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Education From Mother Chapter 15

Hotel Tryst

So three of us left home for three days, we came out of city and booked a hotel room, with two rooms. It was very pretty big Hotel, with swimming, bar and all that facilties, So we could aslo have fun. So we spend the first day, chatting with people, me swimming, grandpa always around mom, they were really acting like couple, as no one knew them there, Mom said it was only appropriate becasue me action as her husband would have created some suspicion.Mom was in her swimming dress, sitting on the side of pool, i am sure grandpa wa trying to convinve her to go to room with him for quicky, but mom, knew what would I feel I fthey do so, she knew ignoring me was not a solution to my problem, so she was not going to leave me out to just fuck him. But later when were in bar, having drinks, grandpa said that it was enogh and we should now go do what we came to here, he had no Idea about my problem, we did not tell him, about that.

Mom blushed and nodded her head. We got up to leave and as I paid the check I watched as GrandPa leaned down and gave Mom a deep, soulful kiss and reach down to rub her ass. My first reaction was to go over and punch him in the face, grab Mom and get the hell out of there but as I stood there watching I realized that I was starting to get an erection. The longer I watched, the harder my dick got until I thought that I was going to bust my zipper. I quickly walked over and told them it was time to get the show started.

We got to the room as fast as we could and once inside Mom and GrandPa started making out in earnest. I sat down to watch what would happen. GrandPa began to massage Mom's tits through her dress while continuing their kiss. She responded by reaching down and rubbing his cock through his pants. I began to get very heated and after seeing them like this for about 5 minutes. I quietly took off my clothes, walked over to them.

GrandPa stripped out of his clothes in record time while Mom stroked my cock. Once he was done getting undressed we both began to slowly undress Mom together. I kissed her on her neck as I lowered the strap on her right shoulder. GrandPa repeated the process on her left side. We pulled her dress down over her breast together to expose the lacy bra that she had bought earlier in the day. GrandPa reached behind her and unfastened it and we watched it fall to the floor. He leaned over and began to suck on her left nipple as I began to suck on the right one. She moaned and grabbed both of our heads and pulled them harder into her chest.

While we were sucking on her tits we pulled her dress down further until it hit the floor and she was standing there in just her new panties, stockings and heels. We each grabbed a side of her panties, pulling them over her shapely legs letting them fall onto the dress. She stepped out of the clothes, then, with one quick flick of her foot, she kicked them across the room where they landed on the dresser.

I ran my hand along her pregnant belly inching my way lower towards the beautifully trimmed patch of hair between her legs. I ran my hands through the curls on my way to her love button and was met with resistance. I realized that GrandPa had beaten me to the punch and was already rubbing her clit.

A couple of minutes went by and Mom began to breath very heavy. I noticed that GrandPa had abandoned her breasts and moved down between her legs, trying to shove his tongue into her without much success. I moved her to the bed and laid her back so that her ass was on the edge allowing him better access to her pussy.

As GrandPa began his assault on my wife's pussy I crawled up to her head and offered her my dick to suck. She greedily took me into her mouth and began to suck me like never before. Meanwhile GrandPa began to circle her clit with his tongue. When he got to the little nub and started to suck on it she began to pant heavily around my cock making me to lose control and shoot my cum into her mouth. She tightened her lips around my shaft and began to swallow. The intense feeling of having one man cum in her mouth and the other suck on her clit triggered a powerful orgasm that seemed to go on for ever.

When Mom calmed down she gave me a big smile and said "WOW! That was fantastic! Now you two switch places."

I gradually moved down to the end of the bed while GrandPa hopped up and practically flew to where Mom's head lay. I was a little reluctant about putting my tongue where his had just been but when I saw her begin to suck on his cock I thought "Fuck it" and dropped to my knees between her legs.

I started to slowly lick up her leg toward her honey pot intending to tease her a little but Mom had another idea. She seized my ears and thrust my face into her pussy and began grinding herself on my tongue. As she did this she kept sucking on GrandPa causing his eyes to roll back in his head. She continued to grind herself on my face and suck off GrandPa at the same time. It didn't take long before she was cumming again, moaning around GrandPa's pole making him shudder and spray her tonsils with his semen.

After Mom came down from her second orgasm of the evening she scooted to the top of the bed and propped herself up on some pillows. GrandPa and I started to climb up beside of her when she said "No, you two sit in those chairs facing the bed. I want to help you recover as fast as possible and I know just the way to do that."

We did as we were told and waited to see what she had in mind. Mom then did something I had never seen her. She reached down between her legs with her right hand and began to run her fingers up and down her slit coating them in her juices. Once she had them covered she inserted two of them into her hole and began to fuck herself with her them. She brought down her left hand and began to rub her clit with her middle finger. It wasn't long before her sweet nectar was running out around her fingers, down her crack and coating her asshole. She took her finger off of her clit, replacing it with her other thumb and simultaneously fucked herself and diddled her clit with one hand.

She raised her left leg and ran her free hand under it until she was touching her rosebud. She began to rub around it and slowly began to push her finger inside. She continued to push until she had her middle finger all of the way in her ass. Mom then began to move her finger in and out of her ass as she continued to fuck her pussy with her other hand. She began to get into a rhythm and soon her hands were a blur as she fucked both of her holes faster and faster. It looked like it wouldn't take long for her to make herself cum that way but she suddenly stopped.

