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Education From Mother Chapter 2

In Goa I was raised around lakes from the time I ...

In Goa I was raised around lakes from the time I could walk. I was put in a Lifejacket and a inner tube when I could walk. We went to the lakes to water ski on the weekends and on Wednesday evenings during the summer. I got free feels of my Mother's breasts when we swam in the lakes. I could swim to her and grab her anywhere and nothing was said. We changed suits in the same room and I always liked seeing the naked breasts Mother had. They had large nipples that were a deep pink.
I could talk to Mother about any subject at any time. No subject was taboo. We talked about sex at an early age, and some of the questions I asked were quite graphic in nature. Mother always had an answer.

One day after a full day at the lake water skiing we were going into town for dinner. Everyone had to get cleaned up. I took a shower, followed by dad, then mother came in and stripped and climbed into the shower. By now the hot water was running low. This was the first time I got to see my mother naked without any panties on. She indicated that the water was cold. I pulled back the shower curtain and saw her heavy red bush and nipples. The nipples were erect from the cold water and made my cock hard. I adjusted the cold water to where it was warmer. I tried to mask my erection, I knew she saw it.

That night I sat on the balcony in a lounge chair. My head was leaned back and I was trying to stop another nosebleed, I got then all the time. Mother came out on the balcony and saw what I was trying to do. She leaned over me and I got another free shot of her breasts from her nightgown gaping open. I wanted to touch her so bad, my cock got hard just looking at them. After a few minutes the nosebleed stopped and she sat down.

She asked, "How are you doing?"

"Mother you look really hot in that nightgown," I replied to her. She was a glow from having just finished being with my dad who was now asleep. I could smell the musky odor of their sex. Mother had on only her nightgown and white panties. It was about 3 am.
She asked, "Do you know what your Dad and I had been doing earlier?"

I stated, "I was woken up from you all having sex in the same room, I know you were trying to be quiet. And the Nosebleed, you know."

"You know, I will answer any questions you might have about sex," she replied.

"How do you keep from getting pregnant since I saw Dad enter you without any protection, like a condom?" I asked.

"How do you know about condoms?" she asked me.

"Mother, School work and I saw a box at the house in Dad's shelf area and read the information in the box," was my reply.

Mother then sat there and told me that condoms were not the only form of birth control. Women could take oral contraception, use a method called rhythm, or use a diaphragm or cervical cap. She knew all about the differences and she told me all about the failings of each method. My cock got harder as the conversation went on. She informed me that she used the diaphragm and that she had it in at that time since she and dad had just had sex that evening.

I told her, "I saw most of the sex you all had."

She asked, "Do you have any questions about what you saw tonight?"

I asked, "What position were you all in? Did you all have foreplay? I was wondering about it all." She told me about foreplay and missionary sex and everything. During our conversation my cock got real hard and poked out of my boxers, all 8 inches.

She looked over and saw my erection sticking out of my boxers. She asked, "How do you take care of that situation?"

I responded, "I normally jack-off, Mother."

She asked, "Have you ever been with a woman?"

I said, "Mother, I'm young, what girl is going to let me have sex with her?"

She responded, "I will be glad to take care of you any time you need relief from your male urges. With your size you will have more women if you learn to use it correctly. You are just a little larger than your Dad."

I had seen that he was about 6 to 7 inches when he and Mother were having sex. "Anytime?" I replied.

"Anytime!" she responded by getting up and removing her panties and straddling my lounge chair. She pulled down my boxers and then she walked up the lounge chair. She grasped my cock in her hand. She then rubbed it back and forth across her pussy. She was extremely wet from having sex with Dad. She paused after three strokes and placed the head inside her vagina and slid the rest of my cock deep in her womb in a smooth stroke.

She paused there and asked, "How does that feel?"

"Wonderful!" was my only response. It was so hot and wet that I knew I would not last long. "Are you going to get pregnant since you did not put in more spermacide?"

"Maybe not" was her response. As she started to rock and grind her pussy against me. "You are so HOT.... I know you will not last long........ ."

She had me trapped inside her hot pussy. The feeling was wonderful and getting better. I felt the diaphragm each time she slammed down on my cock. The resistance was interesting. I then felt the sperm boil out of me and I started spurting rope after rope deep in her pussy. I felt each spurt. There must have been 15 of them, I had never counted them when I jerked off. She was in her orgasm now and had her eyes shut. She slammed down on my cock and just ground her pussy against me for another couple of minutes. She stopped and caught her breath. She kissed me deeply.

She then said, "My, aren't we a real man tonight." She squeezed my cock with her pussy.

My cock was still hard. I picked her up and with my cock still buried in her pussy. As I turned us over, she removed her nightgown and I placed her on her back. I then placed her legs wide and over my shoulders and drove my cock deep into her pussy. I leaned in and started sucking her nipples.

She gasped, "You are larger than your father in width as well as length."

With that I took control and worked my cock into her with deep long hard strokes. She entered an orgasm, "I' I I ahh mmmmmmmm cummmmmmmming. .." I picked up the pace with each thrust. I could feel the diaphragm as the resistance on each in stroke. After about 15 minutes of pounding my cock in my own mother I told her "I'm cuuuuuummmmmmming" and I placed another large amount of sperm in her pussy. This time I tried counting the spurts I still had 15 spurts.

I asked her, "how many times does a man spurt in a woman."

She told me, "A normal man only ejaculates between 5 and 10 cc's of sperm. From what I felt when you had your orgasm, you must just cum a lot more than most."

She got up and put on her nightgown and picked up her panties and put them on and went inside to the bathroom. After a few minutes she came out and told me that I had just put more sperm in her than any man ever had. I asked her how many men she had been with? She told me she had been with four different men prior to me. She went in and went to bed.

This is Start of My Education.

Chapter 2