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Education From Mother Chapter 16


We three, had just decided to be there for only for three days but it changed into, a full week of threesomes. We came back and everything back to normal except our normal was to have sex with mom everynight. After that we three becaome very closer. Mom and grandpa was not only having sex but also making love.

Mom became very close to GrandPa. Whenever dad would be at home, she would find a way to give GrandPa his share.  Dad was always very irritated around the house, he was not happy with my sister giving birth to baby out of wedlock, but he did not have any choice.  But mom convinved him that she would take care of her baby too, no one had to know, about her being pregnant.

Sometime I would find a time to fuck my sister, too.  Whenever I was with Neetu, we were like husband and wife, having vanilla sex. I did not push her to be more wild. Mom , me and grandpa would arranege some weekend every two or three weeks, to be together. Mom’s sex drive was being too high, with pregnancy.

One night when we both fucked mom, I fell asleep, in the midnight, I woke up, and listen mom and grandpa talking, they did not know I was listening. Mom had her head lied on his chest.

“Samitha I want to be father again”

“I don’t think mother would be able to give…”

“not her, I want you to bear my child”

“You know, Anand, it is not possible, Ashok is already angry with me for not being careful, this time I dint know if he can..”

“Please Samitha, do it, do it for me, I love you, and want you to remember me when I am not…”, he could not complete his sentence, mom, stopped him, putting her hand on his mouth.

I did not know what was mom’s decision at that time. I never asked her, after that night.

Time passed and Mom gave birth to  beautiful baby boy, and  month later sister gave birth to babygirl. I was one happy father. Grandpa and Granma stayed one more month after that and then they left. But Grandpa became regular visitor to our house. Whenever dad was not home, grandpa would spend night at our home, and I will sleep with Nettu.

I was careful with Nettu, and not making her pregnant again. After giving birth she went to finish college again.  And she hooked up with some guy there.  And planned to marry him. Whille se was fucking me whenever she was home. GrandPa never fucked Nettu, as he was always hot for mom, and she was enough for him. I would fuck mom, almost daily,  whenever dad had go out , GrandPA would come to house to stay with us. She never said but I knew Mom was always looking forward to his visit. That time I would not fuck mom, as it was their time only, as mom will say.

I knew  mom was becoming closer to grandpa everyday. Sometimes mom will look at grandma with very jealousy. Grandpa was also very careful not to get too much intimitaed with grandma when mom was around. Many time mom would become angry with grandma, for no reason. and Sometimes she would get angry with grandpa for being so touchy with grandma.

Whenver they were at our house, grandpa was supposed to sleep in my room  and grandma in Nettu's room. as her bed was single. I also had single bed in my room but I was suppposed to adjust.  But in reality mom would come to our room in  the night and sleep with us. One day  when grandparents were at our house, mom was in kitchen , i was behind her and she called me.


"Yes mom?"

"You know wht we do...at night...i was..."

"of course i know, i am also part of it...", i had said that, when i knew what mom wanted to say.

"You know that, you and me,  i mean we both have pleanty of times, you are here in home always. so..."

"Its okay mom, i understand, grandpa needs you when he is here..so i am supposed to ..."

"yes sleep in my room, and do not open it unless its me ok?"

"Okay mom i got it"

"Thank you rahul,iIwill make it up to you"

Two years After the birth of Sonu and Soniya, GrandMa died from cancer, and grandpa came to live with us.  He was more happy than sad, because he could live with us and could  fuck mom whenever he wanted.  Meanwhile Nettu finished her college and married  Ramesh. They were living just a few mile away from us, I was in college now, not too far, and would visit mom, on weekend,. Mom was getting all she wanted, now When I would come home GrandPa was supposed to back off so that I could have my time with mom. It was my third year when GrandPa also got heart attack. When I got home things were not same, mom was mostly taking care of grandpa.

They called me in their room, both were in bed like husband and wife and nake, legs were covered with blanket. mom's breast were looking bigger.

"Rahul we have something to tell you"

"What is it mom"

"I am pregnanet dear"

"ohh...but... we..."

"I know beta, I should have told you before but It just happened, i I reallt wanted to be mother last time"

"Its ok mom, so whose is it?"

"Does it matter Rahul?"

"No it does not, but..."

"It your grandpa's"

"ohh...you sure..."

"Yes as you might guess, I did not mate with you for like two months, so you cant be the one"

"hmm... its ok mom, i am happy for you both"

"ohhh my darling...come here"

"She gave me hug and pulled in bed"

We did not fuck just lay there in bed, three of us, kissing and spooning each other.

When i woke up, mom and grand pa were still sleeping mom's head was on grandpa's chest", i got off the bed and went to my room.

In the evening mom said we shoudl go out to celebrate, so went out, had dinner and dance, when we came home.

"You both are love of my life, I love you both" mom said lokking at me and grand pa.

"I love you both mom darling and my fav grandson, lets celebrate this night for us"

"No grandpa, you two go ahead, I am little tired, any this should be you night, make love to her"

"You sure son?, she can handle us both you know?"

"I know grandpa..., you go ahead"

Then they both went to their room.

Morning mom knocked at my door, she was totally naked, totally mess, her eyes... she was crying...

I knew what has happened.. grandpa has said good bye to us...

Mom cried a lot, but she took care of herself, as she was pregnant, we did not have sex for like 3-4 months, she was not bale to. Then pregancy was in last months, so we could not have sex after that. But everything was normal then.

Nettu came to stay with mom, during her pregnancy, at that time, I would come home and fuck her. By the time mom gave birth to Bunty. I was finished with my college and got a job, not too far from home. Initially I was living home. Nettu would come and we would have sex like bunnies. She became pregnant again with my child.

Mom was taking care of Sonu and Bunty, At that point me and mom had developed a some different kind of relation. I would act like man of the house around kids. Kids had no idea, why i was always found in mom's room. :P

Chapter 16