." Grandma advised as she came in. A sudden tightness in my shorts occurred by gramm's statement.

"Already I and Netuu have been like that only,we are shy to be naked before you." Mom stammered.

"There's nothing to shamed off, You should sleep naked atleast in you bedroom avoid tight cloths" Grandma pointed out. When mom shed her nightgown her breast were fully exposed in front of everyone, and then she removed her underwear facing toward wall, giving every look at her butts.

"Saroj...",suddenly Grandpa came into room. When he saw mom changing clothes he gave one surprised look and then facing towards Granmma, "Sorry I will come later, I just wanted to talk somthing about" I saw Grandpa staring at mom's butts carefully and then out of room. Each of Mom's Butt halves were equal to one Jack fruit. Then she put her gown on her body. After that we had dinner and we went to sleep, grandpa went to guest room and grandma and sister went to bedroom. I talked to mom about grandpa, that how he was staring at her butts and all the dinner time his eyes were on her breast.

Then She told me" its normal for him, as your grand ma is no longer fun for him.He must be sexually frustrated". Then she said, "I think we could help him release frustration".

"Mom I think I need release too", putting my hands on my bulge."Its been long time since I had you properly."

" Go your room, and don't sleep early, just act", by saying that she went to her bedroom, I came to room where grand pa was sitting on the bed and reading book. I went to bed , said goodnight and laid on bed, acting to sleep.

After sometime I heard mom coming in the room. "Is raj sleeping" said mom.

After giving a look at me grandpa" I think he is asleep".

"What shoud I do now",mom said.

"What are you talking about", grandpa asked. "My breast are aching, mother said they need to be sucked, so that pain can be relieved. " Mom Replied.

" I can help you, if you want ?", grandpa said hesitatingly.

"Can you? Oh thank dad, that is so kind of you."

"Oh its nothing dear, just com here." grand pa saying and Mom came closer to grandpa. As mom was in nightgown, mom just exposed her left breast making situation more erotic. her mouthful breast was out to be sucked. Grandpa put his hand on her breast and made his face come closer to breast and started sucking. Initially he was nerves but then he was sucking like a child. Mom was standing near the bed and grandpa was sitting on bed.

Mom said," We are very thankful to you and mother, since you are helping us while Raj's dad is out."

"Oh its nothing dear",saying that he exposed mom's right breast and started sucking that one.

"Oh...." Let me make it easier for you, she let her nightgown go down. Now she was fully exposed in front of grand pa.

"Why don't you sit on bed?"

"I think its better if i lay down on bed so that you can suck while lying on bed." Saying that mom laid on bed next to me and then grandpa next to her. Mom was fully naked lying between me and grandpa. facing towards grand pa and her butts towards me.

I was touching mom carefully from behind. I was caressing her butts. I put my penis out between her butt chicks. Grandpa was sucking her breast and was breathing hardly. He was now now somewhat forceful. After some time i felt mom's butts' slipped away, found Grandpa pulled her toward him.

"Oh.. Dad.. We should not...", Mom gasped as kissed her on her lips.

"Come on you know you want it, you must craving for it since my son left.", He said.

"But...", And he kissed again, this time he was gentle and mom also returned kiss. They were kissing for a while, his hands were between mom's leg caring her pussy. The suddenly I heard mom say,"Ouch..". He was inside her.After four or five minutes of hard fucking he came and lied down on bed breathing heavily.Mom said,"You are bigger".

"Did i hurt you",he asked.

"No not at all, can you do it again?" mom asked.

"I am old lady, beside it was after very long time, give me some time to recover."

"Let me help you", she got up and bent and started sucking his cock. scenery was very erotic on dark. Grandpa was lying on bed. After 10 minutes mom was on top of grandpa. She was riding on him. Then she bent and kissed him, he got up and now he was sitting on bed and mom was on his lap still riding. They were now kissing. They were no longer fucking. They were making love. In dark i could not see much, but scenery was clear. I was enjoying their fuck. Watching my mom being fucked by grandpa turned me on. Then they did doggy style. He fucked mom for almost half an hour, then he reached his limit. And then they both laid down, mom's head was on his chest. his hands were fondling mom's breast. I was also playing with her butts. After not getting any response from mom i got Sleep. Then suddenly I felt my cock being touched. it was mom.

"He's asleep now, we can do now", she said. I started fucking mom hardly. I was trying to claim on her. I was somewhat jealous of grandpa. while fucking I forgot grandpa might wake up.

I was just filling mom's pussy and heard "Carry on grandson, fuck session is always good for pregnant women it helps them delivering baby." At first i was shocked, but the tone with which grandpa was talking made me easier.

Rest of the night was hard for mom, she was switching between me and grandpa, when one of us is feeling her, other got recovered. While i was giving her hard fuck, Grandpa was making love to her. If we were not having sex, we playing with her beautiful body. And then all three of us naked in bed, having mom sandwiched between us, lied on bed. she Grandpa was holding her.Her head was on his chest again and and her one leg on him, she was holding his penis.she fell asleep.I thought,"They are going pretty well good together, like they had done it before many times, maybe...what I know". I Think mom will now have someone while I am at clinic. Next day would be different.

Chapter 13