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Education From Mother Chapter 14

Problem Started.

Next Day, I a disturbing sound woke me up. I opened my eye. It was mom with her head on bed, her hips up in air held by Grandpa, He was Humping as fast as he could. Mom's eyes were closed. I just laid there looking at scene. I was looking into her closed eyes , when those eyes opened, Mom saw me awaked.

"Hi sweetie, Sorry we woke you up"

"No problem Mom"

"Your grandpa could not wait", Mom Said.

"Hey Raj, Your mom is Real hot piece of ass, I don't think I could have enough of her now when I have tasted her once", Grandpa said looking at me.

"Just enjoy as much you can Grandpa", I said getting up.

"Hey thanks for sharing."

"No Problem"

"Now you two stop talking and Anand please Do what you are doing", Mom said being frustrated.

"Raj you have appointment at clinic today", mom said.

"Yes I have, I am going to get ready And besides it is...", I looked for alarm clock, and watching the time,"Oh my god it only 4:AM, Did you both slept?"

"Oh we did, and This is only second time since we woke up", Mom said in sluttish way.

"And now who is talking?" said grandpa.

"Hey you were the one who woke me up so early, and now, you woke him up to", Mom said in somewhat angry tone.

"Ok..Let me Just finish it quickly", He said.

"Don't even think about, you started it, and now finish it properly", Mom said.

"But..i thought you said..."

" I know what I said Just keep doing".

After 15 minutes they finished. he collapsed on bed. Mom stayed like she was for a while.GrandPa's cum was dripping from her well fucked pussy. Then laid on her back. She put her two finger in her pussy, and licked those cum soaked fingers. Then she came closer to me. Put her one hand around me.

"Oh Raj...", and fell sleep again. her one leg over me. her breast were touching my chest. Like she was proving her love to me. And I fell asleep again. At 8: 00 AM alarm rang and I woke up. I started to get ready up for school. When I was going to wake up mom so that she can go to room before Grandma came looking for her, Grandpa stopped me.

"Don't wake her up now, just get ready and leave, I will send her back before Saroj wake up", he said.

"You old man, you going to fuck her again , don't you?" I said teasing him.

"You bet..", he said.

"How long you been lusting for her?" I asked.

"Since I saw her first time", he answered.

I was amazed at his answer, he was lusting for my mother for at least 19 years. He got ready and went to school. after school I have to go to clinic. more new women to fuck. Whole day i was thinking about mom and Grandpa. When I came home, Neither Mom nor Grandpa was at home. I asked Grandma where were they.

"Your mom has gone to her friend, and your Grandpa said he is getting bored here in home so he went out for walk"

I knew they were together. When mom came home, after some time grandpa arrived. We had normal family chit-chat. When alone i asked if she was with Grandpa.

"What...Oh.. Raj you....I, yes we were, he said he wanted me and it was not safe in house, so I suggested hotel room."

Then she saw look on my face,"Oh my sweetie, is jealous? is not he?"

"Then, Shouldn't I, mom"

"No, You should not, Listen Raj, I love you very much, You are the one whose baby I am carrying . And for your Grandpa, I really feel sorry for him, Men in my house craving for sex? Don't you think it is something shame for me."

"Oh mom.. sorry for that.. I just thought you prefer him on me,"

"Well never think like that again, got it. And there is noway he can compete with you"


"Look at you, are young, more stamina, satisfying more women than any of your age. You got more stamina. You are handsome, and you jealous of an old man, And beside these are not reason I will never leave you"

"Then what?"

"You dummy, I love you, And more than anything, you are my flesh, my blood, my sweetie, My son"

"Oh mom..", And I planted a Kiss on her lips.

"Now go do what you have to, and tonight wait for me in you room"

That night mom came to room. Grandpa and i were sitting on the bed, as mom came in, she kissed grandpa, then me.

"Ready you guys?"

"More than ready", we said together.

Mom started stripping. And then she came to bed. Grandpa cupped her breast, and stared sucking them. I was surprised. After fucking her whole day he was still eager to fuck her again at this age. He became quite familiar with her body in one day. Mom was responding to his touches. Mom looked towards me, I was watching them. She advanced her hand to me, I gave my hand she pulled me towards her, I got behind her. I touched her butts with my cock. I was rubbing her ass crack with my cock. She was pushing her hips towards me as hard as possible. While she was rubbing her butts against my cock, I put my hands on her pussy, it was wet. I put in one finger, and started finger fucking.

After sometime mom was cumming. When she was super wet I slid my cock in her pussy. I was still. Mom was humping on my cock.

After sometime grandpa puller her on bed when he was laying himself. Mom was pulled away from, i was little frustrated, that grandpa was thinking of himself only. he pointed mom to sit on his cock, mom looked at me, and then lowered herself on his cock. She bent toward him, exposing her ass hole more to me, then she looked back at me.

"Come on Raj, what are you doing, don't you wanna fuck you mom's sweet ass"

"Uhmm mom..."

"Come Sweetie, you mom, is always open for you to put your cock anywhere, you want, I want your cock now in my, put it baby"

"Sure mom...", I rushed behind her, to put my cock in her, when I was in her. I was still little jealous of grandpa. I was starting to be forceful. I fucked her as hard as i could in a way to punish her, for allowing grandpa, pull her away from me. I was so fast that I came first. my cock came out of her ass quickly as it was soft now, I saw a relieved look on mom's face, I think really was hurting her. When I was done, I laid on bed with my back. Mom started pumping herself on his cock. it was slow, and rhythmic.The both lasted very long. Grandpa at his age was longer than me, it never occurred before, I had fucked so may woman, but never i cam so early. Something was wrong. Was it jealousy.

When that were done, they came together, mom has satisfied look on her face. she laid on grandpa.Her breast touching his chest, he raised her hands and took her in his embrace. His arms hid her beautiful boobs, I know it was not his intention, but still, I was being denied of her beautiful body. They started kissing, I drifted to sleep. Again in the morning it was same scene, she was riding his cock.

That whole day I did not speak much to mom, Mom noticed that, and we had a talk. Then she decide that my problem should be solved immediately. So that i can come over my jealousy.

"That's the only way baby.."

"But mom.."

"No baby..we are going.."

And she convinced me that we spending more time together could solve my problem. We told grandma and Neetu that me and mom had to go to some friend, whose father just passed away, I think Neetu understood exactly what was going on, because she did not say anything. Grandpa also offered that he should go with us.

Chapter 14