Mom looked up at us and said "That should do it. GrandPa, get up here and lay on your back."

GrandPa looked at me and I just raised my eyebrows, tilted my head toward Mom and said "You better do as she says. She's in charge tonight."

GrandPa very eagerly jumped on the bed and got into the position he was told to get into. I watched as Mom gave him a deep, sexy kiss. When she broke the kiss she began to trail her tongue over his chin, across his neck and down his chest to his nipples. She flicked the tip of her tongue over one then the other, making them stand straight up, She then continued running her tongue downward until she reached the base of his cock.

Mom then slid her tongue to the bottom side of his dick, ran it up to the tip and swirled it around the head causing a sharp intake of breath from GrandPa. She continued to tease him in this manner for a few more seconds then opened wide and took his whole cock into her mouth and down her throat.

"Oh yes Mom! That feels wonderful!" he said.

She smiled and brought her mouth off of his cock. Mom then crawled up and swung her leg over his body straddling him. She reached down between them, grabbed his member and ran it up and down her slit getting it wet. She placed it at the entrance to her tunnel and sat down hard taking every inch in one swift stroke.

She sat still for a moment adjusting to the quick intrusion. Once she was comfortable she began to slide up and down on his shaft. She started rocking back and forth on his cock moaning loudly. I was still sitting at the end of the bed and had a great view of her pussy sliding along his cock and I must admit it was making me hot. I never imagined that I would enjoy watching my mom fuck another man and thats one my grandpa but here I was, seeing just that and I had the biggest hard on of my life. I was really enjoying this and all previous thoughts of jealousy were gone.

I had my eyes glued to Mom's ass so I didn't see her turn to me. She cleared her throat and I raised my head up to see a look I had never seen on her face. It was a mixture of pure ecstasy and cunning.

She said "go get the lube out of my back and come join us."

I went into the bathroom and retrieved the lube as she requested. I came back into the bedroom, climbed up on the bed and handed her the lube. She opened it, squirted a generous amount onto her middle finger, reached behind her and started pushing her finger into her ass again. Once she had relaxed enough to push that finger in without discomfort she added a second finger to her ass and began sawing it in and out. When she was finally satisfied that she was loose enough she turned back to me and gave me a smile.
"Your turn." she said

I reached down to finger her ass and heard her giggle. She shook her head and said "Not your fingers silly. I'm ready for something a little bigger."

"You mean you want me to fuck your ass while he's in your pussy?"

"That's exactly what I want baby.", I was not so sure becasue of previos encounet we had , I had actually hurt her, that is wha I thought. But here she was wanting for more.

"Then that's what you'll get." I told her.

I moved up behind her and after coating my cock generously with the lube I placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her ass. I tried to push in but was met with too much resistance. I gently pushed Mom forward sliding her upward and almost off of GrandPa's cock. Without him taking up so much room inside of her I was able to push my cock all the way into her ass.

"OOOHHH, Careful boys. Hold still until I get used to being stuffed so full."

None of us moved for several minutes while Mom adjusted to having two cocks in her at once. When she gave the nod GrandPa and I set about trying to establish a rhythm that would be pleasing to Mom. After quite a bit of bumbling, we figured out that if one pushed in when the other pulled out we could keep a cock in her at all times but not make her uncomfortable. When we had finally got into our new rhythm and got a good tempo going Mom began to really enjoy herself.

Of course she wasn't the only one having a good time. As I was thrusting in and out of her ass I could feel GrandPa's cock through the thin membrane separating us and, although I'm not even remotely into having contact with another male, it was awesome. It was making her ass tighter than it was when I deflowered it and I wasn't sure how long I would last.

Luckily for me it was having the same effect on Mom and GrandPa. Mom started moaning and her breathing was coming in short gasps. She was sweating heavily and had a hard time keeping her head up. GrandPa was also sweating and he was breathing so hard I thought he might pass out. Because we had worked into a rather frenzied pace and we were trying to stay in our rhythm it was impossible for either of us to slow down but if we didn't finish this soon we might all pass out.

Just when I thought that I couldn't go on any longer I began to feel that familiar tingling in my balls telling me that I would be cumming soon. As it turned out GrandPa was the first to go. He let out a loud groan and unleashed a torrent of cum into Mom's pussy. When he had emptied his balls he fell back onto the bed leaving me a Mom to finish
I began to fuck her as slower but with more force which is how she likes it. After ramming my cock into her for the eighth or ninth time Mom began to scream and thrash about clearly in the throes of a massive orgasm. Having her move around on my cock like that was the straw that broke the camels back for me. I started shooting my cum deep into her ass and didn't think I was ever going to stop.

When we had all come down from our coital bliss I pulled away and looked down. GrandPa had already softened and fallen out of her pussy and I could see the cum leaking out of both holes. The sight was too much for me so I ran into the other room, grabbed my digital camera and began to snap several pictures of Mom's freshly fucked pussy and ass.
We all laid down on the bed a drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 15